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  1. There is not better compliment than to become one from fellow (expert) tractor builder. Later I'll add photos that show multiple steering modes. Now I plan to make one another that gas no bonnet actually... Kind regards
  2. Thank you very much It is a bit to high (one stud) true, due to misalignment, but I noticed after photographing so I correct it. Actually when I placed it mudguards raised a bit. Next I'll post some photos of development on red tractor that I'll continue to work on it when time allows me.
  3. Because new tractor tires (on Zetros) are to small for my planned MOCS, I have decided to stick to 1:15 scale. Introducing new panel extensions (if I my say so) 3 x 2 studs enabled me to make smother hood which looks like I planned from begining. What is not visible on finished model is reconstruction that enables multiple steering modes... @eric trax I think now I'm really finished with this tractor (it has 2 7x11 frames, 2 5x11 frames and 12 5x7 frames in black...)
  4. 1gor

    Jeep Willys

    Very nice MOC, realistic proportions, color and old 24 x 43 tires fit classic look extraordinary. IMHO it is spiritual (if my say so) successor of set 853 alternative model jeep with RC. I see calico cat is not harmed
  5. 1gor

    [MOD] 42129 Mods and Improvements

    @kbalage thanks for informing video; IMHO tumblers look the best and climbing ability is not so bad at all
  6. This year we would became 3 models; 42124, 42129 and not to forget 42131.
  7. 1gor

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    But I'm voting; looks much better. I can hardly wait to see build in real bricks.
  8. 1gor

    [MOC] Kettenkrad

    Sd.Kfz. 2 is really unique vehicle. IMHO you made great work and deserve to be front paged as @Milan decided. But please don't tell anyone that someone from Croatia praised your work because I'll be accused to be fascists
  9. 1gor

    General Part Discussion

    That is why I plan MOCS that have color scheme in particular combination in order not to have color vomit, or as it is now 'popular to say' rainbow colors... Even I saw black frame 5 x 11 (H shape) in black on Corvette; so probably orange is playing games with both of us
  10. 1gor

    General Part Discussion

    To me it looked like white, but I could be wrong
  11. Sadly Lego does not have appropriate panels for such cars, only new plastic boxes are doable. That is the reason your work is even better
  12. 1gor

    [TC20] 8854 Power Crane Update

    Looks very nice, somehow this and 8848 recreation are my favorites in this content; who knows why...
  13. 1gor

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Agree on that; it seems that connection is established on vareous levels
  14. 1gor

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    No problem Ole, it doesn't mean something doesn't exist if we can't se it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_matter Kind regards
  15. 1gor

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Where dark matter rules