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  1. Grohl did put his initials in this year's dozer compactor...
  2. Actually, we have a rubbish truck since 1992, with the 8868-B. Even earlier if you count one of the 8020's models as a rubbish truck (the one in the bottom middle):
  3. They'd only do those if they're able to reuse them on other sets; take for example the Volvo bucket or the Xerion tyre. The Porsche's rims are the exception, due to them needing that design for the set and being too specific for reusing.
  4. That's not very indicative, as the Porsche contains some black panels, yet the body is orange.
  5. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    That's B-models for you.
  6. https://brickset.com/sets/8274-1
  7. It's orange, so it's not a bag; it's a MAN'S TOOLBOX.
  8. Either that or many tiny System elements for brick-built detailing.
  9. Also, the new design makes it trivial to attach to a PF servo, although the servo probably has a too large range of motion.
  10. ^-- this. While it's true that the "dark ages" of Technic happened when practically all sets were "futuristic" and hardly resembled anything we know (what the heck is the 8446 supposed to be?), but a weird set sprinkled here and there keeps the theme interesting.
  11. It might be worth it for building techniques, Xerion tyres (if you missed the 42054 and the 42070), and Volvo bucket. Also, until we have an inventory of it, we don't know how good of a new parts pack it is; for example, the 42054 is a gold mine of new (for 2016) parts.
  12. Can you use the gamepad with a tester app (there are plenty of those in the Play Store)? If not, then the problem is in the gamepad (or the phone).
  13. Cool, finally they arrived! By the way, what does the pug think of the hamsters?
  14. The 41999 has a tan interior (sorta).
  15. There's also the rumoured Volvo. Yes, 75878.