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  1. Hello from the Technic sub-forum! The steering movement is transferred to the front live axle via a shaft with CV joints. It could be spotted at 2:24 timestamp: an inclined Light Bluish Gray CV joint comes out frot eh axle to the frame. I suppose the full steering transmission is the following: The steering wheel > a lot of gears and shafts to move the output to the center of the frame, between the driver and passenger seats. The shaft output is connected to the floating axle via a pair of CV joints or universal joint + CV, to provide the variable length. The "flexible" shaft output rotates the 2L lever that moves the 6L links, that turns the wheel hubs (like in Mustang-Porshe-Camaro)
  2. My thoughts were like "4+1 spare, where is the 6th?... Ahh, wait it's Land Rover "spare-on-bonnet", yess, it is here!"
  3. Well, as far as I can see, the bottom "staged" photo shows the identic gaps between the wheel and wheel arches (the rear one is possibly slightly smaller). Meanwhile, the upper "nature" photo demonstrates a significantly smaller gap above the front wheel. I can explain it by only working suspension: the heavier rear part compresses the springs, while the uneven terrain causes the front axle articulation.
  4. I wonder which of the "blue shades" will be used for the recolor model? I tried to imagine the same model in default-yellow, dark azure, and blue, as the shades I find the closets ones to the Bugatti Blue livery: (personally, I would love to see Dark Azure, since Blue looks more like McLaren Senna's variation rather a dedicated set...)
  5. A new topic, separated for 42111 set modifications and improvements. First of all, the Stud.io file that can be easily used for the further MODs: https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/42111/42111.io Initially I was trying to build something similar made of 41999 set and was very surprised by such a similarity of this model and my attempt o make it: Yes, it had the same things: Independent front suspension with showmobile hubs 42041 wheels. Yeah I tried several types of them and these ones very similar to "modifed-pupmed up" chromed wheels. Live axle rear suspension with Ball-Frame So, the solution form that abandoned project could be easily applied to the 42111 set, but it will come later. So now it's time for General Lee!
  6. And partially because of structure issues: being made of polycarbonate mix, it had too thin walls and starts to crack easily. It was a "necessary evil" for 9V lamps, to cover them for colored lights effect but was rarely used as a standalone part somewhere.
  7. It would look way better but the "axle with stud" used as a mount point for this part does not accept the "beacon" part. It will require adding a 1x1 round plate with a hole as a spacer. But the result will be an authentic-looking beacon that will fall-off easily.
  8. Nice! Is it an alternative model or a kind of modification on the Responder base?
  9. It is molded/glued on. Only if you remove it with some sharp tool...
  10. I love this model. But this... Would any TLG designer imagine such a kind of use of pullbacks? It is incredible!
  11. The stop in the middle... May I guess the new part should be in Tan color?
  12. As for me, in my young childhood before my "dark age", it opened a big world of mechanics that I was able not only to know in mind (the gears ratio formula) but able to build anything barely possible and to see it "alive" and perform any test I able to image. Later, after my "dark age," it opened me to another world of "challenges": the weakness of ABS parts (in comparison with "traditional" steel machinery) together with relatively heavy models and powerful motors (for their scale, for sure, do you remember the rule of cubes and squares?) makes some "traditional" solutions barely possible and forced to find a way of other solutions that being "optional" are now "mandatory" in ABS world. I love challenges, here, in Lego Technic, it sounds like "only a perfect enough model will able to work", while "not good enough" will start skipping or chewing the gears... So, go perfectly!
  13. Nice idea! I had a simial one, but for its predecessor, 42053 Volvo excavator. A project that I abandoned many years ago...
  14. I think it will barely work with 20T double bevel gear, I literally hear the sound of skipping teeth...
  15. This photo is incorrectly colored - yellow shades are zeroed here. Really, the model has Reddish Brown 3L axles with stop and 2L axle connectors and 3L axles in yellow, as shown in other set photos.
