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Found 9 results

  1. Days are getting shorter, leaves are starting to fall... the Holiday Season is approaching and that means it is time for an annual tradition in the Town forum. With TLG seemingly out of ideas on how to further expand the Winter Village, it's entirely up to you. So show us what creation you would add to the Winter Village and let's give TLG plenty of ideas for the Winter Village series for years to come! The Rules Entries must be posted by midnight GMT, December 31st, 2015. One entry per member. Entries must be similar in size to an official release LEGO Winter Village set. Entries should be either Town-themed or Friends-themed and may include either (or both) Minifigs and Minidolls. Entries should be new (never posted anywhere previously) and be similar in style to the previous official TLG releases. All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed. Decals will be allowed if you've made them yourself, but no cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Entries are to be placed in their own entry topic in the Town forum. The title of the topic should begin with "Winter Village: " and then give the name of the entry. The entry post (first post in your entry topic) may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. Entries are to consist of no more than 5 posted pictures of 1024x768 pixels or smaller resolution but may also include a link to a folder of additional images of any size. The first picture will be used for your entry in the voting thread. Photos of your creation can be manipulated with Photoshop for levels, proportions and color correction but may not include graphic enhancements. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. The Prizes First Prize: Either 10247 Ferris Wheel or 10251 Brick Bank or 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel Second Prize: One of the two sets that is not chosen for First Prize, of the three sets above. Third Prize: Whichever set is not chosen for First Prize and Second Prize, of the three sets above. For Inspiration and Reference Expand the Winter Village Contest V: Winners | Entries and Voting | Rules and Discussion Expand the Winter Village Contest IV: Winners | Entries and Voting | Rules and Discussion Expand the Winter Village Contest III: Winners | Entries and Voting | Rules and Discussion Expand the Winter Village Contest II: Winners | Entries and Voting | Rules and Discussion Expand the Winter Village Contest: Winners | Entries and Voting | Rules and Discussion Best of luck everyone, we're looking forward to seeing your entries!
  2. Thanks to everyone who entered the sixth annual Expand the Winter Village Contest. Once again, it has been inspiring to see the additions to the winter village that you come up with. This year, we have a record-breaking 57 qualifying entries! You can now vote for your favourite entries by replying in this topic. Please read the voting rules below carefully and use this thread for voting only. We'd love to hear your feedback on the competition in the discussion thread. Voting closes on Thursday, 21 January at Midnight GMT. Voting Rules - You have a total of 5 points to award - You may not give more than 3 points to a single entry - Post your votes in the voting format shown below - You may not edit your post (posts edited more than one hour after the vote was placed will not be counted) - Votes that do not comply with these (simple) rules will not be counted - You must have joined Eurobricks prior to 1 January 2016 to be eligible to vote Voting Format Each voting posts starts with five (no more, no less) separate lines, which list the entry numbers (see below) of the entries you want to award points to. No matter how many points you wish to allocate to any one entry, every line represents one point, as the examples below illustrate. Example 1 If you'd like to award 3 points to entry number 37 and 1 point to entries 11 and 42 each, use the following voting format: 37 37 37 11 42 Example 2 If you'd like to award 2 points to entry number 27, 2 points to entry number 2 and 1 point to entry number 52, use the following voting format: 27 27 2 2 52 Example 3 If you'd like to award 1 point each to entries 9, 16, 21, 38 and 51, use the following voting format: 9 16 21 38 51 After these five lines you can comment on why you voted for these particular entries if you like, but begin your post with the required five lines that indicate the entries you want to vote for. Thank you for sticking to this voting format and making our lives a little easier. The Entries Take your time browsing through all the entries. Clicking on the link or the image takes you to the thread for the respective entry. The bold number in front of every entry is the entry number you need in your voting post. 1. Dickens Tavern by Sir E Fullner 2. Cottage by Aliencat 3. Repair Shop by Rail Co 4. HBC's Santa's Shoppe by kjm161 5. Stacyjkowo Train Station by BHS 6. Winter Cottage by Stelario 7. Winter Church by Jellyeater 8. Shopping Mall by CM4Sci 9. Train Station/Platform by Sparvhjerta 10. Cider Mill by Miro78 11. Mountain Shelter by shaggie 12. Friends in Winter Time Cottage by carebear 13. Brewery by Pate-keetongu 14. Family Christmas Workshop by lookl 15. Weihnachtspyramide by Gunman 16. Fireworks Stand and Julbock by majorna 17. Advent Calendar by Palixa And The Bricks 18. Gingerbread House by Zoshi 19. Skating Rink by DwalinF 20. Windmill by stebai 21. Holiday Express by ShaydDeGrai 22. Village Shop by kritch 23. A Christmas Wedding by BrickMark-I 24. Holiday Express by Captain Green Hair 25. Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Mpyromaxos 26. Sewage Works by Paperballpark 27. Ski Shoppe by Blackpool 28. Capstan Casino by mediumsnowman 29. Brick's Sporting Goods by LittleJohn 30. Confectionery Shop by Legonardo 31. Undertakers by Actor Builder 32. Victorian Era Tools and Candy Stores by MacGyver 33. Village Square by Fusar 34. Coffee to Go by Hobbythom 35. Holiday Banquet Hall by Savol 36. Village Airport by Brickmaestro 37. Police Station with Car by Nieks 38. Horse Stable and Cottage by TheLazyChicken 39. Creamery by Emma 40. Purcell Street by Katlandy 41. Christmas Square by modelado1990 42. Town Hall by Wally 43. Winter Jewelry by ocmaryo 44. Shop von Robertern by JackJonespaw 45. Winter Village Train Station by Redhead1982 46. Ice Skating Rink by masterbuilder 47. Sports Shop by tuskel 48. Yeti House by SpacerSteve 49. Landscape by scuotter 50. Skating Rink by A Gallifreyan Cat 51. Covered Bridge by rodiziorobs 52. Unwelcome Visitors by bertmarchal 53. The Gift Ship by Willworkfortoys 54. Antique Store and an Old House by kovacs 55. Skate Chalet by thebrickbin 56. Christmas Ball by eliza 57. City Park by Trainmaster247 58. Central Square by Jefry Been
  3. Miro78

