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    Really cool MOC !!! We are waiting for a model called Shatun: D
  2. [MOC] Old Styled Race Car

    How is the construction of the model going?
  3. [MOC] Old Styled Race Car

    Excellent model, the instruction after the assembly will be available?
  4. [MOC] Rallycar - Chassis instructions ready

    Wow, will there be an instruction for this unit?
  5. [WIP][MOC] Jeep Renegade

    Wow, I'm waiting for the continuation of the topic.
  6. [MOCs] Pickup & Hatchback

    Hi Madoca, pickup is very beautiful, how is the process of preparing instructions?
  7. [TC10] MTS Dino Suction Excavator

    Wow, this is beauty. I hope the LDD file will be completed, such a miracle must be collected.
  8. [TC10] MTS Dino Suction Excavator

    Beautiful model. I am waiting for a model release
  9. Hello, beautiful model, worth waiting for instructions?
  10. [TC10] Tracked Excavator

    Very beautiful model, instruction will be?
  11. Good day efferman. I wanted to know the work on the Xerion MOD is conducted or is not up to it?
  12. Do you plan to collect for this model Ldd file??
  13. [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    I look forward to continuing
  14. Volvo FH and EW 160 Play Set

    This looks absolutely fantastic. Great work.
  15. [MT] Icon Bronco

    Really like your model , may I ask for ldd file?