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  1. Online Rendering

    Yes that's pretty much the problem, it means that Mecabricks will never get autosnap because you don't believe in it. It's pretty rare when LDD's autosnap is lost, it's generally a matter of moving the camera around, and it's pretty fast at that too. What LDD is bad at, where it requires a lot of wasted time, it's when you need something aligned more precisely than its smallest moving unit, and you have to trick it. In that regard, Mecabricks or are superior. But that's rare enough, and the ideal is to have both. It's not about being "powerful", even though, as a programmer, the LDD amazes me, it's not the kind of tool in which I expected to see physics for bending wires & all. It's really about speed, and Lego isn't like 3D. In a 3D editor, if you want this cutout there, you just do it, you cut through the poly's, and you're done. With Lego, you've got to try dozens of arrangements of a lot of parts to get the best approximation, that's a lot of parts to snap together just to try out stuff that aren't even gonna be used in the final model.
  2. Online Rendering

    Getting used to it is one thing, but how are you adding/connecting parts without autosnap, as fast as in the LDD?
  3. Online Rendering

    Oh it's not that I don't understand, I've used 3DS4 and then 3DSMax a long time ago (more for animation than modelling though). Things would be very different if the LDD didn't exist, but it does. Moving parts around is what you do the most, when you design a model. I've probably done it like over a million times. I just can't imagine doing that without autosnapping, & the LDD does it just perfectly. does it ok, but Mecabricks doesn't do it at all (or you have to select a source & target, but well..) I wouldn't critisize Blender for being overcomplex, because it's a generic tool, it has to do everything. But for a specific tool like a Lego designer, IMHO the #1 feature to have is autosnapping, since it's the thing you do the most, by far. And yeah, perhaps as an introduction to CAD for kids, it makes sense. Not sure, though, because every editor has its specificities. I mean, having used 3DS hasn't much helped me struggling with Blender. Sure Blender is less friendly than 3DS anyway, but it's not just that. Even though I know some features must exist somewhere under some form because I've used them in 3DS, finding how & where is key, and what I had troubles with. And of course every shortcut is different. So I don't even believe myself in "an introduction to CAD" because 3D modellers are so complex that learning one hardly teaches you another. Sure, for kids to learn the very basics, why not, but Minecraft probably already did that. Yes as I wrote I've tried that. Right now I use like that, & I find it easy enough for just that task (so far), but Mecabricks, even fixing/adapting the model (even just to add the parts that don't exist in the LDD yet), I hated it.
  4. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I have a recent order that shipped within days, while I too have a 1-month old one that has just shipped (in 2 parts for some reason). But you shouldn't complain, I think even back in early March Lego was making it clear that they had delays. They didn't make it clear what was the nature of those delays, though. If it's for orders that contain some specific parts, it makes sense that some orders went faster than others. Here I'm waiting for 18747 (rollerskate) & 27928 in LBG, also the motorbike shell in LBG. Judging by my last call, they aren't available yet.
  5. Really the opposite for me. While I hate how the LDD lacks updates, and I hate how the it doesn't offer some "no collision/free placement" mode, I love how fast it is. But I don't remember if I've tried LDCad. Its archaic UI doesn't really invite me to. I have hopes for, not there yet in terms of usability, but its UI is lovely. (& then there's Mecabricks for the true masochists) I only wish that the LDD was made open source by Lego, so that parts can be added more quickly, or replaced by HD ones. I would reaaaally not worry about that. You have to understand that Lego is a big company, they leave lawyers care about all those terms. And that's what lawyers do, they push as far as they can, for maximum safety. I'm even quite surprised that they aren't stating that anything you make in the LDD, becomes the property of Lego, because that's the kind of thing they do. If it was legally acceptable for a TOS sheet, they would probably add that they own your soul. The TOS for Lego's contests are quite abusive as well. But here again, it doesn't matter, it's just what lawyers do as their job. I've won some prizes there. "Legally", Lego owns my stuff now - I've signed that. But it doesn't matter a single bit, Lego isn't really gonna steal my stuff, and they don't need to, I've only signed legal crap that every business does to protect itself. So yes, quite obviously you can sell LDD files, many do just that. Which.. doesn't even really matter anyway, because you won't find anyone to buy them. I can't imagine the average MOC instructions selling more than a dozen, in the hundreds at the very best for the top ones -maybe-.
  6. Online Rendering