    Winter Village: Cider Mill

    My first time entering the Expand the Winter Village contest. Here is my entry with a Cider Mill. Turning of the water wheel churns applies inside, where apple cider is being made. The interior consists of a front sales room, rear cider press, storage and dispensing, and upstairs office. The building is slighly taller than the Winter Village Cottage, but I think justifiable as such a building would be larger than a cottage. I have no part count, but it is not outside of scope of the larger Winter Village sets. The truck is a reuse from the 2013 Holiday set 40083. Happy Holidays to you all! Miro Cider Mill by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Cider Mill by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Cider Mill by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Cider Mill by Miro Dudas, on Flickr Cider Mill by Miro Dudas, on Flickr
  4. shaggie

    Winter Village: Mountain Shelter

    Hi! This is my entry for the Expand the Winter Village contest. Mountain shelter, usually located near the summit, is a place, where hikers and mountaineers can rest after the hike, have something to eat and drink or even sleep. General rule is that no shelter will refuse a guest to stay overnight, but if the beds are already taken he or she has to sleep on the floor. Many European shelters are quite old wooden buildings, often with stone foundation. They provide few comforts, but they usually have a toilet and a shower (although hot water supply is very limited). Shelters serve hot tea or coffee and basic foods like scrambled eggs or pork chop. While waiting for the meal, guests can dry their gloves or socks at the fire. Every shelter has a map of the area to help hikers plan their route. Next time you'll be hiking in the mountains, make sure to visit a shelter to see if it's similar to my model. Have fun!
  5. A Gallifreyan Cat

    Winter Village: Skating Rink

    As the couple skates around the rink, the man in the Santa outfit sells tickets and cookies, the band plays carols, and the snow falls gently on the town square. Here is the ticket booth: And the band:
  6. The Holiday Season is approaching fast and that means it is time for an annual tradition in the Town forum. Join the Expand the Winter Village Contest VI, show us what creation you would add to the Winter Village and let's give TLG plenty of ideas for the Winter Village series for years to come! Head over to the Town forum and join the fun.
  7. CardinalBricks

    Winter Village: Game Room and Hot Tub

    Hello all! This my entry for this year's Expand the Winter Village Contest, the Game Room and Hot Tub. It's meant for the elves and Santa, who work long hours, to get some much-needed leisurely time. Some of the images are low-quality (like the first one), but I don't have the best camera/editing software. I hope that's not too much of a distraction from the build itself . Anyway, this took me about a week and a half to complete, and I hope you all like it! The main focus of this building is the exterior. Lots of details are present and I tried to give the building a unique style because I thought it would make sense if the elves had their own way that they design buildings. The chimney has a very rugged, worn-down, weathered appearance to it, which complements the building nicely in my opinion. The interior, while not as detailed as the exterior, is packed pretty full with 3 different board games, a fireplace, and a snow shovel. The second story is twice as tall as the ground floor (elf construction is weird, huh). The flooring in the kitchen is sunken in, too. This is the bakery that makes the best pizza and banana cream pies in the North Pole! There is a shelf with wine and soda, a handy step-stool, ladder, brick oven, and a place to sit and eat. ...And now the hot tub. This was a last minute edition to the build, and I think it turned out great! I tried to keep the style unique just as with the main building. Santa seems to be enjoying a much-desereved glass of wine. I encourage you to go here and see some more of the photos, like the back of the building and the attic : Here's a link to my entry from last year in case you are curious what that looked like : Well, that's it! Wishing everyone else entering this contest good luck and a fun time building C&C welcome.
  8. Bricknave

    Winter Village: Cozy Cabin

    In the Winter Village, all the letters to "Santa Claus" go to the town's official "Santa", who reads them in his cozy cabin. Happy Holidays!
  9. crayonboi

    Winter Village: Food stall

    Hi Everyone! This is my entry for the Expand the Winter Village Contest IV. When i see the theme, 'expand upon the theme of the Winter Village Market', the first thing that came to my mind is food. So i work on having more food/drink stall to add into the Winter market. My Food stall is a four sided stall, and each side is selling either food or drink (Beers, how can one miss it in a winter market )And to add more playability, i have make it that it can be open up and have all the stalls to be seen. This is an overall view of my food stall; A quick introduction of the stalls On the left is a pretzel stall selling tasty pretzels, and on the right is a macaroons stall selling colorful and sweet macaroons On the left is a sausage stall selling yummy Bratwurst sausage, and the right is a beer stall selling varieties of beer And this is the back view of the stall when open up Hope you guys like it :) And Merry Christmas! More pictures of the stall and how it is open up can be found at my flickr photosteam