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  1. @AFOLegofan66 thanks! Just an update on the Regera, the instructions are done and being tested. Thanks to my brother @Lox Legofor doing to teardown pics and killer video edit. Thank you @KD123 for being the Guinea pig for this build and your patch notes along the way. https://youtu.be/FcyOmARJhdE
  2. Thanks, that wheel Arch piece definitely fits the part! Unfortunately it's is there to hold it in place, although I'll see I have I can't figure out another way around it.
  3. Thanks man, I've been working away on it. Yea, you're right about timing both should be done in time for Christmas. And I always have a few projects in mind, I just haven't decided on which one I'd like to do. As for everyone else that mentioned not being a fan of the exhaust area. Like I said neither was I so I completely revised the back end, due to complexity of the build and inner workings behind the rear suspension (for the RC two of the four L motors for drive, an M motor for the front and rear clam shells and the gearbox to select front, back and or both) I wasn't able to get more depth in the rear diffuser but I did tidy things up. Progress update, everything is done. The back end was revised, and reinforced. Now all that's left is the stickers, then pictures video and then instructions for the RC. After that's done then I'll bring the HOG to the same point, get video and pictures done then teardown. Everything should be done in time for Christmas. Also I added a pic with the clam shell off for a slightly better view of the engine bay, and you'll notice the wing up about half way. (ignore the few missing tiles that I'm still missing) Enjoy!
  4. @Leonardo da Bricki @LEGO Train 12 Volts @Techniccrack @Pvdb thank's! I appreciate the support. @Aleh thanks, the rims are 3D printed along with rotors that work with regular wheel hubs. A bit of custom work from myself and a friend who's awesome with 3D designs. But don't worry they can be replaced with regular Lego porsche wheels. Thanks! I think most people will prefer the Blue colour, (as do I) but I wanted to show off that this can be built in many different colours. And the red and orange may clash but does it ever stand out. I'm hoping to complete it in the next few months, I have the framework completed but I think I'm going to finish off the RC, do the teardown instructions and make both as close as possible then teardown the HOG. There might be a month between instructions. I wish we could work for lego... That would be a dream come true. However I don't think that's how it works. @Aman @Gray Gear is correct. It's around 1/8th scale, using those wheel arches it's always around that scale. @Fuzzock early on in the build some mentioned I should use those pieces for the headlights again..... Never again haha. No one can find them now without re-mortgaging a house!
  5. @SamuelYsc thanks! No cutting needed, you have to disassemble the shock to make it work for that perfect look there was nothing that was going to mach it. Thanks! You would be correct that is the anti roll bar just like the real car. There's also a similar sway bar built into the front, unfortunately it's much harder to see as the framework there is very dense and it's all inboard and cantalievered. @grum64 thank you, and thanks for the kind words. @kweeklust93 I'll post again regarding the instructions and when they're complete. They will be available on rebrickable. @Charbel thanks, I don't think mine was spent much differently than yours... That Mclaren you've made is flawless! Thanks, as mentioned previously the red and orange is one colour option, it stands out and that's what I was going for. The HOG is going to be in dark azure/black with a white interior and yellow suspension accents. There was no cutting involved, you can carefully disassemble shocks and use the springs from them accordingly, the exhaust is something that will probably change. It's one thing I was never fully on board with but it works for now till I have time to change it. Like I said it's still a WIP. @Toastie Thorsten, thanks for the kind words. I never realized you weren't into Cars, but I'm glad you can appreciate the build none the less.
  6. @AFOLegofan66 @WvG_853 @Polo-Freak @Jurss @DutchChris thank you all for the support, I'm glad you like it! @KD123 thanks man, to have you and lox always there to help make this thing as good as possible has been awesome! @sirslayer unfortunately no haha 1/8th scale always Thanks Jeroen, so the HOG is all manual, no motors and the clam shells and doors will be operated via knobs. As for the red dash is not everyone's taste but I wanted it to stand out and there will be another coming in blue and white. That one will really pop. Thanks, like I mentioned above risky but to me it stands out and it'll looks great with its blue/white brother. The ony non Lego pieces being used is the rims and I have made custom rots which fit with those rims, however they are not necessary and can be built with regular Lego counterparts. Thanks. Soo at the rear I'm still most likely going to change some things around the diffuser I'm quite limited as this thing is chuck filled with functions while still maintaining a low profile. However the exhaust might change I just need to make sure it leaves me room to change between front rear and both, as the lever is accessed through the exhaust tip. