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Found 11 results

  1. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    The Falcon's Nest

    Hello fellow EBers, I would would like to present my latest build: The Falcon's Nest The Falcon's Nest by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest- tree platform details by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest- Lenfel riverine patrol boat by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest ------------------------------- As the riverine patrol boat rounded the bend in the river, Elfrida beheld a sight such as she had never seen in her lifetime. Ahead of them, standing at the water's edge, were a half-dozen tan trees, speckled with brown spots. But that was not what was so mind-blowing about them. Rather, it was the fact that they were giants, soaring up into the sky for hundreds of feet, their huge roots disappearing under the pale blue water. Ringing the colossal trunks, every twenty feet or so, were wooden platforms, some with doorways to rooms bored into the tree, others with huts, supported by thick beams. A narrow bridge, without railings, spanned the river, connecting two of the largest trees. Whatever she had imagined the so-called 'Falcon's Nest' to be, it paled in comparison to the real thing. Behind her, manning the tiller of the boat, the captain called to his sailors. "Lower the sail boys! And get that mooring line ready!" As the crew carried out their orders, movement on the bridge ahead caught Elfrida's sharp eye. A Lenfel Scout Sniper stepped out onto the walkway, watching the boat approach, then turned to call down to someone, presumably to say they had arrived. Rounding the biggest tree's trunk, they came within sight of the small dock built into the trunk. A figure walked out to the end of the dock, waiting for them to pull up. Elfrida grinned and waved when she saw who was waiting for them on the dock. ----------------------------------------- Captain Rhinedall Alden smiled, and waved back as the boat pulled close enough for him to see his old friend, whom he hadn't recognized at first with her shorter hair, standing amidships, waving to him with a huge grin on her face. Stepping forward, he prepared to catch the mooring line, as it was tossed to him by a sailor. ----------------------------------------- As soon as the boat bumped against the dock, pushing a small rowboat out of the way, Elfrida jumped nimbly onto the dock, and embraced her childhood friend warmly. He returned the embrace, then held her at arm's length. "Look at you! You've changed so much, I barely recognize you now!" She laughed. "I'm a full-fledged Ranger now Rhinedall. Of course I've changed. You however," she looked him up and down, "haven't changed a bit!" "He grinned, and they started walking towards the ladder leading up to the first platform, after untieing the patrol boat so it could continue on it's way. "Why'd you cut your hair?" Rhinedall asked curiously. The other replied, "I found it was starting to get in the way during combat. Plus, knowing I was being deployed here, I decided long hair might not be the best idea in a humid environment. Why? Don't you think it looks good?" Rhinedall shrugged. "No, I do think you look good. It's just going to take some getting used to, that's all." Changing the subject, he added," You must have lot to talk about." She smiled. "I do indeed. But first, got any ale in this place? Elfrida and Rhinedall had known each other since childhood, growing up together in Stonebourgh. Both had joined the Rangers when they'd gotten old enough, but they were sent to seperate places, Rhinedall to Stonewald, Elfrida to Durrough, where, during her stay there, she had run into a young knight by the name of Haymar, and decided to take a break from her tedious ranger training, and join his company, participating in several notable quests and events, such as the Battle of Durrough. Having recently left Haymar's company, she had traveled to Stonewald, to finally complete her erstwhile training. It was here that she and Rhinedall ran into each other again, and their old friendship was renewed, only to be broken again when news of the Great Western Islands reached Stonewald, and Rhinedall was deployed there, to establish a Scout Sniper outpost. Now however, they had been reunited once more, as Elfrida was now a full-fledged Ranger, and had also been deployed to New Lenfald, to check up on and help with improvements, to both the Emerald City, and the outpost, which had been dubbed The Falcon's Nest. And we won't be separated again. Not if I have anything to say about it, that is. She was snapped out of her reverie, by the shout of a panicked (and unseen) Scout Sniper, on lookout duty somewhere in the outpost. "River Serpent!!!!!!" Grabbing her bow, Elfrida followed Rhinedall out of the small hut were they'd been having lunch. Seems I'm about to find out just how good my Ranger skills are. ------------------------------------------------ The Falcon's Nest is my entry for Lenfald's LC 21: New Lenfald Rising, over on Merlin's Beard. Hope you all like it!
  2. Evenin, This is my introduction MOC for the Lands of Roawia. Name: Carnyx Race: Barbarian Gender: Male Faction: Outlaws Description: A big hairy muscular barbarian. Story: After being exiled so many years ago Carnyx lived as a hermit in his self build house on the foot of Karain's Crown. He was a man living and thriving on his lonesome, avoiding possible confrontations residing from his past, or even confrontations with a living being at all. Carnyx did not have the ability to cast magic, nor did he believe that magic could conquer him and his fearsome possesed battle-axe named Hunin. His straight forward thinking, his insane physical strenght, his strong will-power and his ironclad code of honor are all he needed to survive the Badlands.
  3. Mark of Falworth

