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  1. This is simply incredible, well done!
  2. Power Functions Battery Box, I think?
  3. I thought I was the only one who thought that too! It really does look like they are fixed panels
  4. Ah, that makes sense! Thanks
  5. I think that those actuators on the front "rods" might be to tilt the bucket, although the gears above (presumably powering them) look a little sketchy...
  6. It's like the 42070 all over again, except this time with springs on the rear axles...
  7. Nice clean and compact design!
  8. Would be nice if it was Milan and Olav, they have done some fantastic sets. (not to discredit the other designers though!)
  9. I agree, the roof could have been brought up by one stud and maybe look better.
  10. I would put 42054 down for changing nothing except that crane attachment, but it's such a good tractor...
  11. I'm looking into purchasing a larger set now that my wallet has recovered from my last LEGO purchase . The new Liebherr was intriguing, but I didn't like the smartphone and bluetooth integration, it felt a little too unlike LEGO for me. So I have two options right now that I can't choose between. The 42082 Rough Terrain Crane, or the 42055 BWE. Which of these options do you think would be the best investment? (Looking at things like parts, play value, building experience, etc.) Or should I wait until 2021 2H to see what arrives?
  12. Sorry for the OT but what software did you use to build / render this model? It looks beautiful!
  13. Lol. Wish I knew how I could get one in the States... I'll probably just find the parts on BL and call it a day
  14. Exactly. And looking at the wording of that 2010 report, it is starting to make some more sense why they upheld this (still sad) decision.
  15. Thank you @AirDolphin! Hopefully we will see this set on the shelves sometime before Christmas...