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  1. Great to see another project from you! It looks awesome!
  2. For me, it is color matching. It is easy to build whatever we want but coloring them is hard. Sure it is easy just to make it all black(most of the parts have black) but too many blacks will be bored sometimes. And I have always avoiding to use custom stickers for my MOCs, which sometimes make building even harder. The most annoying part is when you sure all part's colors are correct and it does exist but your local store / BL or whatever said it was out of stock.
  3. SamuelYsc

    [TC19] The Predator - Concept bike

    This build reminds me of this... Great one!
  4. I remember I have seen a post written in Chinese said that stacking is not a problem but the TOTAL motors in operation are the key to prevent power limits kicks in. Around no more than 2x XL+ 2xM per buwizz in operation.
  5. Looks like it is something perfect for the trailer truck, the thing "Fifth Wheel Coupling". Things like this, not sure is it the right name.
  6. The wheels look so nice! I like this black and white color.
  7. SamuelYsc

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    Although I am not a big fan of the National railway but it looks so damn cool! I like it!
  8. I think the most reason that we might think it is weird is that the wings are way too thin... Maybe just make it 1 more stud thick?
  9. SamuelYsc

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    Yea! Me too! Just wondering did you have any other Japan's Train MOC?
  10. SamuelYsc

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    As a Japanese Railway fan, I can say this is truly awesome and fantastic!! A big good job! I love it.
  11. This is absolutely a good idea for the option of a third-party wheel. But I am worried about the strength of it since it is made of 2 individual parts and 3 1.5long pins. The last thing you want on an RC car is the wheels fly off and the bottom scratching the floor.
  12. I think this is even better than then 5x11 pannel. The curve looks more aerodynamics.
  13. Hello guys, I think I am going to send an email to TLG about my opinions. But I am not sure which will be the correct email address I should send to. I am from Asia, Hong Kong. Should I send the Email to Hong Kong Customer service or direct to somewhere else...? Thanks guys. I really like this set. I don't want this set disappear.
  14. I have been wonder what your icon is for a while. Now I finally understand. lol