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  1. anothergol


    Toy stores are full of.. marbles. They roll nicely, they have a weight to them, they cost nothing, and most importantly, they don't have a nasty mould mark.
  2. anothergol

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    No, 2.0.10 at this time. (3.0 is the latest version of the AT-ST model)
  3. anothergol

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    Normally you'd use the one from Rebrickable, in which I've manually updated all the "any color" parts (the ones in blue in Rebrickable), since Studio has no concept of "any color". If I check the Studio part list for the main model, I get: -all of the bright phosphorecent green parts that (obviously) don't exist, those are "any color" -a black rubber tire, which I had to define in black because in "rubber black" it was troubles in Rebrickable I believe(?) -a 3049b in DBG that definitely exists & is new for 2019, but perhaps is a 3049c or whatever -a Technic socket in DBG which most likely has another # (definitely does exist on Bricklink) -a LBG gold ingot, probably another #, I don't know why Studio has a flat one -a tile+clip in LBG, pretty sure ALL tile+clip exist in LBG -a 18L hose in LBG, this one has to be cut from a longer one -a 32627 that definitely does exist in LBG, but I suspect I added it myself & it's not YET in Studio's database. I wonder how the model displays for you? So yeah, lots of errors, that's why I suggest using Rebrickable's list instead, which I manually edited (took ages). Edit: so apparently I did add 32627 to my local Studio database myself, and as of today it's not yet in the list. So I imagine everyone is still seeing a placeholder instead. Not a big problem, but this is how it's normally displayed. (also, Studio did already support tube-bending when I did the project, however it's hell to use, props to the one who can really bend that thing properly :)
  4. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    These parts from the star destroyer are now buyable: 35271 & 73587. 17 cents for the lever, that surely beats 10eur on Bricklink. This morning the tub was buyable, by the time I placed my order it was already not anymore.
  5. anothergol

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    But Lego would have done the same choice as Blizzard. There are companies that really want to be like Disney, always trying to stay away from controversies & touchy subjects (which of course sometimes backfires, since you sometimes just have to pick a side, because not picking a side backfires as well). Lego & Blizzard are pretty much on the same level as for censorship (Lego is for kids so it's rather normal, but Blizzard, I never got it. I don't understand why people keep massing up playing games in which things like "GG EZ" get censored). In any case I'm very happy that it backfired hard for them.
  6. anothergol

    LEGO's Lead User Lab

    and yet they do. Have you watched the videos?
  7. anothergol

    LEGO's Lead User Lab

    ..we're talking about 3D home-printed compatible parts.
  8. anothergol

    LEGO's Lead User Lab

    That's not what the second video is saying. They seem to be after anything compatible. As for the brand, that's quite normal, but all they're gonna get from this is that "Lego-compatible" will turn into "Kiddicraft-compatible" in labels. Lego doesn't like how their brand has become the generic name for all compatible bricks, well I'd be them I'd hate it even more if it stopped being used as such.
  9. anothergol

    LEGO's Lead User Lab

    I still don't understand what the lead user lab is about, but what's sure is that 3D printing isn't what they had in mind:
  10. Studio's rendering has a FOV setting
  11. anothergol

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Interesting that Lego uses poor FDM printing instead of SLA to prototype. 6-studs makes sense for cars because it's much more realistic when we can see the driver offset (even if there is no room for a passenger, but on the box art it looks like there may be). Oh, and I hadn't spotted it, but is that a new slope part on the formula E? 4x2 with 2 studs? Yay!
  12. anothergol

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Yeah, looks like we're getting a new 6-studs wide windshield. Sadly it's probably printed..
  13. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Yes, beware of "0.05" prices, it's the default for parts that don't have a price yet (why 0.05 & not just zero?), and it's definitely not what you're gonna be charged. Also, several sets/parts just added, but nothing that can be ordered yet.
  14. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Is there a working backdoor outside Australia? I just placed a phone order, I can confirm that the LBG barrel, LBG fez & LBG 1x1x2/3 rounded can be ordered. The full-LBG mini-lever and the LBG BB8 head can't be ordered yet, though.
  15. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    It's even (way) more time wasted by an operator when you place a phone order, and that's exactly what they're getting by closing B&P. I consider the handling price included in the part's price, which isn't exactly cheap compared to: -(often) Bricklink -Lego's own Brick walls -sets, where a massive chunk goes to the reseller, then the box/manual/R&D/ads, etc I'm pretty sure Lego doesn't care not because they're losing money, but because it's bringing peanuts compared to sets bought for kids.