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  1. Ecclesiastes

    Gryphon Deepspace Initiative

    This was my contribution to the Legoworld Utrecht layout. All participants, 6 total, had to choose a Nexo Knights shield and use it in the builds. My inspirations came from the Tiberian Sun games, hence the GDI reference. Also, movements were a requirement and everything that moved was controlled by the visitors using the remotes attached to the fences: Movements: Launch Pad: Construction Yard: Refinery: Dolphin, scout spaceship: Beluga, attack and transport ship: Harvester: MPB, Multi Purpose Buggy: White Wolf, worker mech. Fenrir, Armoured attack mech Overview: Contributions of the others(Elderon , Tijger-San, Workfromtheheart and two more):
  2. Ecclesiastes

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    It's always impressive when a builder succeeds in making a creature that looks this good. Henjin_Quilones surely did an amazing job on making this dragon. The colors work great and the base build for the dragon makes you want it to put on display in your own living room! Check out the topic in Guilds of Historica! 43052929614_2d2283ee32_c.jpg FROM THE ALBUM: Frontpage Items (138 imag
  3. Ecclesiastes

    The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    It's been a while since the last Lotr sets came out, but once in a while builders still like to build in this theme. Like this Hall of Meduseld build by norlego! Wouldn't it be great if we got something like this as an Exclusive. Check out the topic in History Forum!
  4. Ecclesiastes

    Medieval Tavern [WIP]

    Very nice and I like the use of the pistols, very creative!
  5. Of course you want your mocs to be scored, so make sure to put a link in this topic. This way it's easy to make an index and hold score!
  6. For the first time in its history, Lowlug is having a public meeting! Make sure to visit if you can! More information:
  7. Ecclesiastes

    The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    It's a shame you don't see more of the mini dolls in a fantasy setting. Which you should expect by having an Elves theme. So it's a good thing Stillinamerica shows us how it can be done! Check out more details in History Forum!
  8. Ecclesiastes

