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  1. Simon_S

    Agasûl. Rock of the Dragons

    Thank you for the kind words! The bagpipe is from a CMF which came a loong time ago and I think it works very well in a fantasy setting:{"iconly":0} Thanks :-). Yeah the inside of the mountain was a lot of work. Especially because when the front was finished, you had the idea that the MOC is ready for the convention / for display. But it took so much time and parts to make the whole inside of the mountain nice. Thank you for the kind comment!
  2. Oh wow, this is so impressive! The dwarves statues are so good! Great sculpting! The SNOT frames behind them also work very well and give them even more attention. The 45 degree angled bricks used inside out in the walls are also a nice detail. Brick on!
  3. Simon_S

    [freebuild] Avalonian Wizard's Tower

    This is so cool! I love the solution for the round roof. This is always a problem and you found a great way, covering the gaps with the dragon heads. They give the whole tower a unique character. Great build man!
  4. This is just a very beautiful castle! The stone parts and the tudor parts are both very impressive. I also like how many plants you put around the rooks - the whole thing looks so organic. Keep up the cool work! Brick on!
  5. Simon_S

    Sanctuary of light [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    I saw this a long time ago on flickr and now I saw it here in the forum and have finally time to comment on it :-). As others have mentioned, the lightning is really cool and makes this build stand out. Especially because it would be not so colourfull without it. The tree looks also great! Nice work man!
  6. There are so many nice details to spot in this :-). I really like what you did with the new tiles, I think they work really well. It's so cool that you made the whole build modular and that we can see in every room. I love the interiors! Especially the baby bed stood out to me, what a great idea! One last thing I want to notice and that I'll remember is using staircases for a roof. That makes the whole thing stable, looks nice on the inside and gives a lot of room which you can fill with details. Very nice build!
  7. Very nice build! I like the colour choices for the shields. Especially having the light blue in the shields and on the head of the ship makes it very eye catching. The water technique als works very well :-)
  8. very cool little builds :-). I like how they form larger scenes. There are so many nice techniques used in here. I especially like the snow covered logs. I will look forward to the new builds!
  9. Wow what a cool first build! I love your sigfig, very nice combinations. That pipe is new for me… where is this part from? welcome to the best guild ;-)
  10. Chapter 1: A Mitgardian Adventure Chapter 2: Meeting with Haldor, the Master Builder of Bridges Chapter 3: The Hideout Chapter 4: The Cake Chapter 5: New Belynia Chapter 6: Meet Hallad, the half frozen Berserk Chapter 7: The Frog King Chapter 8: The Monastery Chapter 9: The Trolls came down the mountains First comes a short story, then some details about the build and the building process ;-). Have fun reading it! The Trolls invaded Mitgardia. They came down from the mountains. They dig tunnels and everywhere they climbed out of holes in the ground. There was no escaping. The heroes only had one option: To fight them. And to defeat them. Simon gathered his old friends. Stephan and Ingrid came back. And together with Greta they held a council. Stephan grumbling with his deep voice - you could really tell that he drank too much blueberry liquor in the last days of trouble: I think we should just kill all the trolls. Only a dead troll is a good troll. Ingrid: Yes I agree. But I don't have enough arrows. And we are only four. Four heroes who should save Mitgardia? Greta: How else could it be? It was always like this. A few brave men and women against the huge evil armies. And today it is our time to fight. Simon: I agree. But we need help. We can't fight them alone. Who could help us? Stephan: I have an idea... Simon rolls his eyes: Oooh, an idea? Stephan completely over motivated: Yes, an idea. We should go to Agasûl. Greta outraged: Agasûl! You madman! You want to go to the rock of the dragons? I heard the fighting there is incredibly fierce. Ingrid: But maybe Stephan is right. If we can convince the dragons to fight for us... Simon: ... then we can easily defeat the trolls. Let's go there and try it. It's our only hope. So they went to Agasûl, the home of many dragons. Stephan: I've heard many tales about this place... It's a long time since the icy mother dragon arrived there. Legends tell it, that the source of her power lies deep in the mountain. People say, that there is a magic light crystal hidden in a cave and that this crystal is the reason, why all the dragons live there. They also say that the mother dragon farted to hard and accidently froze the peak of the mountain. The dwarves used this opportunity and converted the peak of the mountain into a huge freezer. There are rumors that the dwarves store hundreds of frozen pizzas in there. Ingrid: That sounds like a place where I could feel like home. Here we are. Welcome to Agasûl. It all went as they planned out... almost. To make it short: They climbed the mountain, talked to the mother dragon... and... she didn't want to help. It's not our problem she said. So the heroes had to change her mind. First, they reached out to the mages deep inside the mountain. Nobody knew the light crystal better than them. But they didn't know how they could convince the dragons to help. And they also didn't want to help. The heroes were running low on time. The trolls even invaded the dwarves' mine! They interrupted them in their feasts. The elves tried to help but they were just too many of the trolls. So the heroes had an idea: They told the dwarves to heat up their frozen food and feed it to the dragons... and it totally worked. The dragons turned friendly and started fighting against the trolls... and then, the fights soon were over. The trolls were defeated. Agasûl was saved. The heroes were ready for their next adventure. Please take a look at the album with the detail pictures: The whole build had an interior. And you'll find many scenes from the short story in there. Thanks for reading the story! To the next part: Some informations about this MOC. I built this MOC for Bricking Bavaria 2023 in Friedrichshafen. I heard about that convetion during my summer vacation in august and then there was no holding back. I registred myself as an exhibitor and started building. The MOC is 2x10 baseplates big (64x320 studs) and almost 1 meter tall. It's by far the biggest thing I've ever built. Literally all of my lbg and dbg boxes were empty after this. So I built this monster in a quite short time. It took me around 4 months and I guess that I used around 35'000 parts. I just want to share some facts or learnings that might be interesting for you: 1. The AFOL community is awesome! It was my first convention since 2016 and meeting so many kind and talented AFOLs was a huge pleasure. I met many people I only knew from online. I saw many masterpieces which I have already admired on flickr. But really, it was all about the people. Being a part of such a community is just so much fun. 2. Building round towers takes a lot of parts and a lot of patience. I saw that round tower tutorial from Barthezz Brick wo built that venice MOC and I thought: I want to do something like this. I ended up doing 2 towers. The larger one took 70 parts for 1 stud of height... and it was 40 studs high. You can do the math. 3. Hollowed out mountains are difficult to build. I wanted it all to have an interior. And to make it still somehow stable and use as few pillars as possible, I worked with technic bricks and pins to bridge the large gaps. 4. SNOT mountains take only a few parts and you can build them quite fast. So this is most probably the most interesting fact about the rockwork. Everything is just large SNOT plates which I decorated with wedge plates / bricks, tiles and slopes. The reason for this is simple: I wanted to build a mountain as large as possible with the collection I have. And if you've ever built a mountain, you know how fast you run out of slopes and normal bricks. But many of us have a larger bin with large dbg / lbg plates, because they're used as baseplates in many sets. So working with these saved me a lot of time and parts. And I think on this scale it looks pretty decent. 5. Black is a really dark colour. Think twice before building a black cave. The lowest level of the mountain was really just black. You couldn't see anything of the nice rockwork inside there. I felt like I wasted a lot of time on the details there. Than I had the idea about the light crystal. And because I know nothing about lights and never used them in my moc, I just placed christmas tree lights in the crystal and hid the battery box. Solving that problem even made this part of the build to one, which the visitors liked the most. 6. Dragons are colourful. I tried to use all my colours in this build. Especially for the dragons. I used every weird colour. On the top right there is even a royal blue dragon made from knights kingdoms parts. I had to get creative, because from many colours I didn't have a lot of pieces. The turqouise dragon has a water tap as head. Some of the dragons use perfume bottles on their heads. The dark blue dragon has a mummy headscarf as head because I didn't have any dark blue pieces left. 7. LEGO stores with pick a brick walls are super useful. Many small parts which I used in large quantities are from the LEGO store in Zurich which opened a year ago: trans light blue tiles, bright green three finger leaves, 1x2 rounded slopes in light bluish gray and in coral, 1x1 plates in yellow, 4x6 plates in dark bluish gray (you can fit around 100 in 1 large cup if you stack them nicely + you also get the small stuff which you can fit around it) and so much more. 8. Thanks for taking pictures of this: A friend of mine called Domi took all the detail pictures and the main picture is taken by felix the builder. 9. Last fun fact: This MOC won the first place in the public voting in the Bricking Bavaria 2023 :-). Me @ Bricking Bavaria 2023 Please make sure to check out the detail shots, the main one can't show all the work I put in there: Thanks for looking and reading. Have a nice day and brick on! - Simon
  11. Hi Stria, so cool to see you sign up for the Guilds! I really like that you built a little vig for you sigfig - very cool :-). Enjoy the time here!
  12. Simon_S

