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  1. Hi all, I get your message about lack of support and you are right. BuWizz is no longer a prototype it was back on Kickstarter, user base has grown and we did not scale our resources accordingly. This is changing now. This is where we are: - BuWizz hardware is OK (the issues like protection shutting down outputs too soon is firmware related, so solvable with upgrade) - BuWizz software lacks features, there are connection issues - Support is not adequate, feeling of neglect in the community - Lack of upgrades - Lack of direction where BuWizz is going What we are doing and where we are going: - Software on both iOS & Android with customizable control profiles is being released now - Software with programmable interface (=where you can set mixers, power curves, sequential motion, etc.) is in alpha testing, soon to go into beta (for now on Android) - We are working on connection issues on per-phone model basis (mostly an issue on some android phones) - Open source BuWizz demo app (with sources for Bluetooth communication, control screen, etc.) is already on GitHub since January, we just did not advertise it - Bluetooth comm protocol will be part of open source release (the protocol is still being upgraded, but the current command set can easily be found in source code) - We are working on several add-on modules (this is why the white connector is for) - we will pre-announce them soon (here we will need your help to figure out which modules would benefit you most) - We are overhauling all internal processes (i.e. technical support, community support, website, competition support) to make them streamlined & scalable (yes, I confess, support is a mess right now) - We are expanding our team to handle all the above (and more) Please be patient for a bit longer. We will announce several new things next month, including new add-on modules, software features, competitions, etc. We will not let BuWizz fade to oblivion, quite the contrary! Regards Roni
  2. Hi all, We are organizing a BuWizz Truck Trial event weekend with family picnic on june 9 - 10 You are all invited! More info here:
  3. The two runner ups are: Rally Fighter by Chawn J and Buwizz Jantayg by Gusztáv Jantay They both received same number of votes from the jury, so they share the 2nd place and both won 2x BuWizz! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And of course congratulations and big thanks to all participants. There vere many good cars and excellent videos!
  4. We are ready to announce The winner of BuWizz fast car competition: Lego Technic buggy jumping over 2 meters! powered by Buwizz 2.0 by Marxpek CONGRATULATIONS!!! Marxpek won the first prize - LEGO Bugatti Chiron 42083.
  5. I agree the voting system is not perfect, but what system is? This is why we have a two tier system, voting + jury. We wanted to keep things as simple as possible - simple rules, simple voting - but this is not easy to achieve. - We used an established voting platform. The "change IP to cast more votes" is true, but there is no system where a workaround is impossible. We could have used EB voting (we will consider this for next time) or some other login-based system. But then again, people who are more popular & have more followers would probably automatically get more votes, so somebody else might get left out & declare the voting unfair... - The rules are simple, but looks like we will need to add more rules next time We decided to stick with the current voting system for this contest. We already did one change (= extending the deadline), which was unfair to people who were ready by the original deadline. Whatever we change now, it will be unfair to somebody...
  6. BuWizz Fast Car Competition updates: 1. Per jury suggestion we removed one video from contest - a tracked vehicle - for violating contest rules (i.e. not a car, not able to jump,...). 2. We received a complaint about possible foul play in a video. After careful examination, the jury concluded there was no violation, so no action was taken against the contestant. We wanted to make the rules as simple as possible, but we now realize more rules might be needed in the future to better define what is allowed and what is not. Don't forget: - public voting is open till May 10 24:00 PDT - winner(s) will be selected by jury and announced on May 19
  7. BuWizz normal price is €129/$159, which is $208 AUD. This price includes worldwide express shipping with DHL. Currently, we have a 15% off promotion, so BuWizz price with 15% off is €110/$135 or $178 AUD. (plus VAT for EU customers). Compared to LEGO liPo, BuWizz has all the LEGO LiPo has (= battery) + High power 4 channel Bluetooth controller + 45W step-up power supply + built-in charger, compatible with any micro-USB power source. All this in 3/4 the size of LEGO LiPo (BuWizz is only 3 bricks high). In Europe, the cost of LEGO LiPo battery is €69,99. And you need the €29,99 special charger, for a total of €99,98. This price includes VAT, so comparable price without VAT is €83 (in Germany). Our team checked all the videos. They assure me two of the entries are similar, but not copies. Please let us know which is a copy of which; we'll take it down immediately, of course!
  8. Last day, 10 more hours to go! Right now, there are 25 videos submitted, more are coming in.
  9. 2 more days to go! Video submission deadline is April 20 23:59 PDT There are quite a few videos submitted already and we are expecting several more. You can submit your video & check other submissions here:
  10. We extended the submission date to April 20 due to numerous requests from participants. @Marxpek: We understand this might be unfair to people who planned to be ready by original deadline, but we had to male a choice. The updated dates: April 20 23:59 PDT: Video submission deadline (you can submit more than once, the last video submitted will be taken into account) April 21 to May 10: Public voting for the best videos May 19: Winners will be announced (selected by jury)
  11. Thanks Jim, no problem; errors happen We have two updates for the competition: UPDATE 1: We extended the video submission date to April 20 UPDATE 2: the 3 person jury has been selected: Jim van Gulik Zerobircks kbalage RULES & REGISTRATION:
  12. Hi all, We are announcing the BuWizz fast car COMPETITION! 1. Build a LEGO fast car with BuWizz, 2. Record a stunning video 3. Upload the video to: 4. Win compelling prizes: 1st place: LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron 2nd place: 2x BuWizz 3rd place: 1x BuWizz RULES: Deadline for video submission: Mar 31 2018 24:00 PST Public voting for best videos starts Apr 1 2018 0:00 PST, ends Apr 15 2018 24:00 PST 10 best videos enter the finals; winner will be selected by 3 person jury (members TBA) and announced on Apr 25 2018 You can compete or vote for your favorite videos and help Competitors to the second round. Let the GAMES begin BuWizz Team
  13. Hi all, I've been a bit quiet on EB forum... Well, we have exciting news! We just released BuWizz 2.0 with ludicrous mode :-) BuWizz 2.0 Ludicrous Zerobricks already made a video: We are also working on improving the app. New exciting news coming ;-)