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  1. SamuelYsc

    Using a differential to design gear ratios

    This is truly clever way to make the gear ratios, nice and thanks for the sharing!
  2. SamuelYsc

    42115 Lamborghini

    If it is true that it has a lot of stickers on it, this will be sad. No one likes stickers. Especially in some case you want to reuse the parts later for some reason or MOC. To be honest I don't think they will release a full black or black based color car, even I and all of us want it so hard... Black is a boring color (Especially for the guy who do marketing), and a full black parts car is way too beneficial for the MOCers. Or maybe they will release another new color...? Mat-Black? But I still hope they will change my mind.
  3. SamuelYsc

    42115 Lamborghini

    I don't mind what colors TLG decided to build in, I just hope they will add some new Technic parts. New gear, new parts even new steering wheel is what we need.
  4. SamuelYsc

    [WIP][MOC] Samuel's Bugatti workshop

    Thanks! Although I did not run it for a full run but as I remember the Buwizzwas half-full after 6-8 mins run. Thanks! Thanks! Every time I saw a new post about Bugatti from anyone else some new ideas pop up from my brain every time. And about the fenders and wheels, the people who sell me parts said it was "painted" and I found out it was china copy. What a shame and liar. I really hope TLG will publish a black or white or whatever new color fenders parts in the near future. Not even me, a lot of MOCer are waiting on those. Thanks for the supporting! And I do plan to make the instructions in the near future! Since when I think I fully finished the model... I am planning to make an entry-level of the Bugatti I have, not something too crazy like what I did above. Like : 2 Buwizz 4 XL power & fake w16 1 Servo Steering 1L for Pneumatic Wing (up/down) 2M for doors What dod you think? Or do you think which function that you want the most? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I have been working on the front hood for a few days. I am really bad at system bricks. :( v9.2 It is very difficult to represent the special shape of the font headlight. It needs to keep the "C" shape and crave back at the same time. But at least I like this one.
  5. SamuelYsc

    [WIP][MOC] Samuel's Bugatti workshop

    Thanks! I did like to suggest you to have the Bugatti Divo from Vinkie116 The instruction is available at Rebrickable! It is a cool MOC too.
  6. SamuelYsc

