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Found 4 results

  1. 18.02.624 It's a short trip from Myzectlan (Cascadia) to Jamestown (Celestia); from The eastern Prio Sea to The western New Haven Sea. Normally this is a quiet trade route for the Myzec; a calm sea with few dangers. Until 18.02.624... A group of Myzec, traveling with merchandise, were startled along the way. The normally calm sea suddenly became turbulent. A large amount of foaming, splashing water became visible around the ship. The crew of the traditional vessel look at each other in horror. What was going on here?! The boat was not far from the shore. The Myzec tried with all its might to change course towards land. There was no intention to wait for the impending, ominous danger. But alas... to no avail. At the speed of light, a number of dark red tentacles emerged from the clear blue water. And with unprecedented force the boat, including crew, was surrounded by this red force! The monster embraced the sailboat as if it were his beloved and pulled it all into the depths of the sea. As quickly as all this came about, everything became calm again... The sun shone peacefully on the New Haven Sea. A number of remarkable events have already taken place in recent days. This event was also recorded in this illustrious, apocalyptic list... What's going on?!
  2. As the wealthy amass their treasures, they often cast the less fortunate into the depts of destruction. As the ship "The Aviabat" navigated the treacherous waters with storms brewing above, the kraken emerged with a mighty roar, causing chaos on deck. Its massive tentacles thrashed around, launching the ship towards jagged rocks. With a deafening crash, the ship collided with the unforgiving rocks, splintering into pieces as the kraken picked off every last soul. Until the only thing you could hear, was the echo of the waves, bashing against the rocks. My entry for the category A transition challenge.
  3. Strange Weather, Quinnsville Reports from all over the Brick Seas have been coming in about strange weather patterns and higher-than-usual losses at sea due to sudden storms. This has troubled the scientists at the Corrington Parliament of Science who have begun scrambling around for an answer to these questions. In Quinnsville, Mayor Richard Brickford has been doing what he can to assist in finding a solution. Island Tower 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Shortly after Mayor Brickford came to Quinnsville in 619, a new lighthouse was erected. The existing lighthouse (which was in sorry shape) was abandoned at the time. Island Tower 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Most recently, the structure has been renovated and turned into a weather station off the coast of Cocovia in hopes of perhaps deciphering these abnormal weather patterns. Mayor Brickford has decided to pay the keeper and scientist stationed there a visit and see what information is available to relay back to King's Harbour. Island Tower 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the help of a young apprentice (who is slightly apprehensive about the whole matter), Tobias Winterbottom leads the charting of the weather, high in the tower. They are making use of kites in order to chart wind direction and the force of the wind. Mr. Winterbottom was originally in Brickford Landing documenting the flora and fauna of the island, but when the Lotii war broke out on El Oleonda, he was on the first ship out to safer settlements. Island Tower 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the weather station now in full use, they are hopeful that something useful will be discovered and Quinnsville and the rest of the Brick Seas can prepare for it. ---------------------------------- My submission for Category A of the Transition Challenge. C&C is welcome and appreciated. If there are no objections, I'll probably license as a medium artisan at some point.
  4. 16.02.624 It started as a beautiful sunny day. Sir Peter Nash, Earl of Swanley, enjoyed his usual morning ritual: 9am = tea time. Peter was sitting at his 'own' table in the Tipsy Mermaid Pub in Wullham, Panarium. A small ray of sunshine fell through the window onto his face. "Hmm.. wonderful.., what a wonderful world." Unfortunately, this moment of enjoyment was short-lived. A thick, black cloud passed over the sun. Peter looked through the window and looked doubtful. "Hmm.. this looked strange." Sean McCasey sat at the bar and looked at Peter's troubled face. “Hi, are you okay?” he asked. "I don't know..., I'm seeing strange weather patterns," Peter replied. Sean came to stand next to Peter and also looked outside. “You're right, I haven't seen this before,” Sean said. Thick, black, curly clouds with menacing heads filled the sky. In the distance it started to thunder. Not just a little bit, but so intense that no one in Wullham had seen this before. “Come on, Peter!”, Sean said. "To the TIC!"* (*Tornado Intercept Carriage). Peter and Sean ran to the carriage, which was equipped with a full range of weather instruments. Sean urged the horses on and they rode at high speed through the open countryside. The wind blew harder and harder... After a while, Sean stopped the carriage. “Get on the roof!”, Sean shouted. Peter took his dowsing rods and climbed onto the roof of the coach. He had to make an effort to hold his own. The weather conditions deteriorated every minute. "And... what are the results??", Sean shouted over the sound of the storm. "Well, we've never had these wind speeds here before! Something big is going to happen!! We have to get out of here! Hurry!", Peter shouted back. There was no response. Peter looked around, but it was dark. He couldn't see anything in front of his eyes. Where was Sean? “Sean!!,” he shouted. But there was no response... "Sean..., no!!"