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  1. Sides look good; I wonder if those slopes could be more suited than small panels...
  2. @MP LEGO Technic creations you can use that wheel with 94.8 balloon tires, but would need wedge belt wheel of you want to attach it to wheel hub with 3 pins which is kind of standard now for bigger wheels or motorized vehicles I was hoping it would be smaller to use this steering arm https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=80745&idColor=85&ccName=6074651#T=C&C=85
  3. IMHO it would be better to use red gear for that, but you never know. Ferrari is IMHO nice surprise how the (TLC) made huge step forward using technic panels to make proper body shape, so I can not eliminate using adder/subtractor solution on Liebherr
  4. Adder / subtractor system instead of one RC motor per track ?
  5. @LvdH it could be something like old wheel futuristic...
  6. Did anyone knows rim diameter? And probably less parts will produced (eliminating one piece differential in future)
  7. It solved lots of my problems I keep my fingers crossed.
  8. Check tire diameter and model dimensions if it fits the scale
  9. Wow that should be official Lego set.
  10. I see several every day going to work but can not find out which models are due to extra stickers and dirt on them.... I know only that they are orange
  11. It looks impressive; where did you hide receiver? What model was your inspiration? You are tempting me to make one of those, but I have used all my train Battery boxes in my MOCs...