    Here's my opinion, for what it's worth: I'd agree that Mecabrick's rendering is by far the best out there, it nearly looks like it's there with real parts. But I wouldn't use it. I've used Bluerender (fast, thus great for animation), POVRay (generally from I've *tried* Mecabricks several times, but I found it really, really awful to use. I come from the LDD like most people. I don't find the most friendly either, in fact I'd find it unusable (so far) to build stuff from zero, but I found it usable enough to import stuff & mess with it before rendering. Mecabricks, sorry, even the basic fixing steps I haven't managed. It's sad because, again, it has the best rendering, and it always has the latest parts. With the LDD you're stuck waiting for Lego to update the parts. You can add new parts to but it's always a hack. And has no tube bending & stuff. I'm not coming with a solution, though. I think Mecabricks is so far from the LDD that I can't even imaging it coming close one day. But I can't imagine your rendering plugged directly to an LDD file either, without little things to fix. And well, perhaps some people find it usable enough. Perhaps when you come from a classic 3D editor it makes sense. Oh, I'm also not a fan of the pay-to-render scheme, especially when I see I render a dozen drafts to get to the final one. I don't even think rendering should be done online anyway. From your POV it's great, because it protects your stuff (no piracy possible). But I also don't think there's much money around, in the MOCing world, as there's pretty much no commercial use for Lego renders, except for Lego itself. Still, it does make sense.'s business model is around Bricklink - makes sense, but not there yet. Yours is around rendering - makes sense since it's what Mecabricks really does best.
  7. Way to brace halves for SNOT building

    Round plates don't have a plate-thick axle hole, though, it's only at the end, so generally you need to stack 2. Trust me, 2 1x5 bars with just 1 axle should be way sturdier. Of course brackets will work as well, but keep in mind that brackets are rather poorly molded, I don't really trust them when it comes to getting perfect joints. Brick brackets can be trusted, though. Brackets with flat sides are nasty. 1x2 ones are even less precise than 2x2 ones. Brackets at the bottom & at the top will do fine, you will only see the gaps around the brackets themselves, not a problem when it's inside.
  8. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Good find with the puking face (6123728), because the listing shows the boring side of the head, I missed it. (meanwhile my 1-month old order has finally been sent, except it too says "in warehouse", only because the last 4 lots were supposedly not included. Pretty weird)
  9. LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    It's violent, so there is approximately zero chance you'd ever see Lego linked to that :) I'm afraid we're not gonna see anything non-SW until the next Benny's spaceship (especially since the next movie is rumored to be very space-related). Perhaps Xingbao will do those things that Lego never will.
  10. Way to brace halves for SNOT building

    I've used this in some places, but if you have the room I'd also suggest this one on each side, its axle hole is full & very sturdy. Sturdy enough that you will only need 1 or 2 of them on each side.
  11. Lego bulk order form

    Ah, totally! I see Lego Fabrik indeed offers those (& some other interesting ones). At 9eur for 100g, that makes those tiles at around 2 cents, quite a bargain, considering Lego is still sitting on my 1-month old order in which I paid 22 cents each. At the same time, they got to pay their ticket, and were limited to 100g..
  12. Lego bulk order form

    & what would the problem be? Those same parts, in all othe other colors, appeared immediately on B&P (when they were still only to be found in the Speed Champions series), only they were 13x the price they are now, I remember. So yeah, you could buy a 29119 in black a few months ago, only it wasn't 10cents, it was 1.3 buck. If Lego wanna sell me that part in LBG right now for 1.3 buck, I'll buy it. But which BL seller would stock it? No one would take the risk.
  13. Lego Catalog

    Pretty sure that kids are the first ones to be online for that. Yes Lego (& toys in general) catalogs were precious for me as a kid too. But back then it was the only way to know about upcoming sets, even ahead of TV ads. With channels like Jangbricks, those catalogs look like a sad thing from another era, to me.
  14. Lego bulk order form

    Why not? I believe that Lego works like this: they produce "common" parts in very large batches, not just in quantities made for just one or two upcoming sets. And perhaps designers are even told to favor those new batches of "trending parts" in future sets (perhaps by the estimated price of such parts in target cost of the set). I also assume that licensed/printed/more unique parts are produced in quantities calculated for the set they're made for, with only a slight extra amount for replacements, mistakes, etc. Otherwise it's quite obvious that 1x2 plates in most colors always exist in Lego's warehouses regardless of sets that are produced, & I doubt that B&P would put a dent in those large stocks.
  15. Lego Catalog

    Just wondering, how are official catalogs still relevant? I mean Lego is always the last source to get news about upcoming sets, plus they release stuff all the time. So what would be in an official catalog that wouldn't already be old news?