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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm addicted to Lego and MOC cars collection, I built a custom-made furniture, hand-made, to exhibit my models, I designed by myself and realized in 3 months (in the free time of course). Now I'm looking for a model to fill the last 1:8 space. I was thinking to Shelby GT500 1:8 that i love, but I already own two Mustang including a moc of shelby made by lego set 10265. As Alternative maybe the Aston Martin GT3 but I'm not so convinced. Maybe I'd better wait for the 2022 Lego 1:8 model? Any suggestion about that? I'm also thinking to replace fiat 500 in the future, when I will fall in love with another 1:12 model PS thanks to brunojj1 for helping to fill two of the spaces
  2. Hello, We have technics roboriders 8509 to 8514 with their instruction books. What we don't have is the instructions for the combinations of any of these which are listed on the back of each booklet. As an example there is a model which combines 8509, 8510 & 8513. Is there a very old resource for these instructions please? Any suggestions will be super-helpful. Thankyou Neil
  3. I'm Yves from Montreal city, Quebec province in Canada. While I don't consider myself a true AFOL as I don't build big mocs, I still love legos and I love to find out the unlimited creative talent of others. I'm not into castle, themes etc. I'm more into buildings, vehicles, technics (I have many technic sets... not the recent ones). I've been working in the industrial Automation fields (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller) for 30 years and I also own few mindstorms sets :) But I did not really "played" much with them yet. I've been off of the scene for about 10 years but recently, I stumbled on my old Lego Interface B (9751 - 70909) and had an Idea. 10 years ago or so, I did some VB.Net project to control this old baby. Was OK, certainly better than nothing but still lacking of some friendly programming language like we have in Automation. Then I had an idea to revive the Interface B. I'm going to share in the proper section if I can find it :) Here's my old brickshelf gallery:
  4. Hello everyone, I am quite new here as well as Lego world, but I am very happy to introduce my first MOC which spent more than 2 months to complete - Mercedes Benz Arcos Tractor Truck. At first let's check some parameters of this MOC: Length: 36cm Width: 18cm Height: 25cm Parts: around 2500, 100% Lego genius PF: XL motor x1, Servo motor x1, IR receiver x1, IR controller x1, Big Battery box x1 Pneumatics: 1x6 Pump x1, 1x5 Cylinder x1, 2x11 Cylinder x1, Switch x2 I was inspired by building Muuss's MOC based on 42043 B mode. After that I thought why don't I improve something to make it more powerful and beautiful, that's why this MOC could happens. I didn't use too many rare parts, most of the parts(approx 90%) can be found from 42043 and 42029. The truck body has 19 studs width and 29 studs height, so I used 81.6x38mm wheels to compare the size. Rear axle has driving by XL motor and front axle has steering by Servo motor. There are 4 yellow absorbers in front axle and 2 in rear. The head of truck is controlled by pneumatic to open and close. The trailer locker is controlled by pneumatic as well. I didn't use PF to control the pneumatic pump because lacking of the PF You may have to manually do the pumping and switching. I put pneumatic hoses, switches and pump into black box at the back of head together with IR receiver. One switch is controlling switch cylinder on head and trailer, another is controlling cylinder open and close. It looks pretty tidy and easy to control. Some details from different position. There are not so many gear drives inside the truck so I guess you can easily build your own truck like this. I didn't have chance to make any instruction on it, but you can refer the photos as inspiration for your own build, I believe it will not be too difficult. I used my 4 years old son to have a real size comparison so you might have an idea on how big it is Check the video below for more information of this build. Hope you like it. Edit: I am not familiar on how to insert video on youtube, can only attach the URL...
  5. Rezvonflux

    RC set/parts advice

    Hello everyone, bare with me as this is my first post and my make some newb no-no's I've been looking to order a set online with future hopes to install a Sbrick and have some fun with the kids. Now, i can't decide what to order...if i order anything at all. Was looking at Aliexpress and can't decide what to get. i want a good decent set that offers most of what i'm looking for in a bundle. Keeping in mind, most of the outdoor area here is either bumpy, grassy or parking lot. - maybe looking for racer, possibly F1. but i see that getting stuck a lot around here except the parking lot. - WHEELS and SUSPENSION ;) family are mechanics, this is the only way i get to keep my hands clean ;) - parts gearbox, 4wd... - was planning to get SBRICK, motor advice? With that being said, i'm thinking of a crawler/buggy type..... long suspension, big wheels, room for motors..... able to "take a beaiting" Any suggestions, I thinking along the lines of the 3335 or 3360?
  6. <iframe width="800" height="475" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. I can´t help myself i need to do this remake of viral Donald Trump speech in Pensacola. I have use two motors for remote control of mouth speaking and head moving. Enjoy BTW - sorry i didn´t find category for videos or user creations ... i hope you will not delete this post as a spam.
  8. I bought this blue item advertised as "Mini Pump Double Valve" on eBay It does not seem like a pump to me. It works like an actuated piston. Is the blue cylinder supposed to be a pump?
  9. Hi all. Here's a brief video of the EV3 floor roving robot I've been working on for the past few days. It's pretty crude but can go a long time without getting stuck. It makes use of one distance scanner in three positions by using a clutched IR sensor, has two bumper sensors that are padded by shock absorbing springs to reduce impact on the touch sensors. Behind the bumper is mounted a color sensor on the front that is used to measure near distance and ambient light. It appears to flash because it's rapidly switching between measuring these two things, With this sensor it can detect objects near to the ground that the main sensor peers over, and also back out of shadows so it doesn't get under furniture. Working on the software has been the long part as there is much debugging to do and each test run can take a long time depending on what I'm trying to improve. It makes decisions based on distances to its surroundings on three sides, so if it senses it's coming up on something in front of it, or a bumper strike is detected, it will choose to turn left or right depending on which direction is more open.
  10. This is an early proof of concept before rebuilding it completely: Running down the pen: I built this printer LEGO parts. It prints pretty well with markers. It prints in dot-matrix and line modes. I did this with an unmodified EV3. Some of the work was creating huge binary files to print from. Video:

