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  1. @sm1995 This topic in somewhat outdated in that regard. All rims far sale are vapor ones atm and resin printed rims are coming soon. Both are way better than the more conventional PLA. I don't own the store and I am not an expert in this field so I would suggest contacting the owners via the website for your specific questions/criticism. I just request custom 3D printed stuff on the site for my own needs and the quality is superb imo.
  2. @brucewayne These pictures can give you an idea of how this car looks with 3D printed vapor rims on two different specs. credits: @lego_tactics and Adam Hargus
  3. T Lego

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Thank you so much for sharing the technical detials of the chassis. Man I'm in love with this gearbox, not to mention that superb suspension setup! Keep up the good work!
  4. T Lego

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Congratulations sir, what a joy to see this new masterpiece pop up out of nowhere! Fantastic authentic replica, both internally and externally and a nice evolution compared to your one:1. It's a pity that the presentaion is so short, I think we'd all love to admire this MOC from some more angles and learn about some of the mechanical solutions in the chassis. Anyway, you've nailed all the curves with a consistent combination of panels, connectors and system bricks. Creative part usage troughout the whole model as well, such as the mirrors and front winglets. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for sharing this massive piece of technic which somehow only consists of 2.5K parts! It's instantly recognizable and you've managed to incorparate a nice range of functions - well done! The bodywork is too boxy though. The side is as flat as the country I live in and the overall bodywork is too clutered for my taste. Furthermore Rolls-Royce is all about luxuriousness and comfort so I was a bit disappointed to see that you've built the great wall of China inbetween the front seats in stead of a more faitfull replication of the interior. Nonetheless, it's a great moc and I loved seeing a model of a car type which is not seen as frequent compared as other mocs.
  6. Superb B model! This one can actually be recognized as the Ferrari it was modeled after, even if it's missing some cylinders. The arches work very well on this car imo and creative solution for the headlights. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Excellent work sir! Considering it's a B-model, it's a fantasic rendition. You've nailed the front and rear profile views, your solutions for the head and tail lights are superb. Great functionality as well! I don't like the side view though. The top part of the front and the rear end seem too flat. Thanks for sharing, along with the extensive presentation!
  8. I have not closed or discussed a deal yet, for now it's just me sitting behind my desk putting some bricks together, trying to brighten the dark days of this rather depressing winter.
  9. No I won't update this design, however I have been working on a brand new version in scale 1:8 which will use are whole range of parts from set 42125.
  10. @Gray Gear I like your progress so far! Remember that no matter how long it takes, it's always worth the efforts in the end. So I would definitely encourage you to push yourself and this build to a higher level by incorparating the mentioned four wheel steering setup. I recommend taking a look at Madoca's Avtoros Shaman 8x8 which has a brilliant 4 wheel steering system with free instructions on Rebrickable. Good luck!
  11. After signing the legal contracts, I agreed to give cada full ownership of the IP. The instructions were published on Rebrickable before the release of the CaDa version of my Lambo which could have been a reason why so many knock offs are availble on aliexpress, amazon etc. Cada's legal team is filing lawsuits against a variety of those knock off companies as we speak. I have no idea how the legal system in China works but all I know is that since CaDa is based in China, they can protect the IP much much better than I can in my country. I would propose to shift back to the actual topic, discussing bruno's masterpiece, and continue the general third pary brick company discussions elsewhere.
  12. T Lego

    Rotating Paddles

    Yes, however adding such application requires a lot of extra input force on the paddles, especially with this stepper design, which would make playing not very satisfying. Charbel and I have expirimented with many different stepper mechanisms that returned to the centre but those were either too bulky or weren't reliable enough.
  13. There is no such conversion from manual to RC in the instructions and I have not seen any motorized version yet. As far as I am concerned they will simply add a few motors in the package (they mention that with many more knock-off sets), if not a scam of course.
  14. T Lego

    Rotating Paddles

    No it does not. Like astyanax said, the LA input will rotate the same amount as the LA's head so no extension of the LA. If the Axle were to be fixed, the steering wheel would remain in place - it's not connected to the head of the LA. In stead the paddles would go out of allignment with the stepper slighly if you'd turn the wheel.
  15. T Lego

    Adjustable suspension

    @chlego Great to hear you made it work! I was wondering why your setup gave up in the lowered position (not to cause confusion, car would be in the highered position) and figured out it was because in my setup I have a 7x11 frame underneath the lower wishbone, naturaly decreasing the range of motion of the wishbones. The result is that the shock aborber is slightly precompressed and in a 'more horizontal' position so the direction of the force when compressing the shocks is now fully clockwise. If you use a similar setup you won't need the worm gear anymore to handle the load.