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    RC set/parts advice

    As i as, i'm a newb when it comes to this... even if i've been building since as long as i can remember. Would you be able to point out some other places i could look at too? As we are on a tight budget here with the 5 of us, so the knockoff tend to look good too. I already have one Power Funtion set (8293) and have plans to get the SBRICK later on. BTW, motors.....? I might be wrong, but this seems to be LEGO only... correct?
  2. Rezvonflux

    RC set/parts advice

    Hello everyone, bare with me as this is my first post and my make some newb no-no's I've been looking to order a set online with future hopes to install a Sbrick and have some fun with the kids. Now, i can't decide what to order...if i order anything at all. Was looking at Aliexpress and can't decide what to get. i want a good decent set that offers most of what i'm looking for in a bundle. Keeping in mind, most of the outdoor area here is either bumpy, grassy or parking lot. - maybe looking for racer, possibly F1. but i see that getting stuck a lot around here except the parking lot. - WHEELS and SUSPENSION ;) family are mechanics, this is the only way i get to keep my hands clean ;) - parts gearbox, 4wd... - was planning to get SBRICK, motor advice? With that being said, i'm thinking of a crawler/buggy type..... long suspension, big wheels, room for motors..... able to "take a beaiting" Any suggestions, I thinking along the lines of the 3335 or 3360?