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  1. Simon_S

    Peasants of Avalonia

    As others have said, the trick with yellow arms is - especially for mitgardians - such a good idea! I love it and I'm totally gonna steal it hehe
  2. Simon_S

    GoH 10 C

  3. Simon_S

    GoH 10C: The Monastery

    Chapter 1: A Mitgardian Adventure Chapter 2: Meeting with Haldor, the Master Builder of Bridges Chapter 3: The Hideout Chapter 4: The Cake Chapter 5: New Belynia Chapter 6: Meet Hallad, the half frozen Berserk Chapter 7: The Frog King So in the last chapter Simon met Greta, the beautiful princess, who earlier lived as the frog king. They decided to marry, so they knew they had to look out for a priest. So they headed north, back to Mitgardia. Simon has heard of a beautiful and peaceful monastery, where they could surely find a priest. After a long walk and many nice talks, Simon and Greta finally arrived at the monastery. Greta: Wow it looks beautiful here. The grass is so bright. Simon: Yes. And everything is so peaceful. Can you hear the birds sing? Greta: And have you seen that woolly sheep? I would love to cuddle one of it. And the rabbits who try to steal the carrots? It's such a perfect place. We should marry here. Simon: I think that's a great idea. Come, let's get closer and meet a priest. Father Gottfried: Welcome my Son. What a pleasure to have you here! Come and see how good... He couldn't finish his salutation... Simon interrupted him. Simon: Father Gottfried! What are you doing here? Father Gottfried: Oh my son. That's a long story. You've been away for a long time. Many things happend. And while you were on your adventures, you missed a lot. But who is this lady on your side? Great: Good Day, Father Gottfried. My name is Great, and I was a Frog King for many years, until Simon came as a brave hero and rescued me. Now we want to marry and start a life together. Simon: Exactly. And that's why we're here. We were looking for a priest who could help us with our wedding. Father Gottfried: Oh this is surely a good day. Praise God for he let my old eyes see how Simon found a wife! I will help you with your wedding, ... he stuttered for a moment... but I first must talk wilth Simon in private... Simon knew Father Gottfried. And he rarely heard this voice and he expected that this didn't meen good news. They went on the balcony together, where Father Gottfried started weeping. Simon: What's wrong, Father Gottfried? Father Gottfried: I remember you, when you were a young child. Then I saw you grow up and finally I gave you my blessing to go on an adventure. I remember that day you left. You went on your journey to proof your dignity to inherit your fathers sheep flock... again he startet to stutter... and he had tears in his eyes... his hands were shaking and his face was all sweaty. Then he said it: ... but it all doesn't matter anymore, son. Your father is dead. And your mother too. And all of your friends. The whole village got burned down. They destroyed my church. I was lucky enough to escape. I fled and came to this monastery where I found a new community and a new home. Simon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Father Gottfried: I'm so sorry. Simon: Who was it? Who did all this terrible things? Father Gottfried: The trolls. We all knew they lived up in the mountains. And we were fine with it. We never thought that they would come down. We felt secure in our village. It all happened on one day. There were only a few survivors. Simon: I must do something against it. I will go and fight the trolls. Give me your blessing Father and I will go to war. Father Gottfired: You should marry first. It could be to late afterwards... And so it came, that Greta and Simon married on that day. In that beautiful monastery. In that peaceful ambiente. After they heard the terrible news. Simon: I will leave now and free the country from the trolls. I will drive them back to the mountains and establish peace in Mitgardia. I will get my revenge. Greta: And I will join you. Father Gottfried: Princess Greta, we talk about trolls. They are ugly. And dirty. And mean. And they would totally love to eat a beautiful princess like you. War against the trolls isn't your destiny. Greta: How could I leave the man I love? And how could I not give my life for him, when he saved mine? Father Gottfried: That are some wise words. Wait here, We have some old equipment in the cellar. We will find something that fits you. And I'll get a sword for myself. You know, I have been in many battles before I became a monk. I will accompany you two and help you to fight the trolls back. So the three left, fully armed and prepared to meet the trolls. To be continued... So this is my latest MOC. I actually built this during my paternity leave - we get two weeks in Switzerland, which is a pretty good thing. Until last year it was just one day. I didn't really expect to have much time, but since our son wanted to be carried in a wrap until early in the morning, this gave me the opporunity to moc again :-). Most of this was built between midnight and 4 am. Btw. expection our son was also the reason why I had to finish and post New Belynia quite early, long before the deadline of the contest ;-). The part which I like the best about the build is the round window with the wheel. I think it turned out really cool. This MOC was inspired by a Game called Die Fürsten von Catan, which is illustrated by Michael Menzel. This guy is a genius. And his drawings have been an inspiration for many of my builds. Here you can see what inspired this MOC: While building this, I also found out that Simon Hundsbichler made a LEGO version of this in 2017. I'll show you a picture here just because I really like to see what too builders have done using the same source of inspiration. I love this build of him... it's totally crazy and inspiring. So if you've really made it this far lol I can only thank you for looking and reading. Have a nice day and brick on! - Simon
  4. Simon_S

