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  1. Success! So tweaking the ring connector to the tracks, cleaning and the gaps between the different sections of the tracks and finally the big addition.... I noticed that when assembled the ring "rear" might have been pushed and maybe making contact with the 6 contacts below. The solution, a little clear nail polish on those nodes and on the read side of that ring
  2. So update, no update Got out the voltmeter/ohm meter and all the contacts are good. Doubt it's the board as it was working semi correctly. Leaves me to the believe its the contact ring. If all else fails I'll just either be content with at least the full 180° turn left to right or gut it and male a simple rubber band return inside opposed to the exterior RTC using a M-motor lol
  3. Lol yup that's the video that started my venture. Digging around for my meter to check ohmz, keep yall posted
  4. You all makes valid points and assumptions, helping me run thru my own thoughts. But not im thinking it may be the dimples kn the ring sliding along the track that isn't making contact... or possibly cause a crosswire. But yes, I can now rotate the 90° left and right, running the full possible 180° just without any centering happening.... ...unless like I mentioned, I insert an axle inside and apply pressure into the connector....then it tends to kinna jiggle back and forth a few.degrees
  5. Ok this was a mould king knock off I believe... but also happens to my lego crawler original servo. Since I've scrapped and cleaned around and put it together. Now it seems to go all left and stops or right and stops, but never centering. Before picture After some work I've tried both the MK battery box and the Lego Battbox with IR controller. Both behave the same way.... never centering tho. Did noticed with an axle inserted and some pressure applied, it starts to jiggle in its own Btw, ignore any possible typos lol
  6. I may have to open a second working one to honestly see the difference. Wasn't sure if that was normal or actual wearing. I'm thinking the copper track as well but they seem worn equally on both sides Raised the points on the metal ring as well Both tracks and contacts were cleaned using an ersed head too. I'm at a loss, I even tried correcting the center while it was apart but continued to do the same once it was put together again
  7. Hey guys I started a nee topic as I hadn't seen this one, but.... Can anyone spot why this one isn't centering and sticking in one direction? Good news is after my first attempt and reassemble (which left me with a wiper mother going from full left to full right) I'm back to the initial problem.
  8. This all started with an attempt at correcting a centering/sticking issue. Reassembled the whole thing and it works... just not exactly like before. Servo turned wiper Seems it'll go left and right without centering at all now.... or, go back and forth on its own like a wiper arm. Any thoughts as to where I messed up?
  9. Rezvonflux

    RC set/parts advice

    As i as, i'm a newb when it comes to this... even if i've been building since as long as i can remember. Would you be able to point out some other places i could look at too? As we are on a tight budget here with the 5 of us, so the knockoff tend to look good too. I already have one Power Funtion set (8293) and have plans to get the SBRICK later on. BTW, motors.....? I might be wrong, but this seems to be LEGO only... correct?
  10. Rezvonflux

    RC set/parts advice

    Hello everyone, bare with me as this is my first post and my make some newb no-no's I've been looking to order a set online with future hopes to install a Sbrick and have some fun with the kids. Now, i can't decide what to order...if i order anything at all. Was looking at Aliexpress and can't decide what to get. i want a good decent set that offers most of what i'm looking for in a bundle. Keeping in mind, most of the outdoor area here is either bumpy, grassy or parking lot. - maybe looking for racer, possibly F1. but i see that getting stuck a lot around here except the parking lot. - WHEELS and SUSPENSION ;) family are mechanics, this is the only way i get to keep my hands clean ;) - parts gearbox, 4wd... - was planning to get SBRICK, motor advice? With that being said, i'm thinking of a crawler/buggy type..... long suspension, big wheels, room for motors..... able to "take a beaiting" Any suggestions, I thinking along the lines of the 3335 or 3360?