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  1. NZ prices are similar. After counting our 15% GST, R2 is overpriced by about $40NZD and the Tantive is underpriced by about $40NZD compared to their US prices.
  2. Incredibly disappointing if this is true. Would prefer if they made a completely different UCS/MBS set entirely if they aren't able to do the Khetanna properly with a detailed interior.
  3. It's roughly 30% longer and wider than the Falcon according to Wookiepedia, but double the height. Even if Lego were to shrink it down to the same width and height (or even a bit smaller), the taller bulkier hull shape would still require more pieces and therefore a higher price. Especially if they give it a full interior which many of us would now expect after the interiors they put in the AT-AT and Razor Crest. I'm guessing 10k pieces minimum, and probably over 1k in € and USD. As nice as the Ghost is, I just don't see Lego making a set that big and expensive. Maybe if they eventually make a 3rd UCS Falcon with a full interior, but even that I'm not sure about as the 2017 one is still available now in 2023.
  4. Real motorbikes have a "backwards" tread pattern on the front tyre so the 42159 MT-10 is much more accurate.
  5. The lack of dual molded legs on most Imperial officers annoys me more than the printed kamas. Lego already makes perfect dual molded DBG/black legs and sells them via their PaB service but most Imperial officer minifigs just get plain DBG legs. Having filled my UCS AT-AT with snowtroopers I can at least understand the issue with cloth kamas and seating minifigs.
  6. I was on the fence about whether I get the gunship until I saw the price. Had it been the Muunilinst 10 gunship I might have grudgingly paid $270 for it, Coruscant guard is an easy pass when it's practically the same price as the Ghost which releases on the same day.
  7. Can understand why they are remaking the UCS Interceptor but would have preferred a remake of Vader's X1. Have already got a custom one based on the 75095 TIE so will likely pass on this one.
  8. I wonder if the Tantive IV boarding diorama is actually the boarding scene from ANH? It could be the Profundity hallway scene from Rogue One as that would only need Vader plus 2-3 rebel fleet troopers. Given that sets around that 55€ pricepoint usually only have 3-4 minifigs, and the Tantive IV boarding would also have stormtroopers and possibly Captain Antilles as well as Vader and the rebel troopers. Podrace diorama sounds promising, as does the buildable droideka. Still somewhat disappointed that the battlepack will be the third clone battlepack in a row but at least the super battledroids are finally coming back. For me it depends on how high the rank is. 1 sergeant or squad leader in a battlepack with 3 regular troopers would be fine, but a commander is way too high rank for a massable set. Specialists in a battlepack are fine so long as they don't outnumber the regular troopers like in that 75266 TROS Sith battlepack a few years ago.
  9. Most of them are on the NZ website now except for the Yoda starfighter. Most of them have been available at local retailers for a few days, only one I haven't seen is the Mando S3 spider tank.
  10. 3 clone battlepacks in a row? There had better be an amazing Imperial battlepack after that one.
  11. First Japanese vehicle outside of Speed Champions, and even that theme only had 3. 2 GT-Rs and the Supra.
  12. Was hard to tell from the photo posted above, but having watched the video it is a pair of half thick liftarms.
  13. Front of the frame where the fork assembly will later attach. LBG piece just below the yellow 3L axles. Edit: having just watched the video it looks like it's just a pair of the old half thickness 4L liftarms with + holes in the ends.