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  1. Interesting variation about Sariel's Defender: EDIT: I have browsed trough your sample instructions for the hood. If whole instructions resemble quality of that bit, you should release it for free. I'd never think about abour offering PDFs with such low quality.
  2. We are trying to provide the best building experience as possible :) I can tell that whole model is extremely dense - there's almost no unused space, everything (5 motors and 3 IR receivers + battery box) is tigthly packed in average size model.
  3. I'd like to inform that instructions are slowly taking shape:
  4. An alternate model for 42095 Tracked Racer. It has the same performance as basic model and uses 100% parts from it. It's my first alternate model that used all parts provided within the set :) Video: Also, can be easilly (just two pins needed) disguised as 42099 ;) It can also pull some things, like Eric Trax's Krampe 550 trailer: Instructions can be bought at Sellfy and Rebrickable: https://sellfy.com/p/kkin2v/ https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-30314/M_longer/42095-tracked-tractor/
  5. I have bought 42110 and started thinking about improving the set. I still have the 42069, which uses tracked chassis. I thought that it could be a great idea to have LR on the tracks too. I've built a quick sketch of tracked frame, with 4 pairs of oscilating road wheels. It fitted the wheel arches nicely, the steering worked quite well. But in overall, it did not work. Unfortunatelly, there's a lot of play in independent suspension and whole track module goes sideways, instead going straight. So simple change of wheel hubs to tracked bogies will not work. Those tracks need a solid axle to work properly, like in 42069. I am not sure if I want to rebuild half of the set for having tracks, I'd probably take it apart and make a C model in the next few months.
  6. M_longer

    Mack Granite 6x4 dump truck

    Interesting mix. Few bits from Anthem, few bits from my snow plow and rest from you. May I ask why there are still those 12 bevel gears left, they were used for driving the salt spreader, not present in a dump truck? :)
  7. https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/171851-42099-4x4-x-treme-off-roader/&do=findComment&comment=3155581
  8. M_longer

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    A direct size comparison between new Control+ elements and their Power Functions counterparts: The C+ Hub is 5 studs high, 9 studs wide and 9 studs long. L motors is 4 studs high, 3 studs wide and 8 studs long. XL motor is 5 studs high, 5 studs wide and 8 studs long. Basically C+ XL motor is a little bulkier L one, but with several more mounting points. Both are longer (1 to 2 studs) that their PF counterparts, while other dimensions remain unchanged. The Hub is much more larger than PF battery box. We get built-in remote controll via Bluetooth, but with cost of more space used in the model. The PF motors required an IR receiver to work with remote, but it could be placed in various places in the model, even far away from battery box, thanks to extension cables, which does appeared in the C+ line so far. Thanks to @Philo, who made all C+ elements for Ldraw :)
  9. M_longer

    42100 QA Issues

    And in PF era you could just connect it to the battery box and check if it works :))
  10. M_longer

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    I wanted to have nicely chaped counterweight, that can be taken off as single piece. Now it will be a little more difficult :)
  11. M_longer

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    I am almost sure that I will buy 42110 + 42095 instead of 42100... C+ hub is large. Too large. I am struggling with rear part of the body, because it must be thin as possible, due to dimensions of the hub. I am trying to recreate a loader that has almost biggest rear on the market, and there's almost no space left. I think that with next model I will stay with PF range.
  12. M_longer

    large scale telescopic crane

    I can't wait to see how you will manage bending frame, loose wheels and weight distribution between counterweights and boom.
  13. M_longer

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    9x9x5. And plain on top and bottom, only mounting points are located on sides.
  14. M_longer

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    Another update; I am making first try on modeling the rear part of the loader, along with fitting that huge C+ hub inside. Ouch.