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  1. @Blakbird thanks for the render comparison. It's awesome to see them side by side and despite being very similar cars they do look very different. You wouldn't happen to have any more angles and or renders of just my GT3 it looks awesome, thanks!
  2. [MOC] Giant LEGO F1 Car

    This is quite the ambitious build. It would be cool to see if a child could actually use it, especially to shift through the gears with all that weight.
  3. Looks good so far! Before you know it'll be all done. I have a question though what was your inspiration for the front headlights?
  4. Looks beautiful! Everything is just dead on, I'd love to see in the internals though.
  5. [MOC] VW Polo R WRC

    Very well done on such a small scale. I love the details!
  6. Looking awesome Thorsten! You're almost there.
  7. I will pass on even a request from Rebrickabel friends.

    LEGOA113 has added a new comment:

    Hi, I am very impressed with this MOC! The detal of your car MOCs are dead on!!! Also I have a question and favor to ask...If you agree, it would be very much appreciated...I am requesting that using all the pieces from the Porsche 911 set #42056, you build a MUSTANG GT500 KR. If you want to use two of the 42056 sets, that is fine as well if you need the extra parts, but I would like it to be mostly if not all the parts from the same set(s) #42056...I want to build this car using the 2 sets I already have...If you are willing to make this, it would be a dream come true with your artistic abilities :-) Please let me know...Thank you!!!

  8. [MOC] Old Styled Race Car

    I love the final product! I'll be honest I was a bit sceptical in the beginning with the framework but the bodywork has flowed everything together so well
  9. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you're enjoying. Sorry for the few odd bits in the instructions but they're never going to be perfect, @Thorsten50 has done an amazing job on them but he might be interested in the feedback.
  10. Lamborghini Veneno

    So being loxs brother I have the pleasure of seeing all of his builds before the world does, from the very beginning good or bad. However with this model I gave him very little help besides the front suspension and he completely blew me away with what he came up with. Everything seemed to fall into place effortlessly and he even came up with his very own unique doors which work perfectly. I know I say this everytime but seriously..... This is by far your best most technical build to date
  11. [MOC] King of the Hammers IFS Buggy

    Definitely a cool looking little buggy! I love the shaping and the light bar, can you light it up with a ton of LEDs? It would look awesome haha. Well done.
  12. [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    Yes, correct! (I'm not sure of the term either) however I have a feeling the 2D image you used was a unfortunately based on a picture and not a blueprint, hence why the blueprint matches a picture of the car. So your scaling wasn't that bad, it was the image you were going off of unfortunately.