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    Web LEGO

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  2. Yes of course. The cars moved from Technic to Racers and back to Technic. Moving Mindstorms back to Technic would be fine, too. It's only about labels and sorting things. Is a model "Racers" because it's a car or "Technic" because it's basically Technic only in the shape of a car...You can put every car into Racers or split it becaue of different build styles....or by "intention of use", so some "Technic" cars would be Racers, others "Technic"... I don't see "the one solution above all" here. I would simply check how diverse the complete catalog is and from my perspective: the ~$40-100 range misses at least one model, that is not a car. :D If they would hire more designers, they could simply create more Technic sets without removing the cars. More sets in total is a delicate issue currently ;) @ Your edit "Exact same function" -> that's the point. If you only call the final result in movement "a function" a lot of sets are overengineered as f****. The gearbox in 42043, 42055 or 42082? Completely useless. Adding a second battery box + motor (or even motors) in the base of the crane (or bucket wheel excavator) would save so much parts and reduce complexity and improve playability.... and so on. At some point those solutions are always self motivated or "the solution and problem are the same". If I take a look at the 42030 I would say: No, you cannot make the tractor of the cat significant smaller, without building a completely different model. Can you make a smaller tractor with similar movements in general? Yes of course. Even a very small dozer with only three motors (tracked car with shield :D) would be realy great I think. Every solution has its objective pros and cons, the subjective preference can everyone chose as he likes. I like the compact "control center" of the 42055, even though it drives like.... :D
  3. To me it seems more like the way to go from 8880 and 8461, 8674, 8145 without completely reinventing the style after switching to beams instead of technic bricks (was Technic, stays Technic! xD). So they tried it, people liked it, they did more of it. Speedchampions are basically Racers and they do it well, don't touch it. Removing cars from Technic would simply result in less Technic-Sets anyway - and the remaining sets would still include sets like buggies, quads, karts... if I may give it a try But a discalimer at first: I do not think the size of a model alone is appealing. But I like some models, that others think their only accomplishment is the size :D I agree to the quoted points. Large sets cause problems and they are not easy to handle (transport, storage,... ). But I appreciate some kind of reasonable scale in terms of actually play-features, some neccessary details (like fake engine as you said) and relation between models. That means: A tower crane has to be a tower, eventhough the tower itself is not a function. If you have multiple excavators, trucks,... , the larger/largest versions should actually be larger. If a model needs big wheels (can be a fantasy or scifi set, like M-Tron or Arctic) the scale grows, eventhough it's basically empty. Larger models can sometimes interact better with other things outside of the Lego world Details like a fake engine do realy improve the "completeness" of a model for me Making larger models work is some kind of satisfying challange. Examples (all subjective): Upcoming Liebherr crane: If the model will not be THAT tall, they should change the name, so it won't be to small in relation. 42082: Could be smaller. 42055: Has to be large, because it is what it is. Same goes for the 42100. 42114: Could be smaller, but maybe I'm wrong and it's not realy possible without removing some features. It mainly has a huge dump bed - which is great for transporting a lot of other non-lego-stuff ;) 42131: Could be a bit more narrow, but the tractor itself, which contains all functions, is not that big therefore not sure here either. 42030: Good size for playability. (the body is bigger than the 42131 tractor I think? Oo) Titanic: I don't own this model and I don't realy care about it, but a small Titanic seems wrong. Sounds like some models suffer from small mainstructures with some huge attachements xD And I actually do not care very much about design-details, so the correct amount of lights, stairs or tracks is not a benfit of scale for me. If someone does not "need" a fake engine or some kind of scaling, smaller models would fit his preferences better of course. Maybe sometimes removing details or the right thing to improve other properties - I would call it "personal preference optimized".
  4. My experience: For driving: Buwizz + BrickController2 app + gamepad For multifunction/robotic/complex things: Lego PoweredUp app + Lego PU remote or mindstorms app + gamepad
  5. With 4 buggy motors on one axle I would call that "highly optimistic" ;D Great offroader, a true excess of pure power!
  6. Gimmick

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    The 42145 is a shelf-model, too. And every argument about "useless gearboxes" in supercars applies to it: You can show the mechanics, appriciate that it's there, but it does nothing practical. Actually every function of this set besides the landing gear is theoretical. :)
  7. The unsatisfying answer is: It's a mix of distinct colors for specific parts (pins, axles,...), different colors for orientation (most of the time some liftarms or plates), different colors for parts in a specific set for easier part differentiation (2L liftarm with pin and axle hole vs 2L liftarm with tweo pinholes for example), ... and using cost optimized colors for this. And while every point has its value, if you combine everything it can be counterproductive and excessive. In this case I guess they valued the "find the parts easy"-point very high for this entry-level-set and the final result does not realy suffer from it, no harm done from my perspective. And while they do actually care a bit more about the "overall color scheme" recently in some sets, you never get rid of the colorcoding for specific parts like pins and axles.
  8. Gimmick

    [MOC] Protector of the Vale

    Realy nice. Switch some colors and it's a nice member of the Green Dragonflight from Warcraft :D
  9. 1. You switched value and control ID on the gauge 2. Your motor control only switches between "slider controls the speed" and "slider does not control the speed". All you have to add is a start block, like you already have, that is true, when the button is false. And attach break/stop-blocks to it. Or even better: The start block the only fires once if the condition "switches to"(!) true, so the breaking signal will be send only once. It's the one with the vertical signal flank on the symbol. 3. You can reduce the number of motor blocks by two, if you select AB and CD as ports instead of A,B,C and D. There is one limit to this: You cannot change the slider value with code. That can be usefull if you want to keep the last speed setting and you only want to turn it on/off, but if you want to move the slider by code, you have to use the older presets with fixed controls. The "initial rotation" never happend to me. Maybe detach all motor blocks and check if it still happens.
  10. I heard now two reports, that the F1 42141 lost ground clearance in a few months and maybe the new medium/yellow springs are the reason. Does anyone have [preferably in the F1 set] those new shock absorbers (no tight middle part of the spring, more like the red ones) and can confirm or deny problems with that part? It's kind of hard to imagine, that it's a general problem, since the plastic part itself did change for ages and the red absorbers look like that since forever, too... But maybe the batch of springs used in a specific area or time period had a problem...
  11. You can create a network with up to 5 hubs/remotes and any channel-hub-combination you like. But every A and every B on the same channel (color) will react simultaneously. The only "documentation" for this is, as far as I know, a Q&A: Powered UP AFOL Community Answers - News - LEGO Ambassador Network
  12. Gimmick

    MouldKing Rechargeable Battery question

    Product got 99 problems, but the fun ain't one? :X
  13. Gimmick

    MouldKing Rechargeable Battery question

    I still would not recommend it. Not because it's Mouldking or "chinese", but two buggy-motors can go up to ~6-6.5 A if stalled. That's just barely ok for a short time for a Buwizz 3. Maybe it would be better to add a second box and pair the remote to both boxes - if that's possible. Calling products cheap/bad only because they are from china is as wrong as a general absolution because "they have a brain as well". There are potentially deadly (metal housing with direct contacts to the circuit xD) LED lamps, USB chargers, powerbanks,... all available on amazon and made in china :) And eventhough I'm not into MK models and i'm not searching for Mk-news I heard about two or three reports in youtube about molten battery boxes (while charging, not while driving around) from MK.
  14. If your phone does dupport it, maybe try to connect the gamepad with an OTG-USB cable to your phone to reduce the load on the bluetooth connection.