    LoR GCX entries.

    Hey all, Here are my MOCs for the 10th Global Challenge of the Lands of Roawia. A Matter of Honor. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Story available in comic format. (LoR, GCX) Mustering the Pikemen. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Scouting, Spying and other Sly things... by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Enjoy!
  4. Mark of Falworth

    (MOC) Climax of Destiny.

    (Gasp) This isn't LOTR!?!?!?! My latest build for the Symphony of Construction Contest. First real try at a micro castle and lot's of Photoshop fun! Enjoy! Climax of Destiny by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr
  5. Changing The Guard - Stonewald City Watch The Guard Headquarters of the Stonewald City Watch. With courtyard, armory, commander's office and a small park that is open to the public. The Night Guard regiment is receiving their orders for the current shift while the first torches are lit in preparation for the night. -- I didn't have enough time to finish the tree, so please forgive if it looks out of place here :-) Many more pictures in the Flickr Set.
  6. Hi everybody. This is my entry to the MEC. I only had enough time to build in one category, so I choose B. After Sauron was defeated and the ruling ring has been destroyed, the age of men, an age of peace and harmony, began. Gandalf took a break from is great adventures and quests and now lives peacefully in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Frodo, Bilbo and other friends continue to visit him, and when they do, they seat by the fire, talking about how they manage to get thru all the dangers and slippery roads. It’s a time of peace, it’s a time of friendship… The idea was to recreate a circular cottage with a roof in a shape of a wizard’s hat, taking some inspiration on the latest DC build, Caer Caradoc . The roof didn’t worked out as I wanted, mainly because of lack of time and specific parts, but I think the idea is there. I now this roof is not going to please to everybody, but hopefully the idea gets thru. :) Some photos. Hope you like it and CC is welcome! PS: Good luck to everyone!
  7. Quinn is a woman who sees enterprise in chaos. As the lands of Roawia rip themselves apart under the malignant stewardship of Queen Galainir, Quinn returns to The Shade with her latest score. Not content to remain a lone gentlewoman thief forever, and with her name growing with her legend, Jackdaw Quinn begins to dream bigger than she ever dared before. She peers through the murk and shine of her uncertain, tumultuous future (just the way she likes it) and sees the beginnings of a real enterprise: a group of like-minded pick-pockets, tomb-raiders, and thieves of all calibers, working together under one banner, one purpose... hers! Of course, big ideas take big investment and didn't Quinn just hear, in this very tavern, that everybody in Garheim is too busy massacring each other to miss a few baubles?
  8. Mark of Falworth

    (LoR) The Escape!

