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    Space and Pirates
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    A little Ship for my Nephew.

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    Somewhere between Earth and Proxima Centauri
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    Lego, P&P - The Black Eye/Shadowrun..., History, Fantasy Themes, Science Fiction Stuff like Star Trek/Star Wars/Babylon 5/Battlestar Galactica..., drawing, reading Books, Good Music - Electronic/Cyberpunkstuff/Alternative stuff/Nu Metal/Crossover, Reanactment and HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)


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  1. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [OL - FB -Ship] Cornucopia

    Really nice Ship! Hilarious STory!
  2. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [LDD] Galleon Habana

    Wow she is a Beauty!
  3. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    Really nice Ship!
  4. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    Nice Story! Going forward to see the finished ship
  5. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Thanks Mate And thanks for the Feedback. Yes the pufferfish-helmet looks a bit out of place. But i really like it maybe because its out of place.. The shoulder flaps i may remove. It should be a reminder for himself (the Captain) that some time ago he was in the navy. Like some Nostalgic approach. In my mind they would be very loosly attached to the former uniform (a uniform cut in pieces and discoloured by salty water, sunshine ...)
  6. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    So after some new recruits came to the crew of Captain "Ursus" (latin for Bear) i present them to you. Not the best picture. I think i will post a updated one next week or so. The Captain: Captain Ursus is famous for driving himself into difficult Situations. Here you see him stranded on a little island, behind him a big freakwave holding a grenade going to charge... The Crew: His trusty crew. The "Barracuda" behind is only the Placeholder.
  7. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [VIDEO] Pirates of the Karibrick

    Hi iam late on this topic. Have sucribed on your youtube channel couple of minutes ago. I think the steampunk/Piratetheme you have talked about in your first video is a amazing idea Greetings from Sachsen Anhalt Grüße aus Sachsen Anhalt
  8. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [ESL-Ship] La Descoberta - Terraman

    A really nice Ship! I really like the Hull Widening Technique. I hope its no problem when i copy paste a bit?!
  9. Thanks a lot NOD. Yeah i think i will built my character this weekend. I have some things in my mind i want to try. I also think i will support the Searats
  10. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    In Germany its the same (out of stock) Oh good.. prefab pieces are in stock
  11. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    OMG several pieces from Barracuda Bay are also on the list I should buy some of the prefab pieces until end of 2021... and the green torsos and....
  12. Wow this is an awesome Built!
  13. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Future Pirates Speculation

    That would be really cool...Imagining a Imperial Galleon with proper Size (proper in Lego Standards)
  14. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [VIDEO] HMS Victory at BrickFair Virginia 2021

    This is truely a big ship
  15. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    I go with Jan on this. I really like the colourcombination!