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  1. Well all the wait is over and Instructions for the Koenigsegg Regera Manual version are available. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-32399/Dugald_Lego/manual-koenigsegg-regera-pdf-instructions/#info
  2. Hey all, sorry for the long wait but the instructions are finally up. For now on https://sellfy.com/p/jgv3ik/ coming soon to rebrickable. Instructions are now up now.
  3. Unfortunately not yet, still haven't finished the instructions yet. Once torn down I can do a part count.
  4. Ground clearance is pretty typical 1 stud, so you're good to drive it on pavement, concrete, hardwood, tile etc. I definitely wouldn't be testing its offload capabilities though .
  5. @darksheep Ohh those were painted along with the 3x11 curved panels to make that work.
  6. @br0ken4life it's not a bad start due to the gears and dark azure panels. Although seeing as there aren't any rare pieces used it might be cheaper to bricklink the whole build, that is unless you already have a spare bugatti laying around. @darksheep all pieces used are Lego, the two lift arms there used are available in red just not as common as their black counter part. Either black or red could be used.
  7. Unfortunately due to lack of wheel arches you're kind of limited. However I don't know if you've seen this, Dark Azure/black with a white interior version that I've done for the manual version. (Instructions for it will be available soon) Other than that you might be able to do the dark blue from the Chiron. Unless you get creative and paint wheel arches, you're pretty limited. If you're asking about his chrome red wheels, those are just chromed rims you can buy from vendors like Buble chrome or chrome block city.
  8. I haven't tried it but I did leave room for such an option, there's room beside the engine for an S brick on each side and the two lipos should fit in where the Buwizz sit. Then you'd just have to work out wiring from there.
  9. @badmad I look forward to it @gregorski904@gregorski904 looking good, you've made Awsome progress. But the wing is upside down in the pic
  10. What's the Battista? I haven't released the manual instructions just yet, but when it's available it will have its own parts list. It's an entirely different build, it's not just an RC delete, even the bodywork is different as certain parts aren't available in dark azure.
  11. Absolutely, I only used Red ones as accents. No need for them to actually be red besides looks.
  12. Thanks man, unfortunately not yet. We just did the video today and the instructions will be coming soon.
  13. The only two gears visible are the two on the dash, one for the steering and one doors. They're both on the dash board for accessibility, other than that the raising and lowering of the front end and the clam shells are all hidden behind bodywork! Thanks!!