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  1. PicnicBasketSam

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    I found the exact same problem. The three missing bricks appear to be 21987 Large Figure Lightsaber Blade 15M with Axle Hole, 65128 Container Box Vidiyo Window, and 46891 Technic Digger Bucket 10 x 19. EDIT: Going through and trying to add some of these parts to my library of official sets. So far I've found that 21562 Large Figure Armor, Leg Shin Guard with Ball Joint Socket doesn't have proper connectivity. It works with some ball joints but not any of the center ones in limb pieces where it actually connects when it appears in sets.
  2. PicnicBasketSam

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    That looks really bad in the pictures, but I'm pretty sure it'll look even worse in real life, because for the past couple years those canopy glass pieces have been scratched and banged up out of the box.
  3. PicnicBasketSam

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    That's certainly an option, but it's only easy for the end user to do. I can't imagine it's that easy for the company. They would presumably have to turn those salvageable components into an entirely different product, and that (1) requires cancelling the original set and (2) takes some time to do. We saw this a couple years ago with the Las Vegas Architecture skyline set, it was cancelled in January from its planned February release because there was a shooting at one of the buildings depicted, and it took until October for the (only 20% different) redesign to make it to shelves.
  4. PicnicBasketSam

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Lots of people here and in the Brickset comments section seem to willfully misunderstand the difference between depicting fantasy violence and real-world violence whenever something like this comes up. This set depicts police attacking an explosives factory in a populated area; as cartoony as the style may be, that's pretty undeniably based on real world violence. Especially for a product geared towards 5-year-olds. I don't really care whether or not this set is released, or whether or not quietly cancelling it was the correct choice. If LEGO themselves hadn't inadvertently published a picture I don't think we would be having this conversation, because apart from the ridiculous Osprey thing, they cancel things from time to time and nobody really notices. A few years ago a whole wave of Chima sets got cancelled after they were shown at a toy fair, half of the last wave of Games was cancelled, it happens.
  5. I put down that I would like another space shuttle. 8480 is a bit before my time but it's an incredible and important set, and a modern version could be amazing... I would be seriously impressed if they came out with a set as complicated as that one today, though no modern set would have a fiber-optic system that costs more to produce than the set itself would sell for.
  6. 11477 has been available in LDD Extended for at least seven years. It isn't in the "normal" mode of LDD because that hasn't been updated in ages, every official update has just been adding bricks to Extended Mode. LDD was still being regularly updated when that part was launched, and some of its relatives have been added since. What version of LDD are you using?
  7. PicnicBasketSam

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    That actually did happen when LDD was officially supported. I'm sure there are probably others but this and this were added at the beginning of 2016, months before they appeared in any sets.
  8. That gear does not exist as a real LEGO part but it was made digitally for The LEGO Movie, it forms the rear wheel of this bike in the film proper. I can't link the exact post but about 2/3 of the way down page 2 of this thread there's a cutaway view of how it's used:
  9. PicnicBasketSam

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I just looked up Star Wars Resistance to see how the release corresponded to the couple of LEGO sets that were made for it and not only did a whole season air after those sets were released, which I was completely unaware of, but it was only 12 episodes long and it was scheduled in direct competition with The Mandalorian season 1, The Rise of Skywalker, and The Clone Wars season 7. Can't imagine why the LEGO sets (which were only a couple of overpriced TIE variants anyway) might have sold poorly... I agree that there need to be more Mando sets going forward, and regular system ones at that - I have no use for Brickheadz or a $79.99 scale model of Baby Yoda - but between the crazy amount of Star Wars stuff going on, serious diminishing returns on merchandise from Star Wars TV, an apparent slash to the theme's budget, and a Disney-mandated crackdown on spoilers leading to the Razor Crest not getting to shelves until a year after the show premiered, it's not exactly surprising to me that it's taking a while for LEGO to catch up. I'm certain that a 2008 situation of no movies on the horizon and a brand new TV show getting all but two sets in a whole year is never going to happen again.
  10. PicnicBasketSam

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Well I don't know where those unfinished parts came from then (there's a couple of other ones I have since found in their proper folders), but deleting the files works for me.
  11. PicnicBasketSam

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    I just downloaded Stephan's newest update and all the new parts and decorations seem to work but I now have this issue. The parts in question are 9062 Pullback Motor 9 x 4 x 2 1/3 With Studs on Front Top Surface and 9063 Pull Back 4 x 9 x 2.333 Axle Bush, which I believe are parts of an assembly that was added to LDD by LEGO themselves, and that some of the files have been misplaced - how do I fix this?
  12. PicnicBasketSam

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    No problems with parts fitting into the inner curve now, at least in the sets it appears in. However, the issue of 1x4 plates still not fitting into the fuselage of 75273 persists - in the screenshot, the 1x1 tile fits in the space, but a 1x1 plate will not. I am not sure why this is. A stud on that plate doesn't come close to touching the curved brick.
  13. PicnicBasketSam

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Just tried to implement this one on the 2020 sets that use it and the collision behavior is very strange. In 80009 it works perfectly as the white wheelarches but won't fit at all in pink on the pig atop the roof, it appears to be colliding with one of the round pieces in the middle; in 75293 there are no issues fitting it around a very similar set of round pieces; and in 75273 it collides with the black 2x2 macaroni tiles as well as a light grey 1x4 plate on either side of the fuselage.
  14. PicnicBasketSam

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    I have finished building the set in LDD, it took about 3 hours and 20 minutes. I'm using a few custom parts made by the great guys in the LDD Forum, but I don't have everything this set needs - I don't have a good replacement for the angular panels without significantly rearranging things, and I'm using combinations of existing parts to replace the linear clutch, rotor blades, and both the Control+ elements. LXF File Screenshot
  15. PicnicBasketSam

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    As much as I'm annoyed and upset for this happening, as I was actually intending on buying this, if the instructions are actually posted online I'll probably just build it in LDD (there's a small group of people in the LDD Forum here that have figured out how to create and install new parts since LEGO has abandoned it) and move on with my life like I do with the vast majority of Technic sets. I would be very surprised if the black rotor blades, dumb Control+ battery box, and dark grey panels don't turn up in sets in 2021, or Bricks & Pieces later this year. It would honestly be just fine with me if this fiasco made LEGO stop doing licensed Technic sets as they seem to be directly responsible for the trend away from B-models, and most of the time they don't look very much like their source material unless they're huge. I know it's fun to whine about "cancel culture" when things literally get cancelled but given how minimal the outside pressure seems to be, I'm thinking that this was a very contentious product within LEGO and someone had a contingency plan ready to go at the first sign of trouble which we're now seeing take place.