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  1. After signing the legal contracts, I agreed to give cada full ownership of the IP. The instructions were published on Rebrickable before the release of the CaDa version of my Lambo which could have been a reason why so many knock offs are availble on aliexpress, amazon etc. Cada's legal team is filing lawsuits against a variety of those knock off companies as we speak. I have no idea how the legal system in China works but all I know is that since CaDa is based in China, they can protect the IP much much better than I can in my country. I would propose to shift back to the actual topic, discussing bruno's masterpiece, and continue the general third pary brick company discussions elsewhere.
  2. T Lego

    Rotating Paddles

    Yes, however adding such application requires a lot of extra input force on the paddles, especially with this stepper design, which would make playing not very satisfying. Charbel and I have expirimented with many different stepper mechanisms that returned to the centre but those were either too bulky or weren't reliable enough.
  3. There is no such conversion from manual to RC in the instructions and I have not seen any motorized version yet. As far as I am concerned they will simply add a few motors in the package (they mention that with many more knock-off sets), if not a scam of course.
  4. T Lego

    Rotating Paddles

    No it does not. Like astyanax said, the LA input will rotate the same amount as the LA's head so no extension of the LA. If the Axle were to be fixed, the steering wheel would remain in place - it's not connected to the head of the LA. In stead the paddles would go out of allignment with the stepper slighly if you'd turn the wheel.
  5. T Lego

    Adjustable suspension

    @chlego Great to hear you made it work! I was wondering why your setup gave up in the lowered position (not to cause confusion, car would be in the highered position) and figured out it was because in my setup I have a 7x11 frame underneath the lower wishbone, naturaly decreasing the range of motion of the wishbones. The result is that the shock aborber is slightly precompressed and in a 'more horizontal' position so the direction of the force when compressing the shocks is now fully clockwise. If you use a similar setup you won't need the worm gear anymore to handle the load.
  6. T Lego

    Adjustable suspension

    Hi @chlego , firstly welocme to EB! You are not the first to have troubles with an adjustable suspension setup. The key of a working setup is that the shock absorber mount stays in place when compressing the suspension whilst you want to be able to move it with for instance a knob too. A worm gear setup like you mentioned is definitely possible, it has been done before in quite a few mocs. The downside of such setup is that axles will get twisted slightly and usually there is a lot of backlash too. I prefer a setup with is either fully lowered or highered (so it does not allow little adjustments) in which all stress is put on the chassis like @MinusAndy mentioned. I am using a setup like that in my current wip and it works really well. The direction of the force on the pullies is the oposite if the suspension is lowered compared to when the suspension is highered. I hope it's useful.
  7. They are cut rigid hoses. We already cut them accros so why don’t them it lengthwise? The same trick was used to get the accents on the diffuser edges
  8. @Aman Thanks for sharing, looping forward to the complete car. Recently Adam Hargus finished it in red too for those considering to build it in red.
  9. Thanks for sharing this brilliant gearbox! I am considering to use it in my current wip but I would have to modify it so a external axle for a different function can pass trough the middle 11x15 frame. Looks challenging considering how dense it is. Well done!
  10. You can send a request to the designer via the site to make them. pla From my experience the assembly can handle quite a bit of stress. Compressing the suspension on a 1:8 scale car for example. The pins probably can't take the load of a RC car but it shouldn't be a problem if you glue the pins to the spokes.
  11. A set of wheels costs 60 euros, Centenario wheels being an exception as it consists of three parts that need to be individually printed. For obvious reasons the 3D files won't be sold. I am getting tired of the never ending IP discussions on this forum so I won't get into it.
  12. Ever since the arrival of the UCS sets there has been an increased demand for custom authentic 3D printed Lego rims to bring the looks of a MOC (or set) to a new level. This inspired some AFOLs including me to create an online store making it possible for everyone to get their hands on some spectacular rim replications of a large variety of Cars plus being able to request a new rim design. All credits go to Felipe Evangelista (Creator of the website and the printer/shipper of the rim store), Daniel Meursing (Creator of the rim designs in Autodesk fusion 360). Also, many thanks to Charbel Imad for the fantastic introduction video. Nearly all rims consist of two 3D printed parts: the rim base and spokes. They snap perfectly together just like original Lego parts. Three ¾ pins snap together with the spokes. Now the assembly is identical to the Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Sian rims. Most of the spokes even have a stud in the centre to put on a round tile with a car brand. The rim base and spokes can be ordered separately so when you want a new design you only have to order spokes as you can use the same rim base from the previous assembly. 15 unique designs are currently being offered from 8 different brands and many more are being created as we speak. A few have been shown before in MOCs like Dugald’s Koenigsegg Regera and my Lamborghini Centenario. The rims from the Lamborghini Sian set are available too. Feel free to check out the website and the available rim designs here: https://technic-rims.com/ We hope the community finds it useful! Have a nice day!
  13. I would love to see more pictures of this moc. @Unique11 You have to upload your pictures on site like bricksafe.com and copy and paste the URL of a picture here. The link will embed automatically.
  14. Yes I am. For those still deciding what colour to build it in, hopefully this helps
  15. I ordered an extra sheet to add extra accents to the front and the vents where here and there I had to cut some stickers. If you contact Jaap you can request a sheet of yellow accents (or any other colour). If you still want to do it differently I recommend dipping the edge of the panels in a thin layer of spay paint. I tried that and it worked really well. I am really looking forward to seeing your yellow version!