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  1. Lego hair pieces

    Is Dumbledore hair hand solo hairpiece in grey? Better view of HP hair pieces:
  2. First unwrapping! Can't wait to get them in april! ;) a little disapointed that fireworks guy has no printing underneath, but love dragon minifigure
  3. Lego hair pieces

    @Digger of Bricks thanx, love harry potter hairpiece, i think it is a mayor improvement from old mould. Hermione's hair is also gorgeous, on the other hand i wished they would use old hairpiece of her, just because i don't have it in my collection yet. Nice recolor for Ron. Which mould is on Nicolas- ghost? Is it dr.who hairpiece or beetlejuice? p.s: after zooming in, i think the grey hairpiece is beetlejuice mould, and i diddn't notice before, but ginny's hairpiece is new recolor of spooky girl hairpiece, at first i thought it was student from series 10 hairpiece mould.
  4. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I think the mould looks much better than the old one. It almost looks like the size of a rabbit.
  5. Lego hair pieces

    Ooo 😮😊 he, he. Inverted, yes! How did my brain made that up? 😂 Lol i thought also he has Bruce Wayne's hair, but it is too blurry to be sure, so we will have to wait for better quality pictures, at least we got 4, so 13 to go it is maybe possible he has hairpiece from dfb series?
  6. Lego hair pieces

    Oh, thanx for pointing that out, thank god my toys r'us still has them, but 15€ is just too expensive for just black ponytail hairpiece, other minifigures are just too generic for my taste, nothing special. So i think i am going to wait for the hairpiece to come in pick a minifigure bar or bricklink. So news guys, i saw 4 minifigures from the new minifigures series 18 and there are couple of new hairpieces, balloon guy has a completely new mould and the brick girl has this hairpiece in dark brown, for brick guy i am not to sure because it is too blurry to see hair mould
  7. My thoughts on 4 minifigures from promo pic: the 🤠 cowboy minifigure, hopefully a tail is attached too 2. I am a little disapoonted with brick guy and brick girl, they don't look so good to me, was expecting more, i like the hairpieces in new colors, but the torso and legs are so generic, only good for monochrome fig collectors. Hopefully they have underneath 3x2 brick awesome prints on their torsos. Oh and the girl has the same hair mould as Sophie jones from elves but in dark brown. 3. Balloon 🎈 guy looks interesting, love his torso with printed necktie, orange baloon, printed 1x1 tile and face printing with glasses, i believe hairpiece is new
  8. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Can somebody please give me some hints to find these pictures? I've been looking everywhere
  9. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ? Where ? 😮😱i am also searching in various places and can't find it, maybe can you give me a hint? @whung
  10. Lego hair pieces

    Is Claire's hairpiece from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in a new color? It looks orange 🍊 to me?
  11. Lego hair pieces

    Thanx, love the new white hairpiece. Others are just meh.. nothing special. Yes red mohawk is photoshoped, will add the real one. Hans solo hair pieces are great, saw some preliminaries. :) can't wait.
  12. Monochrome Minifigures

    @Holodoc thank you Now i also think bright pink is to bright, magenta is to dark, so i think you are right about dark pink. It is so disappointing that dark pink legs came in only one HP set, only one minifigure, which i don't have. So i guess my monochrome minifigure will be pantless for awhile. I am hoping for some colorful legs in the next minifigure series, where there is rumored to be some kind of costume celebration.
  13. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    thanx, deleted scenes are great, i think the baby scene is the best one
  14. Monochrome Minifigures

    Is the pink torso normal pink or magenta? I am not quite sure. Which color is it on bricklink?