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  1. Ecclesiastes

    [MOC] Micro Troll Battle Wheel

    Never liked to set, felt out of place beacuse of the size. But this sure is an excellent micro, and it's obvious to see which set it is. Great work!
  2. Ecclesiastes

    Celebrating Guilds of Historica, final contest!

    Anything that hasn't been shown online before the start of this contest can be used. I have a few wips lying around, never posted, that could serve as base or inspiration for any of the categories. Yes, though focusing on making something for each categorie might be smarter if you want a better chance on winning any of the prizes. Sure, no elements in weird colors allowed though!
  3. Ecclesiastes

    [MOC] Protector of the Vale

    Stunning! Like nature coming alive, nicely done. I especially like the head, which is often difficult to make.
  4. We'll finally start with the last of the challenges by celebrating the Guilds of Historica's anniversary properly. We have three categories that fit the Guild's history perfectly. And because it's all about creativity in building and storytelling we have a long time frame to give Guildies plenty of time to build to show the world that Historica truly is "The castle MOCers paradise"! We also have the largest prize pool to date. Sure it's about worldbuilding, but it's always a nice incentive. So behold and feast your eyes: So without further ado: GoH 10 A: Life in Cedrica Built a part of Historica's capital on a 32x32 base "Ninjago City" style. So make sure it has a part of water, connector bricks at the right spots and of course interiors! It can be a rural part, fortified barracks, harbor, etc. It can even be 2x 16x32. For example: 1st Prize: 31120 +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. 2nd Prize: 71735 +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. Goh 10 B: Old but Gold Pick one of your previous Guild mocs and rebuild it showing the progress we Guildies made as lego builders over the years. It must be clear that it's a similar setting or building! For example: Old watchtower next to a river compared to a newer version: 1st Prize: 31132 +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. 2nd Prize: 76205 +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. Goh 10 C: Miscellaneous Just... go... nuts! It can be small and glorious or big and impressive. Just make sure it tells a solid story about your sigfig! 1st Prize: 21325 +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. 2nd Prize: 71746 +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. Raffle: Just for fun there will be raffle among all entries and you can win a Cedrica Guard +Awesome printed commemorative bricks and some goodies. General Rules: -As stated in the previous preludes you need to have at least two other Guild mocs that aren't entries for joining this challenge. -Post your finished mocs in the right thread with the proper title like Goh 10 C: (your title of the moc) -Deadline February 28 2023 -We have the right to change any rule if needed. Entry Threads: GoH 10 A GoH 10 B GoH 10 C
  5. Ecclesiastes

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    That's not true, I bought several sets in the past in my own timezone on release date. There's just not knowing beforehand if they'll use the UK timezone or not. But putting that aside, mine is on its way!
  6. Ecclesiastes

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Not the first time this happens. Lego IT is often an enormous, to put it nicely, letdown...
  7. Ecclesiastes

    Forestmen shield print quality

    The new ones aren't that much better. I've already asked LEGO service to provide three new ones, bad printing on corners, discoloration and so on. Some friends of mine had the same issue.
  8. Ecclesiastes

    Review: 10299 Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

    I feel like TLC is filling up too many of the "gaps" in the system. So a 1x5 tile seems unnecessary, I could be creative and find another solution, that said I'll use them.
  9. Ecclesiastes