    [WIP][MOC] Samuel's Bugatti workshop

    Chapter Eight: Second photo shooting 2019 Nov This time with more proper camera gear and the experience of last time, I think this time the photo is better than the last time a lot. Nikon D810 with Sigma ART 105mm With 2 AD200 Flashlight Here are some of the photo. Full Album link: Imgur Chapter Nine: Rear Wing and front hood rework 2019 Nov - 2020 Jan But as always some new idea popup every time after I finished the photo shooting... v9.1 13/01/2020 v9.1 13/01/2020 All the bloody hard work saving files I think that is all for now, Currently waiting for the new differential 65414&65413 from 42109 to have new more plans. Also, the current first priority is the all-Black Koenigsegg Regera project. I guess will not update the Bugatti in a while. Thanks for the reading and pls feel free to ask me any question is you want to know more about this model!
  7. Warning: Long post and many pics, mobile user might be careful about the data usage. And bad English. Damn when will this end. This post is more like a record post, I will try to list all the modifications I did on the model. Chapter One: Begining 2018 Aug - 2018 Oct All things start from 2018 mid-August, Lego has officially release the Bugatti Chiron 42083. But I am too broke and poor can't afford it yet (still a student), so I have decide to just do some crazy build at the Lego Digital Designer (LDD) to pretend I have one of it. For the first, I found the 42083.LDD file at this post and the first modification I did is trying to convert it to RC with Buwizz. Here are some of the first references I found on the internet, the source has lost. Then I am just thinking would I do something crazy than this? And I pop up an idea. 8 XL power Bugatti Chiron And all the things are starting from this idea... v2.3 24/08/2018 This is the first power configuration I did, the xl motor is having a gear ratio at 1:3. Which I regret later when I finish building in real life later but that is another story. Also due to the space limit, I have to remove the original big fat W16 and replace it with Didumos's w16 engine design. v2.5 25/08/2018 This is the final configuration I have come with and found this is extremely clever(?), even at the current latest version of the mod still has not change too much of this setup. Chapter Two: The first build 2018 Sep - 2018 Oct After I finish the first (wrong) power configuration, I have another idea is to convert this project to Bugatti Vision instead of Chiron. Also, the color configuration changes to Panda set but highlighted with red. v2.8 29/08/2018 from this. V3.9 16/10/2018 To this. And then I finally have the money to afford this and build it in real life. And the first build has completed, the looks are ok but the road test has successfully failed. As I said before, the gear ratio is 1:3 (12:36), it did run smooth but the 12T gear is damage so fast and it is hard to replace. So on the later versions, It has downgraded to 1:1.6667 (12:20) so the damage is not too high. Also, the RC door is lovely and so so smooth. I am happy with it. The mechanism of the RC door is simple, using an L shape as a Principle of leverage to push out the door. And it is driven by 2x M Motors, one for each side. v3.9 16/10/2018 Chapter Three: The raise of Pneumatic 2018 Oct - 2018 Dec And after the first in real life build setup, things got more and more crazy. The first idea is to make a wide-body kit to let it more steady and heavy. v4.7 09/12/2018 v4.7 inside 09/12/2018 As you can see things go super crazy right here, some of them are working and some of them did not. First, the yellow 5L beam represent of Pneumatic Cylinder V2 1 x 5, the LDD did not have this parts, so... The title of this modification is Pneumatic, include: - Pneumatic Suspension (not work so well at this stage) - Pneumatic center differential lock (failed, rejected) - Pneumatic Disc Brakes (not work at all, rejected) - Pneumatic Door / Pneumatic Dynamic Suspension control (works good after 5 modification later) - Pneumatic Rear Wing control (works well, although I have changed the wing completely at the latest version) "Pneumatic Driven Clutch Brakes & Pneumatic Rear Spoiler Control & Door / Pneumatic Dynamic Suspension control" switch This sound crazy but it is basically having a Servo motor to switch pneumatic valve to active 2 set of action: Set A: - Suspension control (soft/hard) - lock center differential - Un-deploy rear wing - Deactivate Brakes v4.7 09/12/2018 Set B: - Door control (left and right) - unlock center differential - Deploy rear wing - Activate Brakes v4.7 09/12/2018 At then, of course, I have to build it to see how fail it would. Also, you might see there are some electrical wire, those are the custom light, but I don't like it too much at the end. (removed later) And after finished the build, only the rear wing and the SetA/B switch works. - Pneumatic Suspension (too weak and need to redesign) - Pneumatic center differential lock (the differential did not engage well) - Pneumatic Disc Brakes (it can active but can't deactivate, wtf) - Pneumatic Door / Pneumatic Dynamic Suspension control (works good) - Pneumatic Rear Wing control (works well) SetA/B switch works smooth And the first major that has to be solved has to be the Suspension design, I have underrated the weight of the car (~3.4kg), it has to be SOME Suspension. Chapter Four: Redesign the Suspensions 2019 Jan - 2019 Mar Then I saw a post about redesign the whole 42083: [Review|Rant|Mod|MOC|WIP] 42083 revisited by Erik Leppen His suspension redesign has given me an idea... Photo by Erik Leppen And then pop! A new set of suspension design has finished. (Same, yellow 5L beam represent of Pneumatic Cylinder V2 1 x 5) v5 Front 19/03/2019 v5 rear 19/03/2019 Real-life build. New vs old Also, I have remove the rear&front differential to replace with 3:1 (36:12) gear for more tough. (Now planing to replace with new differential 65414&65413) But it turns out it still too weak and soft, so I decided to add 2 hard spring suspension each side. v6.2 30/06/2019 The topside is hard spring suspension and the lower is Pneumatic Cylinder. And it turns out too hard this time... Solution: decrease one spring suspension on each side. Problem solved. Chapter Five: Divo and Second real-life build & first photo shooting 2019 Mar And the next title update is to convert it to the color of Bugatti Divo. v6 28/06/2019 Real-life build. At this stage(v6) I thought I finish this model, it is a good time to stop. And I did feel it is a bit of ugly now but I like it at that moment. So I decided to let it have a Pro photo shooting. Nikon D810 with Sigma ART 40mm With 2 AD200 Flashlight And here are some the pics: Full album here: imgur It is funny that the figure is 1/10 scale and the car is 1/8, it feels so small. And also you see there are lots of stickers, which I don't like it a month later and super regret why I do this. Chapter Six: The come back of 5292 2019 June - 2019 July As all we know, the Lego 5292 Buggy RC motor has discontinued from TLG. And it is selling like 100USD for one on the internet. At the first brainstorm planning, I did have a plan to have 8x 5292 Buggy power plan, but due to the cost, it has been rejected. But one day, I saw this on China market. What the. China has already china the 5292?!!! And it only sold as 68RMB! (~9.8USD) And then this forbidden update has been relaunched. v6 28/06/2019 Due to the size of the 5292 is a bit bigger than 2XL motors, most of the body frame has to be redesign. v9 13/01/2020 Real-life build. And it turns out pretty damn nice! Even in Buwizz slow power mode, it runs pretty smooth too. Due to space limitations and wait for new differential 65414&65413 then I will bring it to a bigger to have a run test. Chapter Seven: The real Divo 2019 June - 2019 Nov One day, I am scrolling Facebook and saw this post from Marc Vink. Post link: link His creation is amazing and his rear light did gave me an idea... Why don't I convert my Bugatti to a truly Divo? Not a Divo-vision thing. Photo by Marc Vink And I have try to create my own one. (Reference to Marc Vink's design) v6.1 29/06/2019 v7.7 25/10/2019 And I think that is it, that is the one. Order parts, build it. Finished and it did look way better than I expected!
  8. If my understanding is correct, the red gear might be not fully symmetry. It might goes like this.
  9. It seems like the TLG has been given up the old Driving ring design which has only 2L. Most of the new clutch-related thing is not compatible with the 2L Driving ring. Like the yellow extension clutch from 42083 (1x) and the blue and red clutch gear.
  10. SamuelYsc

    General Part Discussion

    Hi guys, thanks for the awesome details. And does anyone knows when will the PF parts stop publishing? I have seen a post said it will stop at 2020 something, but I am not sure about my memory.
  11. If it is a build-in 3-speed RC gearbox with that small amount of space, that would worth 100$. I would pay for it. Agree, and also if it is pre-assembled that might also mean the parts inside would not be replaceable if it is broken or so how. Like the new wheel hub from 42099 Okay, we can confirm that is just a normal differential not some crazy gearbox stuff(sad) Source : General Part Discussion
  12. Cool! Super cool! Now this is real engineering!
  13. That looks like a 36 tooth gear Torsen differential with Torsen design. Like this one.
  14. Looks like an XL and L Motor, it is sad that they did not come with a new motor like the PF servo motor.
  15. This is a nice and easy to read article, thanks for sharing!