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Found 26 results

  1. There seems to be a flood of "What should I buy" type topics lately. The problem with these topics is that if everyone made one over ever purchase the forum would become unreadable. Thus to solve this problem this topic has been created to be the new home for all such questions. Do note though that there there's a topic about this already but since a lot of you Technic guys seem to not want to hang out with the System guys I'll make a similar topic here, but please do realise that EB is one site, not a collection of many small ones. I'm making an exception here, not a rule... Ask away!
  2. Hi all, I'm Kate, and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I've just gotten into Lego again as an adult - I impulse bought an old 90s space insect kit I had as a kid at a garage sale, found it really soothing and fun to put together, and now I'm getting hooked! I've started making my own MOCs, though I'm only working from limited bricks right now, and I'm excited to get involved in this community! I'm working on my first MOC, a scientific research vessel. (Didn't have enough blue to make the whole board, but I kind of like the effect.)
  3. Hi, I am new here. Sorry for my question - where shall I post if I want to get comment on my MOC ? Thanks.
  4. LegoMonoTown

    Hi From LegoMonoTown!

    Hello! I've been a long time lurker on Eurobricks and have really enjoyed a lot of the posts that I've read over the years. I've recently begun live streaming my builds on Twitch ( See here: ) during lockdown which has been a lot of fun. I've been slowly building a city over the last couple of years, but the last few months confined to home have helped me amp up the time and attention, and I'm really enjoying it! LegoMonoTown (LMT) is a post apocalyptic Lego City that is continuing to thrive despite rising global seal levels that threaten its existence. As climate change continued unabated, coastal cities like LMT has a choice – they could either abandon their towns to the rising oceans, or fight back! While many cities did abandon their roots, LMT chose to construct a massive sea wall (more than 50 feet high) to protect its minifig citizens and way of life. Parts of the city had to be rebuilt, land became more scarce, and transport, commerce, culture, and even daily life were all affected. Hopefully I'll see you online and in these forums! Cheers!
  5. Hi! Call me Ghost Onyx! I've only been into Lego for a year (as in actually buying and building sets), and this being my first year anniversary, I decided to make an account. But I have been a huge Ninjago fan for around 5 years now. So huge, that I've been working on a script re-write of the Ninjago movie. I call it Project Rebuild! Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the movie. I just think it could have been done better and with more character development for the other characters who weren't either Lloyd or Garmadon. Once I'm done writing it, I plan to recreate scenes from the script using the Lego sets that I have. I might make Brick Comics too but I have no idea how to do stop motion animation.
  6. I'm "Lego King" and I'm new here. I couldn't stay away. I'm a huge AFOL (enthusiasm and body type--ha ha), helped found NMLUG (New Mexico Lego Users Group), which is growing and started in early 2012. I've mostly interacted on Facebook, in person at SANDLUG, CACTUSBRICKS, and Flickr ( Perhaps my greatest contribution to the wider Lego community is that I counted out a large pick-a-brick cup full of 1x2 tiles to see how many tiles it holds (no fancy stacking)---the answer is 1703! If someone knows where I could've found that kind of info that wouldn't have involved me counting them by hand, please tell me! So I can feel bad.
  7. I'm a Dad who wants to buy 5 yr old son train set for Christmas. I was thinking of the Lego City 60051 and was going to buy some ME track (not sure what type I need ) to extend it. Any tips would be welcome cos I don't have a clue what I'm doing and have too much other head-wrecking stuff going on to research it properly. TIA
  8. Thanks all for your help in the past. I am starting a whole new thread for my questions. Being that I am new (long time builder, but new to LDD) I will likely have many questions as I work on a fairly ambitious project. This way I don't have to begin new threads each time I have a new question. As many of you, I first try and always find a solution on my own before i bring it to the forum. You can be sure that if I am bringing to the forum I have done at least some research. Perhaps not exhaustive research, but at least a good faith try. I have looked online for updates, and apparently LDD is supposed to automatically get updates of bricks. I am running version 4.3, so not sure if that is the latest version or not. Anyways, I am looking for the technic panels listed below with no success. How do I get these panels added to my LDD?
  9. HI evryone, My name's Craig, I guess I'll introduce myself first. I started playing with Lego when I was probably 5 or 6 and, like most AFOLs lost interest in my teens. I got interested again in my early 30's around the time of the first motorised Star Wars AT-AT and was hooked again for a few years. I got the Sail Barge, a couple of TIE fighters and an X Wings, A Wing, Slave II etc. and was well on the way to amassing a nice collection of bricks again. Until..., for some regrettable reason (I was basically downsizing my home).... I gave it away. Yes, gave it all away. Anyway, over the past two years I started taking notice again, and suddenly I stumbled upon the world of modular building, and the Cafe Corner Standard etc. This was when I realised what I'd been missing out on, especially now with a more adult approach to how clever Lego is and what can be achieved with a bit of creativity and know-how. This was when I REALLY started to regret getting rid of the stuff I did have, because I decided right then that I was going get all of the existing MB sets, come hell or high water. I spent a long time making the decision to start again, because I knew this time it was going to be a huge undertaking, - not to mention the strain on my pocket if I ever get hold of the Cafe Corner and other rare retired ones. I bought the pet shop last week. I am absolutely hooked again. CRAIG Hove, UK. ps. I have to say guys, some of the stuff I've seen on this and the many Lego modular sites out there has completely blown my mind. I'll be posting some work- in-progress pics of my first attempt at a modular MOC(!), because as soon as bought the pet shop I just had to buy a load of bricks and see what I could do..! Watch this space.
  10. Hello there fellow members of Eurobricks! My name is Christian,and I am from Chicago,Illinois! I interest in Animation(all kinds),Video Games and Sketching! So,how enough about me,how are you today? Also,ask me anything,at all!
  11. Booklovingbuilder

