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Found 8 results

  1. Happy May the Fourth everyone! On to the Imperial fleet! At the height of its power the Galactic Empire had more than 25.000 Star Destroyers in its fleet. These 1600 meter long, imposing vessels were bristling with high tech weaponry and were the backbone of the Imperial Navy. Supported by a full wing of 72 TIE fighters, of various configurations, a single ship could lay siege to an entire star system. The sheer size of the crafts were often enough to discourage attackers and send them fleeing. Any Rebel dreaded the sight of the bright, iconic wedge-shape at the end of a hyperspace jump, which meant almost certain doom. When Lego released the 10030 Ultimate Collector’s Star Destroyer back in 2003, it was one of the most ambitious Lego sets ever created. The immense model set a new standard for the size and detail of Star Wars sets TLG would produce in the future. The 10030 has always been one of my favourite sets, and the first post I ever did here on EB was a tribute to the 10030. I had modified and improved upon the set’s engine section and was, back then, pretty satisfied with the result. Over the years I have returned to the set regularly and added more bells and whistles - as a kind of meditation between building mocs. While still an impressive set, the 10030 looks somewhat dated today - especially when looking at the much more impressively detailed Star Destroyer mocs that are being produced by the afol community around the world. The 10030 has been standing on my shelf for more than seven years – but the time has come to retire the old ship and build something new! With the 10030 dismantled and added to a much larger parts bin, I wanted to create my own super detailed Star Destroyer moc. The goal was clear: as detailed and precise as possible. I wanted to match – and in some cases even surpass - the level of detail of the other modern Star Destroyer mocs. As per usual, I began this process by finding hundreds of pictures of the Studio model. This time it was the “Avenger” used for filming the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – built by ILM. The final Avenger moc is a smidgen over 1m long (1:1600 scale) and uses approximately 7000 bricks. The Avenger. 1600 meters of Destruction and Fear! The Command Superstructure. I have tried to match the look of the detailing of the studio model. Many little details are found in the same places. I have used everything from minifig arms (around 250 of them) to small lever bases to produce the correct shapes and cram in as much detail as possible within the limited space. Comparing this area with the official model, you can see the proportions are very different. The official model’s command structure is much too small - probably to save weight and bricks. The Bridge. The bridge was interesting because ILM also created a more detailed close-up model of it. However, the two models differ in several areas, so what I did was to mix and match what I liked from each model. As you can see old 1 x 4 hinge plates make for wonderful detailing. Bridge Front. Here you can see the Imperial Class II type antenna array. Stowaways. The Falcon hitching a ride… Garbage Hatch. Before it is thrown out with the rest of the garbage. Main Cannons. These cannons have the power the penetrate a planet’s crust! Here they are represented by small miniifg wrenches. Back Hull Detail. When studying the studio model I discovered a ton of detail that I hadn’t noticed before. The backmost edge of the main hull is full of little details – as I have conveyed here using cheese slopes and “gold” bars. Hull Detail. The picture shows the gap where the main sensor array is housed. Using tiles for the hull plating was pretty straightforward, although I soon discovered that the pattern needed the right mix of tiles types to look convincing. It is also worth noticing that there are several places on the hull where the plating protrudes one plate – at this scale that probably mean an entire floor :) Engines! So much detail here, I don’t know where to begin. Again I studied the studio model closely and tried to get every little pipe right. The struts near the edge are made of droids arms – I even counted the struts on the studio model to get the correct number. Close-up of the pipes. See if you can spot the handle bars. More engines, more detail. I used the same wheels for engines as the official model since the have the perfect size for this scale – and that they are perfectly round. I tried making some cool brick built ones, but then I lost the contrast between the clean round shapes and the busy-work of all the piping detail. Middle engine removed. Just so you can see that I am not cheating and skipping details ;) The Side Gap. Housing sensor arrays, tractor-beam-projectors and minifig-arm-cannons. Main Sensor Array Close-up. It is always fun to find and combine obscure bricks to create details. Facing Death. A lot of different bricks were used to get the tip of the vessel to match up with the studio model. Making the detailing of the command structure be level while still crammed in within angled plates took a bit of trickery. What is with the blurred lower hull? Well that is a work in progress – another project came in the way ;) Chasing Rebels! I simply had to build my rebel fleet in 1:1600 scale to see how it would look next to the Star Destroyer :) I cross my fingers the Rebels will escape alive, but it doesn’t look good! Let me know what you think and May the Fourth be with You! A Day in the Life of a Lego Girlfriend...
  2. MOCS: http://www.moc-pages...home.php/103595 YouTube: LEGO Technic MOC Dodge Avenger 2007 ein.creative criterion copyright 2016 The MOC work is based on my first car (Dodge Avenger 2007) as a prototype, using servo motor steering, dual l-motor drive, front and rear wheel suspension. Because it is a medium-size works (wheel size 56*28mm), effective control of body weight, and 20:12 double l motor output to the differential, actual driving speed is quite fast.
  3. LucasLaughing

