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  1. anothergol

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    It's second best after the LDD. It's certainly not there yet in terms of usability, but there's nothing better except the LDD IMHO. It's mainly the mouse panning/zooming that's not as fast as in the LDD, and I believe that moving around the model is what we do the most, in these editors.
  2. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Yeah, but this has improved a lot. Way less things to fix after importing in the latest version. I wish it was all perfect, though. Sure, it's not for everyone. All I'm saying is that there will be good entries (among the crap), judging from the entries in most Lego contests. Personally, I do have the time, but I don't enjoy being under pressure.
  3. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    oops :) Well even 2 months is ok, it's generally the time for Lego contests out there. Also safe to assume that it's gonna get the same 95% of "6 year-old designed it & dad put it online" crap as in Lego contests. Trust me, for having been in & having monitored several Rebrick contests, people have managed to put up great stuff in no time. I don't agree with your analysis that it's too short because it requires figuring out, btw. If I make an entry, there is no way I'm gonna use, not in its current state. I'll do it in the LDD & import it in, it's pretty easy. It definitely is an advantage that it has to be digital, as I wrote, it cuts off several weeks of ordering & waiting for parts. With Bricks&Pieces, not even a full month ahead is safe. Sure, it's not suitable for those building straight with real parts, but we're still A LOT using digital tools. I also think that 2500 parts is quite a sane limit. Crowdfunding, why not, it all depends what avg price per part will be applied, and I'm suspecting it's gonna be high. I'm more disappointed because of what this news could have meant btw. I was expecting a real collab with TLG, like TLG opening a BL store, or a "Lego Ideas of parts", with Lego producing parts in often requested colors, which BL does know about thanks to buyer wishlists. This thing, to me, looks a lot like the previous TLG contest about MOCs to be displayed in their new house. It's a temporary thing for Lego's anniversary.. why not.. but it's not the "big" announcement we were expecting.
  4. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Maybe it's just because you oversold it through the teaser, but it came out a bit disappointing for me. It's too restrictive: limited part palette, and most importantly, projects have to be (fully?) new. This is sad because there are a ton of MOCs out there that would count as "new", as not many even have seen them. I hope you will reconsider this btw, or at least, allow past projects to be improved & updated for today's palette & count as "new". So as a MOCer I'm not that much interested. As a buyer, you also don't tell about costs. If we can expect the usual 10cent/part, that's ok, but if it's the double, I don't see myself buying either. Especially if it's shipped from foreign places (you don't tell about that either). This is also a bit of news that may be hiding something very bad, as TLG partnering with might also mean that the LDD is dead for good. You know what would be great, an "LDD emulation" mode that would fully emulate LDD's workflow (especially mouse control), because right now is usable, but still nowhere near the LDD. 3 months is a lot, especially when the projects can be 3D-only, you can fully use those 3 months & not reserve 3 weeks for BL seller (or worse, a month for normal B&P delays) problems.
  5. anothergol

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    Hi, No hatch possible, unless you would sacrifice the nice slope made using the 2 large slope parts, because they're the only ones that have the correct angle. Also, a properly centered hatch wouldn't even open to a nice place, because part of the room under it is used for structural strength. Of course, you can still attach a minifig torso & pretend it comes out of a hatch. I see the LBG scala dishes have indeed increased in price, and quite possibly this MOC was partly responsible for it. But you have 2 options here: -DBG dishes, cheaper but won't look as good -larger dishes that the design also includes, not as a workaround but because the Hoth version does have larger dishes. 2 other parts have also become quite expensive and I also provide workaround designs.
  6. anothergol

    21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    Yes, base is wobbly, and it's quite normal the way it's built. Also, the connection of the bikes to the base is kinda an illegal connection, since it can't be fully pushed through (because of the wheels). But well, it holds. I've just finished building this. I was waiting for a little price drop to get it. And if you believe that 35eur was a high price for this small set, that's not even the price for that set in Belgium, no. In Belgium Lego is asking 40 FRIGGING EUR for this. So I got it for 30eur, because for me it was already a significant discount. And it's still no way near the price it should have been, so I would not advise anyone to get this for more than 20eur. Other than that, yeah it's a nice set. Obviously a little repetitive since both bikes are the same, but it's a good set with a good amount of prints (which in no way justify the price IMHO, nor does the license of an average sequel to a very old good movie).
  7. anothergol

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    From my limited knowledge, AO is "fake", as opposed to radiosity, but more pleasant to the eye for everyone. Can you really achieve this fake result with radiosity? And with the added bonus that it's much faster, no?
  8. anothergol

