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  1. Your JCB 220 series excavator is beautiful. Something like this was on my to-do list for future
  2. hm...that is what i least expected; something like this, only with joint at both end...
  3. Somehow I'm in devil's circle between stage 2 and 3 because last 3 years everything that can go wrong (surrounding me) went wrong or from bad to worse, so whenever i touch Lego some #@$#@ (you know what) happens... @Jundis I hope that i didn't make your topic darker that you plan it to be.
  4. No news about shorter cv joint...
  5. That makes sense; small or mid size models are mostly enjoyable (models up to approximately 40 studs length and up to 30 stufs height)
  6. @mla2 could this one be usefull for you? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=11272#T=C
  7. You will have to reinforce (somehow) at the end of triangles (where light bluish gray axle 3 studs long) in order not to fall apart (I still have this problem to solve in my 4 x 4 project using Tatra suspension)
  8. Always nice to see this telehandler of yours... IMHO telehandler is (still) the star in this video
  9. @gyenesvi gear rack 9 or 11 studs kong would save my biggest problem now to make narrow and short steered, driven live axle using reduction hubs
  10. indeed whole engine concept is amazing, but could you make proportions of whole model like this old school 32 Ford hotrod? (and old-fashioned suspension )
  11. well first suggestion is to see some pictures...
  12. maybe this is what you're looking for in topic good luck
  13. that is cool C model very original idea
  14. i know buddy; but the only reason that I was looking for this solution is to make use of 4 PF XL motors that i have...(2 per vehicle geared up 40 to 24 gear as someone suggested me a wjile ago and it worked great with daytona differentias) and now it turned up that i can make it with suspension arms from Arocs (axle is 2 studs narrower than on Zetros), but i have to fix it properly...with dog bones...
  15. as you know it works with 24tooth differential and doesn't with 28tooth...