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  1. Could you post a picture of real machine? I think that these gaps could be removed.
  2. There is nothing better than metal hook: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=70644&name=Technic Hook Large Metal&category=[Technic]
  3. You are talking about that axle that holds bevel gear that drives differential?
  4. Maybe, but PF were not a game changer like PUP, because it was still more or less compatible with 9V than PUP. Only thing you needed was a extension wire, now the whole system is redesigned from scratch. Funny thing is that 9V had two wires, PF added another two. Now with PUP we have additional two, so next generation of LEGO electronics will have eight wires? ;)
  5. You decided to build the loader, or did it just evolved trough building process?
  6. It looks more like LTL 1160 with missing axle:
  7. Well, I'd rather have plug&go solution right from the box. It is not a good thing when something is downgraded. Buwizz offers much more within similiar dimensions.
  8. That's how differential works.
  9. I have build this little thingy and I am dissappointed (a bit, but...) It does look fresh and fancy, but offers very little as for large Technic set. Three large linear actuators driven directly by knobs and four wheel steering could be presented in more appealing way (driving rings and such). But it delivers quite nice pack of parts, and have great potential for modding. I'd give it 6/10.
  10. Do the green LEDs on IR receiver and remote blink when using switches?
  11. M_longer

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Could you make a movie showing these problems?
  12. And showing parts in colours never released in sets, like yellow Porsche wheel arches ;)
  13. M_longer

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Weeks? When did you got that set?
  14. M_longer

    MOC Tractor JCB Fastrac 4220

    Wow, really nicely shaped front. And only with Technic pieces. I'd go for much wider attachement.