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  1. Oh my... this is just one of the best usagse of Technic panels in Model Team truck I've seen :)
  2. M_longer

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    This is a Skogger, which was used as inspiration. It does have a cab:
  3. M_longer

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The 88009 Hub (a battery box from new Trains and App controlled Batmobile) has been listed at S@H USA: https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Hub-88009 With price... 49,99$. Its current value on Bricklink oscilates around 16$. Now that's a bargain :D
  4. M_longer

    42081 C-Model - Log Loader

    Good luck, I've tried the same and I was not satisfied with something that started appearing on my desk.
  5. M_longer

    Pneumatic rigid tube

  6. My third attempt on making one set MOC. This time, the victim was 42081 Volvo ZEUX: As usual, the final effect is something completely different that was first idea for it. Parts used: 910 (of 1167) from 42081. I have been quite surprised when I have realized that 42081 is missing some core Technic parts, like gears (it only comes with x2 Gear 20 Bevel, x4 Gear 12 Bevel, only ONE Gear 20 Double Bevel and eleven Gear 12 Double Bevel). Which is, to be honest, almost none, when compared to total amount of over 1100 parts. It is also missing, for example, these ones: And that's the reason why I had to think twice before I have used specific part while building. The first idea for alternate model for this set was forest skidder, but when I have made first sketches, it became obvious that there are not enough parts for making a model that will fit my standards. After that I have started looking trough my folder with inspirations and I have found this: And its shape and functions fit perfectly for restricted pile of parts from Zeux So... The model has 3 manual functions, operated by knobs on the back and on the arm. It also has pendular suspension on rear axle. Overall look: The arm can be lowered almost to the ground, and elevated high above the cab: On its end I have placed a claw, operated by that z12 gear on the side of the arm: Steering is operated by knob on the top of the hull: ' This mechanism uses that "The Only One 20 Double Bevel Gear", because it needed some reduction for more comfortable use. The last function is pendular suspension on rear axle: And here you can see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsLPiDzCr1A If someone would like to build this loader, I have made instructions, which can be found as usual on Rebrickable and Sellfy: https://rebrickable.com/users/M_longer/mocs/ https://sellfy.com/m1longer Instructions are divided into several submodels, like cab, arm, chassis etc. Some example pages: Parts list: Instructions sample: https://bricksafe.com/files/M_longer/42081-log-loader/instructions-/42081sample.pdf Pictures, parts lists, example pages etc: https://bricksafe.com/pages/M_longer/42081-log-loader Some bonus pictures: My alternate models of 42054 and 42081 (both made for log handling): All of my C models, including the one made from 42043: All of my models get test models, which allow to test the instructions, finding errors and adding some adjustments. This one also have them first made by me: And second one, in different livery, made by @Bricksley He also had 42080, which allowed to make this comparission shots. Thanks again! And on the end, blueprint:
  7. M_longer

    Where to get blueprints?

    Sometimes you have to go directly to company that makes machine you are interested in...
  8. M_longer

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So... after looking at 42095 it seems that there will be something BIG on treads in second half of the 2019, don't you think?
  9. M_longer

    42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    Since there are no topics related to modding of this set, I'll post it here: I am working on a C model for this set, a quite unusual Log Loader, inspired by something called a Skogger: And here's what I have so far: Three functions (and a pendular suspenion on rear axle), steering, arm elevation and claw closing. Leftover parts (there's also a bucket somewhere): It's stll a WIP, so some things could change. Thoughts?
  10. M_longer

    MLCad - highway rigs

    You could use LDView for making better renders, like this one:
  11. M_longer

    Build The Impossible

    @nico71 What took most of those 650 hours? Planning or making it work? :)
  12. M_longer

    Ursus 912 Tractor

    Yeah... Yup, red one. Both (or three, because there are three parts list in total), can be now build by everyone interested in it, because I have finished instructions for it. The model comes with three parts list, main one with Yellow bodywork, secondary with Red bodywork, and "deluxe" version, with bodywork made from Bright Light Orange parts. The real model was built with using Bright Light Orange parts (to match the colours of real tractor), but they are quite difficult to get, so I have decided to release these instructions with few different colour options for your convenience. Parts list are made in Rebrickable (csv), BrickStore (bsx) and Bricklink (xml) formats. More details, as usual, at Rebrickable and Sellfy.
  13. M_longer

    Fiat 500 L

    Get rid of those "window glasses" on front and back. And there's already a Fiat 500 in Review stage: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/ca5c345e-bdae-4c3c-bc4b-05fb6b522f0f
  14. Aha, It seems that you will have to rebuld it, because most of those links are made on 2L axles, and they will be pulled out under weight of the model and force from the servo. You have two options, personally I'd go for a standard solution with 13L racks and different length of each steering arm, used in 42009: Second option is staying with 7L rack and trying to achive ackerman steering, but that will be alittle bit more complicated. Those steering rack can't work at angle, they must slide perpendicularly to the frame.