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    Bionicle, or EXO-FORCE
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    Bionicle Storm Beast

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    My favorite books are a tie between, the Anne Mccaffery books, and the Inheritance Cycle,

    I enjoy several Video games, including but not limited to, Command & Conquer, Advance Wars, Nancy Drew games, Any version of Sid Mier’s Civilization (But Particularly Beyond Earth), Fire Emblem, LBX and Pokemon.

    My favorite Pokemon is Gardvoir

    My favorite manga is My Love Story!

    I am an avid player of board and card games, especially keyforge.


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  1. ProfSrlojohn

    M:Tron Themed locomotive [MOC]

    The usual reason. lack of parts. I don't own any pre-2001 sets, (and even those are bionicle figures), so I work with what I have.
  2. ProfSrlojohn

    M:Tron Themed locomotive [MOC]

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it! There is a reason monorails never caught on.
  3. ProfSrlojohn

    M:Tron Themed locomotive [MOC]

    Today, lovely members of the Eurobricks, I present to you a M:Tron theme MOC! This train was based off of modern diesel locomotives, though not any in particular. Comments and Crits, as always, are welcome and encouraged!
  4. ProfSrlojohn

    MOC: Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    Oh man... These are nice... As a long-time player of CNC, I absolutely love these, especially the battlemaster. "You know it is, Mm, mm, Just right, when the flesh FALLS OFF THE BONE! *Maniacal laughter*"
  5. I certainly agree here. I think 90's space might have been the best era of space in my opinion, (and it is merely that, an opinion). There is something about that angular, blocky aesthetic that appeals to me. Along with this sort of feeling of a cold war, particularly between the SP and Blacktron. It kinda feels like both groups are too large to do much to each other, so they sort of tolerate each other, with M:Tron and Futron caught in the middle. Will there have been some highlights since, such as Mars mission, and Life on Mars, none could quite live up to the feel of it to me. Unfortunate, I was born to late for these sets, (august 2001), so I just try to fill the void with mediocre MOCs with the required logo pieces. No, but it's as cool as heck. I like how the space police 3 guy looks like a Nod soldier.
  6. ProfSrlojohn

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Oh, well... Thanks anyway!
  7. ProfSrlojohn

    [MOC] HT-44 "Sledgehammer"

    An OLD MOC of mine, yet still one of my favorites. Name: HT-44 "Sledgehammer" Heavy tank Armament: one 120 mm cannon, and twin 10mm auto-cannons in a second turret Description: Aged Heavy tank that is just as effective today as it was 20 years ago. Its Armor is of a Spaced Chobham type, with ERA integrated in. It also has a Sapphire glass windshield for the driver. It has 4 crew members; a commander, a driver, a gunner, and a radio operator. Comments and crits are welcome.
  8. ProfSrlojohn

    New Train builder

    Thanks for the tips. I got the HP train for the wheels mostly, though the red has been nice for M:Ton MOCs. I have plenty of grey. And mitlitary railway equipment doesn't stop at just trains and cars. It also includes railway gun, such as 800mm "Schwerer Gustav" As a comparison, a US Sherman tank has a 75 or 76 mm cannon I have LDD, I've seen, but I'm not sure about the first one, nor what it has over the others.
  9. ProfSrlojohn

    M:Tron Bonfire mech

    You got me! Slight inspiration there, as well as the Black hand and the Avatar from Command & Conquer 3. As fro the grasping arm, that's what the other work mechs are for, right? Right? (I'm floundering for an explanation here. )
  10. ProfSrlojohn

    M:Tron Bonfire mech

    They aren't orange, it's just the lighting. They are of the same trans-neon green as the rest of the pieces. As for the legs and feet, I liked them, but to each his own.
  11. ProfSrlojohn

    [MOC] M:Tron Podship

    I can see how you think that. A spacecraft and a submersible have a very similar operating environment. Both operate in a nearly airless environment, though a submersible has to deal with pressure, while a spacecraft has to deal with lack of substance to propel itself.
  12. ProfSrlojohn

    [MOC] M:Tron Podship

    Yet another M:Tron MOC. This time of a small 2-man transport! Sorry for the bad background, I didn't feel like pulling out my light box. As usual, more pics in the Jammer. Anyway, thanks for looking, and remember, comments and crits are always welcome!
  13. ProfSrlojohn

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    So, how do I play this, and how do i sign up?
  14. ProfSrlojohn

    [MOC] M:Tron CM-83 "Pugilist"

    Trust me, I would if i could. Unfortunately the sellers on bricklink only have one or two, and have a fairly high minimum purchase. (About 300 or so.) Thanks for the criticism though. I appreciate the time you took.
  15. ProfSrlojohn

    [MOC] M:Tron CM-83 "Pugilist"

    Thanks! You can thank the EXO-FORCE Shield Titan and Cyclone Destroyer for the blade shield idea.