    (LoR) Awakened por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark of Falworth felt the warmth of the sun shine from the window, It singed his skin uncomfortably. He slowly and sleepily opened his eyes. The room was framed by sharp edges of granite pillars illuminated in the blood-red glow from a small pool of hissing lava at the bottom of the cave-like chamber. Still drowsy, Mark mumbled to himself. "This doesn't m-make sense." He closed his eyes. "...just a bad dream..." Mark opened his eyes again. "Oh no... Still in here... must be real..." Mark felt light-headed and weary. His effort to sit up was brought to a halt by a sudden jolt of pain deep in his neck, which convinced him to remain quiet. "Where... am.. I?" His eyes refused to stay open any longer. Mark fell back into his stupor... (LoR) Imprisoned! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark opened his eyes once more. The sun was still shining through the window just above him, and it was still dreadfully hot... "Enough of this! I m-must get out of here!" The pain in Mark's neck was still excruciating. But with a new-found sense of urgency he dragged himself up to a sitting position. As soon as his head was erect the pain tripled in intensity, and he felt an acute wave of dizziness come over him. If he wasn't sitting he would have surely fallen to the ground. Mark leaned back on the rough stonework and breathed deeply to try to shake this cloud of weakness. After what seemed like several hours, he felt significantly better. "Where am I?" Mark gazed about the room. The cave-like room betrayed no hints of his location. Then a new question arose. "Who...Who am...." A deep sense of horror flooded his mind. The horror of a LOST MEMORY! "WHO AM I!?!" Yes, the mighty blow to the back of Mark's head had put him in a coma for nearly a month! His memory, purpose, and perfect hair completely GONE! Mark looked down at his hands and feet. No shirt, a simple pair of trousers. Not a single clue as to his identity. Mark smiled at his terribly unfortunate circumstance. "Whoever I am, I'm in bad shape; this doesn't look like a room for welcome guests..." Mark sat in silence for a moment, pondering his situation. "Whoever owns this dismal place must wish me ill... And it's too hot... ...I think I shall escape!" He first turned to the window. Impossible. It was a mere slit in a thick wall of unyielding masonry... The door was also discouraging... a chance of escape seemed unlikely, since the massive brass hinges gleamed in the firelight, and the woodwork looked impressively solid... All hope seemed dim when he heard heavy footsteps approaching the door! Stiffly, but with haste, Mark laid back down on the stone slab. He would leap up and surprise whoever was coming in! (LoR) Looking in on the captive. por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr The metal lock on the door rattled as the door creaked slowly open. Mark squinted his eyes so as to appear asleep, but he could still roughly see what was going on. Two figures clad in black crept into the cell. The one with a soldier's bearing hefted a large axe. His other hand, full of jingling keys, pointed to where Mark was lying. "Still fast asleep, Sir. Just like yesterday." The other tall figure hardly appeared human. His blood-red eyes narrowed to slits. "He smiles still as well..." The guard took a closer look. "Maybe his face is deformed...?" The villainous being hissed with satisfaction. "I shall soon wipe that grin off when I sacrifice him to myself... Keep him here until tomorrow." The jail-keeper stiffened and saluted. "Thank you, Karain. I shall not fail you." Karain turned and vanished into the blackness. Then his words echoed back. "Pray you don't." (LoR) Desperation por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark abandoned his initial plan of jumping at his captors the moment he caught sight of the large battle axe in the hands of the burly jailkeeper. Once his black-clad hosts left, Mark rose from the stone bench where he lay. "Sacrifice!?! Who on earth is that guy!?! Why does he want to sacrifice ME?!" He gazed around his cell in terror at the now calamitous situation. "They could have at least mentioned my name!" The questions in Mark's mind only multiplied. "What did I do to earn their hatred? Am I a bad person? Hmm, I think not. They seemed rather uncouth and malevolent... Meaning I may be a just and moral individual..." Mark's speculation was cut short when he recalled the severe time pressure. "Until tomorrow... That doesn't give me much time to escape... If I had a weapon of some sort I might surprise the guard!" Mark intently studied the floor of the room. Extremely rough, jagged stone surrounded him on all sides, but nothing of useful size could be pried free from the solid bedrock. Then Mark noticed the smoldering lava pool with a metal grate... "Forsooth! Those iron bars are free from the floor!" Our hero had hit upon a brilliant plan! (LoR) Fingers to the flames! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark plunged his hand into the searing heat, and with the fury of desperation, he snatched the iron bar from above the boiling pit. He quickly tossed the fiery rod under the stone bench and clenched his burnt appendage. The desire to scream from the intense pain was unbearable! Using the last shred of his self-control, he restrained himself. The slightest noise would ruin his chances of escape. It would be at least half an hour until the bar would be cool enough to use. He could almost taste it... freedom was close at (burnt) hand! (LoR) The Escape! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr As soon as the iron bar was cooled, Mark began his well-thought plan. He pounded the door with all his might and screamed! "LET ME OUT OF HERE!! AUUUGGHHH!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!" Mark then sneaked to the side behind the doorframe and waited, ready to pounce. Sure enough, the jailkeeper hastily unlocked the door and dashed in. He never knew what hit him... *KLANG!* *Ka-thump* "My apologies, Sir, but I really must be leaving." Mark stripped the armor off the unconscious guard. "It was certainly kind of you to wear such a nice suit of armor for me to take... Hist! This panoply might be a little on the small side." And with that, Mark leaped through the door and made his escape! To Be Continued! ------------------------------------ Some of you have probably seen this on Flickr already but I thought I would post it here too. ;) TFVHAGD!
  9. To the Edge of the Realm This MOC and story is part of the "Lands of Roawia" Project. After a long and painful campaign the forces of Queen Galainir have been vanquished and the realm of Lenfald is safe again. Few survived the slaughter, and those who did either vanished in the woods never to be heard of again or are running for their lives, trying to reach the coast or the grasslands of Loreos. The hunting dogs discovered a small group of soldiers foolishly trying to reach Loreos via the south-road, and Lord Val Karem himself, still not fully recovered from his wounds, decides to pursue them only to the border and let the Loreesi deserts deal with any (un)lucky survivors. One by one he picked them off with his bow, only one reached the border marker before he fell victim to the Lenfel arrows. "We will leave him for the Loreesi to deal with - they need the practice" the Lord said while unstringing his bow and slowly climbing down from his outlook. "We head back north - there is still much to do" -- More images from different angles on Flickr
  10. When word reached Gabriel in the mountains, that the Jarl was requesting assistance and declaring war upon Galainir, he was ready. After having had suffered the humiliation of losing his home to the usurper, he had been getting ready and building his forces for months, all in secret of course. Now, the time he had been hoping for was finally here. After having gathered his troops and begun the march to the capital, Gabriel and the Darkstar Warriors encountered battalions of Lenfels and Loreesi looking for the same opportunity. After squashing some ridiculous clan machismo and rivalries, Gabriel and the leaders of the other battalions knew that joining forces was the best way to mount this attack. As they approached the castle and formulated the plans, Gabriel shocked the others with what he termed his ‘secret weapon’. “The dwarves of Garheim are tinkers….they will be able to breach the castle walls better and quicker than a sapper.” “I don’t believe it, they’re dwarves. All they know is stone and mining.” Jerik, the Lenfel captain said. Ahmed, the Loreesi captain snorted, but otherwise said nothing. “Just wait, they have created something they call flash powder. It’s dangerous, but in these circumstances I think it’s warranted.” As the siege began, the dwarves loaded a barrel into the catapult and lit the end. As the troops charged the gates, there was a moment of pause as the flaming barrel flew overhead. Then, chaos erupted. At once there was a blast of heat as that of a furnace that permeated the entire battlefield, and the sound of the explosion seemed to felt as strongly as it was heard. The walls erupted in a shower of stone and fire. Gabriel took a brief moment to turn and give just a hint of a smile to Ahmed and Jerik. Then, the fighting erupted. As Gabriel charged the usurpers, it seemed that bodies fell left and right. It was hard to tell what colors they were wearing with the mass of blood and gore. As he looked up his eyes connected with that of the ugliest man Gabriel had ever seen. Clad in black, he whirled chains that ended in blades from each hand. In a blur, the chains whipped through the air and tore apart the soldier just in front of Gabriel. As their eyes met, Gabriel knew he had but moments to react….. More photos here : So, inspiration for the explosion is from Xenomurphy. I tried to use LED lights in it to light it up a bit, but they just don't show up enough with the lighting for photography. Read more: http://merlins-beard...r#ixzz2ydl0tFPl
  11. Mark of Falworth