    REVIEW: 76908 Lamborghini Countach

    These Speed Champion cars are getting better, at such a scale it looks amazing. And I'm not a car lover, but as a kid I played an insane amount of NFS and my favorite car was the Countach. So this car will be sitting on my desk soon, just for nostalgia!
  10. Introduction(Press Release Information) Pieces: 5876 pieces Retail price: €349.99 / $349.99 / £309.99 / CA$449.99 / AU$549.99 Available: March 1st at The spectacular home of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol can now be built in LEGO brick form as the ultimate display piece for fans The LEGO Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium set coincides with the club’s 120th anniversary and the 75th anniversary of the iconic grounds. The impressive set features over 5,800 pieces and has been designed to be the ultimate display piece for Real Madrid C.F. and LEGO fans — and to symbolize the spectacular pride felt by fans watching a match take place at the stadium. This interactive and immersive set features many specialized details which make it an accurate replica of the stadium from both up-close and afar. A lift-off roof and the ability to open up the model by “splitting” it in half, encourages users to engage with the many details of the set — from the pitch with the famous grass pattern, the venue's iconic four towers, the goals, tunnel, dugout, scoreboard, banners, stickers, stairwells, iconic Real Madrid C.F. branding, and more. Milan Madge, Designer at the LEGO Group commented: “Real Madrid is one of the most remarkable football clubs in history — which is why recreating the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in LEGO brick form was such an incredibly rewarding experience. Authenticity and sense of scale are key factors in this recreation so that builders can truly feel the atmosphere of this dazzling and vast stadium. This set allows builders to bring the much-loved home base of Real Madrid into their own home for years to come.” Box art The black 18+ color doesn't work for every set, but in this case it makes the stadium certainly pop on the box. Content A total of 40 bags numbered from 1 to 40, so no double bags for certain numbers. The stickers are safely stored with the booklets. Content inner box: As with most 18+ sets, there is some info on the model. A brief historical overview is shown from the stadium which is fun to read. On several pages, you can find fun facts about the stadium. Some fun facts are about LEGO bricks. A short overview of the steps Not a big fan of stickers, Numbers 01 and 15 would have been perfect for a printed tile! Bag 1 The most interesting parts are the printed trans clear parts which make neat little soccer goals. The frame to hold the 8x16 printed tiles. The print on is excellent. The print would also work really well in a city setting as a small soccer court between buildings! Bag 2 Starting the chassis with a sturdy Technic frame. Using the inverted tiles is quite clever. Bag 3 Modified 1x2 Brick with hole from last year is a nice to have in this quantity. Clever angle by using bars and clips. Bag 4 Stadium chairs are represtend by 1x2 bricks with grille. Quite snug angles with minimal gaps. Bag 5 Stacking the staircase tower. The nice micro players bus. Bag 6 Adding some height and entrances to the chairs. Bag 7 Adding more chairs and Suites/VIP lounges. Clever usage of bars. A slightly larger gap compared to the previous stage. Bag 8 Flat silver galore! Bag 9 Very nice snot work on the outside. Bag 10 Quite colorful. Adding the upper layer. Bag 11-19 This contains building the same part mirrored resulting in the first half of the stadium. The base is connected with pins and the top with tiles like the scoreboard. Though a line is clearly visible along the stadium chairs. The 2x2 and 1x8 are nice exclusive printed parts that connect the two stadium parts on the outside. Loving the hockey sticks as Lantarn posts. Bag 20 and 21 Similar to the other quarters but this side has one of the dugouts. Bag 22 Flat silver, shiny! Different kinds of slopes to avoid gaps as many gaps as possible. Bag 23 and 24 Bag 25 and 26 Entrace to the field. Bag 27 Even more flat silver, shiny! Bag 28 Building this part was quite enjoyable, building sideways with several angels with some clever solutions. Especially the part that uses support in the base(hole). Bag 29-37 This contains building the same part mirrored resulting in the second half of the stadium. Bag 38 The roof on this part of the stadium is attached to the top of both quarters. Which makes the line on the grandstands less visible compared to the other half. Bag 39 and 40. Nice surprise, before opening I expected these to be stickers but prints for the win! The roof kinda looks like a special version of a U-Wing. The roof is place on the top resting on plates with rails so no connection with studs. Overview Rating Design: 8/10 Captures the stadium perfectly. Parts: 8/10 Excellent parts pack, a lot of bricks in high quantities. Building: 6/10 Fun techniques, though repetitive building the four squares with a lot of similarities. Playability: 7/10 It's clearly just for display. But opening the roof and opening the two halfs of the stadium is a nice feature. Price: 8/10 Ok looking at the pieces and considering it's lisenced. Overall conclusion: Solid set, for fans a much have. For me, a nice castle parts pack. I'm not a fan of the Stadiums and I still find it hard to believe it's succesfull. Still, it's the third one so the line must have plenty of fans. Like LEGO says, "adults welcome". Especially football fans.
  11. Results are in! CMF: 1st place: @Aurore 2nd place: @Gideon and @Henjin_Quilones Wonders: 1st place: @Kai NRG 2nd place: @Servertijd Make sure to contact me for shipping info!
  12. Ecclesiastes

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    1 point for 5. Kai NRG -Size and detail wise truly a wonder! 1 point for 6. Servertijd -Great atmosphere overall! 3 points for 8. Aurore -Truly stunning statue and the action scenes for the sake of storytelling makes what I love about the Guilds! 1 point for 10. MKJosha -Everything breaths Dwarf, treasures, statues, fortifications. Great stuff! 1 point for 11. Kahir88 -Those large books, very creative! 1 point for 13. Henjin -Great rockwork and solid building with a touch of fp. 1 point for 15. W. Navarre -Stunning architecture! Apologies for the delay, no further excuses just the results. The winner was quite popular, so was @Aurore again being second. Though having won the CMF Challenge, second place will go to the next runner-up! 1st place: @Kai NRG 2nd place: @Servertijd Make sure to contact me for shipping info!
  13. Ecclesiastes

    VOTING topic CDC2 CMF

    1 point for 3. Gideon -Classic selection with outstanding photos! 1 point for 7. BardDandelion - The Hussar is just amazing! 1 point for 11. Kai NRG -That harp is very creative! 1 point for 11. Jtooker -Solid minifigs, love the twist with the colored base! 1 point for 13. Ayrlego -Stunning collection of warriors 1 point for 16 Henjin - In love with that cute dwarf! 1 point for 18. Aurore - Vibrant fantasy mix! 2 points 19. Kahir - This was just so creative, a fun twist, and very well executed! Apologies for the delay, no further excuses just the results. Second place was a tie, so two winners! 1st place: @Aurore 2nd place: @Gideon and @Henjin_Quilones Make sure to contact me for shipping info!
  14. We'll keep voting open a little bit longer. Lord Ssilyrrlith takes his time to vote for those Wonders!