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Found 7 results

  1. It was a nice, bright morning in the open spot where Barnaby's outlaw band had decided to set up training camp. Barnaby himself (the fellow leaping up with the axe in front) was an expert at every sort of thing which was against the law in Mitgardia - from smuggling Kaliphlinian oil to old grandma's who made a point of only buying goods that hadn't been taxed, to relieving rich travelling peps of a bit of extra cash, to cheating in every contest and challenge he entered... Over time, Barnaby had gathered together a fairly good sized group of fellow rascals - but, as his band had a bad habit of bumbling every job they went on, he had decided it was time to take them in hand and make sure they got some adequate training in the rudiments of successful outlawry. So here goes for - Tips on how to become a great Mitgardian Outlaw! - or perhaps better titled, Why you shouldn't bring a lance to a joust with a sneaky Mitgardian outlaw (at least not just a lance!)... First, of course - like we just said, never bring a lance to the lists against a fellow outlaw! Next, always carry an extra (concealed, and probably un-allowed) weapon! Eat and laugh (though probably not at the same time...) - both are way more healthy than you'd think! (Disclaimer: if you're on the run, don't keep your eyes shut while laughing longer than you have to...) Always keep an eye on the weapons... And on the gold. And of course, always cheat! Just a quick build to introduce some new characters which I mean to keep using, hopefully - a kind of Mitgardian version of a group of forestmen (since we're not tree-huggers, you know!) and for the second round of the LCBTC. Overall it didn't end up quite as I'd envisioned it, but I'm fairly happy with the result - not nearly my best, but pretty good for the short amount of time I allowed myself for it! A lot of design credits to hand out here, too! The tree on the right is based on Joeri Ridder's great design, that on the left by some of SK's, and the rabbit is definitely inspired by Balbo's great rabbit design (though somewhat modified with the peg instead of the faun's leg - mostly because I'm simply not in possession of one of those, haha!) And I'll leave you with a final figless overview: Anyhow, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. Rumour Merchant – LoR Outlaws LCXVIII Entry by Gunnbrikt After a nearly yearlong break from Lego I’ve finally dived in again and completed a build for the latest Lands of Roawia Outlaws Local Challenge with the theme “Rumours”. I’ve been able to sort through about 70% of my Lego sorting pile now so had a load more easily accessible piece to pick from but once again is the parts are mostly from the Lone Ranger Silver Mine (the sets just too good for part usage!). For the story portion I've included it in the Flickr photo description as it's too long to really post here. I’ll apologise now for the story being a bit cliché and corny but I didn’t feel like I wanted it to be too serious (plus I had a lot of ground to cover in a single build since his last adventures). I’m going to attempt in the next build to do a shorter, more concise story (hopefully!). See my Flickr page for a couple more shots of the MoC from the front and an alternative angle. Please feel free to comment, I’m only a new(ish) Lego MoC builder so any tips/constructive criticism are all appreciated. Enjoy :)
  3. In the hand of Spymaster Perricus Plume, Magistrate, I hope this letter finds you in as fine of form as ever. As you have no doubt read in my reports, the whole of The Shade has erupted into chaos. The Lower Districts are flooded with violence as the gangs prey on each other. Very little can be done to reign in the bloodshed, though thankfully it is for the most part affecting only the criminal element of the city for the time being. You'll no doubt wonder if there is any element besides the criminal element in The Shade, and if I am honest I must confess even I doubt it in times such as these. Recently I have heard of an intensifying dispute in one of the border streets between the Lower Districts and the High Streets. A gang calling itself the Grey Grifters, rumor has it a splinter faction from a larger gang known simply as The Vipers, has been attempting to encroach on the High Streets territory. Particularly, they are interested in the territory claimed by the aforementioned Queen's Dandies. As I related previously, encroachment by the more lawless and uncivilized gangs into what's left of civilized space in The Shade would be disastrous for the Queen's interests in the city. Luckily, the Grifters are not so wild as to deny a seemingly sacred pact between all the gangs of The Shade. My spies tell me that many gangs will declare their intent to settle a dispute by combat, a "rumble" in the street vernacular, and that battle will be arranged on agreed upon ground, with agreed upon terms for the victors. It's all quite civilized and supported by traditions older than the city itself, or so I'm told. I remain in the service of the crown as I await to report further news of these events. P.P. Hope all well. Recently witnessed street rumble between two rival gangs. First gang "Grey Grifters". Little more than thugs but strong numbers. Second gang of personal and professional interest to you "Queen's Dandies". Small but sophisticated. Lately been repelling incursions from Lower District crews which serves our purpose and that of Q. Positioned as Bannergirl and observer of rumble. Trusted to judge outcome and prevent violations of rules. Quiet, dangerous crossbowman as companion. Present to shoot down any man or woman deemed in contempt of gang compact. Still not clear on rules or who enforces them. Thankfully they like a pretty face to wave flags of fighting gangs. Regret to report that outcome potentially undesirable: Grifters suffered heavy losses but likely to recover in time due to volatile leadership customs. Dandies lost leader as well, with membership likely to disband according to current rumor and on own speculation around character of their organization. Casualties as follows: Grifters: Three dead, including leader. Two gravely injured, uncertain fate. One lightly injured, fled scene. One lightly injured, remained until rumble concluded. One uninjured, remained until rumble concluded. Dandies: Two dead, including Kenly Walberg. Two lightly injured, including sister of Kenly Walberg, who lost her right eye. Two uninjured. Will report again when the streets settle. Emphasis on whether the territory controlled by Queen's Dandies will be lost to new gang. Yours, B. Flickr Album w/ more pics! Read more: http://merlins-beard...e#ixzz3Er7wRSaK
  4. Wat Tambor

