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  1. This is pushing the boundaries quite far I don't see something similar appearing into a cmf! A galeone or frigate would indeed be a different time frame. I like the idea of a trireme though, inspiration on!! Would be a pretty big dragon though. But this is what GoH is about. Thinking out of the box...
  2. Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    It's like looking at a painting! Preatorian_ has made this fantastic diorama, which is incredibly appealing to look at because it's so realistic. Check out more details in History:
  3. 36295773765_b484053775_c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  4. DwalinF has made an incredible sculpture of a dwarf. Not so dwarvish actually, the guy is over 50cm tall! Make sure to check out the details in History Forum!
  5. 36225135715_d915e66532_c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  6. Tíre Village

    TitusV has made a wonderful village scenery. Around every corner there's something new to discover. So make sure to pay the topic a visit!
  7. 35614234886_212947a92f_c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  8. It's because the Disney series had 18 as well. Yes, that's fine You could build a mounted fig, but keep in mind that it should be in the CMF spirit. So a horse would be too big. But a pig could work as the appeared in the series before.
  9. HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    Woah congrats, great job guys!! Setting the bar for next year!
  10. 1. Soldier 1 and 2 is totally fine when they have a different style! 2. You can add previously desgined minifigs, but I think voters will appreciate new ones. And like you said, it's maybe tough, but that's also the fun challenging part! And yes one entry and digital entries are allowed. Probably somewhere during summer. You could use for not showing the backside if it's not worth mentioning. Are find a way to cover it up, with headgear etc. But no photoshopping faces. And yes like last time, no 3rd party stuff. in the second category are different mocs allowed, just like in the final Book Challenge. I assume you're thinking of working together with soccerkid? For the second category you could collaborate, but it should be presented as one entry by one of you in one topic.
  11. Fanweekend Presentation

    Thanks for the all the input!
  12. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    With fanweekend in between and the amount of sorting I still need to do I don't think I'll get to enter.
  13. Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Probably July, when events like Brickworld are over!
  14. [MOC] - Chapel of the Bat God

    Very nice, love the idea and so well executed. The statue is solid and I like the use of the bat arms. Also, those gray eggs are perfect as ornaments!