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  1. Lets have a quick update of my Bugatti project. I am thinkig about should i create my own topic and start blog posting and update too.. I did like to call it Bugatti "Divsion" because it has combine the element of Divo and the Vision GT Lets start from the overall looks first. This time i have fine tune it to 100%legal lego colour parts and adjust it. And of course, the awesome tail of Divo. Although i am not good at making out look change but i thik this is nice for me! And also i have chage out the front and rear suppression. Ref : @Erik Leppen And also also.... How about 8 5292 buggy motor.. Although i have finish the design is LDD but the parts i was laning to use is still i shipping ad being jamed due to Chinese ew year Big Jamming.... At least after FEB 10 then the parts will be arrive. Last note : My fukig keyboard is seem like borken. The "n", "p", "i", "9" is not showing sometime. Damn.
  2. SamuelYsc

    [Review|Rant|Mod|MOC|WIP] 42083 revisited

    Very beautiful setup! And i have check the suspension file that you have share with us, and i found out it is brilliant! And i am trying to use that sort of idea to put in my Chrion or Vision too. But 0 rocess so far XD Keep going! it will never be enough!
  3. Sad, you should read the comments after it. I have write a comment about this in page 15 and show how to do it
  4. SamuelYsc

    [Review|Rant|Mod|MOC|WIP] 42083 revisited

    wow ! Very interesting and awesome! I like the idea that both of the axle is adjustable suspension! The original front axle is kind of messy and you have just simple it a lot! I hope i can build it in my bugatti too ! And also may i ask for the 3d file of the axle setup? it is really interesting and useful design and i want to try to have some fun with it!
  5. Finally! Very cool! Can't wait to build one with the colours of 42083
  6. Yes i know XD But just Divo+Vision = Division I just combined both of the car's element And i am starting to building it!
  7. Lego Bugatti Division GT ( Blueprint ) I know it is almost 2019 and I have not update anything like a few month, but in this few month i have been working on this project a lot and have not give up to anything. It is sad that I don't have much time to bring this to real life but one day I will! So wait me for more great news in the near future! And happy new year everyone!
  8. As my though I truly thanks there is another blue 20T then i don't need to but one more
  9. Oh well i have make a mistake, it is right here. And i have copy the file to the desktop and edit it to this then put it back in the original place. AND IT IS FINALLY WORKING NOW!!!!! Thanks you all guys !!!!
  10. Nope, i have try to search the whole Mac and still found nothing relate to preferences.ini. The only "preferences.ini" i found is right in the Folder "LEGO Digital" and i press show Package Content to view the app content. They do have a "preferences.ini" in it which path is "/Applications/LEGO Digital" But the "preferences.ini" is not changeable and i have try to copy one to the desktop and rewrite it and place it back to the original "preferences.ini" and still not working at all. Although it may still not work at the end, but i still want to have a really big thanks to all you who have help me and share with this! Thank you guys!
  11. nope it still don't work for me :( i have have any file named"LEGO Company" in my Application Support, it is because of i am using version 4.3.11 of the LDD? Also MACOS 10.14.1 Even i just create a folder name"LEGO Company" and put "LEGO Digital Designer" "preferences.ini" in it, it still don't work:( i have also try re-install...
  12. Thanks! and the last time i check it is around 3.Xkg.
  13. How????!!! Can you share which file and the file path you have edit to turn the Developer mode? see this post
  14. SamuelYsc

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Oh. You're right
  15. SamuelYsc

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    omg this is ultra awesome ! The way you using the gear is open my mind!