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    A little Ship for my Nephew.

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  1. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Hi! My name is Of Course Elsa, and I’ll tell you why :)

    Hi Elsa, Greetings and salutations from a Lego Geek from Germany. Best Regards, Tobias
  2. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Getting into Pirates

    If you are new to Pirates, i think its good think to look in the section Useable Parts for Pirates (or so). You should also look on ebay for some older sets. If you have a bricklink account you could find a lot of parts and sets in different price categories. If you want some information on older sets. Brickset is your place to be. When you choose the pirate section, all sets from 1989 up to now will be revealed. If you have no problem with digital 3d editors i would highly recommend its the software from bricklink. Its updated constantly. For some of us (i'm one of them) its the tool where we build most of our mocs. Apart from beeing a tool to build digital lego mocs its also a really good tool to learn lego bricks/elements. You can also see information on a brick with a link to bricklink. before i used it i didnt know what a modified brick is. This tool is really valuable. When you need minifigures who are relativly new and you are a friend of the more imperial side of pirate thinks i can recommend the torsos of the set 10297. The Boutique Hotel.They are green and i think they are a really good torso for a green guard or so. if you can get hands on some Morions (The Helmets of Spanish Conquistadors), you should search on bricklink, the christmas elf torso is a nice torso for an imperial armada marine or soldier. If you need shiphulls (the 16 stud wide) in a different color you could find them on pick a brick (online). Set 71391. Bowsers Airship. If you have questions to certain parts i could show much more. On Pick a brick (online) they have a category: Ship parts Also you should search for other categories; Minifigure Hair [232] Minifigure Handheld Accessories [380] Minifigure Heads [205] Minifigure Headwear [195] Minifigure Tools & Accessories [139] Minifigure Torso & Legs [454]Signs, Flags & Poles [151] You will find a lot of things you can use for pirate figures, such as Flags, Bicornes, Tricornes, flintlock pistols/Guns, sabers, other swords (Katanas...), nautical instruments, and also some torsos and legs.
  3. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] [Digital] Treasure Ship v. 3.1 or so...

    You have a awesome Fleet! The last Galleon you made was Habana, if i'm not mistaken? How wide is She? The techniques you use are really next level. Your Ships look so smooth. I will try myself one day. My next Ship will be a lot bigger than the Treasure Ship. I want to try the offset technique, were you build with odd and even Numbers. The Hull will be more natural but not as natural as yours. Captain Xavier from YT used this technique on an number of really big ships. I have also seen others in the forum here who done it. My first Ship with use this technique will use the bow hull with 16 studs. A next ship i plan will be a lot bigger and built without the hull pieces. The first bigger ship will be a 17th century ship, maybe a Pinasship. And the bigger Ship will be a smaller Version of "Adler von Lübeck" or also a big Favorite of mine:"Great Henry" and "Mary Rose" Don't know which i should pick... The Example you have shown is really awesome. I don't how he has done it. These techniques... Wow!
  4. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [GoC-Oaken Shield] HMS Adder

    Really Nice Ship. I really like this Scale! (I think i will do a Ship in this Scale myself)
  5. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOC] Pirate Ship (Pirate Squid)

    Wow this is really mindblowing. I love this SHip Salute to you Mate!
  6. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] [Digital] Treasure Ship v. 3.1 or so...

    Wow so much nice feedback =) Hi thanks for your nice feedback. Yeah the high and un-balanced bothered me a little bit. I made some changes over the long building phase. Exspecially the two Castle Sections. More pictures are planned. And i also want to render them. The quality is definitly higher than without. Hi, also a big thank for your feedback. Its a good point. I will try it. =) Thanks a lot Mate! I'm also looking very forward to it. 3000 is actually not very far from the real number. 3500 - 3600 on last count. Without interior and Masts it would be around 2800 or so. (I will also take pictures from Interior) Hi Nod, Also to you big Thank! Wow thanks Mate =) Yeah the open part bothers me too. In fact i have a rather underwhelming Staircase inside. Maybe it will be better on the outside, with more detail. Problem is there is not much space between the two castles. So Guns will move, some of them. Its not really a warship so its ok i think. Full masts, sails, rigging and minifigures will come, you can quote me on this =) Class 4 is quite high for a Treasure Ship i think. So very good for me. =) In a matter of fact, joining is great challenge for me because also like both. I cant really decide. I love Galleons and Carracks, i love big bulky Ships. On the other hand i love Pirates, but with big Ships. And i dont think this will be well recorded. Biggest Ship i saw in your Pirate Ship Registry was yours i think, Class 7 or 8? ONe question to you Nod, are you planning New Ships? I think yours are really superb, i'm a big fan! Thanks to all of you
  7. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] [Digital] Treasure Ship v. 3.1 or so...

    Thanks for your Feedback NOD. Yeah, i think the third Version now feels right to me. (I love those bulky Carracks with big Castellos on bow and aft. I really like medieval ships and also Ships from the age of Sail, i think Carracks and Early Galleons are the middleground. And i really like the exagerated Design of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. (Next ship will be a quite a extrem one ^^) I also look very forward to the completion. It took me long enough. If its ready you will be the first to see.
  8. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [WIP] [Digital] Treasure Ship v. 3.1 or so...

    Hi i had this ship in another post of me month ago. First picture i took was on the second version of the Ship. (was in wip phase at that time) Here is a picture of my 3 versions of the ship. (all of them where in wip phase. The one in the middle was the second version, the one left the first version. Now here is the latest WIP Phase Picture of third version. (its a rendered picture) I think the digital version of the ship will be complete next weekend. there will be some minor changes. to hull, front and aft castell and the masts will be finished. Although the ship is now a lot more organic than the first or second i don't have the demand to make realistic ships. I like my ships modular (difficult enough with these shapes) and sturdy. I have a 8 year old nephew i want to play with. So the sturdier the ship the better... ^^
  9. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    (WIP)Medieval type Cog "The Seawitch"

    A little Update to the Seawitch or "Redwitch" Current WIP: I choose to change the molded Boatparts. Because i thoughts its to short. I think its now better balanced.
  10. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    (WIP)Medieval type Cog "The Seawitch"

    Hi, i'm about to build a moc in the near future. It will be a medieval Ship (Cog) based on baltic Pirates from 14th 15th Century. It's in a WIP Phase right now. And for now it's only digital. A first picture. ( Screenshot with modest quality and no Rendering) Feedback is appreciated, but please don't be rude. There will be no claim this ship will be realistic. It's i think Semi realistic/playable/Downscaled/Low Fantasy. I'm no native Speaker, so my english is expandable/upgradeable. There will be other ships and buildings in future... As a matter of fact there is a second Ship Concept i design right now... There will also be some minfigure Shots in the next days i hope. (Not digital)
  11. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOC] Broadside Brig

    Wow what a Beauty of a Moc
  12. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [CONTEST] Eurobricks Create a Theme Contest - Rules & Discussion

    Nice! Something i waited for a long time!
  13. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [MOD] 30 Years (Imperial) Trading Fleet: New Merchant Ships!

    Really awesome little Trading Fleet They look just so classic and nice! Would't mind to see a big merchant galleon under these sails....
  14. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    [LDD WIP] More WIP Mocs done in Studio 2.0
  15. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Wow really nice army, i'm a big fan of the the custom brickwarriors Helmets, armor and weapons. Those custom shields and decals of yours are really nice!