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  1. M_longer

    Build The Impossible

    @nico71 What took most of those 650 hours? Planning or making it work? :)
  2. M_longer

    Ursus 912 Tractor

    Yeah... Yup, red one. Both (or three, because there are three parts list in total), can be now build by everyone interested in it, because I have finished instructions for it. The model comes with three parts list, main one with Yellow bodywork, secondary with Red bodywork, and "deluxe" version, with bodywork made from Bright Light Orange parts. The real model was built with using Bright Light Orange parts (to match the colours of real tractor), but they are quite difficult to get, so I have decided to release these instructions with few different colour options for your convenience. Parts list are made in Rebrickable (csv), BrickStore (bsx) and Bricklink (xml) formats. More details, as usual, at Rebrickable and Sellfy.
  3. M_longer

    Fiat 500 L

    Get rid of those "window glasses" on front and back. And there's already a Fiat 500 in Review stage: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/ca5c345e-bdae-4c3c-bc4b-05fb6b522f0f
  4. M_longer

    [WIP] 5 axle mobile crane

    Aha, It seems that you will have to rebuld it, because most of those links are made on 2L axles, and they will be pulled out under weight of the model and force from the servo. You have two options, personally I'd go for a standard solution with 13L racks and different length of each steering arm, used in 42009: Second option is staying with 7L rack and trying to achive ackerman steering, but that will be alittle bit more complicated. Those steering rack can't work at angle, they must slide perpendicularly to the frame.
  5. M_longer

    [WIP] 5 axle mobile crane

    Could you post picture of chassis without wheels?
  6. M_longer

    [WIP] 5 axle mobile crane

    Judging by spacing between point where wheel turn and steering link connects to the rack, it goes sideways when chassis turns, right? And you are using axle connectors, which will disconnect very quickly with greater load applied.
  7. It could work with 10 instructions sold. But how about 100 or 500? :)
  8. This is the new level of something that is discussed here - there are even no instruction, yet they still try to steal it. That's sad :(
  9. Well, most of the flagships. Each one had that something-something inside, which make them interesting. 8275 started all that Power Functions powered madness, a must have for me. 42030 was a fully remote operated wheel loader. 8043 had 6 motorized functions driven by three motors (and fourth switching the internal gearboxes) 42009 was biggest and most complicated crane to date. 42043 had many pneumatic parts,m including new long cylinders. 8258 was one of the best looking Technic t rucks to date (and had interesting mechanism for driving two functions trough one turntable). Personally I'd reccomend also a 42008 tow truck, for its complexicity, and 8109 Flatbed, for marvelous lifting fork and great designed lowering of the tow ramp.
  10. Was? It is still quite popular ;) Nice model, but I'd go for a low loader trailer.
  11. M_longer

    NEW LEGO Powered Up motor test

    There's nothing more needed for LED lights than 6 wires :D
  12. M_longer

    [MOD] 42078 Flatbed Trailer

    I have idea for complete C model, truck and trailer, I will try to build it before 2018 ends.
  13. It may be another panel based Technic car, but those rear lights made from carrot tops are just brilliant!
  14. The problems lies here. Exactly here. WHY should I, if I just want to point out what is wrong AND how to improve it? Every time I find a flaw in the model, I also give ideas for improvement (resizing, other parts usage etc). It is not empty talking. I do not like to be forced to do anything, so trying to write another "great model nonetheless, keep bricking" does not suits me. I know many builders and none ever complained about that style of commenting, because I just keep it short and simple. That's the reason why do not write posts too often here, becuase every time I try to suggest something, I get replies that it is harsh and I should write also what I like in the model. Eh...