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  1. T Lego

    Black Interceptor

    Excellent replica! I love the functionality and all the details you incorporated. Well done
  2. Ah I see, me dumbhead thought you were refering to panel #18. I don't think replacing the #21 panel with the #4 is a good idea since the flow of the bottem line would get disturbed. Of course you can give it a try, that's what lego is all about after all.
  3. You are right that the panel in the door looks a bit chunky. I have considered using the 5x11 panel but that one is 2 studs wide which causes trouble. IMO it doesn't really disturb the appearance. The side view was improved after Bruno's advice though by mounting the #4 panel behind the door higher.
  4. T Lego

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Oh gosh a lambo.... Very curious about the colour. Please lego, please stop using panel fairing #1 as rear view mirrors. (Assuming they used it when looking at the shape of the reveal cloth)
  5. T Lego

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Powered Up

    Great job on this porsche Good that you managed to fit in all powered up components without them standing out too much. Plenty of details considering the small scale. Can we expect a video?
  6. T Lego

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    A Lambo could very well be the next car in the 'Ultimate' series since it is a member of the VW group too. Looking what Lego did two years ago, I predict we will get more information in a roughly one week from now.
  7. IMO starting with the interior or exterior is not really doesn't matter. In terms of part usage for a good looking bodywork, there is a recipe wich IMO gives the best results. Use as many panels as possible in addition with some flex axles, (angled) connectors and system bricks (mainly slopes and tiles). Furthermore it is really important that you avoid liftarm stacking. About scaling you should defenitly use Jeroen's advise.
  8. It looks great indeed! I am glad you fitted 3x11 panels on the bonnet. I agree with KD123 about the rear window. To get a better sense of depth you could consider to place a beam which runs from the bottem to top of the rear window in the center. If you decide to give it a try, I recommend to do it in black. Anyways, I am looking forward to the final car!
  9. Great to see some progress on this build! The overall bodywork looks pretty good and I love the detailed engine. How long does it take to open the hood? I also have some minor critics, firstly regarding the bonnet. Whilst the shape is pretty good, I don't like the stacked liftarms on top. It looks like you can get rid of many by placing two 3x11 panels at the sides and one at the very front of the bonnet. Secondly think that the B pillar looks a bit messy. And last, is it really necessary to have 4 shocks on the rear axle? I am looking forward to the next update!
  10. No problem, it was better if would have sent a PM with the link to Charbel.
  11. T Lego

    [WIP] [MOC] Unimog U500 (405.201)

    Looking great so far! I really like the scale you're building this moc in. It allows you to put plenty of functions inside and you can add many details without swallowing your entire parts collection.
  12. @Leviathan Thanks for sharing this beautiful le mans racing car! You managed to fit a bunch of realistic functions without compromising any of the exterior or cabin - exellent work Creative solutotion placing the paddle shifters on the back of the car which seems to improve playability and doesn't disturb the look from the rear. Furthermore clever inboard suspension and I love the fact that the car is modular - working on a modular car myself too . Have you attempted to close the huge gaps at the front wheels? I suppose it was too complicated considering the wheels turing , moving axles and little space availability to mount any panels.
  13. Since you've taken the effort to bump a bunch of old topics, why not take the effort to scroll up a bit or read the OP?
  14. T Lego

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    Great work! By just looking at the bare chassis I can say with certainty that it must be as sollid as concrete Great job on the panneled bodywork too! The only thing missing is a video of the suv conquering some more extreme terrain, where it's ultimately built for.
  15. T Lego

    The blue brothers

    Congratulations on finishing both of these exelent cars. The Dark blue one is my favorite. The roof mechanism is very ingenious, the lines flow very smoothly and I love how that interior pops against the darker exterior! Great usage of the fence part and slopes. I have one minor complaint regarding the rear fender which doesn't sit very thight around the wheel, which IMO gives the side view a bit of an awkward look. Btw, would you mind uploading some more pictures? I would love to see more of the interior and that electric paddle shifting system Incredible models