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  1. Wojtulson, hi! The one LEGO AFOL and enthusiast from Russia create a work compaitible with PF RC 3rd party module. He called it "RC Brick". More info here. The short rewiew from RM8 is here.
  2. Outstandic! MOC 80 lvl
  3. Agree yet another cool Scania! Do you have a job interview?
  4. Wow! How you get ideas like this in yor mind?
  5. Excellent Rod. I like this direction of your models. Sorry, do you plan do build some cool Scanias again?
  6. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] T-55a

    Very good scale tank model. Do you play WoT?
  7. Wow how small and accurate model of tank. Do you planing to design and sell instructions for your MOCs?
  8. Very nice truck. Love it. The colour scheme is perfect!
  9. Awaken_M1nd

    Is it right to refuse to sell a MOC?

    Maybe he was just trolling you?
  10. Very nice Tatra. Excellent looking in this scale.
  11. Outstanding design. Love this head lights. Like agressive predators eyes. Perfect w/stickers.