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  1. Welcome to master Wu's lair. Have some tea, do some training or relax in the garden! Vincent Q has made a stunning structure, filled with details and fun techniques like the roof. So make sure to check out the topic to have a look inside these walls!
  2. 24474480248_49d7231a54_c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  3. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Most welcome, always nice to have more Dutchies over here!
  4. Newer would be better as I think it would give you a better chance at winning. But do what you think is best! Yep, five builds. So looking forward what you can come up with Like Kai said, I just went with Lego's flow to add numbers to certain series. Ok, new deadline will be the 3rd of February! Why? Well, it's my birthday so super important day! And it gives people the opportunity to enter their builds for the CCC as well. It also gives us more time for the next book. Yes I know, super slow on getting there, apologies again. And around the Christmas holidays people tend to have a bit more time for building, including myself! So why even an extra month than? Time flies, so the new deadline will be there sooner than you think. It always is! Any more questions, I'll be happy the help.
  5. Apologies for my absence guys! I've been busy with Legoworld(and work blabla) the last months. But that's over now, so I'll answer questions in the forthcoming days. And probably extend the deadline a bit. As I feel a lot of you could appreciate that, especially if you could combine it with the CCC.
  6. 70922 The Joker Manor

    Dare to enter The Joker™ Manor!
  7. 70922 The Joker Manor

    70922 The Joker™ Manor Ages 14+. 3,444 pieces. US $269.99 - CA $349.99 - DE 269.99€ - UK £249.99 - DK 2299.00 DKK *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing. Launch date for The Joker™ Manor at and LEGO Stores is on Black Friday, November 24th Dare to enter The Joker™ Manor! Help Batman™, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth™ (in his classic Batsuit) and Nightwing™ regain control of the jokerized Wayne Manor with this massive THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE set. The Joker™ Manor is packed with iconic details from the movie and cool functions, including a rollercoaster encircling the whole building, a huge buildable The Joker head with trapdoor and slide, punching boxing gloves, a rocking ‘The Joker’ sign and rotating ‘big eye’ tower. The interior includes a cinema room with a romantic DVD element, kitchen with buildable microwave plus lobster and lemon-slice decorated tile elements, living room with a buildable grand piano, fireplace and bust, swimming pool room, and a music studio with guitar element and buildable mixing desk and loudspeakers. Build this magnificent manor and then recreate your favorite scenes from the movie with 10 included minifigures. • Includes 10 minifigures: The Joker™, Batman™, Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn™, Nightwing™, Alfred Pennyworth™ Classic Batsuit, Disco Batman™, Disco The Joker™, Disco Batgirl™ and Disco Robin™. • Features a grand entrance flanked by 2 buildable bombs with translucent spark-style elements, 2-level and 3-level towers with turrets and flag elements on top, a rollercoaster track and train with 3 cars (each with a minifigure seat), rotating ‘big eye’ tower with lever-operated iris to ‘look’ up and down, huge buildable The Joker™ head with trapdoor and slide, rocking ‘The Joker’ sign, ‘Ha! Ha!’ sign, 2 wheel-operated punching boxing gloves, plus many multicolored, translucent light-style decorative elements. • Activate the trapdoor to send a minifigure tumbling from the top of the The Joker™ head, down the slide and out through the mouth. • Interior includes an entrance hall with 4 plastic, bendy ‘mirror’ elements; living room with a buildable grand piano and stool, bust, and fireplace with translucent-red fire-style elements; cinema room with a screen, minifigure seat and assorted elements including a romantic DVD; kitchen with cup, pot and pan elements, and a buildable microwave with lobster, lemon and plate elements inside; music studio with a buildable mixing desk and loudspeakers, seat and a guitar element; swimming pool room with translucent-blue water-style elements; and an attic with 2 buildable boxes and a rat figure. • Weapons include Batman’s Batarang, Barbara Gordon’s revolver and Harley Quinn’s bat. • Disco Batman™, Disco The Joker™, Disco Batgirl™ and Disco Robin™ minifigures are new! • Recreate and reimagine memorable scenes from THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE. • The Joker™ Manor measures over 21” (55cm) high, 25” (66cm) wide and 10” (27cm) deep. • Rollercoaster train measures over 1” (3cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.
  8. Isn't that what always happens, people building a few weeks before the deadline. I know I build better/faster when deadlines appear.
  9. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Building for Fanweekend Skaerbaek next week and Legoworld Utrecht!
  10. Rivendell

    Soccerkid6 has made a very detailed micro scale version of Rivendell. You can find clever use of parts all over the build. Make sure to check out more details in History Forum!
  11. 36687027176_a0299fd028_c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  12. This is pushing the boundaries quite far I don't see something similar appearing into a cmf! A galeone or frigate would indeed be a different time frame. I like the idea of a trireme though, inspiration on!! Would be a pretty big dragon though. But this is what GoH is about. Thinking out of the box...
  13. Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    It's like looking at a painting! Preatorian_ has made this fantastic diorama, which is incredibly appealing to look at because it's so realistic. Check out more details in History:
  14. 36295773765_b484053775_c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items