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  1. OK, here's my criticism: That grapple will not work, due to locked in place (under that C frame) pneumatic cylinder.
  2. [MOC] Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Copyrgiht(s). Rings any bells?
  3. FORD GT

    At last. My hero!
  4. And faster, without reduction in missing portal hubs.
  5. It could work, but requires rebuilding the chassis.
  6. Or you can use 42069 tracks on CLAAS:
  7. In Polish? :D You can check it here if you want: http://www.lugpol.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30072 There's one written review by Jim here on EB, and I think that it is enough :)
  8. Of course he will. But first of all, he need to learn how that trick with empty driving ring works.
  9. As I said earlier: 8043 instructionsss.
  10. Check 8043 instructions...
  11. Aren't those universal joints stressed a bit?
  12. Bricksafe, Flickr.
  13. I am going (finally) to write a reviews of 42069 for polish LUGs soon, so here's comparision of 42069 with 42054:
  14. [MOC] Forest Skidder: 42054 C model

    You have forgot to remove lights from front blade :P