    New here!

    Hey folks! New here! I'm BooklovingBuilder, loved LEGO as a kid but fell away from it as it "wasn't cool" after junior high, now getting back into it! I loved Castle as a kid, and still have a few old minifigs of the King, some knights, and random archers from various 90's sets. I was looking through an old LEGO ideas catalog #260 and found a massive Castle they built from Lord knows how many sets and it inspired me to really get back into Castle. So, where do I start? I want the big stuff, the huuuge castles and keeps, but where can I buy them for somewhat cheap? Has anyone here built the stuff from the idea books? Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am BabyC from Hong Kong. I'm back to playing Lego about 2 years ago when I saw the great design of recent Lego License and Creator sets. I love seeing Lego Fans MOCs and I also make some of my own creations in my spare time. I also found the LDD section very impressive as there are so many great models available in computer format which helps parts searching so much easier.
  13. JesterF

    Hi I'm Jester!

    Hello there! I am Jester I am from the Philippines and I am a Lego enthusiast on the theme of Lego Star Wars and the Lego City Theme. Well I can really say about me I just a teenager who has been in his dark times and have been collecting Lego ever since he was an eight year old boy. I think that's that I can't really explain myself in detail (I suck at this ) Well I do hope you may enjoy me in my stay and also I may become in part of the brotherhood here! Also do forgive in my poor english
  14. Hello! Let’s start with a little introduction. About one and a half years ago, - thank to my growing daughter, who started to play with Lego – my dark age ended. Bought the 9395. I was amazed. New parts, interesting building technics... at least for me. The journey begun... I’m rather ’reader’ type, so not posting too much, but reading the forum almost every day. Working on a project, since last autumn, and when this contest came, I decided to build something (something different) Simply I could not choose, what to build. Another super car/excavator/ truck/tank/crane? No. There will be a lot of them. This train of thought led to the idea, that I should build something, what not going anywhere. Still not easy, but fortunately it came into my mind. Let it be a whirligig. Decided. So, my contest entry is a technic whirligig. Functions: 1. Rotating superstructure. (L motor, speed control with train remote a) 2. Main arm rising/lowering (XL motor - standart remote a) 3. Secondary arm moving ( L motor, - standart remote b) 4. Basket rotating (M motor - speed control with train remote b) It's still in progress. I received the last parts today. Hope that willl be ready till the deadline. Pictures at the weekend.
  15. Howdy folks :) With the help of my children, I got back to Lego about a year ago, started to buy massively and then found my true purpose in life, Technic! ROLUG was a great help to me and I began to build various cars for local TT contests, then I found Eurobricks and I participated in the Bionicle contest, as well. Now, I consider myself a newbie in Technic and I mostly adapt existing models to my liking, but since recently I started to build my own MOCs from scratch. What I want to show you guys is my latest creation, an arctic exploration vehicle based on the famous Thunderbirds show, namely The Mole, in my own interpretation. This is my 2nd attempt at this, my first was ok for showing-off but could not actually move well on snow (lol), so now I am rebuilding it, with performance in mind. I am basically building a high-profile tank with a huge drill in the front and another cool function which I prefer to keep secret, until it's working as I want. My personal goal is to drive it head on into a snow bank and to pass through it like butter! (we can all dream, no?) See the photos below and let me know what you think. Any suggestion or comment is welcomed, thank you all for watching. If you are curious to see more photos and also what I have built so far, feel free to head over to my Flickr page. Enjoy :)
  16. scotiabricks

