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  1. Tayaya

    GoH 11: Elven Trading Post

    Thank you all! Thanks! Yes, the background was a large TV-screen, I don't normally have one so I decided to take advantage of it and try using it for my picture - it kind of worked, but it was definitely a pain. XD
  2. Tayaya

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That's hilarious that it wasn't obvious. loel. The hands are just stuck in the rubber band. Thank you!
  3. Deep in the Enchanted Forests, where only the elves know where to find it, lies the secret potion Trading Post of Anya's Guardian.
  4. Tayaya

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Anya Dyran – Elven Trader Short Bio: While I was yet a babe, I was left orphaned on the unpredictable lands of the Enchanted Forest. Lost, tried and deathly sick, I was saved by a proud but kind old elf. Since then, I have become a wandering trader for my Guardian throughout the Enchanted Forest. Home: The Enchanted Forest This feels like diving in deep waters but I'm excited to join!
  5. Tayaya

    [ENTRY] Shipwreck of Avedo

    Thank you! I decided to do a deserted island and shipwreck almost immediately after I saw the prompt! Seemed really classic for a pirate to be stranded. Thank you! Me too, I always thought of that as a fun concept! No, the ship is not attached to the ground but I think that the monkey if balanced right could hang/stand near the top.
  6. Tayaya

    [ENTRY] 6280 Armada Flagship Remake

    Yeah, I think those slopes would probably work! :D I think the shape of the front of the hull is really nice though, even in the picture. XD
  7. Tayaya

    [ENTRY] The Hurricane

    Lovely ship! Personally I really like the dark vibes of the whole ship, matching with the red and black sails. The golden details on the back look great, and neat use of the double sided axe. And I can't not mention the anchor! Excellent job getting the right shape with the horns. Altogether impressive build Oscar, well done!
  8. Tayaya

    [ENTRY] 6280 Armada Flagship Remake

    Really neat build! Cool that you decided to build the hull, you did a great job with the shape, I'd love to see some slopes and tiles on it to make it a bit smoother and more consistent with upper part tho. Also I don't know how stud.io works but I wonder if you could do some pictures with minifigures and show us some scenes with a bit of action like on the box art of the Armada Flagship. :D Nice build all the same, don't feel like you need to do anything, just some suggestions for you to play around with if you have time. ;P
  9. Tayaya

    [ENTRY] Shipwreck of Avedo

    An entry my sister built (I'm posting it for her because she doesn't have an Eurobricks account). :D I really enjoyed building this LEGO MOC. And many thanks to my sister and brother for their good advice! I really liked building the crows nest and had a lot of fun just trying to make all those wired pieces connect with limit of fifty pieces! I hope you like it! Thanks a lot for running this contest! :)
  10. 06 - 2 point 05 - 1 point
  11. Here's my sibling's entry. She doesn't have a Eurobricks account so I'm posting it for her. :D I really enjoyed building Dr. Kilroy on his adventure, the only problem is that he doesn't know that what he is really tracking down is right in front of him! neither of them can see each other because neither of them have rounded the bend! XD I hope you enjoy my build as much as I enjoyed building it!!