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  1. hi i was wonderig if someone could reupload this lxf file in this disscution because its lost the file is called skeleton npf.lxf so may we have a reupload of it please?
  2. jaegerroughton

    I've finally done it!

    the lxf has been removed may i have the file please
  3. the chiema model is missing https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/41226-key-topic-official-lego-sets-made-in-ldd/&do=findComment&comment=733396 also this one
  4. jaegerroughton

    Brick Lettering in LDD

    @Superkalle can you reupload the file because the links are dead
  5. can you sent the lxf file the update the images
  6. @Murdoch17 can you share it on bricksafe
  7. @Spartan4845 can you sent me a new link to the model
  8. jaegerroughton

    Dead Topic

    Brickshelf has Been Shut Down again
  9. where can i get your ldd models

  10. jaegerroughton

    Need help to create egg shape

    the files dont work anymore sent me new files @Brickdoctor
  11. jaegerroughton

    Bad LDD file, unable to parse

    the link is dead
  12. @XAxles can you sent me your lego worlds models please from ldd