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  1. Ecclesiastes

    May the fourth Concept Art Contest

    May´╗┐ the 4th be with you, always! Celebrate the unique Star Wars universe with us by entering the Eurobricks SW Concept Art Contest.
  2. Fun to see all the different stages of the fight. The photos are neat as well, very playfull with depth
  3. Ecclesiastes

    [Freebuild] Jingu's Departure, Calamity's End

    The statue with the sort of mosaic floor pops, nicely done!
  4. Ecclesiastes

    Alnya Mountain Lodge

    Nice little cabin! I like the colors and the wooden staircase!
  5. Ecclesiastes

    1187 The siege of Jerusalem

    Inspired by Kingdom of Heaven: It's 1187, finally the walls have crumbled. Saladin's frontal attack on the oldest and weakest part of the wall is succes. It's just a matter of days now, Jerusalem will fall...
  6. Ecclesiastes

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    You are right it's 170 But even preorders count as discount and are still better compared to full brand retail price
  7. Ecclesiastes

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Some other stores in The Netherlands are already selling it for 144,- . So that's a 20% price drop compared to the normal retail price of 179,-. So it might be worth waiting for even better prices.
  8. Ecclesiastes

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion Neat interview @Garmadon and @Louis of Nutwood
  9. A vibrant part of the Historica's Grand Capital. Close-ups: Under street level: cellars and torture chamber. Ground Floor: Greengrocer, bakery, and Sherrif's office. First Floor: Taxidermist and Living Quarters Second Floor: Atelier, Living Quarters and Bedroom Third Floor: Bedroom, City Records and an appartment. Roof level: Barber, Homeless Shelter and Rooftop Top Builds: Scientist House and Aviary
  10. Ecclesiastes

    [Freebuild] Embarking

    Very nice, I really like the micro siege weapons! Those different styles of boats are also neatly designed!
  11. Ecclesiastes

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That's a bad-ass minifig, very nice combo! That's gold
  12. Ecclesiastes

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Right! So you are good already, with plenty of past builds
  13. Ecclesiastes

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Microscale would be original so definitely yes!
  14. Ecclesiastes

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    This is amazing, I like the colour of the roof more compared to the blue of the Blacksmith. Also, you did a way better job on the angles of the roof. The Blacksmith has a lot of gaps, which bothers me a lot.
  15. Ecclesiastes

    [MOC] Roman stuff

    Love the cabinet for the shields! Also, the Baturion legs are spot on.