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  1. Interesting new hubs... The bodywork does look decent thought!
  2. Really nice build so far! I think you could add a white 3x1 tile to cover up the small gap on the top of the cab, but otherwise great bodywork.
  3. Looking really nice, the olive green and the gold complement each other very well.
  4. Having not bought that many of the recent lego sets, this is gonna cost a lot of money to buy all the parts for, yet it's going to be totally worth it. Absolutely amazing model, and great job with the wheel arches as normally they look somewhat out of place. The tapered and exposed rear is very nice as well.
  5. Scoar Sonander

    Zenvo TSR-S

    Absolutely incredible, great use of angles in this build!
  6. Just saw this and was absolutely blown away. Although from a glance it looks like the sian in some places, the bodywork makes the iconic shape of the Terzo millenio apparent. Nice to include the removal of the remote control units.
  7. I attempted something like this many months ago, with the control+ system and I can say, it was very fast, yet no way near as detailed and true to the original as yours! I am really amazed that you have managed to fit so much detail on top of a lot of performance. The engine looks superb, and those stickers are just the cherry on top! Keep up the amazing work!
  8. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] Pagani Huayra

    Really great as always, I would never have thought to use minifig heads for exhaust pipes.
  9. I was just generally browsing the site today, and this... Well it truly inspired me. I haven't been building that much recently due to school etc. but this is truly stunning, to fit all that under a 1:10 scale hood! The bodywork is really nice and instantly recognizable.
  10. All yays here, we either try it or regret not doing so!
  11. I personally would use the new red and grey diffs; those can lead to some really nice gear ups and downs. Seeing as you are using the old pf l motors, I would gear them up 1:1.666 first (or 1:3), then use a 24 tooth to connect semi-diagonally to the red diff. I'll see if I can take some pics.
  12. What cheeky methods are you using so that the [1st of april] tag doesn't show up on the forum display? (Got me anyway, nice one.)
  13. Scoar Sonander

    [MOC] Floating Dystopia

    Once you see it, you can't unsee it!
  14. Reallly nice job again. There are some minor detail problems, but ones which I won't point out because I'd never be able to fix them myself. Oh, and did you mean open cabin as in hole in the floor? That one should be an easy fix. But overall, really good job with the proportions and motorization options.
  15. That does look slightly weird...