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  1. Awaken_M1nd

    Classic RC receiver + Technic motor

    Wojtulson, hi! The one LEGO AFOL and enthusiast from Russia create a work compaitible with PF RC 3rd party module. He called it "RC Brick". More info here. The short rewiew from RM8 is here.
  2. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Outstandic! MOC 80 lvl
  3. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] RC Scania R730 V8 with Topline

    Agree yet another cool Scania! Do you have a job interview?
  4. Awesome truck. Like it very much!
  5. New truck from HK. Looks great. Like it very much!
  6. Awaken_M1nd

    GBC 2D Printer

    Wow! How you get ideas like this in yor mind?
  7. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] '32 Ford "Tow Rod"

    Excellent Rod. I like this direction of your models. Sorry, do you plan do build some cool Scanias again?
  8. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] T-55a

    Very good scale tank model. Do you play WoT?
  9. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] Panther Ausf. G early 1/35 (RC)

    Wow how small and accurate model of tank. Do you planing to design and sell instructions for your MOCs?
  10. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2042

    Very nice truck. Love it. The colour scheme is perfect!
  11. Awaken_M1nd

    Is it right to refuse to sell a MOC?

    Maybe he was just trolling you?
  12. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] Tatra t-813 Dakar 8x8

    Very nice Tatra. Excellent looking in this scale.
  13. Awaken_M1nd

    [MOC] BMW M4 DTM 1:10 racecar with PF

    Outstanding design. Love this head lights. Like agressive predators eyes. Perfect w/stickers.