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Found 11 results

  1. I had the Ninjago jungle dragon but found it too cutesy and canine, and didn't like the gaping wings. I wanted a creature that was more ferocious looking and more lizard-like. So I modded the giant war lizard pictured below. Apart from eight gold horn pieces (see picture), a light bley 2 x 6 plate and a light bley 1 x 4 plate, all the parts came from the set. In that sense, it's a re-build, not just a mod. Structurally, it's unchanged from the original jungle dragon. Cosmetically though, it's more different than appears at first sight. The minifigures also used parts from outside the set including some third party parts, but the focus here is the giant war lizard. Although I like some Ninjago builds and minifigures, I'm not particularly invested in the franchise and don't consider any of my display collection to be Ninjago, hence this post being in Historic Themes, not Action and Adventure. Questions? Comments? Concern for the crazy shaman who summoned this beast?
  2. I was about 11 year old in 1996, doing a twice daily paper round and saving my, I guess near £20ish a week, wage from it when I bought the 8480 Shuttle set. It was something I had coveted for a long time when I first set my eyes on it in the Toys R Us Lego aisle. I had been indoctrinated with Lego from a young age, so the 8480 wasn't especially daunting, but it was exciting. I'm now 34, and I don't buy Lego half as much as my 11 year old self, but recently I bought the 42096 for Christmas which I'm near finished with building and it brought back the joy I experienced as a youngster. Having gone back to my childhood home for Christmas, I headed to the attic to look at my large stash of Lego and specifically 8480. I found it, still built, missing the odd plate (a flap plate), though perhaps the gearing not working exactly and my woolworths batteries still keeping the motors whirring. it was also yellowing pretty badly. I was never very good at applying stickers, even on my 42096 build, my stickering is pretty poor, so many bricks will have stickers that overlap to other bricks. I'm thinking of bringing it back to London, cleaning it up and giving it a rebuild. What advice would you give me? I don't think any major parts are missing, and I'll have spares of quite common parts easily available. Can I de-yellow it? memories.
  3. CHALLENGE I: Repairs in Sir Patman's Cottage "Once the balance and peace was established in Historica, Patman decided to return to his family's cottage, after a long time of absence. Unfortunatelly, his fears came true as he saw his family's property ruined. The war had left its wounds. A heavy catapult projectile stone had hit the house ruining the walls and part of the roof. Luckily, his family was well-respected in the area, as his parents were good and joyful to everyone. So, he managed to find quickly the best crue in the area to fix his home. This crue, was the well-known Dworf Repairs group. Sir Patman's Cottage Sir Patman's Cottage - Rear View Workings in the Yard Repairs in the Roof and inspection of the House While he was wandering around the ruins, he managed to find a passage to the basement, so he decided to check the condition in which it was after so many years. Removing the ruins and fixing the roof An old neighbour came by to help, by making food As he was carefully going down the stairs carrying his lantern, he saw something on the floor, that he had never noticed as a child. It seemed like an arrow, pointing to one side of the wall. The Basement As he walked closer, he noticed a compass being hanged in that particular point. As he was checking it out, he found that it was pointing in the wrong direction and he tried to correct it. Then, all of a sudden, the wall moved, revealing a secret room. After the first shock, he decided to explore it, discovering the armor and the belongings of his Great Grandfather, the first Sir Patman the Lionmane, along with the deeds of Neapolis, a city that was founded by his long gone ancestor. Exploring the Secret Room Sir Patman's the Lionmane Armor Having no family left, nor anything else to keep him in his home, he decided to descover the truth about his family's mysterious past and the reason it was kept a secret." The above creation, is my first true modular of this size, and I enjoyed a lot, builting it. More stories will follow for Sir Patman. I hope you like it. You can find more pictures at my FlickR
  4. Well, i was proud of it at the time, but i feel now that my ISD isn't sufficient enough. Numerous add ons and additions have made the model a bit unstable and the inaccuracies need to be addressed. The main issue however is the disproportional build! The bridge is too large and wide compared to the rest of the body, and it lacks the correct amount of hangers and indents in the panels. This is all a result of me following along the structure of set 6211, which focused on an interior, messing up the proportions. I talk about it in the original post: Now however i start from scratch, and you guys get to follow on and give out suggestions! It starts now with the gathering of extra parts and deconstructing the original destroyer. The plan is to make it bigger, more sturdy and more accurate. Got to gather up all available reference material for this beast... Last photo of it intact. Major sections now removed. I plan to keep the bridge the same, perhaps with some slight corrections. However the rest needs to be broken up and sorted... Now people can see the frame of the build, and the messy interior...
  5. Rezvonflux