    REVIEW: 21311 LEGO® IDEAS Voltron

    Introduction This project was the only one I supported on Ideas and it is awesome to see that it became a real set. So am I a huge Voltron fan? No, but everything that has something to do with my childhood has a great appeal to me. All the classic tv shows and cartoons, like M.A.S.K, Transformers, Voltron and so on were amazing to watch as a child(and still as an adult). It also was a huge inspiration to build stuff like that. So seeing it become a set is simply amazing! Name: 21311 Voltron Theme: LEGO IDEAS Year: 2018 Pieces: 2321 Price: USD 179.99, GBP 159.99, EURO 179.99 Resources: Press Release topic Box art The front of the box shows Voltron and has the Lego Ideas logo on it. Of course, the number 22 is also shown because this is the 22nd set that made it into production. The back of the box is showing what Voltron is all about. Five robot lions combining into the Defender of the Universe. Also good to put on the back is a short summary of how Lego Ideas works. I'm sure a lot of Voltron fans who might not be that familair with lego will pick up this set and maybe have great Ideas to put on there too. Although it's not always a good Idea if you look at the Adventure Time set for example... The sides of the box are covered with some great animation from the tv show and also of the lions flying in formation. And it gives you a good depiction of how close the set is to the tv show Voltron. Content Just by shaking the box before opening it, It was sure it was filled with plenty of Lego. Almost no room for air this time. The total of 16 bags made it worth opening. And that's not surprising because this is the largest Ideas set so far. Instructions It's good to see that each of the lions has its own booklet. Which gives it a more exclusive feel. The last booklet is the one that shows you the instructions of the shield and sword. Also, the instruction for transforming the lions into Voltron are shown. The most important part of the Ideas sets is, of course, some background information about the set. So it tells you a bit about the show. All the pilots are shown as well. To be honest, wouldn't it be a great addition if they were added to the set as a micro fig? This is probably the most interesting part about the set. It's always nice to see how a set eventually came to be. The best thing about the final model is that they managed to make the head, well except for the mouth, brick build. In a lot of the previous models, it was completely printed. Parts Printed parts, yes! That's what we want! Especially the 2x2 round tile with the "mechanical" print is one of the best prints I've seen in a while. Because I can definitely use those in other mocs as well! For space, steampunk, you name it. So this part will become popular on bricklink for sure. Shiny! Yes, there's a lot of those in there! Stickers... That's quite a bummer, considering the other important parts being printed. Or is it? For once this was a good decision because in the Japanese version of the show the Lions did not have numbers on them. The American version however did. So this way you can decide which animation you want to follow. Building Yellow Lion: The first of the three bags to make the lions contains most of the body. Which is quite sturdy and it has to be because it will become a foot when forming Voltron. The next bag contains parts for the shoulders and head. And this has to be supported by a technic beam. Because later on when transforming, you will have to push it in a 90-degree angle. Without the technic beam, it wouldn't be possible to put so much pressure on it. It would break. When forming the head you would think that the finger plate is there so you might open it's mouth. It's not, instead it's a clever way to put the 3x3 plate in the middle together with a jumper plate. If you want to open the lion's mouth. It's only possible by moving its lower jaw which is a bar and clip connection. The last step of booklet two is connecting the head and shoulders part to the rest of the body. When in place an axle is used to make sure it stays there and it's also the connection for the legs. To make the legs turn Lego used a ball joint with an axle connection, which is a very good connection in such a small space. And the Yellow lion is ready for Battle! The back of the lion shows the connections which are needed when forming Voltron. There's space to put the black lions foot in and when doing so you can click it into place by attaching it to both the bars and fingers. Blue Lion: The building of the blue and yellow lion is almost identical. Not considering the detailing of numbers and colors. Here in the middle, you can see the clip that holds the shoulders and head in position when it's in lion form. A clever solution to make sure Voltron stands up correctly is the