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Found 6 results

  1. SO, what we know: On shelfs on 1. august ~359 EUR 3599 parts new rims new hubs light grey 2x5 panel (seems so, not existing DBG) This is what the text says: the lego group is pleased to announce today the partnership between bugatti and lego technic. The second set from the Lego Technic Ultimate Series will be created as part of this collaboration. ...LEGO: "after the success of the porsche gt3 rs it was important for us to find a partner with an iconic vehicle which is unique in the automotive industry, with bugatti we have achieved just that" ...BUGATTI: "we are very proud of the chiron and We are honored that there will now be a lego technic version of this exceptional supercar, and our designers and engineers have enjoyed working with the lego technic team and the result is an authentic replica of the chiron. "
  2. Hey everyone, so last Friday @Lox Legoand I woke up super early and headed to the closest Lego store. By 10:05am we were proud new owners of the Bugatti set, that afternoon we got to building and decided to try out a timelapse build. I hope you enjoy! Last but not least, keep an eye out on future posts as Lox and I plan on building a B model for the Bugatti!
  3. Sorry for adding yet another Chiron topic, but my videos are buried on like 40th page of the general Chiron thread. And I have two that I think you'll like, with more coming shortly. First is the official Chiron reveal that has taken place at LEGO House in Billund Denmark today, with real, actual Bugatti Chiron and people from both LEGO and Bugatti, and the other is a complete review of the 42083 Chiron set. I will also have a POV speed build and interview with Lego and Bugatti designers coming up later. I'm also proud to have been part of the official Chiron live build that was completed at 6 hours and 20 minutes (my first Chiron build has taken 7 hours 30 minutes), and left my fingers completely numb ;) The Chiron reveal (presentation starts around 9:00): The Chiron review: POV speed build:
  4. Hi all, We are announcing the BuWizz fast car COMPETITION! 1. Build a LEGO fast car with BuWizz, 2. Record a stunning video 3. Upload the video to: 4. Win compelling prizes: 1st place: LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron 2nd place: 2x BuWizz 3rd place: 1x BuWizz RULES: Deadline for video submission: Mar 31 2018 24:00 PST Public voting for best videos starts Apr 1 2018 0:00 PST, ends Apr 15 2018 24:00 PST 10 best videos enter the finals; winner will be selected by 3 person jury (members TBA) and announced on Apr 25 2018 You can compete or vote for your favorite videos and help Competitors to the second round. Let the GAMES begin BuWizz Team
  5. Hi everyone ! Fasten your seat belts, because today I’m reaching the top speed of 420 km/h with this replica of the Bugatti Chiron 1:8 scale ! Around 4,000 parts, a weight of 3,7 Kg it takes me 2 years of study and design to achieved it. First of all, the pictures renders are slightly different than the video content. I made some modifications (for the roof...) The french manufacturer mixed-up performances and sophisticated design for an unique masterpiece with only few units sold for. The real challenge grabbed my attention so I decided to design it. For more informations about the car, please visit : The road map includes parameters following : 1:8 scale (using of 42056 tires) PFS features (powered by one Buwizz ®) 7 speeds Dual-Clutch Gearbox (DSG) Full 4WD transmission A good approximation of the bodywork Active spoiler feature A high rigid chassis Modular assembly This MOC includes a lot of characteristics as well basics manual ones that more complex ones. But first, here are some pictures below : Main features : Dimensions : 56 x 24 x 16 cm Weight : 3,7 Kg Power supply : 1 Buwizz with easy access Motorisation : 5 mottons Independent suspensions Manual ones : Openable doors with locking system, and openable hood by friction Steering HOG Unplugable motorisation (RC motors and steering ) for playability because the car is very heavy ! Openable trunk providing self-invented W16 engine details and Buwizz access Openable gloves box… …hidding a secret key witch unlock nice PFS features ! (insipired by the real top speed key) After a long build process, I’m very proud of the result. During development, I decided to put an additional feature to improve playability : a small lever to unplug motorisation. Indeed, the car is very heavy so you can’t move it easily. From wheels to the drive train and the 2 RC motors, the high gear reduction lock any movement. The secret key system create some kind of manual interaction allowing selection between 2 motorised features powered by one M motor : Spoiler extension (3 handling modes reachable) Adjustable suspension in height I’ve made a small video to illustrate spoiler mechanism : I found inspiration on Pipasseyoyo Bugatti Veyron system for height setting Irreversibility is performed by 4 worms screw, one for each axle. I assume all similarity with @Didumos69 anti-roll bar and torsion bars system on the front axle. His advanced setup is very strong and reliable. Remote ones : 5 motors : 2x RC motors / 2x M motors / 1x XL motor 7 speeds Dual-Clutch Gearbox (DSG) driven by XL motor Spoiler animate by 1 M motor and its own gearbox Suspension height controlled by the same M motor Steering by 1 motor or the HOG Full 4WD transmission driven by 2 RC motors Gearbox ratios : 1st : 1:9 2nd : 1:6 3rd : 1:5,4 4th : 1:4,5 5th : 1:3 6th : 1:2 7th : 1:1,8 R : 1:9 Gearbox inspiration : @Sheepo Rubicon Jeep shifting system : @ibessonov gearbox : Other pictures : Hell yeah Enjoy pictures in HQ : And here is the video : I hope you'll like it ! I'm making instruction video for the DSG gearbox, see you soon !
  6. Hey Everyone, So with the announcement of 42083 I have had W16 engines on my mind. Thought I would make a little rendition of my own. It is too small for 42083, but it is Technic Figure scale, based on newer proposals of mini-engines that have been around for a while. Complete with the four turbos (at least the appearance of them). I wish something like this could be in 42083, for based on the promo video I think any proposal with the current engine blocks will be too big, chunky and overall sloppy-looking.