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  1. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    Who knew that Emmet's hair exists in chrome gold! I was suprised to see this, do you think that the pieces come apart or are they glued together ? Has anyone seen this before? Oh, no now I have to hunt another chrome minifigure, mister gold is on my list too.
  2. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    Thanx, i never saw that under item name there was Year released. Now i can finally have a better overview and can update my hair collection.
  3. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces! better view of overwatch hairpieces
  4. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    I am so busy at the moment, have barely time to check all the new stuff in lego world, so thanx @Exetrius for saving this thread. Hopefully I'll make some time to update the list with all the new hair pieces. Yes I picked one and I didn't know it was exclusive piece just for Build- a Minifig bar until i checked bricklink, so I will probably buy more next time I'll go to lego store. Other pieces that were in store:
  5. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    Hi everyone, today I was in Lego store and they have in pick a minifigure bar this hairpiece but in bright light yellow. I checked bricklink and this color diddn't appear in any set so far or minifigure. I also found some pieces from ninjago minifigures series, i guess the series diddn't sell so well.
  6. cebelicamya

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Which snake? 🐍 Voldemort's?
  7. cebelicamya

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I was in lego store yesterday and i found blue clown hair and scarecrow hat in new blue that came in diner set, can't remember the name of the color right now. The store employee said that they were exclusive made for the lego store. Had anyone else found them in other lego stores?
  8. cebelicamya

    Lego Animals Love that we get new cat and owl color. Nagini's mould is so good, hopefully lego will use this mould for future snakes.
  9. cebelicamya

    Lego hair pieces

    Yes yes harry potter cmf line finally revealed. And designers have done an amazing job. So many great pieces! Loving all the new hair moulds! Dumbledore minifg wins in my opinion, I i miss Bellatrix Lestrange minifigure, i was hoping we will get her, because of the blue hair they used for nexo knights minifigure. Oh well, hope they release her in the next wave. Mad-Eye’s hair - we get two hair pieces, yay! Trelawney’s hair - one of the best hairpieces Flitwick’s hair - they improved his figure with the new hairpiece Luna’s hair - hmmm quennie goldstein's hair - love this mould, i am glad we get a new color, love that we get pastry Dumbledore’s hair - looks so good with the new beard and hat Ron's hair - i diddn't recognize him, look too much like Hans Solo Neville's hair with headphones - such a good reuse harry potter hair- why do we get two different ones? I prefer new hair piece from great hall set i also prefer hermione's hair in great hall, why did they put different hair in cmf? But i like that we get a new colored cat with her. Is her hairpiece the same mould as dumbledore has in great hall set? I also like Nagini and owl in new brown color, hopefully we will get new type of snakes in this mould for our lego cities. I was not hp collector, though i loved reading books and watching movies, but damn with this new wave and new collectible minifigures line i will buy at least 2 sets (great hall set and express) and the whole cmf series. I love new accessories in this new cmf line.
  10. cebelicamya

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Thanx @Digger of Bricks, how cool is that. I like the idea, a bit dissapointed about premade designs, hopefully we could make our custom designs in the future. What is Mosaic Maker that is mentioned in the article?
  11. cebelicamya

    Lego Animals

    After all your suggestions i updated my list: @MAB i am still looking for good pictures of LOTR eagles with wings, I've added trolls from LOTR and HP, hopefully i haven't missed one. I also added jabba and angry birds, I am probably still missing some characters, haven't checked them on bricklink. And i came to conclusion that i will skip brick-built animals at the moment. @Roebuck as you suggested i added more owls, tiger cat, parrot from pirates, bats. I am not sure about cows, i think they are different color, one is brown and the other one is reddish brown? I can't find a good picture of the old one. @AmperZand black cat, black chimpanzee, eruptorr. check, check, check From which theme is eruptorr? @Agent Kallus i am still waiting for hd photos of new animals from arctic sets, so in the meantime i put photos from jangbricks reviews. @Exetrius i tried to add all your suggestions, i think from your list i am still missing worm like creatures. How many are there? Do I have to add all of them? I am probably still missing some animals, so please let me know in the comments, thanx.