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  1. Week ago I decided to rebuild my 42121 set. Result can be seen here. It's a skid steer loader, more or less in scale of mid size Technic trucks like 42024/42078/42098 etc. Based on JCB single arm loaders: Almost all pieces used, large ones like bucket and turntable were not usefull this time, but can be used as a load ;) Featuring arm and fork movement, controlled by two knobs located on rear of the model and on top of the cab. Instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-92027/M_longer/42121-skid-steer-loader/#details More pictures at Bricksafe: https://bricksafe.com/pages/M_longer/42121-alt/skid-steer-loader Video Few pictures:
  2. No idea, really. Frame is enormous, it could look the same form the outisde as stock 42131, while having 7 motors and two hub inside.
  3. To make it properly move whole model must be rebuilt from scratch.
  4. All people who bought & built it already has beuatiful paperweights :)
  5. No, becuase designer had to stick to LEGO rules. 42131 for example is too wide. It could be easilly narrower, but there's a 11x5 frame with diff between drive motors.
  6. Defender looks awesome. Best looking Technic set to date. But it is not motorized. Each motorized set has some issues in scaling.
  7. Cool, a pity that drive wheels are not replicated as in real machine, but we got sliiiiders :))
  8. There's no way of modding it, to be more realistic it has to be rebuilt from scratch.
  9. It's not simple, but overcomplicated. All it needed were two sliders on both sides of the screen for tracks control.
  10. CAT App. Now try to guess how do you controll each function :))
  11. 42100, especially used is the best option. For typical MOCing, you need only single Liebherr set, because you get 7 motors and two hubs.
  12. Way too pricey for functions you get. For same price 42100 offered 7 functions with separate motors for each of them. Best thing to do if you want to have a decent Dozer is buying 42100 and rebuilding it:
  13. How does your truck steer?
  14. You are still doing it? Making instructions without basic knowledge about mechanisms?