  16. @1gor, @Danil, please stay cool! Logistics was already ruined since 2019 and, yeah, it didn't become better since 2022, in both ways: import and transit were blocked both, as a next part of embargo and sanction wars. No one is happy, and I wish no one really wanted to judge each other. @Danil, my friend from Mosambic, a special favor... Please follow the Forum Rules, use the given language here (EN) and put another image
  17. Yes, sure... 16T ones, LBG and Red ones Actually, I need to correct myself once more time... The model includes not 16+16+16 gears to mesh the drive and steering shafts, but newly presented 12T (in blue) and 20T-clutch (in green) gears. It reminds another Chevrolet, 42093, where the Blue 20T Double-Bevel Clutch gear was presented. Now it's time for a new generation of similar gears. It's nice to have new geas here but the use of "straight" gears instead of double-bevel ones significantly limits their role for possible alternate models.
  18. Following the photos, I see the following: RWD with rear differential (rear wheels are regular-wide). Front wheels (14-mm, narrow) have steering connected to the rear HOG. The angled connection near the HOG has exposed gears, this tan 12T gear under the "HOG handle" is not just a spacer... The hubs are old-styled 4-pin connectors, not the new ones (with 2 pins) used in the Dump Truck. Steering and drive shafts are crossed via 14T gears, as in other similar scale sets. The most interesting feature that I see here, is that the "body" has 1/2L offset to the "chassis" part - as you can see, both front and rear axles have decreased distance to the upper edge of the wheel arch, like in Pull-back Mustang and Porsche. It would be great if some of the building steps will include a "marriage" of the "chassis" and "body", when the 1/2L offset appears like real NASCAR cars are built - a plastic single-piece shell over the integral chassis-safety cage. Actually, 10 pieces, at least. The "roll cage" behind the seat has two cam pieces to provide 1/2L offset. I would call this set "NASCAR® Next Gen Chevrolet CAMaro ZL1" because of the surprisingly big number of these parts
  19. I think caused by the angle of the model or camera: it looks the whole model is turned a bit (2-3 degrees counter-clockwise).
  20. It is Ford GT 2022 which is significantly different from the original one from 1964 ("Ford vs Ferrari" movie). The Lego set is not Ford GT'64 at all, for sure... Interesting, while I hate the new GT from 2022 (only '64 exists for me), I like this model!
  21. Well, I wasn't too distant... Like @Jundis proposed, it really has "printed headlights" - they are stickers here. Like @R4ph proposed, the rear "ducktail" is made of "paper rolls". Overall, the model is "so-so", a kind of 42138 recolor with steering and V8 instead (actually, I love the older engine variant, with 3L axles with stops).
  22. Amazing! That is the best thing to close the year! I wonder how long it can travel?
  23. If it doesn't come as an offical set, it literally must be built as a MOC!
  24. Well, if the rumors of delaying it due to downscaling are true, the full downscale may result in a total model review, as some assemblies and strcutite solutions may not match the given scale. I still belive it will come once.
  25. With images of the originals: 42157 Skidder John Deere 948L-II - 1492 pieces It has version with 6x6 chassis or 4x4 with doubles (twin wheels at the each side). Howevre, I think it still go with single wheels from Zetros. 42158 NASA Perseverance Mars Rover - 1132 pieces I literally see here new full-plastic wheels here, the ones already used in other themes. 42159 IP Vehicle 18+ - 1475 pieces [?] 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron - 914 pieces The suspension at least front double wishbones is highly desirable here. May it come as Control+, please? 42161 Lamborghini Huracan - 806 pieces One more [1:20] set, "Hey, you made Bugatti, so please make us too!" New rounded wheel arches from Bugatti Bolide should be here as well, maybe even four of them this time. Not sure about the color, but Lamborghini builds their Huracas since 2014, and only 2021-2022 are remarkable by the "STO" edition with specific livery. Dark Azure + Orange?