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  1. Hey all, First of all, I did not create this! The Lego C64 was created by Perifractic's retro recipes on youtube. I am only a fan who is posting this here for getting him some support for the project :-D. Here is the youtube video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7QScsJIdNE1VHpfgQSmnuXbgO01RcI_Z Here is the lego ideas project you can support: Lego C64 on Lego Ideas. You can also buy one from his website: Perifractic's website Tibivi
  2. I love the new selector pieces and the orange connectors are a welcome treat. Also like that there are two instruction books, so you don't have such a heavy book like the Porsche. And the inside of the box is just gorgeous. At first I thought I wouldn't buy it, but now I'm positive I will have to. Great job to the designers! EDIT: I also wonder if the windscreen A pillars are part of a monocoque chassis, because it's made up from beams too.
  3. I really like what I see so far. No huge gaps, interesting body angles and somewhat nice design. Good Job at the designer for sure! You can tell Lego listens to their fanbase I you see the differences from the Porsche to this. Only thing I don't like much is the upright angle of the seat headrests, like in the Porsche as well, nobody could comfortably sit in those :-) I look forward to see the functions and the rest of it.
  4. Awesome start, looking forward to your progress. I really like the smooth lines of the chassis btw. Tibivi
  5. very cool! Also already a nice start, I look forward to more.
  6. If there are no new hubs, that probably means that there is no suspension geometry sadly. Because the new rims can be connected with pulley wheels to the old hubs, therefore there will be 1 stud greater distance between the pivot point and the rim. I would like to see the curved lines done with flex axles, for smoother flowing lines.
  7. I had exactly the sameproblem, but I don't think it had something to do with the Mac update. As I updated Monday and the issue didn't start till yesterday evening. Probably site maintenance I thought.
  8. This one is indeed your best to date, it is truly beautiful. :D I really like the attention to detail on the whole build. Great job done!
  9. I think you did a nice job designing this supercar, you can tell there has been thought over lots of details. I like the blinker lights on the front bumper, a detail you don't see often in moc's. Only thing I would change IMO are the two inner most flex axles in the bonnet, and place them over the rear wheels. I think this would make the whole car flow together well. But as you stated, you like it this way, and that's what matters most in a moc. BTW; The overal shape does remind me of your Bugatti EB110, which is not a bad thing.
  10. I really like this one, I just love those futuristic styled cars from the atomic/jet era. Also, the whole cockpit sliding open is an awesome feature. The only thing I could say is that maybe the front has somewhat much of a DS-vibe, but that's only my thought. For all I know that was maybe your intension. :p Great car and I'll probably reverse engineer it to have on my shelf. EDIT: I read your article and saw that you already have BI, much appreciated.
  11. You can check out some of Jaco4's videos on youtube, he has some nice designs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4VQn_we-D8 Or one of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CKJ-0Y7Xjo tibivi
  12. Well, 4 from 2 8366 supersonic rc's, 4 from 2 8475 buggy, one from 8421, one from the accessory pack and Three bought separately. I was into them some years ago before they went expensive and I putted them in almost every new mod I made for the reasons above. Back then I was sort of competing with a friend to make the best drivable fast rc car (before brick and such), I also made a huge pick up with 4 rc buggy motors for a pneumatic pump to drive a lpe and there was a challenge to make the 8660 rc with suspension.
  13. I have 13 at the moment, but all of them are in use. I think that they are fantastic motors because of power, shape and the sound they make. :p
  14. This is just awesome. I know how hard it can be to get a lego car in this scale actually drifting within control of the driver. Also most of the drift moc's I've seen only slide or just spin around. But this is actually thought out and it shows. I will probably try to reverse engineer it to learn from it. Can I ask what RC wheels those are, and I really like the mounting solution. Tibivi
  15. Indeed, I spotted that too. Also, I think that the headlight covers of the tow truck are somewhat too far out of the body.