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  1. anothergol

    Do you sell your MOCs?

    I have both sold & free MOC instructions (on Rebrickable). I wouldn't advise anyone to bother with this for other reasons that enjoyment, because it is pocket money, never expect it to fund your time & money investment, or even come close. At best expect it to pay for some parts. Do it for fun and just that. It definitely IS fun - until it's not. Especially making proper instructions, very time consuming, while sometimes just 5 people will look at them. As long as it's fun, it's fine. I once suggested a quick & easy option to sell for charities, on Rebrickable. It's still not available but IMHO it would be nice to have. As long as it's not a real business and just pocket money, it'd better go to charities IMHO. & for those who want numbers to know what to expect: my best-selling MOC has sold 430x, which I believe is A LOT to expect from Rebrickable. Most of my other MOCs sold from 3x [lol] to 10x. As for the free ones I can't know - no stats (I'd expect them to be more popular though). Also, when you release instructions, expect your stuff to end up on AliExpress, it just WILL (and will sell more there than you ever will).
  2. anothergol

    anyone know how the top of this prison is built?

    the roof looks like 1 part but it's probably the blur that makes lines disappear. Looks like a simple 4x6 plate with a row of plates on top for double thickness, to me
  3. anothergol

    Other LEGIT brands, and customs

    Has anyone (in Europe & possibly other places) been confiscated orders from China recently? I buy a lot of LEGO, and sometimes other brands. We all know that LEGO works along with customs in order to block counterfeit, and that's legitimate since Ali is filled with them. But recently I've been seized (with no way of appeal, because.. it's Cainiao) sets from legit brands, that are 100% original & aren't copies of LEGO sets, that don't contain minifigs, and that have legit licenses. Won't name the brand because I suppose we can't here, but they have a valid SpongeBob license (which LEGO doesn't even own anymore!) and it's a brick-based character set. There is zero reason for it to be confiscated, but it was, and I strongly suspect that LEGO is behind this in some way, and that since recently "the customs" are just confiscating whatever remotely looks like LEGO. But I've only been confiscated my last 2 orders so I don't know... Also the other one was a legit brand, an original set, but it was a brick-built vehicle from Dragon Ball for which they don't have a license (they don't mention Dragon Ball), so I thought that it was the reason it was labelled as counterfeit. Meanwhile Ali keeps selling my MOCs (and I'm not whining about it, all MOCers are in the same boat), but *I* can't even buy legit sets from there anymore. I don't know who to be pissed at here, LEGO or Cainiao. I'd say Cainiao (which belongs to Ali, that has sold the items in the first place) because I would easily appeal this (like the law normally allows us), only they are just unreachable.
  4. anothergol

    Where is 'the line' when it comes to custom parts?

    The tips don't even fit Lego metrics btw, do they? I'm nearly sure they just outsourced normal shoelaces.
  5. anothergol

    Where is 'the line' when it comes to custom parts?

    For me it's not about the brand it's about the system (that Lego didn't invent anyway). A third-party recolor of a Lego part, or a part that could/should have been Lego but just isn't/isn't yet, to me is more "Lego" than a shoelace just because a Lego set happens to have a shoelace in it.
  6. anothergol

    Most compact lighting

    The sleeve is a bit thick but the wires inside are pretty thin. Also they were naked half a cm before the LED, making it even easier. But still not hair-thin like what you're talking about, I've seen those yeah. I'd be worried though, I accidentally unsoldered another LED pressing the stud too much.
  7. anothergol

    Aftermarket pieces?

    Pretty easy to find a Bar 3L in flat silver on Ali. However, flat silver is kind of a special color, not sure it's gonna match Lego's 100% perfectly.
  8. anothergol

    Some TAN tiles are darker than other?

    Lego changed pearl gold on purpose not so long ago. Slight color differences however are production problems and aren't anything new. And no color is immune.
  9. anothergol

    Most compact lighting

    How frigging cool is this? Years ago I had posted about "fishing LEDs" that are pretty much 3mm LEGO-bar-sized batteries with a LED attached. And I've used them a bit but they're still a bit too long. Here I needed something for the eyes of my T-800, but didn't really wanna have to pass wires through everything until a large box, so I checked out for other options. Remember i-Brix? Well Ali is filled with induction LED kits now. I loved the idea, but it really seems that the range isn't great at all, and the lights themselves are quite big. So I found these. It's pretty much the size of the battery, + the wires that the seller cuts on demand, and the second tiniest LEDs out there. Pretty amazing. Wires are still thick and I had to cut through my support part, but well it's that or it's wonky on the stud, it will always be a problem I guess. And the switch is frigging magnetic, you just swipe a magnet over the head and the eyes light up! Not gonna change anything in the world of modular lighting, but it's pretty amazing for mechs & vehicles.
  10. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    All the good/useful stuff already out of stock, "lol" I guess I'll keep making this one out of the more powerful chinese brackets, until Lego allows us to buy legit ones
  11. I don't know if this really matters, but the ring of the new 78258 "2L bar" has been made 1 precise plate thick. In reality it's slightly less than that (I don't know the exact metrics though, it's a tiny difference), making that pesky ring even more annoying in the LDD than it already is in reality. But perhaps it really is 1 plate thick due to a slight flange towards the bar, I don't know. What's more annoying is that there are various moulds for the classic 2x2 round brick, with different depth at which the axle cross starts. But only one version in the LDD in which that same 2L bar gets blocked pretty early, while I the most common mould allows for the ring to go fully inside the brick. Fortunately we can substiture for part 92947 (round brick with side notches), for which the cross is deeper, and that doesn't actually block (at all, lol) the ring.
  12. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    It's funny that last month Lego listed these under a new ID, and removed the old versions. I got them and they are exactly the same, with a tiny support added in the middle inside. But right now you can only buy the right of the new mould, and the left of the old mould.
  13. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    They're here in Belgium - I've placed an order a few hours ago Most parts from january, with some missing. Almost none from february.
  14. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    4 new parts here...
  15. anothergol

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    Thanks part 68325. It only appeared in 2020 so I couldn't use it in V1.