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  1. Alternate model for the hovercraft?
  2. This look better than clickable links ;)
  3. I did not seen those pictures in this thread? Full size image: HERE
  4. Like frame, engine and other parts? :P
  5. Actually, those CLAAS loaders look like repainted Liebherrs.
  6. But then it would not be an alternate model anymore ;)
  7. It seems that by coincedence I have made something that could be an official B model of 42054 set. CLAAS has introduced their new line of... wheel loaders. Have a look at new CLAAS Torion loader compared to my model :)
  8. [MOC] Benz AROCS 4163 heavy haulage

    Uhm.. why first and second axles are narrower than rear ones?
  9. Post some pictures of your build. I think that LA is wrongly placed and that's the reason of not working properly.
  10. Look at your model. Then look at Lime panels above front axle. Then look at the sticker on it.
  11. Nice model of Noirex 0005 SAALC!
  12. Big wheels + wide range of gears + many typical Technic parts. I have a problem with 42053 for instance, it has lots of useful parts, but those skateboard wheels make rebuilding it into something else difficult.
  13. OK, here's my criticism: That grapple will not work, due to locked in place (under that C frame) pneumatic cylinder.
  14. [MOC] Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Copyrgiht(s). Rings any bells?
  15. At last. My hero!