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  1. Lego hair pieces

    Hi guys! Sorry I've kept you waiting so long with the new update. I made a list of new hairpieces, I would apreciate very much if you guys check the list and see which hairpiece I forgot to add. This time i added: - ninjago movie hairpieces (edna and lauren) - ninjago minifigures hairpieces - star wars vice admiral holdo ( love the lila color! ;) ) -teen titans go dimensions -beetlejuice dimensions -hermione granger dimensions -elves - nexo knights renesaince wig - aquaman hair ( is there a set where the haurpiece is in black? i think i ve heard of it, but i am not sure) - august lego store gift caveman and cavewoman - dc super heroes girls - i know there is new rey hairpiece but couldnt find a nice picture
  2. Lego hair pieces

    Thank you so much! it is very helpfull, i will update in a moment Orry, i don't know any site, that would sell that kind of hair. :(
  3. Lego hair pieces

    Omg, 😲 i need to asap update this list, so many new hairpieces!
  4. We know that? What have i missed? haven't been really following this thread for quite some time... and now i find this out!!
  5. Disney Princesses 2017 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanx for the link. i was today in lego store and 1.august is confirmed for snow white princess set :)
  6. Disney Princesses 2017 - Rumors & Discussion

    link maybe? i don't speak japanese, so i don't know how to get from ninjago set to snow white set ? so the release date for juniors set is in august?
  7. Disney Princesses 2017 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hey guys, does anyone know when the juniors princes set snow white is coming out? and does anyone know when we will get cinderella polybag? I was in lego store and there are all summer sets, but no sign of snow white set
  8. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    High resolution pictures of all 2hy summer friends sets! I love this wave! -frozen yogurt shop: love the stickers! -heartlake hospital: love the new baby color :) and the color scheme for hospital, sometimes lego over exagerate with pink and violet colors in friends theme, - surf shop: can't wait to add this set in my city, you have never enough surf boards and beach assecoires ! :) -sunshine catemara: such an improvement from the previous one
  9. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanx, i thought it was more :) can you maybe make a picture of the back side of chocolate van, when you build the set?
  10. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here are pictures of frozen yogurt shop and hot chocolate van! Frozen yogurt shop looks great! How much was the set?
  11. Monochrome Minifigures

    My progress:
  12. LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Yes please, would really apreciate that! :)
  13. Monochrome Minifigures

    Oh I am sorry to hear that New Zealand has no bricks and pieces, but Bricklink works just fine! Thank you for tips where to find head pieces. I think I will buy them, turn them around and wait for actual plain heads. I actually put question marks on parts that are not available plain and need some wiping and on those that aren't available at all in certain colors. What I found interesting is that some parts weren't in sets at all and you can find them on bricklink. I was lucky to find plain bright light bluelegs in build a minifigure station. I don't think they ever came in a set, I just know that printed legs in bright light blue color came in pajama guy from minifigure series. Now I am waiting for plain light aqua torso and I will have a complete light aqua minifigure!
  14. LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I think the piece selection varies a little bit from store to store, but usually what you find at one store you can find it at another. Therefore I always check what people post around the world. For example, when thebrickfan posts about new elements in minifigure bar, I check them in my store and mostly they are the same ones. It also depends what people grab and buy, for example in one store there can be new parts available for couple of months, where in other one the new parts are gone in just 2 weeks. Example how the new pieces are added on each quarter: Yes please get some pictures, would love to see the difference! :) wow, i never knew you could do that. Do they allow it? Well next time I will try and pick up 5 torsos, 5 heads and 5 legs.
  15. Lego hair pieces

    Yes you can build one minifigure for 2,49eur or 3 minifigures for 6,49eur from the parts they have. Each quarter they have different pieces, this year they added new pieces in january and now in april, next will be july and then october, so every quarter there are new pieces in BAM wall. Mostly there are generic parts from CITY theme, but if you look through them well you can always find some special part from minifigures series. For example in austrian store you can find pizza guy torso S12, nurse torso S1, scientist torso S11, grandma torso S11, video game guy S12, fortune teller S 9 torso and dress and so on.....dico dude hair S 2, hollywood starlet S 9. On my other post in minifigure topic you can find more photos of new parts: I think the stock varies from store to store, but generally what you find at one store will be at another.