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  1. AVCampos

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Well, in that case I guess we'll have to wait until @imurvai adds PUp support in Brick Controller...
  2. AVCampos

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    If you control the motor from the app using the Batmobile profile, that should be possible.
  3. No, TLG already has a collaboration with GM in Speed Champions, in the 75870 and the 75874.
  4. Getting the currently common comparison of 42009 vs. 42082, I'd say that the functions are fewer and more simplistic in order to work better. And, personally, I prefer it that way.
  5. These sets from 2019 were probably in creation after the development of the Chiron's gearbox elements (20T clutch, new-gen driving ring extension, wave selector gear, wheel hub with integrated brake disc), so there's a chance we'll see them there.
  6. Well, the Chiron was also already available in Speed Champions, so this wouldn't be unheard of...
  7. TLG hates going to the expense of designing and building a mould to use just once (the Volvo bucket being an example of this), so I believe it's a sure bet to see London Bus tyres on future sets, even if not Technic.
  8. Be careful: as soon as it gets discontinued, it'll surely shoot up in price.
  9. Pneumatics are expensive, but I can't imagine them on a helicopter either. But small diameter wheels won't leave much room for electronics, assuming a reversible vehicle like those in Rollcage cars.
  10. A small 42065-like vehicle with either motorcycle or Xerion wheels and in that price bracket would be feasible, yes. The price/part ratio also suggests something in that vein.
  11. Isn't the 8421-B a cherry picker?
  12. Why not a pneumatic circuit that extends the outriggers and then lowers them? Pneumatic circuits have never been officially made in Technic, except on the 8868-B.
  13. Personally I consider those "large-sized". Sets like the BWE and the RTC (and maybe the Porsche and the Bugatti) are to me more "titan-sized". I'd call "medium" sets like this year's hovercraft and forklift. Still, I see your point, and love the density of the 42008.
  14. AVCampos

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    As long as it's at TLG and not in my models... I'd hate to have yucky slimy parts.
  15. AVCampos

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    That's valuable feedback, with a specific scenario where the current implementation of PU (PUP? PUp?) needs to change. You may want to transmit it to TLG by commenting here: https://lan.lego.com/news/overview/powered-up-afol-community-answers-r146/