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  1. U530; looks very nice in blue actually. Could engine parts from new Kawasaki Ninja help you make 4 cylinder engine in U423? Perhaps, I'll make 1:18 scale U530 with (orange cab and) 68.8 wheels and some motorisation...but would have to completely redesign front portal axle to make it narrow enough.
  2. This is also one example of (rotten) compromise...
  3. That is common Lego problem for us MOCers; limited tire sizes make us hard to make accurate (enough) models
  4. Extraordinary build of extraordinary (and legendary) vehicle.
  5. @2GodBDGlory, idea is very good, but in my case it ended up to much loose; i have tried something like this with vertical support like yours, but with shorter 5L suspension arm instead of link (and put 2 thin 1 x 3 listarms and 27940 connector, but it didnt work out the way I wanted). There is always a different approach - to make reduction where motor is... Thank you; perhaps I'll be smarter in the morning; who knows. Kind regards
  6. Well, I have several of those parts, but how to make it stiff enough for motorized MOC?
  7. I need length 4 studs, but i managed (during Covid lock down) to make narrow enough axle using suspension arms from 8297 set...
  8. Thanks; I was hoping for something 4 studs long... Agree totally with @gyenesvi
  9. @R0Sch can you please share dimensions of A arm
  10. Look into future Technic Contest - TC30 - make model of real vehicle that has big Cab
  11. As usual... (This could easily be official set Jorge)
  12. I remember Convoy movie; I saw it dozen of times when I was a kid; I was planing to make 1:18 scale model for longer time, but could not find a time to start making planned Combine (or Forage) harvester; even today on Sunday whenever I get my hands on Lego, wife needed help ar pets start to get nervous... Really wired day today
  13. R series looks very nice (and IMHO red suits the best); my favorite is R series with asymetrical cab; perhaps I'll make it one day as Combine harvester transporter
  14. I usually prefer to maintain accurate proportions (as much as possible) and then to integrate as much as possible functions. Looks is very important to me, so I spent lots if time making appropriate lines and make whole thind stiff as possible, but with less pasts as I can. Mechanics; better say functions are desired things (since my creations are RC), but sometimes accurate suspension (or other features) are not possible to recreate wether it is nit stiff enough, or Lego does jot produce adequate parts, so I chose solution that is optimal for model with acceptable suspension travel, steering angle, etc...