    What's up from Canada

    Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I have been lurking here for a while after reading a few reviews and build techniques so I thought I would sign up. I am from Nova Scotia Canada (hopefully I can meet a few more East Coasters on here) and just last year started buying and collecting Lego again after a little over a decade of "dark ages". I am pretty much interested in all Lego, not huge into Technic and am looking to buy my first train set before summer. That's about it, I just recently bought my friends entire childhood collection of Lego for a good deal and am currently working on my only Technic set, the Air Claw (8868) so that is what I am working on now, as well as a Castle MOC.
  17. Hello everybody. Long time lurker, time to man up and post something. I am an average family man from Kansas (USA), and have been a Lego fan since I was a wee little laddie. I even still have my old Blacktron sets! I got back into Lego when I graduated to offical AFOL status by collecting again in 1999 with Star Wars sets. I have almost all of them (except the Busts and Technic sets). I just stopped buying every single set, every single year, even the re-makes of the re-makes. Maybe going through some kind of mid-life crisis, but I am thinking about seriously selling all of it. They just sit in ziploc baggies in rubbermaid tubs, stored away. I don't know.... Anyway, I thought I would just say hi here. Thanks!
  18. owlbearsforall

    New AFOL on the forum

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, but not new to LEGO. I've been building since I was a child, and while I got out of it during high school and college, the minifigs series brought me right bag in (Zombie figure, I love you). I grew up with the Crusaders and Forestmen series, mostly staying with the Castle series, though I did have a few beloved Paradisa sets. Now I mostly collect LotR or Hobbit sets. I'm planning out a Bree MOC, using the MMV (what a surprise, right?). I'm also a sucker for new Marvel minifigs, and of course the minifig series.
  19. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie who recently started with strong interest in the colorful world of bricks and stubs. Personally I don't have a large collection of Lego to start with, but I'm pretty sure it will start to balloon at a healthy rate. If time and resource permit, I'll definitely be joining the ranks of reviewers here to post some sets or minifigures. Last but not least a big shout out to all fellow members who are from Singapore. And hope everyone is having a joyful season of Lego-ing, with all the big Lego sets which are self-rewarded as christmas gifts! We all love to have good reasons to spurge on Lego don't we? :)
  20. Hello! I would like to get into trains but I can't decide which train should I pick. I would really appreciate if you could help me make a right choice. I have chosen 3 to limit the options: 1. 7939 + cheaper than 60052 + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - looks 2. 60052 + looks + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - more expensive than the rest 3. 10233 + looks!! + cheaper than the other 2 - no tracks - no PF It is a tough choice. Getting PF is not so hard, as I already have the remote so I would just need to get the motor (and SBrick will be shipped soon ) but tracks are bigger problem. What are your thoughts? Which one would you choose if you could only choose one?
  21. Legopicler

    Hello Eurobricks

    Hi, I am legopicler and I am a lego addict. I first got into ‘bricks’ when I was a kid. It started off with a few castle figures but soon evenings were being taken over building spaceships with wings. Even then I knew that was wrong, but the other kids were doing it and it was fun. Fortunately with love and support of friends and family, I managed to wean off the ABS. Years past I got a job, married, had kids and that’s when the problems started. My eldest turned five and I couldn’t help it. I started to push small minifigs as rewards. I would tell myself I could handle it as I started to “help” with some ninjago sets. Soon it got out of control and I was online looking at cool vignettes. Nothing hardcore, just the ten by tens, I would say. But it didn’t stop there; the Lego movie came out and everything really was awesome. Brick city came to town and I was drooling over St Pancreas station. Then one night I found myself on the net and it wasn’t even pure stuff, I had ventured into renders. Things are better now. I will never be cured, but I feel I am in remission and with fortitude and fortune, I aim to free my evenings and rejoin society. Just not tonight. I am legopicler and I am a lego addict. :)
  22. igacreative

    Hello; hej ...

