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  1. Now this is a true beauty! The stickers really make the truck come alive. The design looks incredibly solid and highly effective, as one tends to expect from you. Thank you for sharing the beast with us, it’s a pleasure to view. And it certainly would be difficult to tear it apart.
  2. Looks incredible! I was always curious if a brick built cabin with the rest of the truck Technic would look good. Your wrecker proves that to be very true! I’m hopeful for more photos and a video.
  3. John Daniels

    Baja Truck [MOC]

    It looks like the front suspension has gone a little flat up front with that extreme stance. Also trophy trucks have huge amounts of suspension travel, both front and rear. From memory, so maybe not that accurate, the front is around 26 inches of travel and the rear is around 32 inches. Going off that ratio, the front suspension of your truck should have around 4 studs of travel. Trophy trucks also use trailing arms in the rear, usually in a triangulated 4 link setup, with the shocks and dampeners attached to the trailing arms. I’m being really nit picky though. That is enough criticism. I really like the body styling, it caught my eye when I opened the thread, the hood scoop adds a nice texture to the hood. And I like the feel of the body, minimalistic without looking like a skeleton. I do hope that you take my initial criticisms in a constructive way. I’ve studied trophy trucks inside and out, as well as built a few chassis that I haven’t shared online, bodywork is the bane of my LEGO existence, so the trucks have never been completed. I look forward to seeing any further generations that you build.
  4. I’m highly anticipating the photos after reading the write up.
  5. Incredible work! The video is off the charts for a lego model. Absolutely gorgeous. And the models are incredible. Your mechanisms are always very creative and work flawlessly.
  6. What an excellent little model. I really enjoy watching the subtractor in action, and the fully enclosed design is very nice for its realism factor. I’m glad that you are back and feeling better. Keep getting better, I’m sure all of our thoughts are with you.
  7. I must say this is one of my favorite entries that I have seen. The design is very clean and sleek. That, combined with the color scheme throws this one over the top for me. Excellent work!
  8. I have a new update for you guys. This time with a section of the build that is truly "in progress." I have been working on the cab for my build. I spent the last few months flipping back and forth on whether I wanted to go full Technic on the cab or to build it in Model Team style. I eventually opted for the latter option as it allows me to recreate more details. Here is what I have so far; #18 I believe that the cab so far should satisfy your desire for something new @MaxSupercars As always I am open to suggestions for improvement, this build wouldn't be where it is today without your guys help. If any more photos are needed, please let me know. There is also a complete dashboard on the inside, but that will be saved for a later update. Thanks, John
  9. What a truly impressive model. The level of detail that you have added is exceptional. Your video is wonderful, the perfect showcase for the model. I am embarrassed to say that I did a quick scan of the model earlier and had passed it off as "okay," but after seeing the video I see the error in my previous assessment! Really excellent work all around!
  10. I will address the question of why first; Your question is similar to asking someone building a technic supercar why they are adding in an adjustable rear wing. The function of the wing uses airflow to create downforce. This function has been implemented even on HOG supercars, but even if the car is motorized using the PF system it will never achieve the kind of speeds necessary to create enough airflow over the wing. I personally added in airbrakes because of the added realism that they bring to the build, since I am striving to build a scale model not just in looks but also in function. I really appreciate the comment, as well as the compliment. Now moving on to your second point, I do see what you mean regarding the frailty of the front leaf springs. So far they seem to be holding up. Thank you for pointing it out though. This is my first time implementing leaf springs so I will defere to your expertise and see if I can come up with an elegant way to secure the connectors. Thank you for the tip, and the food for thought It certainly is a wonderful feeling seeing the model sitting on a slope as pictured. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad that my suspension work impresses. Since the real Arocs suspension is so incredibly impressive to me. Thank you for the comment. It's good to know that the hard work is paying off.
  11. I absolutely loved watching this build progress and what a gorgeous model you have built Dugald! The smoothness is absolutely mesmerizing, and the speed at which your builds improve is astounding. I remember when you first joined the forum and thinking that your builds were interesting but not much to talk about, but now they are amazing! You are certainly at the same level as some of the greats when it comes to body shaping.
  12. Today I would like to show you guys a key feature to increase the realism of my Arocs model build; functioning air brakes. #14 In early May I came up with a basic concept for forcing a rubber 1x2 against the inside of the rear rims, based off of the brakes that Sheepo used in his Mercedes- Benz 300SL, which can be seen here. I then quickly became stumped on how to actuate the levers, that is where I dropped the whole project due to college becoming crazy. Fast forward to Thursday and the end of the semester, I came back to the project and very quickly discovered the perfect solution to my prior issue, the rear brakes now functioned perfectly. I was going to call it good there and leave the front axles alone, that didn't last long however. So I started designing a braking system for the front axles. A few short hours later and I had functioning brakes on all four axles. After a bit of a struggle routing hoses, especially up front, here I am with functioning air brakes in 1/16th scale. The rear brakes are actuated by two 1x5 cylinders, one per axle. The front brakes are actuated by two 1x11 cylinders. The brakes work extremely well, under the weight of the chassis the wheels will slip before turning when pulled over a surface. #15 #16 #17 Please excuse the smaller image, the 800px size seems to be broken for that image. I hope that you guys enjoyed the update. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. ~John
  13. A truly gorgeous model! The detailing on the engine is to die for, and I had a bit of a double take to try and figure out what large part you used to construct the tanker, that's when it hit me that it is assembled from slopes. The only detail that I see is missing is the air hoses from the truck to the trailer. -John
  14. I think that I may have the answer. If you look at the lower right hand image in the photo that you posted, you can see a bucket starting to go around the end of the arm. When you look closely you can see that the back of the bucket has lifted off of the chain. Assuming that the same occurs on the other end of the belt, it would appear that the bucket off loads from the rear. Edit: Upon closer inspection it appears that the buckets lack a surface on the inner side. So they basically act as shovels, and as they go around the arm the material would slide out of the back.
  15. Congratulations Milan! I could have sworn that you were already a moderator... What a perfect example of your qualifications for the position. I wish you luck in your new responsibilities. Especially in the position of grammar police. The high writing standards on this forum are what constantly bring me back day after day. So I am glad that you are going to raise the standards even higher!