use of the tires. The rubber is a perfect material to make sure Voltron doesn't slide off the shelf into more than just five lions. Although the bodies of the blue and yellow lion are quite static, the legs make it possible to pose in a lot of different positions. The tail makes it even possible to stand on its hind legs. Black Lion: A sturdy body to hold all the limbs together. It's a good thing they made the front of Voltron brick build considering Lego did consider using a sticker. The really nailed it. The front legs are connected with a bar and clip connection. When transforming later on you can just pull it of and click it back together again. By seeing the box art I was wondering how the legs would be made. I did see the hinge brick and knowing this is a part that's quite loose I expected the legs to be loose as well. But it's actually used to make a small bend. And it's done quite clever. You are able to fold the wings with a beam in the middle which is working really smooth. The head is very well made, considering it also hides Voltron's face and that is able to transform on such a small scale is impressive. It's the largest of all the lions, but also the most static one. Yes, you can bend its front legs, but it comes down to just wiggling its toes and turning its head. And before I forget it can also wiggle its tail. Flying mode. Red Lion: Two bags are reserved for the red lion. The first one contains the upper and lower body which you have to connect with ball joints. The second bag has parts for the head and legs. The four legs are almost identical, except for the upper part being mirrored. As you can see the mouth of this lion can't open. It's already sort of open, so you can put the sword int its mouth using a technic pin. Gree Lion: The green lion is almost identical to its red brother. It just has a more slender like because of the shoulder detailed. In this photo, you can also see the two technic pins underneath which are later on used to connect to Voltron at the shoulders so it can serve as an arm. Weapons: "Form blazing sword!" The sword is created out of nothing, it just appears out of its hands. Science, duh! So it's understandable that the instructions are added to the transformation booklet. Transforming All the lions are done. Time to form Voltron! "Activate Interlocks!" The transformation starts with the Blue and Yellow lions. This is the easiest step. By just holding the lions at the side you can press the head op until it's in a 90-degree angle. After that, you have to make sure to fold the legs correctly. By disconnecting the shoulders and turning those 180-degrees you can see that Voltron's chest is being formed. The legs have a similar process, but only a turn of 90-degrees will do the trick. The last transformation in the instructions of the black lion is revealing the face by just simply putting it's lower jaw down. And yes this should actually be the last step if you want to be close to the tv show Transforming the red and green lion is the simplest. Just fold the legs forward and backward. When that's done, you can simply connect the pins under the lions into the black lion's shoulders. And Voltron's transformation is complete! The back is less appealing compared to the front. But now worries, I doubt this will be the side that will be on display anyway. Extra: Not often a box depicts a set so well as this one! "You are no match for me!" "Surrender, you are surrounded!" Rating: Design: 8/10 Almost perfect, it is impressive how such a large and heavy model is able to transform, stand firmly and is still able to be posable. Parts: 8/10 While most parts are quite generic, those chromed pieces and the 2x2 tile are definitely worth having more of! Building: 8/10 The green and red lion were similar to build. Same goes for the blue and yellow lion. Did that make building those a bit dull? No, both models have enough different details to make putting it together interesting enough. And of course, the black lion is completely different which makes the building experience complete. Personally, I keep thinking that the "baby" steps of adding just two are three bricks per step are ridiculous. But considering this happens in every set and probably works better for kids makes it ok. Playability: 8/10 While the lions are easy to play with, Voltron isn't. It's just too big. And the lions are missing some play features from the movie. Like canons or mouth blade. Price: 8/10 It's a good price. Yes, the set is expensive but that's because it has a large number of bricks. But considering it's also a licensed set I don't think there's any reason to complain. Overall conclusion: 8/10 Woah so many eights! Swooshing and more swooshing. It's five lions that transform into a giant robot. Is it really necessary to say more? It's just so awesome!
  9. Ecclesiastes

