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Found 2 results

  1. Louie le Brickvalier


  2. Thanks to de Gothia for the motivation, have been wanting to create a thread like this since I started Circardia and GoH and his blueprint was great. Sorry for the length of the post and I plan on adding to it and modifying over time. Most the photos are also links to the original thread of the builds shown. Hope you enjoy! County Of Circardia Task III Circardia is a county on the main island of the Enchanted Forest in Western Avalonia. Circardia is largely defined by natural features. Along the northern edge of Circardia is the Lleyln River, a wide, fast moving river with rocky riverbanks and teaming with fish. The eastern border is created by the Isca River. Similar to the Lleyln River, it is wide and fast moving with many areas dominated by rapids and small waterfalls. While the rapids and waterfalls of the two rivers make river travel difficult for anyone but the most experience river guides, they form a natural defense. The southern border is defined by the Bay of Orthus. The coast is largely rocky cliffs but thriving with an abundance of fish, crabs and shellfish. The western border is marked by a large lake and the “wilds” of the Enchanted Forest. There are four main settlements in Circardia. The Hamlet of Circardia is the largest and the center of trade. To the north is the village of Borland. Along the south coast is Cartoth, and in the southeastern part of the county is Revel. Typical row house in the Hamlet of Circardia Duram the Beekeeper Fishing Camp near the Isca River Gatehouse to the Hamlet of Circardia Lazy Days along one of the streams History Circardia was settled by Lord Arlindus’ father, Orthus and a few of his companions. Orthus had fled his homeland about 45 years ago after trouble with the local lord and the law. A great woodsman and skilled warrior, Orthus and his group of companions settled in the eastern part of the Enchanted Forest. The group quickly banded together for protection against outlaw bands and ill creatures of the Forest. Overtime the group grew and began families. Other wayward souls settled in the area and before long, a village sprang up along the banks of the mighty Isca River. Circardia became the center of trade between many of the Elf clans, humans and other races in the eastern part of the Enchanted Forest. It was also a safe haven for travelers and a starting point for many looking for adventures in the ancient forest. Orthus good relations with the Elves has resulted in several merchants learning elvish craft and creating several items which are sought after throughout Historica Lord Arlindus was granted the title Lord of Circardia by Artorious Rex after the Battle of Red Ford Arlindus leads the Phoenix Guard in the Battle of Red Ford Key Historical Dates 42 years ago - Orthus flees his homeland with several companions and settles along the Isca River in the eastern part of the Enchanted Forrest. 41 years ago - Orthus become the leader of the group and they begin to protect and support adventures journeying into the Enchanted Forest. Hamlet of Circardia is founded. 40 years ago - Orthus marries Awhyn, a young adventuress that decides to settle in Circardia. Orthus meets with Dywinlyn, Elfish High Chieftain of Elvish Oak Heart Clan at Casglu Ardd and begin a long and prosperous alliance. 38 years ago – Circardia continues to grow. Fortifications, including the Citadel and Watchtower of Circardia are set up to protect inhabitant from roving band of outlaws. 36 years ago - Orthus creates the Phoenix Guard and defeats the outlaws. 35 years ago - Joy and tragedy as Awhyn gives birth to Arlindus but dies after childbirth. 30 years ago - Orthus settles into life as a widow and single father, teaching Arlindus the ways of the woods. Orthus becomes known as Captain of Circardia. 20 years ago - Orthus accepts invite from Dywinlyn to train Arlindus in their lands 18 years ago - Arlindus returns to Circardia 15 years ago - Orthus passes his Captaincy, along with rule of Circardia and the Phoenix Guard to Arlindus. Captain Arlindus is known as fair and just leader. Orthus maintains role as ambassador with local Elfish Clans. 2 years ago - Captain Arlindus and the Phoenix Guard answers the call of Artorious Rex and fights to stabilize the region. Arlindus granted the title “Lord of Circardia” by Artorious Rex for his loyalty and bravery at the Battle of Red Ford. Present day – villages in Circardia attacked by elementals. Lord Arlindus returns after war with Victor Revolword and the Hand of Corruption to rebuild and prepare for uncertain times ahead. Leadership Task II Circardia is ruled by Lord Arlindus. Arlindus keep is in the hamlet of Circardia. He counts on several key members for guidance and their expertise. Orthus is former ruler but now largely an ambassador of sorts between the Elves and Circardia Cora – ancient Druid and Heroine of Borland. An ancient druid, her actual age is unknown. Thought to be a hermit until the troubles with the Elementals. It was then her true identity and powers were unveiled to Arlindus. She now has two students Drasdic and Hain Roltic the Huntsman – Arlindus’ long time friend, he is highly knowledgeable of the lands around Circardia and wood lore. Rumored to be able to communicate with animals. Dywinlyn - High chief of the Oak Heart clan and old friend of Orthus. Was Arlindus guardian during his stay with the elves. Adfon- Elf, son of Dywinlyn sent to live with Arlindus and learn the ways of humans. Despite his relatively young elvish age, his wisdom and experience is trusted by Arlindus. (left to right) Lord Arlindus, his father, Orthus, and Cora the Druid Roltic the Huntsman leads refuges to safety after the Elemental attacks Dywinlyn-High chief of the Oak Heart Elf Clan Military Task I Orthus believed in a fresh start for those looking for one. With this in mind, the Phoenix Guard was born. When one joins the Phoenix Guard, their past is forgotten and they assume a new name. Many of the sons and daughters of the initial settlers are now members of the Guard as well. After finishing the initial training, an individual wishing to graduate the Phoenix Guard must survive an arduous initiation and loyalty test including surviving 30 days in the wilds of the Enchanted Forest with only the clothes on their back and a dagger. Once complete, loyalty to the Guard and Circardia is unwavering. The Phoenix Guard learned many skills from the Elven clans over the years and is known for its wood-lore, tracking, as well as archery and swordsmanship. Arlindus' father retired and passed command of Circardia and the Phoenix Guard to his son years ago. Orthus now acts as an ambassador between Circardia and elven clans as Arlindus protects the lands around Circardia. Phoenix Guard Circardian Light Balista