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Found 10 results

  1. Above the barren and obscure wastelands near the Imperial London rises an odd and huge figure. But it is not one of the giants of the old age. It is a machine and it is a house, in fact it is the homely home of Mr. Edward Higgs, eccentric inventor and gentleman who definitely respects peace and desolation. Higgs's home is a typical home of an bachelor (at least on some aspects). There isn't that clean as there's no one to nag about things. As Higgs's inventing projects take some room (one of the three floors) and the machinery of the house isn't that small neither (it is an old steam sawmill tower) he has his bedroom, toilet and the old boiler room all in the same space. Isn't that handy? He doesn't have room for chairs around his table, but fortunately he can sit on the stairs while eating. The sewer system is also very compact and helps Higgs to avoid the sewage costs. As it would be troublesome and time-consuming to climb all the 32 ladders when coming home, Higgs has built a fold-out ramp for his helipack on the first floor. There is also a big steamp-powered hoister above the ramp to make it easy to lift heavy objects into the house. Another of Higgs's homely inventions is the big propeller on the wall of the first floor. It is not an air conditioning system, but a wind tunnel propeller that helps Higgs to make his airs vessels as aerodynamic as possible. This is my entry on the Home Sweet Home contest, category A. The house fits easily on 48x48 baseplate. I'm happy to be able to take part on this contest as steampunk is definitely my favourite theme and contest allowing that madness are not that common. This MOC was built and photographed in two days; late bird catches a worm anyway. More stuff can be found on Cyclopic Bricks, Flickr and Brickshelf.
  2. This is my creation for the contest "Home Sweet Home" Category A I hope you like it ^__^ Link on MOCpages Link on Flickr Mini Space Cruiser CS "One Man Space Ship" Landing Trasformable VF-1 CS Valkyrie Ladder Trasformable VF-1 CS Valkyrie and Classic Mechanic Suit Empty base
  3. SpaceMan Nathan

    [HSH] Cat A -- M:tron Northern Command

    My Home Sweet Home entry, M:tron Northern Command. Half a continent away from the planet's main M:tron base of operations, an M:tron commander has set up a research and exploratory outpost. He was able to requisition a couple Ionizer class hueys, a ground roadster and two expository scout vehicles...and of course his own speeder bike. Rule number one for me when I build: it must be playable. LEGO is all about play and creativity, so every build of mine must be too. So I tried to put as much play into this build as possible while still keeping the competition in mind. I focused on the outside while not skimping on the inside. It is a modular build with the top level coming off very easily. Additional and full size pictures can be found on my Flickr page.
  4. The android bounty hunter known as Zero uses an abandoned observation post on a remote sulfur moon as his hideout. The conditions are unfriendly to biological life forms, but that suits Zero just fine. main_view by chbenito, on Flickr The tiny bunker once housed some kind of observation post and communication relay, left behind by a lost civilization. The conditions are spartan, but there is room for a rack of weapons, a computer core, and a comfortable chair, so that Zero can sit and contemplate the desolate landscape. interior by chbenito, on Flickr Zero's ship, Death Spiral, sits on a tiny landing platform beside the bunker. The surface around the bunker is littered with the decayed corpses of his enemies. The hideous display warns off the casually curious. above_1 by chbenito, on Flickr There are a few more photos over on my Flickr account. Enjoy!
  5. LegoFjotten

    [HSH] Cat B - Tyrell Space City

    [HSH] Cat B - Tyrell Space City Many considered it man's crowning achievement in space, Tyrell City. The only place in space except for earth where humans could really feel at home. A marvel of engineering, the huge dome enclosing the city created what felt like a natural sky it's inhabitants - the perfect space to relax for the space weary traveller. Not many could afford their own place in the city, but many came to spend their hard earned money unwinding for a short while. Comments are welcome!
  6. Brother Steven

    [HSH] Cat B - Commodore's Quarters

    A galactic commander enjoys his "shore leave" at his stylish asteroid home Commodores Quarters by Brother Steven, on Flickr
  7. The infamous air pirate known as Dr. Bloom strikes forth from her remote island airbase, 'The Respite.' Her ship, the Indomitable can bee seen nearby. rotation_1 by chbenito, on Flickr docked by chbenito, on Flickr above by chbenito, on Flickr This MOC isn't what I started out to build. Originally it was going to be a space base, but while building a spaceship for the landing bay, I wound up building an airship instead. Once I had an airship, it was natural that I build some kind of steampunk airbase. I really like the way it turned out!
  8. legoman19892

    [HSH]- Cat A: Spacecation Station

    Built a little cottage inspired by my trip to Palm Dessert and seeing all those tiny-ish homes. Enjoy.
  9. Louie le Brickvalier


  10. jimkeepers

    [HSH] Cat B - Orbital 7 In 1979 a book called 'Future Cities' was published by Osbourne It was about 'homes and living into the 21st Century'. As a child I read it from cover to cover many times. It inspired me to build an ocean floating city of the future from Lego. Found it in the loft last weekend. Didn't even know I'd kept it. It inspired me again.