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  1. Oh man @Didumos69 you're the only one to reinvent the wheel! You always go all out, it's awesome to see
  2. DugaldIC

    [MOC] 1:12 White Supercar

    Very cool build, I love the details and the hidden in plain sight knobs for opening things. Well done
  3. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Very cool little build, well done
  4. Just a heads up @brunojj1 it looks like lepin has stole your P1 and they will be releasing it in October.
  5. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    Very nice indeed! It all looks simple yet complicated at the same time! Not to mention the diversity and options are great, well done
  6. This is simply nothing short of incredible. It seems to look great from every angle and you really nailed the flowing lines of such a curvy car. To top it all off you have a list of flawless functions, the RC/HOG models will keep everyone happy and as always some very innovative designs. Well done sir
  7. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Tiltrotor aircraft

    Awesome build! I love the clever details, original functions and to top it off the very flowing body design. You nailed it
  8. DugaldIC

    MOC Tractor JCB Fastrac 4220

    Very well done! It looks awesome.
  9. DugaldIC

    Hummer H1 Wagon

    Very cool build! Looks great, I guess that's the joy of the Hummer and straight lines... Perfect for technic
  10. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Out of all the models you've done recently this is by far the best in my opinion you really captured the lines of a classic car. The use of nijago blades on the really payed off and elastics on the hood though not in solid system is pretty clever. How do you operate the headlights? And will there be a video in the near future of functions?
  11. DugaldIC

    Mid-Scale Five-Axle Mobile Crane

    This is an awesome little crane. Everything looks great, functional and to scale. well done!
  12. @Paul Boratko Strange, there's no friction. The model rolls just fine but in reverse but it doesn't work. I've built that gearbox twice now and same issue both times.
  13. Am I the only one to have this problem or at least notice it. With the Bugattis gearbox if the shifter is in drive the the pistons move but everytime I shift into reverse the pistons don't move at all?! Has anyone else had this issue?
  14. @technic_addict same here, hopefully we have enough to work with. Although now it looks like Gulf livery cars will be doable finally. Now all we need is a British racing green and we're set for colours @LM71Blackbird yes it really is quite a large model, slightly larger than the Porsche. A much better build too despite its few flaws. @dr_spockI think in total including a dinner break around 8.5 hours so. It's a very intricate build! @Victor Imaginator haha good eye. We needed snacks along the way @BusterHaus thanks, I spent a bit of time trying to figure out the perfect timing but it worked alright. Each picture was taken 30seconds apart and each frame of the video is 0.3 of a second I believe. @pagicence haha never, it doesn't need to end up like the crash test porsche.
  15. Hey everyone, so last Friday @Lox Legoand I woke up super early and headed to the closest Lego store. By 10:05am we were proud new owners of the Bugatti set, that afternoon we got to building and decided to try out a timelapse build. I hope you enjoy! Last but not least, keep an eye out on future posts as Lox and I plan on building a B model for the Bugatti!