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  1. Eh, keep trying, you are not even close :) Actually, all that you have made is a topic that included incorrect details about sets, and it was merged with main 2018 Technic line feed.
  2. Yeah, like in 19 older sets: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=32019&in=S It means that there is a new type of pneumatic valve, that can be operated by axle: You didn't noticed two sets; 42030 (bucket) and 42054 (tires), do you? And that's the good news. 42079 has Dark Blue parts, 42080 has Lime and Green Parts. Not quite, but keep trying ;)
  3. Uhm, how are you going to support those brick based crane parts?
  4. M_longer

    Custom 8X8 Crawler

    Ok, an advice for you - do not start topics before having at least part of assembled model.
  5. Check out how it was made in 42009 - there's a worm gear that keeps the winch in place, but it is also secured by clutch gear.
  6. Interesting motor placement in the chassis. Have you considered using the clutch gear for the winch closer to the motor? Now your winch is as strong as the white gear.
  7. And after looking on that small pictures with functions, it seems that B Model of 42080 will be a forwarder.
  8. I have not noticed it earlier, but it seems that chassis could be at least one stud higher from the ground. Now it could run only on flat surfaces. But it looks nice :) Also, check your private messages.
  9. M_longer

    [MOC] Dodge Charger M/T

    I don't want to be harsh, but most of your models can't be improved in easy way, because it would require rebuilding most parts of them. Your models lack of basic Technic building techniques and rules, like using reductions in geartrains, reinforcing movable segments etc. Basically, you are making static models with Technic feel, with incorrectly made internals.
  10. MIL-SPEC ZXL 1.9", with 106mm diameter. Almost exact match for Xerion wheels, but with more "underground" look (agrar tires look bad on that model, I tried). There's a movable wall inside, pushed by two cylinders. It can be seen in action here:
  11. M_longer

    [MOC] Dodge Charger M/T

    Uhm, I'm not sure if that steering will work...
  12. M_longer

    [MOC] Dodge Charger M/T

    I have downloaded some of your MOCs and made some inspection on them. They have one thing in common - they will not work. Fore example; Tatra Phoenix has suspension that will snap and disconnect while driving even on flat surface. Your trailers have same suspension, which is not connected from bottom, and it will cause massive axle wobbling while driving (I am almost sure that they will not be ableeven to drive, but it depends on how strong is connection between those 3L universal joints). You don't reinforce gears, some of them will just pop off, some will skip. All those issues could be easily avoided, but it requires building with physical bricks, not only with didgital. You have great ideas for models, but they can't be build. Also, use parts with proper colours, I have seen that people on Rebrickable complain about your models being non buildable due to colour issues.
  13. M_longer

    [MOC] Dodge Charger M/T

    Eh.. ok, listen: It is really nice looking model. But you have posted it on Technic forum, where functions are more interesting than looks. And... your chassis will break down in the first turn on some obstacle. These blue and green connectors are held in place with axle, and they will slip from them, becuase they are not secured from doing so. I really like that you are creating your own models, but without physical testing, they will only frustrate anyone who will try to build them.