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  1. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    I still don't think the palette was that restricted. I wasn't expecting great giant mocs in 2 months (even though some can really do it), but I was expecting intricate mocs up to 500 parts. But we'll start seeing the other entries popping up on Flickr I guess.
  2. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Yes, next 4. -The castle. It's ok.. not one of those amazing realistic MOCs, more of in the legacy of Lego's own castles (with a bit more roundness, like Lego would probably do it in 2019). Which is fine, except... I'm not seeing where the 2000 parts went (not in the pretty basic hay roof, that's for sure). Will probably be expensive for what it is? Personally, I would have preffered one of those ultrarealistic builds, even if it was 2000 parts in a single tower. -Bikes. It's ok, here again, in the vein of what Lego would produce, not really a MOC. A bit too much for kids, maybe. -Imagine it! Now this looks more like a MOC. Not exactly what I was looking for though. But it's nice enough. -mini chess. Not bad. Here too it's a MOC. I'm sure it's unplayable, too tiny & the single studs will probably stick to the pieces. But if it's cheap enough.. I'm really hoping for something amazing in the last 4. Yeah, we haven't seen a mech or a spaceship yet :(
  3. anothergol

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    But do they? Other brands show studs on their boxes. If Lego could have done anything about it (for its legal competitors like mega bloks or cobi), they would have. It's not "Lego" anyway, it's their lawyers who have to justify their use. They're paid for crap like that & most likely won't ask Lego first.
  4. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    And you had not been contacted first? Not a bad entry btw. Just not exactly my style. Nor is the fire truck. The viking ship is cool for what it is. The science tower however is my fav entry so far. Not perfect but it has a doll house feel that I like. Btw, their renders (I assume they redid them) are strange, they enabled brick position randomness, but it's a bit silly, with parts being detached pretty unrealistically, like in your entry.
  5. Short answer, I don't think it's possible yet (many have asked), that is, if you want bitmap textures. Long(er) answer, it's possible but very complicated & requires vector prints (not even in common formats like SVG, that'd be too simple).
  6. You'd just manual-hinge it using a temporary pin on the left. That said, better write down the angles of the working result, and re-hinge it manually because hinge align doesn't work really well.
  7. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Too bad. I assume we're gonna see it? (and isn't the selection done now?)
  8. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Mmh, I hope the next ones will be a bit more elaborated. I was expecting something different than Ideas, focusing on interesting, more MOC-like builds instead of ideas. Hot Shot seems pretty basic, the only interesting bit being the sign. Skyline express, I'll need a closer look, but that's a lot of large parts, will probably be expensive for what it is. And it's hard to appreciate this after JK Brickworks' cute & motorized train on the same rails. The Lego Story, the vignettes are cute, I might vote for that, only it's yet another company brown-nosing set, but ok. Not that amazing but well crafted with nice colors, possibly the most "pro" of these 4, the kind that reaches blogs. Isle of Peril, here too I'll need a better shot of it. The boat is ok. I'm just not getting the "wow, great" feel of a MOC on Flickr. Edit: ah wait we do have other shots. Well, meh for this one. I mean, we've seen much better skulls in MOCs. Not that bad, but I hope the next ones will be better. Give me MOCs! Bob De Quatre have you been reached? (I'll take it for a yes if you can't answer :) Which other good MOCer participated?
  9. Same here, while Studio is second best, it still doesn't have the speed of the LDD. Simply because the commands that you do the most (by far, like moving around your model & quickly tweaking parts) aren't as fast. Until then, it's still best to do the most in the LDD & then import in Studio.
  10. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    ah, I hope the studded shield isn't an exclusive, then Edit: ah indeed even the studded shield is hidden in the dragon dance set (and it has PLENTY of it), and it's apparently DBG, not LBG
  11. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Btw, LBG " 1x2x1 curved slope" was already orderable, I had ordered some a couple of months ago. (same for "Plate 1x2 rounded" in LBG, I got them in my last order, perhaps these were by phone though) Some really cool parts in the list. Also these from speed champions: But I'm also still intrigued by these, some of which I haven't spotted in any of the new sets yet. Anyone knows? (has anyone seen the studded shields in LBG yet?)
  12. anothergol

    Help with shaping flextube

    The only time I've had to do that, I bent it over parts (slowly & step by step with a hair dryer, if the bending is too pronounced and you risk pinching the tube), then I put it in the fridge. I wonder why Lego hasn't released wired tubes yet.. (maybe because dumb kids would get them into their eyes?)
  13. anothergol

    Lego vs Zuru

    I don't, it's just that you think that "for many kids" means "for all kids". I am 100% sure that the amount of Lego sets that you'll find still fully assembled in a kid's room is much higher than 20-30 years ago. (part of it also being that sets are cheaper, people are richer, kids are more spoiled with lots of sets) When you need a specific part that's in a set, if it's not on the surface, you're not gonna unassemble a lot of brackets just to get it. And it's worse (but justified) for Technic sets that sometimes require reading the manual backwards to unassemble. It made it easier & faster to create mechs at all, sturdy was just a bonus