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  1. That may be an advantage in that it may give you more run time before having to swap batteries.
  2. Yes. Remember this comes from the Creator Expert lineage, where not too long ago cars didn't even have steering.
  3. That could make sense: reuse the discontinued SPIKE hub's platform and make it cheaper (but bigger) by having it use AAs instead of a proprietary rechargeable Li-Ion.
  4. So, the retracted size is the same but the extended size is one module longer? Won't that give less lateral support for the inner shaft when extended?
  5. I actually like his reviews (also TechLug's, which are often even more negative), but indeed that's a subjective matter. But that proves my point: if Sariel's reviews were biased because he receives the sets from LEGO, shouldn't they all be glowingly positive?
  6. Yes, that does happen in some industries (I think car companies, too), and I recall many years ago a reviewer showing an e-mail from a (electronics? I was a long time ago) company complaining that the review wasn't positive enough. That's most likely the reason for some people distrusting reviews of sponsored LEGO sets. But, like I wrote, that's not the way TLG (and certainly at least a few other companies) work. Haha, zing! But don't feel too discouraged: as with everything, those who dislike tend to be more vocal than those who like. That reminds of an interesting case: the sets he usually reviews are provided by LEGO, but not, for example, the Osprey. Therefore, according to those with the "sponsored reviews are always biased" opinion, his Osprey review is great and the others are rubbish, regardless of their actual content.
  7. I didn't pay much attention to the debacle, but I think Held got "blacklisted" by LEGO because of his logo (I'm not discussing whether that was deserved or not), not his negative reviews. So, you're accusing well-known entities like (in no particular order) Brickset, Eurobricks, New Elementary, RacingBrick or Sariel of being brown-nosing untrustworthy liars who will say anything to get those sweet, sweet free bricks. Quite a bold statement you have there. Here's another example: Sariel and JANGBRiCKS. I picked these two because I frequently watch both channels and in my opinion they have similar levels of positivity/negativity, knowledgeability and sincerity in their reviews. However, if I'm understanding correctly, none of that matters to you simply because the former gets the review material from LEGO while the latter buys it. I've been on the Internet long enough to know nothing will change your views on the matter, but, to everyone else on the fence: as a former LEGO Ambassador, I know first-hand, black-on-white, that TLG wants reviews of stuff they give to always be honest and sincere, and won't punish anyone for speaking their mind. I'm sure anyone who's dealt with TLG can corroborate this.
  8. Are you saying that a reviewer's honesty depends on getting stuff or not from LEGO?
  9. Because this is the Technic section of Eurobricks, where anything TLG does will be complained about by someone.
  10. Speaking of which, what's the difference between the old and new battery boxes?
  11. I'm praying to the Great Farting Peanut for that to be true! 🙏
  12. I've been wanting those for years! TLG, after you copied the flip-flop beam from Chinese companies, now's your chance to do it again!
  13. Most likely it's a 2.4 GHz radio with a generic undocumented Chinese protocol.
  14. The easiest solution for TLG would be to make an "analogue" version of the train controller, something in the lines of MK's 6-way controller. Then it'd just be a matter of Pybricks in the hub interpreting the inputs as needed.