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  1. Hello, i bought a sbrick since a last year and had no problems at all running on a lego lipo battery pack and the AA battery pack. Last week i decided to upgrade and bought a few 2 lipo batteries (7.4v 45c 2200mAh). They were fine for awhile but after a few days my xl motors started burning, i've burnt at least 3 of thse xl motors now. Isn't the Sbrick's max output current is 1A? Did the motor burnt due to the battery's C rate? i've already contacted lego for 3 replacement xl motors but i just need some information to figure out why did the motors burn, just to prevent it from happening again. I also bought another 20c lipo pack hoping that it won't burn the motors again like the 45c one did. Thanks.
  2. JoshsTechnicWorkshop

    Adjustable suspension

    Hi, welcome to Eurobricks! I believe this forum will have some information to help with your adjustable suspension idea.
  3. Love it! Again, the proportions looks very accurate. Can't wait to see the car in action !
  4. Usually the shocks on real Baja trucks are pre-compressed in order for it to keep contact to the ground even when jumping.
  5. Ha! I just got the 8285 (tow truck) for $50 used.
  6. I'll be looking forward to it, i love trophy trucks!
  7. Looks great, realistic proportions. Will there be instructions or an lxf/io file?
  8. JoshsTechnicWorkshop

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    Here's something, the knockoff L motors and XL's right now are actually MORE expensive than the actual lego motors. I regret buying 8 of the knockoffs. Nevermind, i just checked. They were probably on sale like last week.
  9. i got 10KG of legos for $100 from Japan last week which includes a huge selection of pieces, a like-new 9398 and a Unimog. I can say i trust Aliexpress though shipping might take a lot of time, i recently ordered 5 batteries off Aliexpress, they said it'll arrive in 50 days max but they just arrived yesterday which is about 70-ish days.
  10. JoshsTechnicWorkshop

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, i recently bought a google chromebook from google and installed brickcontroller 2, downloading and installing worked smoothly but the application wouldn't open, it'd stuck on a blank screen with a controller icon in the middle then crashes immediately. Are there anyways to fix this?
  11. I will take a internal picture of my servo later tonight. The problem is probably the angle sensor, the servos don't use the normal angle sensors you see in mindstorms motors and control plus ones, they use a metal contact to tell the motor driver it's positions and the thing is they don't have a "mounting point" for the metal contact, so it can usually move out of it's position therefore giving the sensor false angles. Found a picture! Not mine though. pict
  12. JoshsTechnicWorkshop

    Silicon sprays for ABS plastic

    Thanks, i hope it won't damage my parts again. I'll be waiting for the name.
  13. I recently bought a can of CRC Food grade silicone spray and sprayed them, unknowingly on my only 4 pneumatic pistons. I had a bad experience with lubricants as i melted an entire chassis drivetrain once with a single spray, the effect doesn't take place right away, it melted after 2-4 days. Anyone tried this new lubricant? If so please tell me if it is safe for lego or not.
  14. JoshsTechnicWorkshop

    Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

    Do you have the file of the rims? I'm interested.