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  1. Crazy!!! But I love this!
  2. Cool colour management and nice light! And that is great to hear that someone has inspired by my things! Keep going! And on my side I have been trying so hard to convert it to a real Divo. And yet still working on it....
  3. SamuelYsc

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    Omg it is soo damn cool! How is the window working??
  4. Very good and fantastic job! Finially someone do a almost newest model of Koenigsegg! Can't wait for instruction!
  5. SamuelYsc

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Hi there! This is a very fun post to follow to. I would like to know that will you do Metal gear and Axle?
  6. Don't know how the shifting works but cool!!!
  7. Looks like i have been forgot to update the stats of my card here... Say no more, see photo! Full Album here :
  8. SamuelYsc

    [WIP] Lego Super Car

    Very cool project! can't wait too see more. But why don't use the disk brakes fro the 42083? it looks much more cooler!
  9. Lets have a quick update of my Bugatti project. I am thinkig about should i create my own topic and start blog posting and update too.. I did like to call it Bugatti "Divsion" because it has combine the element of Divo and the Vision GT Lets start from the overall looks first. This time i have fine tune it to 100%legal lego colour parts and adjust it. And of course, the awesome tail of Divo. Although i am not good at making out look change but i thik this is nice for me! And also i have chage out the front and rear suppression. Ref : @Erik Leppen And also also.... How about 8 5292 buggy motor.. Although i have finish the design is LDD but the parts i was laning to use is still i shipping ad being jamed due to Chinese ew year Big Jamming.... At least after FEB 10 then the parts will be arrive. Last note : My fukig keyboard is seem like borken. The "n", "p", "i", "9" is not showing sometime. Damn.
  10. SamuelYsc

    [Review|Rant|Mod|MOC|WIP] 42083 revisited

    Very beautiful setup! And i have check the suspension file that you have share with us, and i found out it is brilliant! And i am trying to use that sort of idea to put in my Chrion or Vision too. But 0 rocess so far XD Keep going! it will never be enough!
  11. Sad, you should read the comments after it. I have write a comment about this in page 15 and show how to do it
  12. SamuelYsc

    [Review|Rant|Mod|MOC|WIP] 42083 revisited

    wow ! Very interesting and awesome! I like the idea that both of the axle is adjustable suspension! The original front axle is kind of messy and you have just simple it a lot! I hope i can build it in my bugatti too ! And also may i ask for the 3d file of the axle setup? it is really interesting and useful design and i want to try to have some fun with it!
  13. Finally! Very cool! Can't wait to build one with the colours of 42083
  14. Yes i know XD But just Divo+Vision = Division I just combined both of the car's element And i am starting to building it!
  15. Lego Bugatti Division GT ( Blueprint ) I know it is almost 2019 and I have not update anything like a few month, but in this few month i have been working on this project a lot and have not give up to anything. It is sad that I don't have much time to bring this to real life but one day I will! So wait me for more great news in the near future! And happy new year everyone!