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  1. You made a great job; lines are captured in best way possible with Lego (despite I don't like "modern" lines)
  2. That is plausible, agree, but I was hoping for something new...
  3. Since Tite is telescopic loader, could it be something like this? (Just wondering...)
  4. Yes indeed; I have only German description, but it is not so hard to translate...that could be more interesting set due to some 750 parts
  5. Yes, something like 9392 (since it would be orange and white) with additional axle at the rear and transportation deck in white over rear axle. Sorry for 5 days waiting
  6. ...or a pullback?
  7. Now front grill looks the way I would do it (I have plans to make FM hook lift in orange in future)
  8. This 404 Mog is a legend and your extraordinary work just raised the barr
  9. I had such issue when testing front 95 and rear 107 tire (I had a dream that Lego will release 95mm tractor tire because it was my goal to make JCB 8330 Fastrac), so I ended up with 4220 Fastrac without central differential...still could not figure out the reason (and now I have no time for Lego)
  10. Honestly as a fan of classic cars I think that your hotrod should be better solution for official set than Lego buggy.
  11. Most likely you needed both; 32% overspeed at the front and central differential... For some reason on my Deere 7230R I didn't need front wheel overspeed; but in my case front is 94.8mm and rear 123mm (slightly smaller difference) https://brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=535335 It was an old project and I don't have belly photos anymore (didn't think that someone would be intetested in)
  12. You could be right; but what solution it will be? The old one (yellow) that you posted in technic 2022 topic is IMHO not the most up to date solution
  13. Well that sounds like honest comment
  14. Gear rack housing from 42128? ...or is it to big for telehandler?
  15. 9R has tires 9RT has single tracks and 9RTX has solution like quadtrac...for that price it looks to be really small