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  1. Placing a half stud bush in the shockabsorber adds stiffness but it would decrease travel by 50%, so I don't think it is a proper solution...
  2. OK, now I have modified the triplex suspension. The resistance of the pneumatic cilinder is now countered by two extra springs mounted on the V8. On top of that I added some extra links. Useless but now the engine bay looks much more realistic. It should now be fully useable in @Pvdb's model.
  3. My current WIP is a mod of your one:1: a remote controlled Agera RS1, owned by whitesse JR. In my car the cilinder works fits perfectly. The only downside is that it offers resistance, wich I am currently trying to fix. (without pneumatic components)
  4. As soon as I get my hands on this set I will definitely mod it. My main goal will be to make working discbrakes with the new disc part and this part: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=42646#T=S&O={"iconly":0} Synchronizing it with the rear wing with the brakes would be awesome too, but I am not sure yet if I will be able to do this...
  5. Thanks! I hope they are better drivers than me
  6. Thanks! The cleaning was a nightmare! Thanks! No it propably won't, Lego usually doesn't accept technic MOC's and besides it has a non-official lego part: BuWizz.
  7. Hi again, I have made a video showing the functions and driving. It had just rained a the spot where I made the video, so it was very very muddy. In fact when I was done the car was so dirty I disassembled the car and cleaned every part. This was also the perfect opertunity to make building instructions, so I did. De videoqualitiy is not superb, beceasuse I didn't have any fancy camera equipment, experience and someone to help filming. Fun fact: I never drove in ludicrous mode in the video (only in normal and fast), beceasue of my appalling drivingskils. Enjoy! Building Instrucions and partslist (almost 1200): https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-14441/T-Lego/technic-rc-audi-rally-car-with-buwizz-20/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=pagecomment&elid=356082#comments
  8. Very Nice! The suspsension looks great, but have you ever considered using this part for the central shock? It looks more realistic than a regular shockabsorber. I have seen it being used in a different technic Koenigsegg.
  9. Thanks for your feedback! The front suspension is 100% made out of lego, the spring is just from a normal lego shock absorber. You are right about the roof, it's a bit to far back. The Buggy motor sticks out a bit, so the curve of the roof panels had to cover it up, wich meant I couldn't place it more forwards. The idea to use 9L links for the windshield was actually coppied from @brunojj1 LaFerrari. The rear window bit is a very strange part (40378) wich lego uses to make weird creatures. Thanks for the idea! Yellow or white accents on the body would look very cool, but it's very hard to do, since I used so many panels. But I'll try to figure something out. An other idea is that I could keep the skirts, fenders and roof black and make the rest orange, since orange is the only color in wich the variety of soft axles and panels are available. Though that would mean I have to order a lot of parts, beceause I don't have a lot of orange in my collection.
  10. Yes you are right, but I haven't figuered out a proper colorscheme. Sugestions are apriciated! I will definitely make a video, since many people asked for it. I only need to find the right spot to make it.
  11. Recently I finished a little rally car wich uses a single Buwizz 2.0 (you can read more about it here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/161038-moc-audi-rally-car/) My buwizz disconnects sometimes too, but only when I am using brickcontroller though. And the same here, the app doesn't crash, but the car just stops responding...
  12. I have made some new foto's and made them smaller, since many people asked for it. I believe they are now in the correct size. Let me now what you think! Thanks!
  13. Actually there is no friction at all. The Suspension, driving an steering works very smoothly. It looks indeed a bit strange, beceause I had to make a steering system and suspension around the buwizz but it works vey well. I hope this image can anwser your quesetion about how it works: https://bricksafe.com/files/T_Antonie/lego-technic-audi-rally-car/5.png The idea for the rear suspension is the same as his, but his had several problems (CV joints popping out of place), so I modified it so it could handle more power, had less friction and I reinforced it. The front suspension is my own disign.
  14. Sorry, I will subsitute the images a soon as I have time to take some new ones. Thanks!, I'll certainly try that! As you said, there is no differential beceause of space limitations, But I used this with two bevel gears inside.
  15. Hi everyone, This is my first MOC to be published here on the forum: a small/compact rally hatchback. It is not a copy of an existing car, but the front is inspired by modern Audi's. The design parameters that I want to achieve include the following: Fast drivetrain Lots of torque (the car must be able to drive on tarmac, dirt and sand) An average scale of 1:12.5 Front and rear independent suspension Front and rear PF lights Servo steering with small turning radius Buwizz 2.0 to increase performance (located under the bonnet for better weightdistribution and easy acces) A light and rigid chassis Openable doors and bonnet A realistic/clean interior (no visible moters/wires/chassis beams) A gapless body, using rather pannels than beams Drift (on sand) It contains 100% LEGO parts (excpet BuWizz) with a total of 1178 parts. I am very happy with the result. Here are some pictures The Buwizz with easy acces... Clean interior... Openable glovebox... Rear suspension... Front suspension... The underside shows the chassis, wires and motors... Annd finally a little video to demonstrate the fucntions and the oudoor performance. Building instructions/partslist: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-14441/T-Lego/technic-rc-audi-rally-car-with-buwizz-20/#comments Hope you like it, comments, criticism and questions are welcome!