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  1. Flatbed trailer built from parts used in container trailer:
  2. More than half? I am not sure, flatbed uses 481 parts, these are leftotvers:
  3. Yes. Only with parts from trailer, the truck remains untouched.
  4. Mack bought, built and.. boring? How about making a new trailer for it? Let's say that I was bored and decided to rebuild 42078 into something different. But after disassembling the trailer, I thought that it could be rebuild into different trailer. The trailer has only one function, landing gear. Operated by levers on either side of the trailer: Being built from limited amount of parts, it has one flaw - can be driven only on flat surfaces, due to minimum spacing between its frame and truck's rear: You have been warned :P And if some would like to build it, here are free instructions: https://bricksafe.com/files/M_longer/42078-alt/flatbed/42078-Flatbed.pdf (Mack model made by Philo) Sample pages: After approval by Rebrickable, it will be available with parts list here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-12680/M_longer/42078-flatbed-trailer/
  5. I have finished my review of 42078 set. Lots of pictures, few comparisions with real counterparts, but only in Polish :) http://www.lugpol.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30549
  6. Yes you should. You should also check when this topic went silent...
  7. Did you used MLCad for making those instructions? Pneumatic V2 parts are available for it :)
  8. I'd go for 4L bars (or cut 3mm rigid hose) for the grille, instead of 1x2 grilles.
  9. Yeah... like with Unimog, Arocs and Xerion...
  10. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Thanks :) I have made some colour changes ;) In order: Black, LBG, Red Dark Azure, Blue, Orange Yellow, White, Green Some colours are not possible to build without swapping some parts, but they look nice :)
  11. Ok, it may sound a little harsh, but... try to build something smaller. Gain experience with smaller model(s), see how parts works under weight and stress.
  12. Hmm, it seems that only few parts (like 24119, #17, #18 panels) are missing to built Dark Azure Porsche?
  13. To prevent misplacing other pins.
  14. Help please with book

    Just buy it. There are reasons why it can't be read for free: time, work and effort put into creating that book by the author.
  15. Ursus 912 Tractor

    I will consider that :)