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  1. What I would do: PoweredUp App: Fixed value input without an interface (already done I think) Loop with fixed value input without interface Does it happen when you constantly move the slider a bit? Because the input seems to work, as the motor reacts when the slider wiggles around 0. Try one of the old interface presets Pybricks: (yes I know, that's nothing you want to do, but it can help finding the problem) upload a simplistic one-motor-one-port program that runs completely independent of any smartdevice Get a motor-hub combo that works from a friend and give it a try. What irritates me the most: "i have one MOC where i get a L motor and a XL motor to work as it should. but even when i switch out this hub to this new moc i get the same result." Maybe there are interferences...
  2. So, different hubs, different motors, different apps tested systematically on the same smartdevice?
  3. Happens with C+ App, too? Maybe try to reupload the firmware If nothing works, get a replacement from Lego.
  4. Gimmick

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    1) The main problem with toys is that interests change over time and companies cannot adapt to the same extent. Lego will not grow at the same rate or will even shrink - I agree with that, but until now, there is not a single other company that shows enough engagement to realy compete with Lego. Some people say things like "the chinese are learning fast", but if I take a look at the past few years: There is no improvement. The first big Cada set is now two years old and what changed? They stopped designing larger models by themselves... Another problem is: Often there is fast and tough competition from China, who ride on the 'advertising wave' of another company. Result: The 'original' companies cannot keep up and close -> Competitors are unwilling to invest and lose interest -> the whole market is dead. 2) I thought the something similar. If there were such a service that would change a lot. But it would destroy the market. Almost every model can and will be reverse engineered, there will be almost no reason to buy instructions... And companies will produce even more special parts to make sure you have to buy the set. But yes, the whole concept of "one system, every one can build everything and you do not have to pay for instructions" does not work anymore if there are enough competitors.
  5. For simple driving (tracked or normal car) there is basically no difference in the steps, it just looks different. It takes seconds to set up ;). The tricky thing: You have to know how the blocks look like :D
  6. PoweredUp App. Control+ is just a nice looking profile collection for standard models with some bonus stuff. It's okay for it to exist (it doesn't harm anyone ;) ) but in my opinion a quick guide in the RC models manual would help people a lot to understand the concept.
  7. I realy like it! Great work!
  8. Gimmick

    Powered Up code block guide

    @geoguvna The blue controller blocks are from predefined interfaces but PU now uses custom interfaces for new profiles. this should help:
  9. Interesting. @Tcm0 can you maybe check that again? :) And strange that the technic hub seems to be the only one that cannot be controlled directly with the remote control - eventhough the boost hub has 4 ports, too.
  10. First question, first problem: Older/more experienced builders. That's not the same. Second qustion, same problem: There are so many adults out there who have no idea what they're building - but they like it anyway. I'm almost sure when TLG talk about "adult audience" they are not saying "experienced" for a reason. You should have made separate answers out of this (as TLG should have made seperate subthemes ;D).
  11. Tip: Use motor angle as input value for other motors. Example: Simple remote control, build in speed/power/direction control in mechanical sets. Code-Image: What it does: Set the angle of motor C as input on the speed control of motor A, set 'a' to 1, save current C position as 0°, limit the max power of C to 15% and force C to return to 0 constantly [can be changed to check if angle != 0, this could save battery]. In this example the max possible angle of C is +/- 40°, but the speed control needs a normalized -100 to 100 input. Optional: Run calibration on C. The calibration in the blue custom object can not be started from the mainprogram, if you include the calibration block in the main screen it will start immediately and can not be stoped without stopping the whole program. But the loop does somehow overwrite the behavior of the calibration, so if you insert a "wait 3 seconds" block before A is set to 1 it can be ok. Optimal solution could be: Use the 'old' self-made calibration from @kbalage wich can be found on Optional: Angle of C is multiplied by 'a' to make it easier to stop and to prevent uncontrolled behavior if you play with the calibration block. -> If you let go of the wheel/gear/lever which is connected to C it returns to 0. The force and speed needed depends of the construction and personal preference, mechanical assistance like a rubber band can be useful to make the movement smoother.
  12. And I think they listened, and now we have super- and not-so-super-cars. :p Btw. the Liebherr wasn't 18+ but the CAT seems to be. So who said anything about motrized functions? Maybe it's just a display model? xD
  13. And none of the points are self-explaining. What does "for kids/for adults" or "built better" even mean? Is a 42100/42030 for adults because it's expensive or for (richie rich) kids because it's not complicated and very playable? Should Lego release "Technic" toys, that have to be assembled first but than behave like other toy? Or is Lego Technic more about the technical aspect and every set should be an incentive to build something technical, no matter what it is (more like Fischertechnik)? And what does this mean for adults? Most adults-talk-about-Lego-videos on youtube are about putting things on a shelf, so adult = put things on shelf? Or adult = adult level of complexity for people with years of technic experience (things can escalate here quickly)? Or adult = same toy just bigger? :D What's the point of Lego Technic? I don't know... but there are obviously multiple interest groups. They brought programmable hubs and sensors to Technic, bridging the gap with Mindstorms. That occupies me for a while and when pneumatic sets come onto the market again I'll be happy for the time being. What do I care about cars that can be put on the shelf and what do I care about someone who likes/dislikes them? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you ask me I would remove the C+ app completely and "here you have another instruction book - have fun 'programming' in PU" ;D and make 'Technic' more technical in general (robots like mindstorms and other not car and not construction machine related sets). But that's only my opinion... And in my experience: Yes Lego does listen to some extend, but a noticeable change can easily take two or three years.