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    Space and Pirates
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    A little Ship for my Nephew.

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    Lego, P&P - The Black Eye/Shadowrun..., History, Fantasy Themes, Science Fiction Stuff like Star Trek/Star Wars/Babylon 5/Battlestar Galactica..., drawing, reading Books, Good Music - Electronic/Cyberpunkstuff/Alternative stuff/Nu Metal/Crossover, Reanactment and HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)


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  1. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] "The Parrot" a small mercantile Vessel

    Wow really nice Ships. I now know what you mean with checkerboard on a ship. Oh yes, i had seen the Revenge by maydayartist before. Awesome Built!!!
  2. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    They know me by the name of ...

    ...Tim. No not really Iam Tobias, iam 36 years of Age and the last time i had a lego brick in my Hand was yesterday. Yeah iam addicted to Lego Ok Jokes aside. Iam Tobias iam from Germany and iam an 36 year old AFOL. I had my Dark Ages from 1999 to 2007/08. My first set was the "Pirates Minifigures from 1989. My first Set after the Dark Ages was a Set from the Viking Subtheme. Iam a big Fan of Pirates, Castle and Space Themes of the 90s(Ice Planet was my Favorite). i collect and build mainly Minifigures from different themes. My next Goal will be a Pirate Display and some Spaceship Mocs. At the moment i can not afford many Brick so iam mostly a digital Builder. I use StudIo from Bricklink and iam more or less competent User. So at the Moment not many real built Mocs from me. I will post more real Build Figures because i have a lot of them. Besides Lego iam a Big bearded Guy in Real World (6'5'' +) a month ago i got engaged with my now Fiancée. My other Hobbies are HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) but at the Moment not active. (I have some Training Swords over 5 foot long), P&P Roleplay, Larp (not active), Science Fiction.... Iam a creative guy and draw a lot. Iam also interested in PCs and PC Games. It should be mentioned that iam a member on Eurobricks since 2018. But i wasn't an active Member. So better than newer, this was my introduction. Greetings to all!
  3. Of course voted for Pirates, and added "because the classical Pirates were the first theme of Lego i had gotten and my favorite Today and that i would love to see a fresh Skulls Eye Schooner. Maybe a Skulls Eye Galleon.
  4. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] "The Parrot" a small mercantile Vessel

    Thanks for the recommendation. You are right the fields of single colour are bothering me too. Can you show me a picture of one of your ships with checkerboard patterns? I think i can also make some outside vertical bracing like on some Carracks i have seen. But maybe its to old for a ship from the 1600s.
  5. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOC] Armada Brig

    Thank you for the great compliment! Really nice Ship you have there. Gives the old Ship from 1997 a Look it deserves.
  6. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Imperial Eras

    I prefer 1500s and 1600s. Also the Ships from the Era. I do built a 1500s Force at the Moment. Many Pikes, Morions.... I will post some Screenshots next Day or so.
  7. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] "The Parrot" a small mercantile Vessel

    Thank you Yeah thats a good idea.
  8. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [LDD WIP] More WIP Mocs done in Studio 2.0

    Had render myself one picture. Can upload it tommorow or so. :) Oh cool. I have to see myself. :) Holy.... Thats one hell of a Lego Version of an real Ship.
  9. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [LDD WIP] More WIP Mocs done in Studio 2.0

    Ah the Paraiso. Had seen it couple of Minutes ago. Really nice Ship. Really good Playability. Oh yes would love to see the Esperanza as a real Build Ship I like the Size of her. Iam not much into Frigates myself. I really like Galeons/Carracks/17th Century Man of War. Bulky Ships with high Fore- and aftcastle and many decorative Elements. But its only my opinion. Everyone has a different Shiptype he or she loves. Your Ships are real Beautys! Would love to see a new Digital Built from you. (What software do you use. I would say studio, am i right?
  10. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOC] PARAISO - MOC 21322 Barracuda Ship

    A really nice Ship NOD! I really like how you managed to built it for maximum Playability. Really good inspiration for a Barracuda Edit. How fortunate i have a 21322 myself.
  11. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOC] Under Jolly Roger! Estrella - Frigate

    Really nice Ship! I really like the Colorscheme!
  12. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [LDD WIP] More WIP Mocs done in Studio 2.0

    Thanks for your Feedback NOD. :) One question: What Plans do you have on Shipbuilding? I really like your Estrella and Esperanza.
  13. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [LDD WIP] More WIP Mocs done in Studio 2.0

    Hi my Fellow Buccaneers, Pirates, Smugglers, Imperial Admirals and so on, This Topic will include some other WIP Builds i made in Studio 2.0. And the current Status/Stage. In front of the Picture is a liitle ship i made for my Little Nephew. He will have his Seventh Birthday Early February. The SHip is out of WIP Phase. I only have to buld a instruction then its ready. (Ok i have to make some Custom Sails) I have all Lego Pieces i need. The Name of the Ship is "Motzkuh" its a name my Nephew gave our Make Belief Ship we played many hours. So its only the right thing to name it after the ship. I dont think i can translate "Motzkuh". Ok i try. Motzen is german and stands for moaning or grouse. (i searched on google) Kuh means of course cow. (Cow Skull as Figure Head) So the english name of the Ship will be "Moaning Cow" i think. The Ship behind the "Motzkuh" is the parrot you know of my other WIP Topic. This is its current building stage. It will be my ship and the price for the "Motzkuh" If you have a Pirateship you need a Merchant Ship to plunder. The Ship on the next Picture is an early Ship Design from Fall 2019 up to now. I edited it quiet a bit over the month. This is its current Stage. Its built on old Prefab hulls. (In Studio only the 16 wide from the Skulls Ey Schooner are ready to use, i think) In real i have the old brown Bow and Rear one and 3 Middle Ones. One from the Carribean Clipper i got 1991 on christmas. (Nostalgica) and two i bought on Ebay 10 years ago. This will be our (My Nephew and me) Representation of an Imperial Armada Carrack/Galleon InBetween Design. Its quiet large and bulky for the length of the prefab Hulls. I might overthink the design. I think i could make a better Hull Line like in the Captain Greenhair Tutorial. In this stage its over 2900 Pieces. Dont know if i can afford the Pieces in the next 2 years or so. The Ship on the next Picture is Design i based loosly on a Caravel i saw on Google. Its for my Brother. When Ship and Instructions are ready i will print the Instruction a give it as a Birthday Gift to my Brother. He has a big Medieval/Fantasy Army so he is in need of an Ship. The Two Handed Swords on the leftside are Designs i made on the Partsdesigner an Software you can also download on Bricklink. You can import Ready Designs of Parts or Decals on Studio 2.0. I made these only for aestethic Purpose. I have some Brickarms Two Handed Swords in real. I will post more WIP Designs in near future. And sorry for bad english. I hope i will advance in time.
  14. Really nice Ship! I like the colourcombination very much!