    RC set/parts advice

    Hello everyone, bare with me as this is my first post and my make some newb no-no's I've been looking to order a set online with future hopes to install a Sbrick and have some fun with the kids. Now, i can't decide what to order...if i order anything at all. Was looking at Aliexpress and can't decide what to get. i want a good decent set that offers most of what i'm looking for in a bundle. Keeping in mind, most of the outdoor area here is either bumpy, grassy or parking lot. - maybe looking for racer, possibly F1. but i see that getting stuck a lot around here except the parking lot. - WHEELS and SUSPENSION ;) family are mechanics, this is the only way i get to keep my hands clean ;) - parts gearbox, 4wd... - was planning to get SBRICK, motor advice? With that being said, i'm thinking of a crawler/buggy type..... long suspension, big wheels, room for motors..... able to "take a beaiting" Any suggestions, I thinking along the lines of the 3335 or 3360?
  6. Don't know if this section is the right place for this. Wanted to share the following: I have rebuild my old Lego with (mostly) new bricks. The result is in the picture. The Lego Technic 850 Fork lift was the first Lego Technic set that I got when I was 9 or 10 years old. The Lego 392 Formula One was also one of my favorites. I really loved the smooth lines at that time. A huge difference with the Lego of today. The Lego 396 Thatcher Perkins was a set that a friend of my had. He asked me to build it for him, since then it was one of my sets on the wish list. But too expensive at that time. Building it from scratch was a real "back in time" moment. All the bricks are new, besides the wheels. The stickers are not available anymore, but the result is good enough for me ;-) /Hans
  7. The Green grocer was my start in collecting the modular buildings. Since then, my collection yearly grew towards the 8 buildings I own right now. Besides that, I started also to collect the advanced models like the Sydney Opera House, the Tower Bridge and the Taj Mahal. I really wanted to have the Modular buildings Cafe Corner and Street Market. Plus the Eiffel Tower as well. But these buildings are too pricey for my budget. So I started to collect the separate bricks and rebuild with sources as Pick-a-Brick, Missing Pieces and of course Bricklink. So all new bricks for these projects. The Cafe Corner is almost complete. Unfortunately, some parts are too expensive (the price of one door is about 50 euro!) And some parts (like the windows) I have replaced with cheaper solutions. The result is good enough for me. About 1/3 of the bricks I already had in my collection of new bricks. The rest of the bricks were just below 200 euro's. Not a bad price if you compare with a completely new one. And now I am going to wait if the doors will be cheaper one day. For the Street Market, the same applies: I have collected most of the parts, but not all of them. Still thinking of some cheaper solutions with (almost) the same result. The bricks are waiting in a box, ready to be build. Currently, I am in the process of building the Eiffel Tower. The good news is that I have ordered all of the parts. Half of the bricks were already in my possession, the other half I needed to order. Total cost of the order is appr. 300 euro's, so in comparison with buying it new for the current price, it is relatively cheap. The base plates were delivered in the wrong green, so I need to re-order that one day. Can't build right now, I am still waiting for the "Missing pieces" delivery. On the picture, you see the Work-in-Progress. Not only building the sets is nice, but the process of searching all the pieces was nice too. I found out that Bricklink is normally the most cheap (or should I say, less expensive) but this is not always true. Next, the Missing Pieces site and Pick-A-Brick (both officially Lego) have different prices. And sometimes one site says "sold out" although the other site has still availability. Strange but true. Enjoy. /Hans
  8. CabooseBM

    Lewa: Rebuild

    Click the Above Link for the full gallery! Lewa is the daredevil Toa of Air, tossing caution to the wind at any chance he gets. His attitude allows him to perform breathtaking stunts and acrobatics that the other Toa Mata can only hope to match. Of course, Lewa’s competitive streak will push him to goad the others into contests, even if they know he’ll blow them away anyways. There’s something about his frantic actions and longwinded gabbering that keep him on everyone’s good side, even if they don’t show it. Lewa is agile and quick, well adapted to life among the trees inLe-Wahi, moving like a breeze in and through the canopy. He can control the very air itself, using it to further enhance his agility and grace. With his Toa Tool, a lightweight yet sturdy axe, he can direct the wind in more outwardly practical manners. (This moc here represents Lewa as he appears in the Bionicle: Rebuild universe.)
  9. CabooseBM

    Onua: Rebuild

    Click the Above Picture for the full gallery! Onua is the wise Toa of Earth, while all the Toa Mata are the same age, she acts as an older sister and mentor to the other five. She is quiet, but beneath that is a mind that is always at work, when she does speak, everyone would do well to listen. Onua is kind and understanding, and while Pohatu is the heart of the Toa Mata, she is the mediator, she mends feuds and resolves arguments between the six toa. She is very protective of her Matoran, and will sometimes go to unreasonable lengths to not inconvenience them! Onua possesses great strength and durability, built to work underground in the most punishing of conditions. She can control the living dirt and plantlife directly, bending them to her will with ease. Her Toa Tools are directly integrated into her hands, great claws that can dig through anything that stands in her way! (The moc here represents Onua as she appears in the Bionicle: Rebuild universe, hence her gender and any changes from “canon”.)
  10. While going through my pneumatic parts in my ongoing quest to sort and catalogue my collection, I rediscovered that my single pneumatic hand pump is in dire need of some work. Here's a video, as that will explain better than anything else: While this is great in terms of comedic value [FWEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!] I would actually like to be able to use it. It's the biggest reason why I don't really experiment with pneumatics as it's such a pain to keep a motorized compressor on hand for those random moments of tinkering. I believe that it doesn't really work as a result of it having inadequate lubricant. In addition to this, the two small pumps off to the side in this video are suspect as well. I know for sure at least one leaks [i had to send off for a replacement; thus why I have two] and I am suspicious of the second one as well. I have a picture of what the cylinder looks like at the moment: Notice how towards the bottom there appears to be a ring of lubricant, and how cloudy the rest of the cylinder is. So, my questions are: Is there a way to fix this so I don't have to buy a new pump? And, in the future, how should I treat this hand pump so that this doesn't happen again? When I got it a while back I was happily pumping it as fast as I could go, but I suspect that may have had something to do with it.
  11. soccerkid6

    Avalonian Wall/Fort

    This is a rebuild of the set 6062 "Battering Ram" and a free build for Mitgardia. A Mitgardian trader has just reached the safety of some Avalonian walls when some soldiers corrupted by Revolword start attacking: A picture showing everything opened: Walls folded to become a fortress: Any C&C welcome