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  1. Most likely they're Gen3 pins, which were introduced this year.
  2. Or an upscaled version of the 42090/42091 combo model...
  3. Yes, and preferably in basic colours (grey, red, yellow, blue, black, etc.) before the more "exotic" ones (purple, azure, etc.).
  4. Probably it went well with focus groups. But won't it be too big and heavy for any decent performance? Unless it uses two pullback motors.
  5. Well, a carriage could at least be pulled by horses with mechanical linkages for legs, like the stuff by JK Brickworks. It'd be actually interesting and unusual for Technic.
  6. The simple fact that you used transparent parts for the headlights already makes it better than the original.
  7. That makes sense, it's called the Osborne effect.
  8. Do you mean that, for example, if you used one of those in the 42030 instead of the LEGO version and manually turned it away from the desired angle, it'd automatically return to it (like regular servos do)? If so, that's a big advantage over the LEGO version.
  9. Thanks! As with the 42124, I just can't handle virtual controls and look at the model at the same time.
  10. My heart is #ing for Technic.
  11. You do know that the "#" symbol can also be called "pound", right?
  12. Don't they connect via radio (proprietary 2.4 GHz, or, since it can connect to an app, more likely Bluetooth), and therefore it's only a matter of pairing one receiver to a controller at a time?
  13. I've just found out there's a version with a 6-output receiver and a transmitter with 4 proportional channels (and 2 bang-bang). Anyone tried this? May I post a link to the Chinese store where I found this, @Jim?
  14. Can you help me with this? I looked in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.scn.BrickController2 and its subfolders, and couldn't find my profiles (which were created in a previous version of the app), or any files for that matter. I'm running Android 8.0.0 on my phone, so the folder policies shouldn't be an issue.