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  1. anothergol

    Lego Ideas 226

    You should put the clown-thing on the lower-left on Lego Ideas, for the lolz if it passes through.
  2. anothergol

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    Hi, I saw/replied to your question on Flickr, but whoever else wanna build the mounted gun, the parts were normally: a 60849 "gun", a minifig hand, a 23443, a 15210 sign (the long-clip version), a 48729 bar+clip, and a 41677 to attach both bar+clip & gun. But Perhaps nowadays there are better ways to do this. Like the 1x2 rounded plate which has more clutch power than the 41677, and has just popped up in DBG. Or more simply a 93609 which now exists in DBG as well (I didn't want to use black up there).
  3. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    canopy parts are generally a better buy on BL though, for at least 2 reasons: -for Lego a large part is always considered expensive, on Bricklink it can be pretty cheap either because it's considered a "cheat piece" and no one wants it, or there are just too many on the market, like it's the case for canopy parts from Nexo sets -most importantly, BL sellers will generally protect transparent parts separately. Lego just doesn't care. And it showed again in the "ship in a bottle" set that I just bought.. scratched & stained. Of course, BL sellers got their transparent parts from sets in the first place, but it also depends on how they got the set. Yeah Bricklink is a mixed bag of odd sellers & good ones, but there are plenty of good ones. Of course don't buy used transparent parts, ever.
  4. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Oh come on, Bricklink is filled with parts that "Lego have chosen not to release". We will soon know whether that unprinted cat really comes from Bricks&Pieces or not, but wherever it comes from, it has most likely been produced for that game. That Youtube video showing the game has a too poor quality to check, but most likely that cat can be seen there. Trans orange what? Plenty of trans orange & trans neon orange (they aren't that different) on Bricklink, generally for dirt cheap because no one wants Nexo sets & they all end up on BL.
  5. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Right, so it's better to let no one know where parts come from.. But ok, that means it's incomplete by design, then. BL is full of "unreleased" parts, so it's weird that it has rules against "unreleased" sets. Anyway, with the manual being fully written, with the set having been filmed in toy shows, it's nearly sure that it "exists" in some form, & just hasn't left Lego.. yet.This being said, Bricklink is also a place for used sets, and if all of the parts exist and it's perfectly doable to recreate the set as "used without box", then why not? Only the rulebook doesn't seem to exist for this one, though.
  6. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Not having been released isn't exactly a good reason not to list it, though. Especially on BrickLink that's all about parts. Clearly the part has been produced and is visible on many pictures. Even Lego still provides the "instructions" for that set actually, so perhaps it did get a brief release somewhere (but I guess not, or we'd find at least a couple on ebay). In any case, there are hundreds of that cat on Bricklink, and some sellers have them in large quantities, that can only mean that there are plenty to buy on Bricks&Pieces.
  7. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Always check Bricker & Brickset, not all databases are exact. It's in this one That's the most obscure part Lego would make available. Who'd even buy that?
  8. anothergol

    Do you dream of new LEGO parts?

    Yes, that wasn't a real question, it's to spare money and/or to make things easier/quicker for kids in junior sets. But also, the 1x4 looks better as it shows no gap, and it's sad that they didn't go for that part in the statue of liberty.
  9. anothergol

    Folding Short Legs

    I have more problems with the too long arms than unarticulated short legs. While I have no problem with normal torsos because they can pass for long T-shirts, it's awkward to see kids with long arms IMHO. Lego has molded all kinds of alternate arms & legs, and can't produce a pair of shorter ones for the many kids they have released? They have produced very long arms for the quite limited basketball minifigs..
  10. anothergol


    The thing is that it worked for the parts that didn't have too much sharp bits, for those the liquid dropped nicely, for the others it stacked in places and hardened there. For those angular parts, there was no angle I could hang them at that would have let the liquid pour out everywhere. And even where it worked, it wasn't that amazing. I had old classic space canopies from my childhood, they went from nearly opaque to semi-transparent, which is ok - I wasn't expecting miracles anyway.
  11. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Has anyone in europe successfully added parts by phone today? Just placed an order, their french-speaking phone support is closed (11 AM) for no apparent reason. I wonder if it's the same in other countries. (oh, and this cool piece, 37494) EDIT: Couldn't order much of what I listed above, but for those who are looking for the DBG upwards 1x1 brackets from City Docks, they have it with a price (13 cents), 6248078.
  12. anothergol


    You haven't said which part(s) it was, though. Surely if you bother they're rare parts?
  13. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I don't know, but I know I'm not gonna pay 0.7eur for what's not nearly as useful as a bar 2L would be, and doesn't cost 5 cents because it's dual-molded for no useful reason here. Had a mini-discussion with a MOCer about bar 2L recently: I was saying that cutting 3mm tubes 2L was cheating, and he pointed me to set 21003 which totally requires cutting 3mm tubes, which made me reconsider making myself some bar 2Ls. I knew cutting 4mm cables was a thing with Lego, never knew about 3mm ones.
  14. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    So the upwards 1x1 bracket is there (36840) in black, brown and a useless color (cool yellow), but not in LBG as in City Docks (quite a mistery why). Also 1x1x2 bracket brick in black & white (32952), candle (37762) which looks quite generic & will become a pretty useful part, new 1x1 double slope (35464), new window thing (38320), sand green stick (18745), this one now in brown (32828) Quite interestingly, the first time I saw this part (that would really have been a perfect fit as rings in Dimension's Sonic), it never occured to me that they were those very old tires (2815) (& nothing of this "in stock" of course).
  15. anothergol

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    They are bloody expensive for what they are, though. Btw there's a black one too now. I also got my order with the 1x3 underplates with hole, they're a pretty nice solution to have a bar under a plate, when you stick a T-bar to them.