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Found 2 results

  1. OoC: See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife I walked into the factory as a few strangling workers walked out. They didn’t seem to care that a stranger was walking onto the premises so I knew security wasn’t going to be a problem. I could see that the whole place was in need of repair, though things looked functional. I walked into the main work floor and noticed a being who was still working. I walked up to him and seeing his furred features I knew I had found my Bothan. “Sir, I’m here because I was told you might have some information for me. I’m part of the Rebel Alliance.” I said to him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now please leave, I have some last minute work to finish” He responded. His use of the code phrase “I have some last minute work to finish” reminded me that he was probably waiting for the pass phrase that would let him know that I was truly one of the good guys. “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty certain you are the right individual I’m supposed to meet. You see, a Mon Calamari with a dry throat told me I might meet you here” I answered back. At this he paused for a moment and caught my eye. He fished in his pocket for a moment as he said, “No, you are mistaken, now please leave.” But as he said that he pressed a data crystal into my hand. I started to say “Thank you” but he was turning around already. Right then the door opened and two stormtroopers rushed in firing on the Bothan. His body fell quickly and their guns trained on me. One of the troopers removed his helmet and I received the shock of a lifetime. My brother stood there in gleaming white armor pointing a rifle at me. I knew this day might come. It almost came back on Hoth. I had played this scenario through in my mind a hundred times and had never figured out how I would handle it when it happened. So I opened my mouth and just started talking. “Well brother, we never did see eye to eye on politics” I found myself saying to him. “Corporal, what are you doing?” one of the masked faces asked my brother. My brother ignored the question and instead said, “Well, well little brother. I never thought you would go so far as to join the rebels. Don’t you realize what you’re doing is a galactic crime? I know you’ve never liked the way the Empire runs things, but are you really willing to commit treason against the established authorities? “I don’t know if there is anything I can say to help you understand brother. You’ve never understood the importance of morals over power. The Empire only desires control with no thought of the people it’s supposed to protect” I said and then gestured at the body next to me. “Just look at this poor soul!” “He got what he deserved!” my brother shouted. “Without order this galaxy would tear itself to pieces. What YOU don’t understand is that those who rebel against the government have only themselves to blame. People repeat the history stories of the small bands of individuals who decide they want to change how the government is run. But what happens then? Those rabble rousers become the new authorities with their own enemies who want to overthrow them. Who are we to decide? You talk about morals, but isn’t it better to do your best within the established system instead of killing innocent people on your way to establishing the new round of ‘tyranny’?” My brother’s words made me stop in my tracks. I knew I didn’t have time to sort through what he was saying to see if any of it made sense. I had to get out of this situation and get the Bothan’s information to the Rebel Alliance. “Brother,” I replied, “Whatever the right or wrong way to oppose corrupt government is, I don’t know right now. But I do know the Empire is not taking care of the planets under its protection. Just look at our own Corellia! The people suffer as the Diktat grows wealthier. How is that just? Whatever the right thing to do is, helping the Empire do its dirty work is not it.” I was hoping my pleas were getting through to my brother. It was a long shot as none of our conversations before, back in the swoop garage on Corellia, had ever changed his mind; but I had to try something. My brother paused a moment as he thought about what I had said, then asked, “Sergeant, permission to arrest this rebel sympathizer?” “Negative Corporal, our orders are to shoot to kill. We’ve wasted enough time here as it is” came the answer. Another second passed and then my brother raised his weapon. “I’m sorry brother. You never did know what was good for you. You never should have left Corellia.” I closed my eyes waiting for the shot to end my life. Instead I heard the sound of metal on flesh and the quick movement of Stormtrooper armor. I opened my eyes to see a Mandalorian pulling his beskar blade out of my brother’s now dying body. The other trooper was turning to open fire on the Mandalorian but he was too quick for them and soon there was a helmet on the floor separated from its body. I was holding the body of my brother. His last words to me were, “You never did learn.” As his body went limp I looked up to see the Mandalorian holding his sword near my head. A voice came out from under the helmet and I realized that it was not a “he” but a “she.” “Hand over the data crystal and your death will be quick,” she said. “Now why would he do that?” came the questioning voice of someone I never expected to see again. Kale stepped into view with a heavy repeating blaster in hand. “I know Mandalorian armor is supposed to withstand a lot, but I’m not sure you want to test it against this thing” he said. “You’ll regret the day you crossed our path smuggler” the bounty hunter said. But she turned and walked out with any more threats. As much as I didn’t want to leave my brother to become just another number on the Empire’s casualty list, I knew we had to get out of there fast. “Kale! I am glad to see you! Can you get us out of here unseen?” I asked. He just rolled his eyes. “Can an ewok sing ‘yub-yub’?” “I don’t know,” I answered, “I’ve never heard an ewok sing.” “Well try to avoid it if you can, come on, let’s go” was his answer. We made our way back onto the streets of Fondor City and quickly got lost in the crowd of workers out to enjoy their night. I had Kale help me find a data transfer point and I sent the Bothan’s encrypted information onto to the Rebel Alliance. I also included this message, “I’m going to be going off the grid for a little while. I ran into some Imperials and others who might be giving me a hard time. I’ll contact you when it’s safe again.” I didn’t add that I also needed time to process my brother’s final words and to figure out why Kale was helping me. It looked like I was going to be getting to know the back streets of Fondor City pretty well.
  2. Sin: I hate Endor. Sir, can I get the next shuttle off this stinker of a planet? Nom Carver: Not until we've cleared an area for the shield generator. Scout, you over there, keep strimming you slacker! Nom Carver: And you, with the SaberSaw, clear that tree out of my way! Stormtrooper: Yes sir! Nom Carver: Good work. Sin: What's that sir, in the treetops? Nom Carver: It's an Ewok glider! GET DOWN! Nom Carver: It got a scout with a pebble it threw! That's gotta hurt! Nom Carver: Lord Tyrus, do you copy? Are you in your Low Altitude Deforestation Vehicle? Sergeant Tyrus: It's Sergeant Tyrus actually, the Empire promoted me for my efforts at Sullust, anyway, of course I'm in my LADV! Nom Carver: We need you down here, we got a glider and one of us is already hit! Sergeant Tyrus: Certainly sir, I'm on my way! Sergeant Tyrus: He's in my sights! Sergeant Tyrus: Got 'im! A little while later... Nom Carver: Thank you Sergeant Tyrus, you saved mine and my squad's lives I will ensure that High Command knows about your efforts. Sergeant Tyrus: Thank you sir. Nom Carver: We must continue with the mission. I will see you later... Sin: If we ever get off this mudball...