    Garheim Mountain Camp

    Now that I have holidays, there is finally time for LEGO again! So I decided to build someting for the online RPG "Lands of Classic Castle". "Journal II Less than two months have passed since we had to leave our home behind and fled to the barren wilderness of Garheim. The last provisions are on the decline, the cattle is sick and wasting away and to make matters even worse, winter is just around the corner. A long and dark winter, as we only know it in the northern regions of Garheim. The winter, it is told for generations, is the time in which the evil roams the land. At night, in the dark, so rumors whisper, the cry of accursed and outcast can be heard. Thieves , murderers and other scum that is resistant against the cold due to the long time in the wilderness, became one with the winter. To be prepared against all this evil, archers patrol on the old wall at night, to sound the alarm when needed. For those of us who went north , this will be the hardest winter of our lives so far. Solely the thought of returning home some day keeps us alive out there." -> previous Journal I know the title says "Mountain Camp", and yes there are no rocks...but I wanted to improve my wall-building-skills, so let's prentend that this scene takes place in a valley. Hope you like it, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!
  5. My assignment for the fourth global challenge was this splendid MOC by gid617. My take focuses on the fort more, with a different batch of Loreo troops continuing the assault. Captain Claw's Log: "Before headin' off to visit a specific coast, we went to the Outlaws' Lair to look for potential interns, so we could have extra hands and keep Mark's gold for ourselves! Then, Loreo troops who weren't commanded by Mark attacked! We decided to have some fun and defend the place. Lady Drake pushed a Loreo latter off the wall, and the guy climbing it was almost done! It was funny! Longbow was checking out a guy archer, Gargon was sparrin' with a Loreo knight, and this brute named Lute poured hot tar on this Loreo guy. Our Dwarf friend was guardin' the ship, so he sadly couldn't take part in the fun."
  6. Bricknave

    MOC: Going Coastal

    As contracted by Loreesi hero Mark of Falworth, the Outlaw Captain Claw and his crew "visits" the Lenfald coast, specifically an unsuspecting village close to the shore. Two Outlaws tagged along as unofficial members of Claw's crew: blade-wielding brawler Lute the Brute and crossbow-wielding archer Arrowhead. The village is by no means defenseless: After the Obsidian Seawing arrived, a group of Lenfaldi sentinels sprung into action.
  7. A little something for the Outlaws faction of LCC! Wolf-person Captain Claw and his motley crew of outlaws enjoy plundering in their favorite ship! His crew consists of the following ruffians: An undead dwarf, a mysterious Orc warrior, a powerful witch and a skilled bandit archer. The hull. The "Clawssbow" flick-fire function in action. Merchant ships beware!