    Hi all, Just a quick introduction from me! My name is Ian, from the UK originally, but now very happily living in Sweden. Always had lots of lego as a kid, but now as my own children have started to get more into it, I have rediscovered a lost, creative passion. At the early stage of being here, I am really interested in creating a city layout, modifying some existing sets, and also starting from scratch. Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful thing ... Ian
  23. Hello, I'm a newbie in the LEGO system. It's because of the birth of my son few months ago that I'm into it. He is just a reason for me to buy some LEGO :-) Something I always wanted to do before ;-) I know that there is already a review on that set, but I wanted to do something less technical, something for newbies from a newbie. Sorry if I don't use the righ names for bricks. I'm new... ;) I hope you will like it :) If it's against the rules to post another review of the same set, please let me know. I delete it. One more thing. I'm not an english native speaker. So please correct me if there is some mistakes :-) Ok, my first real set. A Creator one. Simple, not so expensive, and quite nice actually. I know that I’m going to get the X-Wing soon, so I wait to buy more Star Wars set in the future. But at the same time, the more I look into the Creator line-up, the more I see the possibilities of it. As you can see, it’s a 3in1 model set. But you can’t make 3 models out of the box, you can just make one at a time. I knew that of course (as everybody knows, but what about kids?). And I presume it’s not a bad idea to buy these kind of set by two minimum. For example, with this set I could build the truck, the car, and hook them together. Or do some kind of race between the two cars. Inside you get three polybags with bricks, and 3 manuals. One for each model. Each step is very well explained, you build few bricks per step, progress is steady and reasonable. Even for me it was fun. It took me about 30′ to build the main model. Most boring part is to “un-build” the model before making another one. The main model is a superb sport car with a rear mounted engine and scissor doors. There are less than 20 sport cars with these kind of doors in real-life. I don’t know which one they got the inspiration from, but I feel that the Lamborghini Aventador was partly used for this model. With a lot of imagination and beers, you could see some similarities. That is an aggressive front I quite like. Look at these air intakes. For sure the engine needs lot of oxygen. Original engine on this model was a V6, I want to modify it a little to make a V8. More powerful. More fun. Rear view is not bad either with 4 exhausters. I just wished that the little red tiled spoiler was placed a bit higher. What I find nice on that car are the transparent engine cover and the scissors doors. It’s fun to play with them. Look at this engine. I’m also planing to modify it. I find it a little bit too flat, too small and too low. It doesn’t look powerful enough for me. I’ll think of something. [update] I did some modifications on the engine. Still a V6. I wanted to make a V8 not as low as the original design, but then I couldn’t close the top. So I had to move the engine back (closer to the rear), with 2 cylinders lower than the other 4 (I’m not sure if that was accurate to real-life engines). The 2 yellow bricks are the injectors (didn’t have another colour – I wanted them black, or even red). There is no steering wheel on this car, something I wasn’t expecting anyway. I did modify the wheel system though. Originally, the wheels are connected by one axle. So they all spin at the same speed when you want to turn a corner with the car. You know that in your real car, you have a differential to help you turn because the wheel on the outside needs to spin faster than the wheel on the inside of the turn. So as you see on the picture, I cut the axle into two part thus I made some kind of “differential”. It’s easier to turn the car like that. Not perfect, but way easier. Beside that, I wished the roof would open as well. I like that car. It was fun to build, and it’s nice to play with it. The Lotus Seven Like Can’t get out of my mind that this model looks like a Lotus Seven. I like this model as well, but not as much as the main one. It was also fun to build. I have in mind to build it in red. I just need to find all bricks for that... The Truck That’s the model worth buying another box for. I think that a child would play a lot with one of the sportcar and that truck. The crane is articulated. But don’t expect it to be that useful, the moving parts are a bit too loose and thus don’t keep their position. It’s often falling down one way or another. But may be it’s because I didn’t tighten them together that well. As I prefer the main design, I didn’t really bother fixing that problem for now.
  24. satly

    Long time Lurker

    Hello all and greetings from sunny England! Like many of you I have broken out of my Dark Ages so to speak. Three or Four years ago I rediscovered a few sets hiding in the loft that I had kept from childhood:- 6080 King's Castle 6987 Message Intercept Base 8860 Car Chassis Plus a few smaller pirate sets. I had great fun rebuilding these and after rediscovering Lego for a second time around I have jumped in with both feet. I now have a passion for Modular buildings and City, large Technic sets, Architecture, and I am also still fond of Pirate and Castle themes. I also enjoy the Creator Expert and Winter Village and I am currently starting down the path of MOCing. Rather daunting though when you see the quality of MOCs on here! Brick On Play Well Neil
  25. Hello All, My name is Josh and I have been playing Legos as long as I can remember (except for a time in High School when I was too busy). I live just outside of Kansas City, in Overland Park. I have amassed quite to collection of bricks. Even with what I have built, I still have 3 large plastic totes full. I really enjoy MOCs especially fire department stuff. I went to College to be a firefighter but never joined a department because i lacked experience (evil catch 22 if you ask me). At one time i was big into a Lego Fire Group called the International Association of Lego Fire Departments, or IALFD. I think it is now defunct but i still enjoy looking back at some of the pages made by the members. There were several of them back in the day. I started a similar list, organized differently, called the Association of Lego Emergency Medical Services. Currently I have a Lego Fire Department for a fictitious city call Morse that is based off my community made of both real physical Legos and .ldr models. The old website for it is One of these days, i plan on updating that (read as "I forgot the login info")