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    These features are a waste of time btw. Mecabricks' latest renders are hard to tell apart from real pictures.. except for the silly fake fingerprints & scratches that give them away. Even more silly knowing that everyone taking real pictures tries his best to avoid fingerprints & scratches.'s beta renderer has weathering as well, and it looks so silly, it makes no sense. Part defects like injection points, or LEGO writings, yeah that can certainly add realism, I guess. But that's something else. As for adding parts, that's why I like, it's now rather easy to add custom parts. But then the problem is that most parts are low-poly & in no way designed for HQ renders.
  9. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    I don't know, all I know is that I'd most likely buy a minifig-scaled AT-AT. I wouldn't hunt for 10k parts to build one, but I'd certainly buy one, especially for 200 bucks. It's no different than the latest MF, IMHO (& I'd have preffered to get Marshal Banana's one, btw). It's a chore to build, but it's even worse with Technic sets. The latest MF may have a sturdy structure btw, most of its decoration is rather fragile & it's more or less a MOC in that regard. I can only speak from my little experience at Rebrickable, with 2 MOCs being near the top for some time. It's pocket money, let's say it pays for parts, it's nice to have, but I really can't imagine anyone making a profit from instructions (unless you really undervalue your time). Or maybe with modulars, I don't know, since most of the stuff at the top are modulars. But interestingly, quite some of the top MOCs there are alternate builds for existing sets, which confirms that people are ready to buy new models, but much less to bother gathering parts from a ton of different shops, for too much money. But even if there are MOCs that have sold 10x or even 100x better than my top ones, it's still not in the realm of profitable (are there really paid Facebook ads for LEGO instructions?). I'd definitely buy a couple of those planes. Plus they do look like what the chinese would market. It'd look odd as LEGO sets, plus they'd probably see them as war-related anyway.
  10. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Why? It'd end up as 200 bucks, it's doable. Keep in mind that while LEGO had troubles keeping up with the demand for the MF, its ripoff was easily available. & yes of course it can't apply to ALL MOCs, a choice has to be made. Judging by the quality on Ideas, I would even reject 95% of the projects, before even considering guidelines & possible demand. But between the rare Ideas projects (which are also different beasts, as LEGO considers them as just ideas & won't mind redesigning them) being produced & the big lot of good MOCs out there, there's still a big gap. If I take a look at LEGO's Flickr, there are a couple of good MOCs per day. Remove those who aren't interested in sharing, that's a couple per week. I believe the market is there, it's not big but big enough, & it's not a market LEGO itself could touch, or would even be interested in. And let's face it, those Lepin clones won't stay there forever, MOCs will replace them and it has already started. To cash in what btw? There is no market for instructions. I can't imagine a MOC being made for money. Of course that also means that a MOC only has to hold "for the camera", which is another problem (but it didn't prevent Xinbao from producing Kaneda's bike which requires glue). Unless you're talking about Ideas project, there yes many are just adding crap projects around licenses they know people will vote for. But MOCing in general is a hobby that can only cost money. Still, I hope I'm wrong and that collaboration is about doing stuff *for* MOCers, like producing parts in requested colors, them being distributed through Bricklink. I'm fed up with Bricks&Pieces making things much harder than they should be, with stuff being there that no one is allowed to buy.
  11. anothergol

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    The renderer in is indeed very promising, currently the best after Mecabricks's. Also keep in mind that its renders are a little dull, and that you'd better photoshop afterwards. IMHO it's still missing some key things: -depth of field -camera angle -most importantly: primitive substitution, & support for high-res part library. Right now primitive substitution can be more or less worked around, and I'm sure it will eventually be added. But the high-res part library was designed for POVRay, I don't think it's any compatible. I hope for a generic high-res part library. Some parts render *very* bad on close-ups, compared to POVRay renders. -easy lights You also forgot LDDToPOVRay btw. Even though it's still POVRay, its settings & renders are rather different. I'm pretty sure that POVRay renders could have been better, especially with radiosity as mentioned. But I believe that a big part of the quality has to do with ambient occlusion, which isn't in POVRay AFAIK.
  12. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    True, & the best "LEGO set" I ever bought.. was by Xingbao. I believe it will eventually happen that you'll be able to easily buy MOCs as sets. But I don't much believe it will ever have any link with LEGO, neither as "publisher" because the best MOCs can't follow LEGO's too strict guidelines, especially for sturdiness, nor as "parts provider" because gathering parts for a MOC costs way too much for the casual builder. Not even counting that LEGO wouldn't associate with anything not kid-friendly. I believe it will eventually happen, but through Chinese manufacturers. Well it has already happened for a few MOCs, I'm pretty sure there will be companies streamlining the process in the future. Let's take the example of Powerpig's MOCs (!/My-First-Console-Sprite-Edition-2-0/p/56661923/category=15326690). Who wouldn't want a mini NES MOC? As a 5 bucks polybag, it'd sell like crazy. But as a $50 kit? Of course he has to manually do everything, but I'm pretty sure that the price of the genuine parts he has to collect, is a too big part of the price of the set. There is just no way this kind of shop could become mainstream without a chinese manufacturer involved IMHO.
  13. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    I'm thinking of 4 possible things: 1. integration of Bricklink in LDD, to pretty much give us back the "buy your creation" the LDD originally had, but in a way that works. But that'd be strange, since it would be conflicting with which now does exactly that. 2. integration of Bricklink in Ideas, to "buy this MOC" straight from the Ideas page. This is the most likely to me. However these are nice concepts that can't really work, I don't much believe in automated BL orders (which Rebrickable has too) without added ease to reduce costs, like "this part is only a filler, can be any of these", or "this part can be any color", not to end up with 50 different shops for a little MOC. 3. Bricks&Pieces becoming a Bricklink shop. That would be amazing, since let's face it, B&P will never work properly. However that wouldn't fit the name. Well, "designer program" could mean something to help designers design. 4. something I've suggested in the past, and I so HOPE it's this: a way for BL buyers to vote on recolors/new parts, pretty much the Lego Ideas of parts. This wouldn't fit the name either, but everything is there for this to work, as BL already has color wishlists, so Lego can already know the demand. Oh quality is there (resin printers), even better than Lego since such parts won't have injection marks, & can have shapes that you can't produce using single molds. But price will never compare. It's amazing how resin printers have reached 500 bucks. The process seems tedious, though. Not as straighforward as with FDM printers.
  14. anothergol

    AFOL designer program

    Obviously, but most likely someone here around already knows something
  15. Anyone has a clue what it's about?