    [MOC] K-18

    Hi, everyone! Although it is not done yet, I still want to show you guy my K-18. . . . The images are big, please wait... I will upload the complete model to Lego Ideas before the end of August, I hope. This is the incomplete gun that will be used by the battle armor. Or I will make another one. Ok! That's all. Please support me later! Thanks!
  12. This is a fully automatic clock that was finished end of 2014. So, why do I call it "fully automatic"? - The clockwork runs as a normal mechanical clock with a pendulum and counterweight. - There is a motor that winds the clock every hour. - The speed of the clock is adjusted once a day using the Mindstorms unit. The speed is adjusted by changing the length of the pendulum. In total, the clock runs for itself without any assistance, and it shows the right time, even if it is build using only LEGO bricks. (Apart from the string to the counterweight) There have been many challenges in this design. My main focus, except the obvious goal to make everything to work, was to make this as compact as possible. The whole clockwork fits inside 14x14x14 studs. I did a short video to show the "action": The two sensors are used for: 1. Stop when the counterweight is fully winded 2. Give feedback from the minute hand rotation back to the Mindstorms unit. The counterweight is made out of 12 train/boat weights and is about 0.68kg. Winding is done through a differential to avoid interruptions during the winding. There are two medium motors inside the clockwork for the winding and adjustment. The Mindstorms unit is hidden in the base behind a hatch: WIP pictures Specially designed differential gear to reduce the friction between the counterweight and clockwork as much as possible. The winding motor rotates the large turntable gear: Clockwork prototype, without any automation: Very first prototype of the escapement:
  13. I was building a steinwinter truck and I realised that the whole underside was a mix of blue,red,grey,white,black while the whole model is yellow. I'm realising that I'm using rainbow colours when you won't see it. Is this my own building techic or do more people use this?
  14. inquisitor88

    [MOC] Segway

    Hi there! Let's me introduce the new MOC, which was specially made for Russian Contest 16*16: Technics. It was hard to get the smooth tires in two weeks, so I used offroad variant. Hope, You like it! Prototype Prototype by inquisitor88, on Flickr Collage collage by inquisitor88, on Flickr Model Segway main view by inquisitor88, on Flickr 2 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 3 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 4 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 5 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 6 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 8 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 7 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 10 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 9 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 11 by inquisitor88, on Flickr Album
  15. TechnicSteve

    TechnicSteve says hello!

    Hello, I'm Steve from the south coast of the UK. I've always been a vintage Technics fan (when I had it it was the latest thing!) so I've recently been growing my collection of the earliest Technics sets. I've set myself a timeframe of 1977 to 1987 so I don't get carried away and spend a fortune! I've got a few swapsies so if anyone is like me and is a collector of early Technics sets or you have one in the loft that you could dare let go, then let me know. I'll start a proper thread in the appropriate section of the forum soon and list exactly what I have and what I need - for example, 1979 is looking very empty! See you in the forum. Steve
  16. Ketchup & Mayonnaise Factory Hi, Lego funs -- I built this Factory (machine) for my grandchildren Filip & Laura to have more fun in preparing their small Christmas ham and cheese sandwiches with spread of ketchup or mayonnaise, as they like. As you can guess, there is a lot of fun, although they eat (and play) 60 minutes longer (but eat more). A short video will be posted in a day Mladen. And two action shoots: - -
  17. Hello guys, I'm Emre from Turkey. I'm mechanical engineer and R&D Manager work for a company. Technics is new for me, I started a month ago. This is my first design: apron feeder. Apron feeder is the best feeding machine in mining industry. There are some original photos: And mine LEGO Technic Apron Feeder: Technical Specifications: Width: 15,2 cm Lenght: 47 cm Height: 25 cm Power: 2 x 7V/185 rpm (2 x M Motors) Gear Ratio: 1:9 Apron Speed: 20,5 rpm Working Video: LEGO Technic Apron Feeder Photos: Waiting your comments...
  18. Uses 100% LEGO pieces. It traveled over 400 miles in the back of my ute to be setup and displayed at Brickvention 2012 Melbourne Australia. I wanted to make an old wooden styled coaster which meant big dips and no loops. It took ages to get the transition right. I had to record high speed video to find out why it crashed at certain sections. The hardest part was the chain lift. It is difficult to make the chain bend at the pickup zone. I ended up using more of the blue train rails as a guide A fun project that killed a lot of minifigs during testing.
  19. With 1/2 this set comprising of Technic pieces I figure this was the best place to post. This build has stayed much the same as when I created it a few years back on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The good news is it's up on Cuusoo now. If you like the design then why not give it a vote. Working Dodgem Cars - Cuusoo