    The Frog King

    thank you :-). The thing about this build was actually that I got a lot of the olive green stems in a PaB wall. We finally have a lego shop here in switzerland and I got access to PaB Cups - I already found many cool parts there ;-). So I had to build something to use them hehe.
  5. thanks man :-). I had this light aqua parts in my collection for a long time and waited for a good use and finally I could incorporate them in a build :-).
  6. Simon_S

    GoH 10 B: Wax and Wick

    Wow this is so cool Isaac! I love how recognizable your style is. I mean - even if I have missed many years in the community, I could tell on the first look that this is one of your MOCs. And still you didn't stand still but evolved so much - the brickwork, all the details in the woodwork, the floor. It all looks fantastic. You are such an inspiring builder! Keep up the nice work :-).
  7. Nice work :-). I like the new version and you improved many things. There are some cool details in this. I especially like using a small pine tree as the tip of a large one. Seems like a very good solution for that problem :-). Cool MOC! Brick on!
  8. Simon_S

    Viking Life in the Frozen Wilds

    Yeah, nice little MOC! That are some pretty cool figures :-). And the boat looks also good!
  9. Simon_S

    The Summit

    nice creature! I like how you blended differnt greens in there - that works really well. cool MOC! Brick on!
  10. Simon_S

    [Freebuild] The Abyss

    wow man, I lov ethat creature! It looks so scary! those black wings as flippers (is that the right word in english?) work well for it :-)
  11. wow man you have a lot of viking figures. and that moving boat and water is awesome. such a cool MOC! Very nice :-). The architecture on that great hall is also very impressive - especially with that shield roof and all the nice details in the woodwork.
  12. Simon_S

    GoH 10 B: The Witch of Heedwor

    Wow man, this is so cool :-). I love the pointed roof. and the tudor style with the many many rounded maccaroni tiles looks awesome. the whole thing is really mitgardian - you captured the style of our guild so well. Congratulations on a fanstastic MOC and brick on!
  13. Simon_S

    GoH 10 C : The Wayfarers' Den

    Wow, this is such a masterpiece. The whole build is just full with fun details. I love the structure in the walls. Also using lbg plates and tiles incorporated in a dbg wall works really well and gives the feeling of larger bricks. I also like what you guys did with the triangular shield thingies - that works really well and looks so cool! The snow on the roof is so nicely done with many many different tooth and horn pieces. They work well. I was wondering if you guys tried to make them vertical on the angled roof on the right. It's a problem I've encountered myself... that an angled roof gives angled snow / icicles. It would be cooler if they would point straight down and not be angled like the roof... but I didn't come up with a cool solution yet. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO on this incredible masterpiece! It looks awesome. And the forest is an awesome backdrop for that legendary building. Greetings, Simon
  14. Simon_S

    GoH 10B: Marginean Blacksmith (part.2)

    nice build! I like how it works together with the first one. you improved many things from the frist one... there are more details in the walls - I especially like the decorations over the arches. and then there are some small things like the chandles on the wall or the wood next to te fire place that make the scene come alive :-).
  15. Simon_S

    [freebuild] The library of Oxenfurt.

    what a nice build! all the textures - in the wall, the roof and in the wooden sections work great. and the book shelves and the railings look also nice. great work!