    [SoNE Ep X] The Call of Duty

    Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger - in hyperspace, en route to classified location. This isn't what I signed on for. There's a reason I chose the Stormtrooper Corps over the officer's academy. Unfortunately, in war time, we don't have the luxury of choosing our duty. We're meeting in one of the TIE wing briefing rooms; the pilots are already boarding their fighters, ready to launch the moment we leave hyperspace. “We don't have much time, so I'll keep this brief." "The rebels have attacked an Imperial freighter, hoping to steal data from the supercomputer it's carrying. Our mission today is simple: we're going to stop them. You'll be riding over to the Suprosa on assault transports." "Artizan, you're lead pilot. We have several hanger bays to choose from – the main hanger is ideal, but we want the assault team to arrive in one piece so you drop them off at whichever site looks best." "Kodan – I need you and your team to secure the bridge. If the rebels can't escape with the information, they'll probably try to take the entire ship. We cannot let that happen." "Tyrus – Your team needs to take the engine room so that we can cut power to the bridge, if necessary. You'll also be able to remotely close blast doors from there, so we can cut the rebels off from the computer rooms." "Tariq and Dwarf, you two link up with our Quick Reaction Force. Tariq – your job is to secure any of the computer rooms that the rebels might try to breach. Dwarf– we expect rebel slicers might try to steal the data via remote uplinks. If that's detected, your job is to track them down and take them out." "Beltar – You'll be boarding with the other troops. Link up with the Suprosa's crew and treat any casualties you find. We'll dispatch you and the medical team to other locations as needed." "ZW - Ayt et res be'Sarge na sharee tze mal'meni." It means 'Listen to the Sarge, and don't screw up,' but I'm willing to bet hard credits no one else here speaks Zabraki. I don't speak it either, but I figured if I learned a phrase it might help his standing with the other troops. It's not easy for an alien in the Stormtrooper Corps, but the fact that he's here tells me he must have talent. I'll have to figure out what to do with him if he survives this mission. "Everyone – check your targets; we'll have multiple teams operating and I don't want any blue-on-blue. Use cover, but don't allow yourselves to be pinned down. Above all, do not let the rebels escape with the data." "The rebels seem to think that they can strike us with impunity. We're going to show them how very mistaken that belief is. General Brickdoctor will be watching … make him proud. Move out!"
  4. Tie pilot Goatm An 461 is now on Tatooine to visit the shop of a famed engine mechanic/merchant. Stormtroopers heavily patrol this area because of the great interest in the new engine mods coming out of this shop. Maybe the Empire will just have to recruit this mechanic and secure his expertise. While on planet he decided to purchase a slave girl and a couple of cloaks to keep in the Tatooine fashion. I would like this freebuild to be judged during the SoNE IV episode, please.
  5. Tie pilot Goatm An 461 is happy to only have to fly over Nal Hutta on this trip. His sensitive slave girl is happier for it, too. I would like this freebuild to be judged during the SoNE IV episode, please.
  6. Tie pilot Goatm An 461 reports to Hoth to test fly a new planetary patrol fighter developed by a bored Colonel unlucky enough to be stationed there. The fighter has been loaded with a ridiculous amount of forward facing weapons. The primary purpose of the fighter is to target landing craft upon entering the atmosphere and only rarely take on targets above the stratosphere. Goatm's assessment: its a suicide fighter and he will have no interest in flying it. With the on board systems dedicated almost exclusively to those forward facing weapons, little attention was paid to the maneuverability of the fighter, thus, no defensive capabilities. If it were up to Goatm, this project would be left in the hands of the ground forces, our pilots are crazy enough as it is. I would like this freebuild to be judged during the SoNE IV episode, please.
  7. Nom Carver

    [MOC] TIE Avenger/Interceptor

    This is an updated version of the TIE Avenger I posted a few months ago: I know is not the most accurate or faithful to the source material, lets say its halfway in the TIE avenger-interceptor evolution. P1150688 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1150691 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1150700 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1150702 por Nom Carver, en Flickr Comments and criticism are welcome.
  8. Nom Carver

    MOC: TIE Avenger

    At the beginning of the year, I was not very excited by the release of the sith fury class interseptor, but lately I was caught by the consumist frenzy and got my hands on one of them, when I finished building it, I realized how much it resemble to one of my all time favorite fighters, the TIE avenger, so I decided to disassemble it partially and turn it into a more OT related MOC. Reference: P1010624 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010626 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010627 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010630 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010633 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010636 por Nom Carver, en Flickr Now for comparison with previous TIE releases (I hope I had the new one): P1010639 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010640 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P1010646 por Nom Carver, en Flickr And one last pic: P1010651 por Nom Carver, en Flickr So what do you think? I hope you like it