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, so as above the rear I'm still most likely going to change some things around the diffuser I'm quite limited as this thing is chuck filled with functions while still maintaining a low profile. However the exhaust might change I just need to make sure it leaves me room to change between front rear and both, as the lever is accessed through the exhaust tip. @Lox Lego Thanks B. It's always helpful have a brother with the same passions, you've been a tremendous help and support throughout this whole build. @nerdsforprez thanks, I appreciate your words of encouragement and understand the amount of painstaking labour that's gone into this build. The red is a bit different yes but I sure stands out and let's be honest whomever is making this build can change it to whatever colour they wish. The suspension will be gone over in the video. So the rims and there's rotors as well have been 3D printed, having rims match a car really make it pop. However regular rims can be used as well. Also a little fact, to keep everything so low the whole framework is just 6 studs tall beside where the dash begins. @brunojj1 thanks Bruno, it's been quite a project, lots of revisions and plenty of hours to make this work. I'm going to play around with pivot points still to see if I can't get them to open up a little higher but I'm happy right now that it all works. As for the dash I've mentioned before it's stands out yes, but it pops and there's also another version and also someone can make whatever colour interior they like. As for the stacked beams, it's not idea but considering the whole roof sits under there I didn't have much depth for making a dash of panels.
  7. https://youtu.be/FcyOmARJhdE Well the teardown of my Koenigsegg Regera is done, instructions are being tested and video is released. Huge thanks to my brother Lachlan Cameron for your amazing teardown photos and killer video edit. Thanks to Justin Wong for being the Guinea pig for the build and your patch notes along the way. Hey all, soo it's been a very long while since I've posted anything. Probably over two years now, however I have been busy in my spare time. For over two years now I've been working on the Koenigsegg Regera. By far my most challenging build to date, especially considering I've been working on Both and HOG and an RC at the same time. The HOG will be Dark Azure/Black centre with White accents and interior. So may I present to you the Regera, it's still a work in progress but everything is pretty well there. It's missing seats, stickers and a few things need adjusting but for the most part it's all there. This car will be on display at the Bricks in the Six Lego convention this weekend so I thought I'd share some early pictures before ones get taken and shared from the show. As always there will be a Video and instructions to follow. But first I need to get the HOG model finished as well. Either way here's some pictures a list of functions. The drivetrain is simple, on the RC it's just drive and steer, no gearbox as the real car is direct drive. 4 L motors for drive and one servo for steering, with a fake V8 in the back, the suspension is where it starts to get interesting, the rear is triplex suspension, unequal length control arms, with integrated sway bar like the real thing, the front is also unequal length suspension, cantalievered with torsion bar and sway bar, the front also raises and lowers a stud and when raising up flaps under the front valance deploy and tuck back up when the car lowers back down. The interior the seats slide and recline, the steering moves up and down in the centre console there's a lever which is a brand new concept which allows you to switch between opening, the left door, the right door, or both doors at the same time. Now when you're opening those doors which are Synchro dihedral the mirrors will fold in as the doors open out and upwards just like the real car. The front and rear clam shells will open as well and there's a lever in the back which will allow you to open the front, the back or both at the same time. On the rear clamshell is the rear wing which is on a cam that raises upward and outward and raises out of the back. The roof is removable like the real car, and can store underneath the front clamshell while still leaving enough room for a tote bag. There's also a manual and an RC model the manual model has two gears the dash the first is to open the doors, and the other to steer. The RC model has drive and steering that's hooked up to the fake V8, the doors and the clam shells are also motorized being able to switch between the front and rear or both at the same time. It also has LED lights front and rear. So overall this is a very in-depth detailed and accurate model in sense of functions.
  8. DugaldIC

    [MOC] McLaren 720S

    I'm late to this as well. However what you've managed to pull off is nothing short of incredible! The chassis looks very detailed and intricate and the lines in the body are very smooth and flowing. I love what you've done, congrats!
  9. Stellar job, it looks incredible. You got all the lines right and all the details really make it pop.
  10. DugaldIC

    Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2

    Like lox just mentioned the rims are 3D printed, in bronze colour so no painting needed. The whole print process takes about 36 hours.
  11. DugaldIC

    [MOC] Devil in sheep's clothing

    This is awesome!!! one of the coolest creative builds I've seen in a while. I like how you've gone full connector body, different but very well executed!!
  12. I love this little thing, it rips!
  13. Very clever b model! Looks great
  14. DugaldIC

    [MOC]Lego Suzuki Jimny Sierra

    Looks spot on, well done!
  15. Looking good! I love all the little details, especially on such a small scale car