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  1. M_longer


    Well, here? :) https://sellfy.com/m1longer/p/whlbvy/
  2. It looks unfinished, yet it got instructions already. Not a way to go my friend.
  3. M_longer

    Grinding gears and wobbly axles

    First of all, two z8 gears without support on both sides, need to be reinfiorced to work properly. Second, get rid of them, because it is you weakest point.
  4. M_longer

    New Powered Up system

    Zawsze mogłeś spytać na polskich forach/grupach na FB ;) (you could also ask on polish LUG forums/FB groups).
  5. M_longer

    Control+ General Discussion

    Because more and more people will buy 42099/42109/42100 and they will only have new C+ range of components. So MOCs with instructions should have them too ;)
  6. M_longer

    Control+ General Discussion

    Yay, precision for powering driveshaft in a 3kg model is what I always wanted ;)
  7. M_longer

    Control+ General Discussion

    Control + HUB and motors available. Time to sell your kidney. Really. I am really, really angry about pricing of new C+ elements at LEGO.com. Picture show prices in €, but here are some other currencies: 88012 Technic Hub | 1 piece US $89.99 | CAN $119.99 | UK £74.99 88014 Technic XL Motor | 1 piece US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £29.99 88013 Technic Large Motor | 1 piece US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £29.99 Two C+ motors are worth more than entire 42095 set these days. Even HUB alone is worth more! 42109, which use single HUB, single L and single XL motors has 129.99€ MSRP price. Those electric parts bought alone are worth more! Older PF elements are much more cheaper. Hey, PF XL is three times cheaper than its C+ counterpart! Even PF servo motor, the most expensive PF motor to date is 10€ cheaper than C+ motors. What the heck?
  8. Not a mod, but complete rebuild. A tracked backhoe: Thoughts?
  9. M_longer

    [MOC] Lola Aston Martin B09/60 LMP1

    You are using Stud.io - select tires on your model and change their colour to "Rubber Black".
  10. M_longer

    [MOC] Lola Aston Martin B09/60 LMP1

    Change tire colour to "rubber black" :)
  11. M_longer

    42108 Roll-off Truck

    B one, this set is one of those with no official alternate one :(
  12. An alternate model for 42108 Mobile Crane: Inspired by DAF CF trucks: But first, what is a roll-off? Roll-off truck at first glance looks like a hook loader or dump truck. The difference is how the whole loading/unloading of container works: the roll-off truck raises its hydraulically operated bed, the roll-off container rolls off the bed. A cable is used to slowly lower the container. After the waste container is loaded, the roll-off truck pulls the filled container onto the roll-off truck with the cable and winch system. Comes with three manual functions, which are HoG steering, bed elevation and winch. Model usues almost all parts from the set, which allowed to make detailed interior and exterior, with working steering wheel, openable doors, dashboard, air filter on the roof etc: Let’s start with the container: It almost does not have any gaps, so it can hold almost anything, starting from 1×1 plates, up to large chunks of “scrap” (here made from remaining parts): Rear door of the container can be locked: Underside of the container have added self-guiding rails, making loading of the container easier, if it’s not perfeclty aligned. Presented here by Rudolf: This model can work as a regular dump truck: Or as a roll-off system truck: Both functions are operated by knobs located on either sides of the frame. Basically, whole middle section of the chassis is built around the XL actuator. Here’s the video showing how it works: Model comes with instructions, available at Sellfy and Rebrickable: https://sellfy.com/p/7elaug/ https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-41384/M_longer/42108-roll-off-truck/?inventory=1 Here are few sample pages: Few comparison shots with test model (yellow door on the container looks better, don’t you think?) Available in European and Australian specification: And with my MAN TGS: More pictures can be found here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/M_longer/42108-alt/roll-off This model could be also built (after few colour swaps) in Red:
  13. M_longer


    No, they are not, Yellow panels used in cab for example.
  14. M_longer


    How many percent of the model uses non-lego elements?