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  1. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] Ferrari F50GT

    Are you hinting that this isn't the only one?!?!?
  2. Scoar Sonander

    General Part Discussion

    Well, this is Uwe Wabra we're talking about here... And we don't have nearly as many flex axles in Dark Green. AND lots of people think flex axles heresy...
  3. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] Ferrari F50GT

    WOW! How do you make so many awesome models in such a small time frame? Genius!
  4. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] Hennessey Venom F5

    Although I do like the way the engine is looking now, are there any plans for a removable engine cover? With a 8 speed 'box, it's always nice to see the engine in action and not just listen to it... Great progress! Love the way the rear is coming along!
  5. Scoar Sonander

    Online LEGO Wheels Chart - major update

    WOW! Loving it! Thanks for the update, this will be very useful!
  6. But is there a timeline on the updating of the App? I can't find any updates on the App store...
  7. Wow. That's probably why JB70 has the "test the functions" section...
  8. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC][WIP] Smart Fortwo

    Wooh! Looking good!
  9. Scoar Sonander

    [HELP] Generic Building Help Topic

    I don't know how that would work...
  10. Scoar Sonander

    Pleas help me out with Please.

    Hey! I have been able to do this, could you specify more on the problem? To download a new parts list from bricklink or Rebrickable?
  11. Love the use of the Ducati Shocks! It gives it that rustic feeling somehow. Great use of system bricks for those spikes on the outside. Really great combination of bricks used for the aesthetics. Is there an available CAD file? Great Model!
  12. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] Willys Jeep from Land Rover

    Nice model! The only niggles nagging me are the seats, positioning of the gearbox and no mudguard on the front. Great model, though!
  13. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] Apartment building of the future

    Yeas indeed. Jetpacks would be nice to live that billionaire lifestyle!
  14. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1970

    Deciding whether this should go in Technic or scale modeling was probably your greatest challenge... lovely!