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  1. I love this little thing, it rips!
  2. Very clever b model! Looks great
  3. DugaldIC

    [MOC]Lego Suzuki Jimny Sierra

    Looks spot on, well done!
  4. Looking good! I love all the little details, especially on such a small scale car
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the offer but it's quite alright. I built this one free for everyone, however I'll start charging on future builds. I'm currently in the process of a year long build which will hopefully be done early next year. @Lego_GBC_NL @Didumos69 Thanks for your concern and input, but didumos is correct it is there for Torsion bar and not for anything else. It is under a bit of stress but I wanted to make a 1/8th scale build with one shock per wheel and torsion bar was the only way I could make it work. It definitely isn't that common, hence the confusion however it does hold the weight nicely and has good spring back. As far as I know it hasn't given out on anyone's builds yet, but if you don't add it the back end will sag worse than the Porsche front end
  6. DugaldIC

    Show us your Working Place

    @Aventador2004 No you're correct there are two of them, that's my project this evening is to tear them down. I got a second one a month after release for 300$ Cad I couldn't turn it down.
  7. DugaldIC

    Show us your Working Place

    @TechnicRCRacer it's the Tevo tornado. It works well once it's set up properly but I've noticed now that Ive switched to an aluminum bed that I need to reconfigure the settings. The aluminum bed dissapates heat too quickly.
  8. DugaldIC

    Show us your Working Place

    Soo it's been a while since I've posted anything, I've recently moved and haven't had a chance to build. Now I have a Lego room and I'm starting to organize and set it up. Some nice colour changing LEDs to top it off oh and I can't forget the 3D printer closet haha.
  9. Oh man @Didumos69 you're the only one to reinvent the wheel! You always go all out, it's awesome to see
  10. DugaldIC

    [MOC] 1:12 White Supercar

    Very cool build, I love the details and the hidden in plain sight knobs for opening things. Well done
  11. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Very cool little build, well done
  12. Just a heads up @brunojj1 it looks like lepin has stole your P1 and they will be releasing it in October.
  13. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    Very nice indeed! It all looks simple yet complicated at the same time! Not to mention the diversity and options are great, well done
  14. This is simply nothing short of incredible. It seems to look great from every angle and you really nailed the flowing lines of such a curvy car. To top it all off you have a list of flawless functions, the RC/HOG models will keep everyone happy and as always some very innovative designs. Well done sir
  15. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Tiltrotor aircraft

    Awesome build! I love the clever details, original functions and to top it off the very flowing body design. You nailed it