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  1. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    This looks like quite the off road beast! I don't normally agree with third party options but those snow chains look awesome and you couldn't ask for a better driver
  2. [WIP] Bugatti Chiron 1:8

    Looks awesome! Now let's see if Lego is able to top this beauty
  3. Wow I love it absolutely gorgeous! The details and shaping are spot on very well done!
  4. That makes much more sense then!
  5. @Kelkschiz I realized I worded that wrong. What I was referring too is the sag or slack that there seems to be on the top portion of the track, if that makes sense?! Anyways very minor!
  6. [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Ohh the all black looks so good!
  7. Great looking tank! The shapes you've managed to create look great. My only concern is the drooping on the too of the tracks but that's pretty darn minor, otherwise
  8. This is definitely the best WIP I've seen in a long time, it's really starting to take shape and I look forward to see it all together!
  9. You really captured that classic muscle car look. I love the design and the "mechanical air ride" works great and looks awesome all slammed on the ground
  10. These are awesome, both models look great
  11. I'm not entirely sure if this will help but there's already a thread by @Didumos69 on something very similar.
  12. I love the lines created and the full system Lego interior!! It's beautiful
  13. Very cool! I love that you spent the time to correct the issues, looks great!
  14. This thing is epic with the claas tires. Looks awesome and the performance is great. Looking forward to the body!