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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've had the clips to make this video for 2 months now, but not enough time to edit. Anyhow, with that said, here's what I have done. I have rebuilt both of the rear axles so they can be driven by 2 L-Motors, and rebuilt the front axle so that it can be steered by a servo, and still be able to fit an engine and have room in the cab for other motors. I also rebuilt the front of the truck since it seemed too sparse to me, but I've left the rest of the truck (besides some of the internals) original. I decided I only wanted to use a single Sbrick, and I had only one port left, since there was already an M-Motor in the model to drive the functions connected to the distribution gearbox, so I built a custom sequential shifter that I could fit in the cab, and access the axles of the changeover catches in the gearbox, and thus shift through the functions sequentially. This is done with one M-Motor. All of the internal mechanics of the gearbox were left stock, besides the elimination of any white 24 tooth clutch gears. I did not change the rest of the model that much, though I did think having an inline-4 seemed kind of lame, so I put in a V8 instead. i will not release any instructions due to the extense of the modifications. Please enjoy the video and photos below, and feel free to leave a reply!
  2. Back in 2012 set 9397 Logging Truck was released. It was a nice set and I bought it to motorize. But looking on the internet for real self-loading logging trucks I more and more started to want to make this set as a base for a more scale model look. So I made the truck wider from 15 studs to 17 with is more in scale with that type of tire. Eventually I designed a complete new truck based on the set, but looking more like an original US Logging Truck and fully remote controlled. Self-loading Logging Truck by Barry Bosman, on Flickr It has just only taken me 4 years to complete the video... hahaha. Due to free time and not completely satisfied about the video material I never got to making a video. The video material was shot by a well known Dutch Technic master Mahj On July 2012 We went to a nearby forest to find a good place for shooting the video material with a nice backdrop. Yesterday I went to mahj to help me with getting to know the new video editing software Mahj already has good experience with. And here is the finished result. Function: 2 M-motors for drive M-motor for steering M-motor for switching between two functions M-motor for moving the second steering axle / moving the crane arm back / forward M-motor for moving the outriggers / moving the boom up / down M-motor for turning the crane Micro motor for rotating the claw Micro motor for opening en closing the claw Because I wanted the crane to move freely I decided to place the control of the 2 micro motors in the crane it self, place the battery pack and receiver on the crane. This so the wires couldn't get entangled with the gears. I have found a basic sketch of how all the gears, axles and motors are connected in the small chassis. I will make a LDD drawing of this and post this soon.
  3. Hey everybody. I am new to this forum respectively this is my 1st post after a while of only reading. As my favourite set is the 9397 logging truck I did a few modification and I built a trailer for it. As you can see on the pictures I modified the logging truck with double wheels and also did some enhancements on the crane. With this mods the crane has a better playability and can be almost fully positioned behind the cabin. For that I replaced the small actuator with a big one. Also I did some mods only for cosmetic reasons, e.g. I replaced the original grey wheel rims on the truck with silver wheel rims (out of the 8285 set). After that was done I thought about building a trailer for my truck. You can see the result on the pictures, let my know what you think. I used almost the same chassis as used for the original 9397 truck. All axles have doubles wheels and the first axles can rotate. So what I now need is definitely more wood :-)