    GoH Book III

    @deGothia, I can see he likes the looks of his father in law Awesome, would be great to have you back again!
  10. Jim is definitely not impressed Yes, very sharp photo's considering the rollercoaster was moving. Nice job Holodoc
  11. Ecclesiastes

    Casterly Rock

    It's amazing how dedicated some builders can be to building a project. Sered started Casterly Rock by building the gate back in 2014. The stuff he added since resulted in an amazing diorama! Back in 2014: ] The final result:
  12. 42083 LEGO Technic: Bugatti Chiron Ages 16+. 3,600 pieces. US $ - CA $ - FR 379.99€ - DE 369.99€ - UK £329.99 - DK 3199DKK *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing. Discover the Bugatti Chiron! Build, experience and display this quintessential super sports car, featuring aerodynamic bodywork with an active rear wing, spoked rims with low-profile tires, and a detailed cockpit with movable paddle gearshift. Celebrate innovative engineering and design from one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers with this magnificent LEGO® Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron model. Developed in partnership with Bugatti, the model captures the magic of the iconic supercar with its gleaming aerodynamic bodywork, logoed spoked rims with low‑profile tires, detailed brake discs and W16 engine with moving pistons. Open the doors and you’ll discover an elaborate cockpit, featuring a Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel bearing the Bugatti emblem. Insert the top speed key to switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position or lift the hood to reveal a unique serial number and a storage compartment containing a stylish Bugatti overnight bag. A classic Bugatti duo-tone blue color scheme reflects the brand’s signature color, and a set of cool stickers for additional detailing adds the final touch to this exclusive model! The set is delivered in luxurious box packaging and includes a color collector’s booklet with comprehensive building instructions · Exclusive 1:8 scale LEGO® Bugatti Chiron replica model with a wealth of luxurious features, including aerodynamic bodywork with an active rear wing, spoked rims with low-profile tires, detailed brake discs and a W16 engine with moving pistons. · Open the doors to access the detailed cockpit featuring a LEGO® Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift and a steering wheel bearing the Bugatti emblem. · Insert the top speed key to switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position. · Lift the hood to access a compact storage compartment containing a stylish Bugatti overnight bag. · Check out the detailed W16 engine with moving pistons. · Includes a unique serial number located beneath the hood. · Comes with a classic Bugatti duo-tone blue color scheme that reflects the brand’s signature color, plus a set of cool stickers for additional detailing. · Delivered in luxurious box packaging. · Includes a color collector’s booklet with comprehensive building instructions. · This LEGO® Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience. · Bugatti Chiron measures over 5” (14cm) high, 22” (56cm) long and 9” (25cm) wide. REVEALED: THE NEW LEGO® TECHNIC BUGATTI CHIRON Where art, engineering and bricks combine Billund, 1st of June 2018. LEGO Group and Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. have today revealed the new LEGO® Technic Bugatti Chiron. The 1:8 scale super car will be available from June 1. The LEGO® Technic Bugatti Chiron model brings together the iconic design heritage of the French ultra-luxury car brand and LEGO Technic elements, with a reimagined version of the latest cutting-edge super car from Molsheim. The new model was unveiled at LEGO House at the company’s headquarters in Billund by Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group, and Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann. The 1:8 scale LEGO® Technic Bugatti Chiron will be available from June 1, only at all LEGO® stores and, then all retailers globally from August 1, 2018. The model encapsulates the magic, power and elegance of the Chiron, unveiled to the world two years ago and now brought to life in LEGO Technic form, offering a unique, authentic building experience for car enthusiasts and LEGO fans of all ages. Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group said: “I am very excited about this new model. Our LEGO designers have done an amazing job capturing the details of this iconic Bugatti design. It truly stands as testament that with LEGO bricks you can build anything you can imagine, and an example that with LEGO Technic, you can build for real. It’s a huge model that I can’t wait to start building myself. I’ve always been passionate about engineering and this model’s details and design are truly fascinating.” Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.:“Thanks to their proven design and technology expertise, the LEGO Group and Bugatti are the epitomes of their brand segments. The LEGO Technic model of the Bugatti Chiron is an expression of this perfect relationship. I am impressed at the precision and refinement with which our super sports car has been translated into the LEGO world and I am sure that fans of both LEGO bricks and Bugatti will love this product.” The 1:8 scale LEGO® Technic Bugatti Chiron replica model – measuring over 5” (14cm) high, 22” (56cm) long and 9” (25cm) wide and featuring 3,599 pieces – is packed full of intricate details and immersive touches. These include aerodynamic bodywork with an active rear wing, spoked rims with low-profile tires, detailed cockpit with movable paddle gearshift, and detailed W16 engine with moving pistons. Open the doors and you’ll discover that there’s more to the cockpit than first meets the eye, featuring a LEGO Technic 8-speed gearbox with paddle gearshift and a steering wheel bearing the iconic Bugatti emblem. Each individual model comes personalised with its own unique serial number, carefully stored under the hood to unlock special content on The set also features a speed key which enables you to switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position. Hidden discreetly under the hood, you will also discover an additional authentic Bugatti Chiron detail – the stylish Bugatti overnight bag. Staying true to Bugatti’s heritage, the model features the classic duo-tone blue color scheme reflecting the brand’s signature colour, and a set of identifiable stickers for additional detailing and authenticity of the build. Delivering a final ’artistic’ touch, the set comes enclosed in an exclusive box and includes a ’coffee table’ style collectors booklet with comprehensive building instructions. Fans can also dive deep into the inspiration behind the design with series of nine exclusive podcasts featuring Bugatti and LEGO experts. Available from LEGO® stores and from June 1 About Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is the manufacturer of the ultimate production super sports car. Since it was established in 1909, the French luxury brand has had its headquarters at Molsheim, Alsace, where 450 Veyrons were produced from 2005 to 2015 and where the new Chiron, which is limited to 500 cars, is being hand-crafted today. The Chiron is not only designed for maximum speed but also meets the highest possible demands in terms of luxury, comfort, everyday drivability and durability. The Chiron combines the best in all these areas which makes it the world’s most complete super sports car and a unique concept. The brand, which has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998, has 34 dealers and service partners in 17 countries in Europe, North America, the Arabian Peninsula and Asia/Pacific.
  13. Ecclesiastes

    Event 2018 Billund building challenge!

    That's too bad, there was a chance I would have to work Saturday. Which is not the case luckily, but now I probably have to leave early in the morning on Tuesday.
  14. Ecclesiastes

    Event 2018 Billund building challenge!

    Unfortunately I didn't have the time to build, so I'll be just gazing at the awesome stuff you guys will bring!