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  1. brickie

    Fake LEGO elements

    Thanks JopieK and jxu. Your words of wisdom have restored my faith in humanity.
  2. brickie

    Fake LEGO elements

    To make mosaics, I recently bought thousands of 1x1 round plates from a Bricklink store in Thailand. When I got around to using them, I noticed that 90% of them had a distorted "stamp" of the word LEGO e.g. the plate on the right. Are these genuine LEGO or have I been scammed?
  3. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    The Harry Potter display was proudly presented to the thousands of visitors to the BrisBricks Expo last weekend. Harry was chased by the Hungarian Horntail for three days but fortunately it never caught him. This video was taken by the builder of Hogwarts, Magnus.
  4. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    After taking the advice from 'The Stad', Harry now appears to be one step ahead of the dragon. Many thanks for your input.
  5. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    Meanwhile back in London, Harry has gone to the zoo with the Dursleys. IMG_1410 by Russell Bates, on Flickr IMG_2147 by Russell Bates, on Flickr
  6. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    Thanks for the constructive comment. They are out of sync when you look closely. I will try and change it when I have to pull apart the bit under the dragon to replace the grey lift arms with trans clear ones.
  7. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    The 'Ministry of magic' is now completed in London. A red telephone box should appear next to the building shortly. IMG_8164 2 by Russell Bates, on Flickr
  8. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    Thanks BN. I have ordered some trans clear liftarms for the dragon; hopefully they won't be as obvious as the current ones.
  9. brickie

    Harry chased by Hungarian Horntail

    Nick, here is a view from behind the display. Thanks for the positive remarks.
  10. I was inspired by the plane chase mechanism on jk brickworks so I attempted the chase scene in 'Goblet of Fire'. After many attempts, Harry has taken to the skies again with the HH dragon in hot pursuit. This is part of a large collaborative build which will be displayed at the BrisBricks Expo in early October. 32368857_1932006000195537_6762108364655689728_n by Russell Bates, on Flickr
  11. brickie

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    The only snow around my place in Queensland is at the top of North Mountain at Arendelle.
  12. brickie

    Back to the Future

    Doc Brown has found himself stuck in a western town at a LEGO show in Brisbane, Australia. The train puffed heartily to get the DeLoren up to 88mph.
  13. 22) Queen Entry (Build by bickie) 3points
  14. I was a little bit disappointed on the day I went to 'The Palace' to receive my knighthood. The Queen had a cold but the ceremony went ahead without her. It just wasn't the same being dubbed by a 'thing'. But still, I now get called, 'Sir Russell'.
  15. Hello White Fang, In Australia, there are no official "LEGO Stores', like the ones that are in Europe and USA . The GB house is only available at the moment to Australians via Shop at Home. I believe that it is Aust $500. Most of the retail shops in Australia carry the LEGO range of sets. There are some small retailers who sell just LEGO products but they are not associated with TLG. Myer is a good starting point for a range of LEGO sets. Perhaps you could track down SydLug on Google and someone might be able to help with accommodation. Play well.