    The 2nd Battle of Devil's pass.

    My latest build for what was formerly known as LCC. (Now LoR) Full story (And eventually more pictures) on Flickr. Or, if you're lazy and don't want to follow the link, here's the full story. The horde of loathsome Outlaws had gained even greater numbers than before! The evil baron of the queen, Mathieux Deschamps, deemed the extra reinforcements necessary if he was to fully subjugate the unruly, rebellious Loreesi to their ever-patient sovereign. They had just crossed into the area traditionally claimed as the border of Loreos, when they heard a low rumble, not from their own feet. The entire force stopped in consternation. Then suddenly, the banner of the old King appeared over the next rise of sand dunes! Then a rider on horseback... No, a knight! The gleam of armor could be seen! Then more and more knights! Hundreds! Thousands! The horde of Outlaws was utterly shocked to see a enormous army of the terrible armored knights of Loreos arrayed before them! It was then the Outlaws began to seriously question their leader's leadership abilities... "Baron! You said the Loreesi armies were disbanded!!" The Baron's eyes widened in terror. "They are!! Or they should be!!" "Well I see a big un-disbanded army there! What are we going to do!?" "We'll fight them, you cowards! They are the rebels now!" "Wait a minute there! We didn't sign up for an even battle with armored lancers! You promised us lots of plunder and booty with little or no danger!" As the arguments of the Outlaw soldiers and their leader escalated, the Loreesi leader strode forward. "I DEMAND PARLEY!" One of the Outlaws recognized the man whose voice had just echoed over the battlefield. The perfect hair! The ever-present grin! The famous emblem on his shield! It could be none other than the "Bane of all Outlaws"! "IT'S MARK OF FALWORTH!!!" Stunned silence hung in the air. Then the Outlaws all simultaneously cried- "WHHAAAT!?!?!?!?" "B-But, we killed him!" "No, the dragon got 'em!" The Baron was just as confused as his men. "No! No! I killed him with a boulder!" The Loreesi knight called out again. I AM MARK OF FALWORTH!! AND I DEMAND PARLEY!! One of the Outlaws nudged the Baron. "Well Mathieux? Aren't you goin to talk to em?" "NO I'm not going to talk to him! It's probably a trap!" One of the biggest outlaw warriors rebuked the baron. Oh, you're going to talk to him! Unless you want us to hand you over to the Loreesi as a plea bargain! A chorus of assent ran through the Outlaw army. Mathieux had no other choice. The evil baron rode out to meet the Loreesi leader. Mathieux Deschamps had seen Mark of Falworth several times before, and there was no question in his mind that this was the real Mark of Falworth. The happy grin was a dozen times more terrifying than usual. Mathieux, despite being almost lost for words, was the first to speak. "How?..... How could you be?..." "Alive? Haha!" "The dragon they speak of....?" "He mussed up my hair. So I had to kill him." The baron swallowed hard. "You can never win, Mathieux. You're doomed to failure!" "Is that so?" "It's an absolute certainty, I'm afraid." "And why is that, Mark?" "You've made me your enemy! and now I've come for you and all who would stand by you!" "Well I hate to disappoint you. But my army is still larger then yours! You won't be able to stop us!" "Your ugly rabble could hardly stand a good strong breeze, let alone the mightiest warriors in the world! These knights have marched to the gates of Stonewald and back! They've trained all their lives for war, and have been battling ever since! You have no chance whatsoever!" "A fine speech! But it will do you no good! In the name of the gracious queen I demand you to surrender! Or I declare you a Rebel and an Outlaw!" "In the name of justice I demand you to surrender!" "Bah! You and your "Justice" are the scourge of the land!" "Likewise. Now, surrender unconditionally or suffer the consequences!" "Never! You'll have to kill me before I surrender to you dogs!" "Good! Now I shall have the distinct pleasure of destroying you utterly, you beslubbering beef-witted coxcomb!" And with that, each went back to his force. The charge was sounded and the battle began! ------------------------------------ To be continued!