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  1. I don't think that it is flush because of the pin hole sticking out in the direction of the white panel, since in my experience that nocks against the panel.
  2. Any chance for a Studio/LDD file or instructions for this beast?
  3. I am 100% Getting this
  4. I really liked this from the start. There is just something about a crude mass of axles, gears and liftarms fitted in to create these complex mechanisms that makes this model so attractive. And then that lovely bodywork! I absolutely adore the mix of Orange and Black, with the occasional DBG mixed in. The curves are nice, but there are some slight gaps. Overall everything looks amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] La Volonté - my new ship, finally on active duty

    Although I don't wander much in the stormy seas of the pirates subforum, this is an absolute masterpiece. The overall combination of colors gives a good old feel, and those cannons look generally wonderful with those one-stud height offset. The sails look nicely ordered and the ships curves are nice, making use of all those slopes and special bricks to make it look like an actual ship with wood. The only (constructive) criticism I have is that there could be more hammocks to make it more crowded in the hull, but nothing really important. Excellent job!
  6. Honestly, you must be the fastest builder in the history of mankind... as @ludovisser said, a WHOLE FREAKING SHIP in like 3 days? Even for a million euros I would never get anything done that fast, let alone anything of this quality That would be a great promotional, actually. Coasters displaying and advertising your brand!
  7. Now I am wondering how you got those chains through those technic pin holes...
  8. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] Red Coupe RC

    I do agree with , but with orange ferrari wheel arches and the white land rover arches, this could look sick. Is it just me, or am I seeing a hint of Nissan GT-R in here?
  9. IMO looks better that the first one since it integrates the C+ Hub better, but that front reminds me of some wacky robot face
  10. Scoar Sonander

    Grohl's Creations

    Great use of the pieces, mister master of the b-model.
  11. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] ORA electric car

    Great rendition of that (I think) renault! Only thing is, is that it seems a bit rough around the edges, but it's hard to get rid of that when building on such a small scale.
  12. Your lucky the guy who pulled it out of a dumpster didn't know what he had on his hands... As an owner of this set, it is definitely a great parts set, especially those black panels.
  13. Ha! I kind of challenged to do something like that myself a while ago. Managed to fit three PU XL motors geared up significantly into a truck about the size of the top gear rally car. All I can say is that it was too fast and I lost a full set of PU electronics due to it landing in my cat's water bowl... Can't wait for the video!