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  1. I did see one bricklink seller listing the minifigs for $500USD. Will be interesting to see how quickly it sells out, there's no exclusive GWP to encourage day 1 purchasing like there was with the Cantina and AT-AT, and the global economic situation won't be helping sales either. Hopefully they are still in stock for the rumoured double VIP week next week.
  2. We've only got leaks for the first half of 2023 so far, so there's still the possibility of Ahsoka sets in the August wave.
  3. Fully agree with you on the middle windscreen piece, they really should have made a 2 stud wide piece that matches the curvature of the 2 outer windscreen pieces. They have already made more specialized pieces for the windscreens of several cheaper UCS sets including that meme set released earlier this year. Strongly disagree on the lack of exclusive minifigs though. Most of the minifigs in previous minifig scale UCS sets weren't very special either. Printed arm Boba with the slave 1, Han & Leia with the alternate breathing mask faceprints in the Falcon and the snowtrooper commander in the AT-AT were the only really special ones. The rest were all pretty generic, even if some of them were technically "exclusives". The razor crest has 2 exclusive characters and an upgraded version of an older minifig and that's not good enough? There was probably some truth to this back in 2019 when that AT-ST released, but arm printing on major SW characters is much more common now. Personally I'm really looking forward to getting this set. Interior looks great and I'm mostly happy with it's external appearance aside from the windscreen issue. It's certainly expensive but it's about 35% cheaper than the AT-AT in my country for a similar piece count and probably also similar weight as the razor crest appears to be quite a solid/dense build.
  4. Extremely unlikely given that it doesn't come with a display stand. Looks great though, interesting that they have gone for a mostly studless exterior. I just hope it doesn't look too big next to the UCS Slave 1.
  5. The "minifig scale" UCS sets haven't all been the same scale. The Slave 1 was roughly 1:48, the AT-AT 1:36, with the Falcons and Lambda shuttle in between. The Razor Crest appears to be around 1:34 based on the 24.3m length on the leaked plaque so it will be slightly larger scale than the others but not much larger than the AT-AT.
  6. As nice as a UCS Ghost would be, I think it's in-universe size would prevent it from happening, at least at minifig scale. It's about 30% longer than the Falcon and much more bulky.
  7. I think the U-wing would be the most logical choice for a Rogue One UCS as it's one of the most popular ships of the Disney era and also appeared in Rebels, Battlefront, Squadrons and potentially some of the upcoming shows. They could do it as either a large scale model for $400 like the Gunship, or a Minifig scale one at $240 like the Slave 1, either would be much more affordable/accessible than a $600+ set like the Razor Crest or AT-AT. Personally I'd most like to see a UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle, but it's probably less likely to happen and wouldn't sell as well as the U-wing would.
  8. A few more minifigs would have been nice but I'm happy with what is included, and can't wait for pictures of the actual model. Crazy that a rumour that a lot of us (myself included) initially dismissed as "too good to be true" is actually a real set. It will interesting to see what this means for the future of D2C SW sets, as this is the first one based on content outside of the main saga films. Assuming that it's successful, there could be more D2C sets based on the Disney+ shows, or possibly Rogue One, Solo or maybe even the video games?
  9. Same, hopefully we see something this week as it's supposed to release early next month. The AT-AT they released last year makes me very optimistic, especially for the interior.
  10. 1340cc

    [MOC] Minifig Scale UT-60D U-Wing Starfighter

    Great looking model, and that hangar you've built around it is amazing. Mr Idler's is roughly 1:28 scale so it's oversized for minifigs but very close to the scale of the 75181 UCS Y-wing
  11. Getting Sloane as an official minifig is a pleasant surprise. Will be interesting to see what rank she has in minifig form. Could be admiral with a dark grey uniform as she appeared in Squadrons?
  12. 1340cc

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Black Panther bust reminds me of the UCS Landspeeder from earlier this year. They both look like nice sets, just not sets that Star Wars and Marvel fans really wanted. I think at that price the only thing that people would be happy with is a large modular style Avengers tower, or maybe a Helicarrier remake.
  13. You could also just have the 1 rail plate in the middle instead of 2 side by side. Significantly reduces the gap but still prevents the canopy from closing too far.
  14. 1340cc

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    There's a few people in my NZ Lego group on FB who got this set instead of the castle they ordered. Apparently the size and weight of the boxes are the same for the 2 sets. I think it's fair to assume this mixup has happened to several Australian customers as well, as both NZ and Aus orders ship from the same warehouse. I wonder if this is also happening in other countries or just NZ/Aus?
  15. Darksaber GWP maybe? Would make sense as they both belong to Din Djarin.