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  1. cebelicamya

    [MOC] Medieval bridge and water mill

    WOW, what an amazing MOC! Really love the build of the bridge and different levels of the river. Do you maybe have instructions? Would love to see how u made the river and waterfall.
  2. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    For all the lego animal lovers. This site helps me a lot to track my animal collection.
  3. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Some better pictures of the dolphin. Wow, didn't know there was 19,99 € price for the sailboat, great price. The ideas set was overpriced.
  4. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Yes it is a new color. Previous dolphins were in sand blue and medium blue.
  5. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Are there more photos of creator 31150 set? I would like to see better picture of lion and antelope.
  6. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    wow, thanx, diddn't see this set.
  7. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Lol, Friends G.O.A.T . 2024 the year of lego goats. New dog mould in Lego City theme? New bird color in bright light yellow - represented as chick. I wish lego would include more Lego city animals in Friends line.
  8. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds
  9. When is Lego going to reveal them? on december 1st?
  10. Brickcrafts is currently the best Lego channel in my opinion. He has an extremely big custom city as well as western city. His videos are also so welll edited and furthermore they are not long at all. What I like the most is that he captures every moc or build he makes in speedbuild form and after he finishes a moc, he makes before and after picture, where it is so satisfiying to see his progress of the city. He comes from Germany and has also a german channel, where he posts videos few days earlier than on his english channel. So if you want to see earlier posts u can also visit his german channel Bob Brikman on youtube. I also follow Emamsaurus, Bricksie, Jang, just2good, AFOL TV, but they were mentioned before.
  11. cebelicamya

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Well for now it is just a survey to find out whether there is interest in ordering some of the Dreamzzz figures in larger quantities. It additionaly says that all Lego Dreamzzz characters will probably be available for ordering.
  12. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Oh, finally! Bricklink is back, now I can check my list and add some animals if needed. Oh nice! Haha, lol. Nice that you own all Patronuses! Thanx for the photos of Huskies.
  13. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    The green color with ticks means hairpieces that I own, the red color represents the hairpieces I don't have and the blue color are the hairpieces that are new for 2023 or are still available on bricks and pieces, probably will get them soon. Diddn't want to delete them before posting, too much work. I still need a lot to collect, nowadays it is a neverending story, LOL. When I started to collect, lego released just a few hairpieces a year.
  14. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    Updated list before January comes with new sets, LOL! The second part of the list I will post later, i started to update the list before bricklink got allegedly hacked so I can't continue at the moment. Need Bricklink back, asap!
  15. cebelicamya

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I really did open a can of worms with my list, diddn't I @rebelpilot LOL ! I think the best option is that I post existing list on google spreadsheet, where anyone can copy my list and add any animal of their choice. As @ShoelaceAglet said, each user can decide where they draw the line. It would also be interesting to see, at least for me, a thread where everybody would post their own list they've created. I need to update it with all existing colors, but bricklink is down so I am waiting..... I totally agree with you. I think we have the same criteria for collecting animals. Yes, the Mohawk cat a no for me too, as well as blue kitten. I should probably remove blue rabbit and the Spring Lantern Festival bunny on my list. If I buy the elusive light blue marbled glow in the dark octopus from the Agents theme, then I will have to buy all the transparent ones that came in Harry Potter theme as Patronuses (cat, otter, stag, hare) and also the penguin that came from Lunar New Year Ice Festival set. I do own the transparent cat from HP, haha guilty, couldn't resist to buy it when it was available on Bricks and Pieces. Sometimes I don't stick to my own list. OMG, my mind is blown, i always thought that the dark orange dogs are the same! Does anyone have them both and can compare them? Is only the dark orange color diferent shade or is also the printing different? I mean, on rendered 3d images it seems that the one from Jurassic Park has much darker dark orange color and the one from City set has a lighter dark orange color. killer penguins belong in a city don't they? -->  I think the eyes are to creepy for a more "realistic" lego city, LOL. Does Monkie Kid Heavenly Realms dog have eyes at all, can't realy see them from the picture? Well, sabertooth tiger doesn't fit in my lego city, so i will probably not include it on my list. But wait..., if I think about it, it might fit really well into my city when I buy the natural history museum modular. Omg, I am spending too much money on Lego. A list for prehistoric animals is a good idea. Anyone who has seen my other thread with hair pieces list, knows I looove making lists, LOL I agree with you @williejm. I should delete the old monkey, stingray etc... and just leave newer moulds of each animal. Yes totally forgot about starfish, clams and bats! Will add them, asap.