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  1. Gimmick

    PF motor cables being fried

    If you have no pets: Next time buy a mouse trasp and place the motors inside ;D If you have rabbits, birds, cats or any thing else: Punish them with a long sceptical stare! I think spontaneous rotting is unlikely, but there was an Outer-Limits episode ...
  2. Gimmick

    PF motor cables being fried

    But from fine to this over night?
  3. Sorry, but no. I was talking about the parts. It's nice that you mentioned the free Lego instructions, but the instructions were not the point. He specifically mentioned the parts and that the company has to sell them. Now what if I buy used instrcutions, boxes,...? If I follow the logic the instruction itself is not enough, I have to use cada parts to build the model so the manufacturer gets paid for the product. In contrast to Lego, where it's okay to build with parts I already own and to use the free instruction because "at some point you have paid enough"?
  4. The example with the 42102 was specifically meant to address the point, that if you want to build it, you have to buy it ;). Lego did not chose to release half/full done 3D-models with partslist weeks or months before the model is released - no one cares about that (in fact the opposit is the case everey one is happy about it, Osprey anyone?). So to keep my point and question as simple as possible: Why is one thing great and the other is not? And to make it clear again: I'm not talking about instructions.
  5. This formulation is absolutely over-dramatized.
  6. Just to make sure: It is not illegal to publish a partslist, a speedbuild video and a self created 3D-Model, if anyone has all the parts and does not need an usable instruction guide he can build the model. It does not matter if the company publishes an official partslist or not. If a company does not like that -> wrong industry. That's the basic concept of what they are selling. And as I said: The portion of people who will actually do that will be negligibly low.
  7. @daveysbricks I'm not a company. Not every instruction you can find in multiple databases is available from Lego. You can use any compatible manufacturer like Cada to buld a Lego set.
  8. Lego's strategy is very new-customer oriented, which makes sense if you consider, that many long-term customers do not need to buy your product anymore, because you offer everything they need for free :D But it worked out. Cada seems to be afraid of the potential lose in sells, but I don't think that's reasonable. Especially since the direction of the market has moved towards 'adults with display models'. And even if you can buy cheaper parts from other companies, I'm not sure if the impact is high enough to change Lego's strategy. A simple copy (photo) is not allowed I think, especially with images. If you create your own excel sheet or write it down by hand no one cares.
  9. That's the basic 'flaw' in the "brick-system". I'm sure I have all the parts for Legos 42102, but now you are telling me and everybody else, that we are not allowed to build it until we bought it? Please keep in mind that you are basically arguing against all databases, improved models, 3d-rebuilds, pre-release discussions and so on. Copy and selfmade instructions, 3D-Model(s) and part list for the osprey? No problem. Just a part list(!) for this model? Big discussion... But I'm sorry for the 'nonsense' in an early post. You do have a point, but that point was never considered before and would change basically everything.
  10. As I already said: 3D models, part lists, ... as soon as a new Lego model has even been mentioned somewhere, the community tried their best to "reverse engineer" everything they could, and if it contains new parts, very often suggestions for replacements were made so anyone can build it. "If you want to build his design, buy the model [...]" So if I want to build any set from any company I have to buy it, even if I already own all parts? That has never been the case. If you want a special treatment for Cada or a general change in the use of "parts" you need much better 'arguments' than a comparision with Lepin, especially if no one wants to sell anything.
  11. @daveysbricks That's nonsense.
  12. In this forum, Lego models have already been recreated in 3D and discussed/improved several times that have not even been released - just by looking at photos... x) So if bruno does not want/is not allowed to release a part list etc. - that's completely fine. But it does not affect the work of others in any way (if they don't sell it of course!).
  13. :D Ok, I will not ask any further :>.
  14. =) Gratulations I guess? :D Is this an one-time "they bought this model"-thing or more like a continuous cooperation? :)
  15. Soooo, we can buy this from Cada in a few months?