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    Yeah, love the challenge! I just vame home from the bricking bavaria and was wondering what I build next… then I saw this challenge and I‘m looking forward to build something for it. Thanks for organizing!
  13. Chapter 1: A Mitgardian Adventure Chapter 2: Meeting with Haldor, the Master Builder of Bridges Chapter 3: The Hideout Chapter 4: The Cake Chapter 5: New Belynia Chapter 6: Meet Hallad, the half frozen Berserk Chapter 7: The Frog King Chapter 8: The Monastery "When I was a kid I helped my parents taking care of our sheep. In the Summer we ascended to alps, where our flocks could eat delicious herbs and flowers. The grass there just helped the sheep to stay healthy. But I remember how you could hear the Trolls in the night. They scrathed on the earth with their sharp fingers. Often I couldn't sleep. I was so afraid up there in the mountains. In my dreams I often got hunted by these hungry creatures. But I never got to see one. Once, a sheep of ours got lost. We found it de next day. Dead. And half eaten up. It was a huge mess. That's why I always knew that the Trolls lived up there. It's just that... I've never thought that this would happen. They got brash and I heard creepy stories. People in the villages lived in fear. Then, one day, they really came. It all happened so fast. They left the mountains and came down to the valley. We tried to run away. But they were fast. Many of us didn't make it. Please Father Gottfried, help us!" This was the account of one of the survivors. He could escape from the claws and the rusty swords of the Trolls. But they weren't many like him. He told Father Gottfried everything, and so, the cleric and Simon startet to gather troops and fight them back... To be continued... Here are two more shots of the build:
  14. Simon_S

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Thanks mate! It's nice to hear such kind words from you. I also remember Belynia well, since it was the first build I brought to an exhibition. I also remember how I used such a large part of my collection back then... and now I'm even able to build a MOC on this scale without normal green and everything in sand green. Crazy!
  15. that are some nice houses and the interiors look so cool. you really made something out of such a small space. I think the houses on the outside could have used some more colours, for example: a combination of red and dark red roofs would have worked well with the colours of the buildings. but overall nice work! i like how you really fit 3! buildings in such a small space