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    [H16 - Endor - TT] Wreckage of the Empire

    Thank you very much! The constructive criticism is much appreciated! Thank you so much! Glad you like the bounty hunters, definitely took some inspiration from the resistance show, but also from Dengar and Evalo Moral from the clone wars. Seeing some salvaged cloe armor on "civilians" would also be quite cool! Thank You! Thanks a ton! I figured indeed that the empire needed some room for their assembly, and they aren't exactly know for being environmentalists. xD If I had more time to put towrds this MOC I certainly would have added a larger tree as well. His designation is DT-R65, Sirname is Kurath, and his title is Moff. Thank you so much! Thrilled you like it! :-D Thank you! Thanks! Thanks a lot! Thank you! Yes, K-2SO droids are awesome and overpowered. :-D Yes, thanks a lot! :-D Thank you very much! There is rarely an opportunity to display larger amounts of troopers, so I'm glad I could display my shock troopers with this build. The pit droid has just been stepped on by the AT-RT and coincidentally there was a puddle of blood there from previous troopers. I didn't notice until you pointed it out. Looks a bit odd...xD. Thank you so much! :-D Much appreciated, many thanks! :-P

    [M10 - Kuat - TT] A wreckage for the future

    It may be small, but it looks very clean. Excellent work!
  3. *Your entry has earned 60 XP* Our missions on Ambria and Dathomir were a bit too exciting for my liking, although they had earned me a promotion and a trust very valuable to me. Our next mission would be to secure the moon of Endor, where that fateful battle, in which we lost so many, was fought. It was about time we had our revenge, and as the NR rangers suspect shady business going on throughout the galaxy, the core is conveniently in denial of our ever-growing presence. We must be patient. Our time will come. The time when we have amassed enough resources to complete our ultimate mission. The final mission… As DT-R65 walks out of the lambda class shuttle, the moist air condenses on his visors, bringing him back to when he first fought here. The objective? Acquire weapons stored since before the first battle of Endor and advise the mobilization of troops to exterminate the local fauna. It seems smugglers and bounty hunter scum had already claimed the weapons cache, and were now selling weapons to both NR and Triumvirate forces. A reminder of the accelerating chaos growing in the galaxy with the New republic regime… Lieutenant Conwick, operating number ISB-098, is in charge of one of the platoons stationed here. As we make our way towards the received coordinates fallen troopers lay scattered, impaled and beaten. Helmets pierced by pikes decorate this savage combat zone. The fauna was more intelligent than anticipated, and was quick to adapt. We do however have one advantage; brute force. Conwick approaches on an AT-RT. Haven’t seen one of those in ages… In front of him stands the presumed weapons dealer, a Duros. A Pyke stands beside him, a bounty hunter by the looks of him, no doubt connected to the syndicate. They wear imperial armor, a mockery of the uniform… Their pit droids drop off the crate filled with high standard mandalorian weapons. They will serve the empire most effectively… Lieutenant Conwick -Moff Kurath, we are honored by your presence. Moff Kurath (DT-R65) -I see your efforts here have yet to be proven… Your platoon has taken some losses. Lieutenant Conwick With all your experience in special operations, we will wipe out the remaining obstacles. Especially with the reinforcements you have dispatched. A squad of heavily equipped shock troopers march to meet the challenge. The beasts native to this moon will be burned, just like the rest of those who oppose us... AT-RT design by Inthert. Swamp speeder design by 8thbrotherbrick. AT-DT is of my own design, inspired by Sean Drews and concept art. There are 5 ewoks hiding in this MOC, can you spot them?
  4. Yes, I agree, thanks a lot! Not harsh at all! I appreciate the great feedback, and take it to heart. I'm glad you like it! Thank you very much! I agree as well. :-D

    [R16 - Geonosis - TT] The Petranaki Arena

    Thanks so much! Glad you're a fan of it. :-) Much appreciated, thanks a lot! Thanks, glad you noticed the minikit easter egg, and 3po. Yes there is detailing on the sidetunnel beside the door where the minikit is.. More shots can be found on my flickr and youtube He's on the top balcony, unfortunately he passed away... Thank you very much. :-D
  6. Thanks, We shall see...
  7. Thanks a lot! Yes, likewise, and thank you very much!
  8. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Bravura squad has once again been dispatched, this time to Ambria, on the search for Moff Pyerce’s forces. Coda, Dolore and Ferroce along with ISB had approached a settlement north of the LZ. DT-R65 and IG-828 explored the natural formations... DT-R65, IG-828 and specialists from the ISB roamed the horizon on an infantry support platform, repurposed for imperial use as a transport. A cloud of steam rises a wall ahead of them. IG-828 turns toward DT-R65. He nodds, and directs the speeder towards the steam. A white wall lay before them. “This could be a vent, from a generator, Could also be a natural vent.” says DT-R65. “We should go down there.” says one of the specialists. DT-R65 takes off his helmet, takes a knee in the barron and hot sand. He feels its coarseness between his fingers. The area around the steam has an abundance of minerals from the core. DT-R65: “I used to work in places like this… I’ll go down. IG-828 will lower me down with his grappling hook.” He puts on his helmet and IG-828 hands him the hook. The temperature rises as DT.R65 descends. “We’re receiving a transmission from headquarters.” says the specialist to IG-828. IG turns toward him, sharply as if being interrupted. The trooper takes a step back, slightly unsettled by this inhuman looking droid. “We are to return to the Crescendo for a new briefing. Bravura has established a base near the settlement, north-west of our position.” The droid turns back towards the steam, and DT-R65 cannot be seen because of it. “[We will finish our mission here.]” replies the IG unit. DT-R65 turns on his thermal scan, but it’s no use, everything is affected by the temperature of the steam. He turns his head to take a look behind him. He catches a glimpse of old mining equipment. 8 lights are pointed towards him, but they are moving towards him. He turns off the thermal view… “Dank farrik…” Infantry support platform designed by 8th_brother_brick. Modified by myself to fit an imperial theme.

    [R16 - Geonosis - TT] The Petranaki Arena

    Thanks so much. Yes, I loved that scene as well. The entire geonosian battle sequence is awesome. Thank you! Much appreciated! Glad you like it! Thanks a lot! Dark orange is my favorite color. ;-) Thanks!

    [O10 - Ambria - TT] Digging Up the Past

    Love this!
  11. *Your entry has earned 30 XP* “The jedi were the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Oh, how they have fallen… I was alive back then, albeit a very young man, I understood the situation quite well. I knew where I stood. I’ve always known. People say you should be open to new ideas. Well, I was, I saw their point of view, and I said: to hell with it. … I once spoke to the great emperor you know, on multiple occasions. Him and I, we came from the same place, in thought as well. You know, the jedi were almost wiped out in the first battle of geonosis. I wish they had been, would have saved the world all this chaos…” (Death trooper CDR DT-R65 to droid unit IG-828 of the imperial Triumvirate) More pictures on flickr, and timelapse on my YouTube channel

    [I7 - Ankus - CFS] A GNK's Horror

    Cool build! love the crates and details!

    [U12 - Teth - TT] Fear, Pain, and Horror...

    This is terrifying... but also super cool! :-D The red colors contrast nicely

    [I7 - Ankus - CFS] Portal of Horror

    Nice transition between the dark tan and tan, clean build!

    [P10 - Umbara - TT] Horror from the past

    love the lighting on this, great build!