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  1. The Brick Fan also reported HP series 2 release this coming summer as a rumour. https://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-harry-potter-summer-2020-rumored-set-list/
  2. forgot to put in my order last night a midnight. Woke up this morning and it's back ordered for 30 days. At least it's not sold out. The Cat Brickhead is sold out.
  3. Lego set 40355: Year of the Rat / Mouse will be next years set similar to 40186: Year of the Pig from this year. It may be a gift with purchase. Some pics are available online.
  4. kasmca

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Nice find - Lego set 40337 for the Mini Gingerbread House and 40338 for the Christmas Tree - Black Friday Giveaway. There is already an unboxing and build video on Youtube for the mini Gingerbread house.
  5. kasmca

    New VIP system

    Has anyone actually use a voucher in store and can share their experience? I would like to be able to redeem the voucher while in line to pay for my item but the FAQ says "VIP coupon codes will generally be issued automatically within 24 hours following your rewards redemption". You can't do this if the coupons are not instantaneous. You also can't redeem the vouchers a day ahead just in case they don't have the item in stock when you go. I recall showing up on day 1 of the release of a new CMF series just to find out that the Lego store didn't get their shipment. Does anyone have experience on the delay to receive your redemption vouchers?
  6. Thanks! this helped a lot to get my full set. It wasn't 100% correct, but pretty close.
  7. kasmca

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    I don't think the Dragon Boat will be widely available in 3-6 months either as it's released on May 1. Only Regional exclusives released AFTER May 1 will become widely available.
  8. kasmca

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Brickset has an image of 31095-1: {Carousel}. Is this considered part of the fairground theme? The Brick Fan website also shows an alternate build of this which looks to be one of the dropzone rides. This makes me think it may be a 3 in 1 like the pirate coaster and may not be part of the official fairground theme. The image from brickset has a Lego copyright of 2019, so I assume it's official lego pics and is shareable. https://brickset.com/sets/31095-1/{Carousel}
  9. try to pull the axel pin out a bit so it's not all the way into the sound brick and see if that helps.
  10. kasmca

    LEGO 30543 Seasonal Train 2018

    Is this available for sale yet besides ebay and bricklink?
  11. Has this been spotted for sale anywhere besides ebay and bricklink?
  12. Maybe 40292 and/or 40293 will be givaways for Brick Friday (Thanksgiving) with minimum purchase. I also noticed set 5005253 https://brickset.com/sets/5005253-1/Christmas-Ornament-2018-Reindeer-head Looks like one of the tree ornament series we has a few years back that came in the silk bags. There was 5004420: Toy Soldier in 2016, 5003083: Christmas Ornament in 2015 and 5002813: Christmas Train Ornament in 2014. I don't recall seeing one last year. Here is an in depth review in German: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-seasonal-5005253-christmas-ornament-2018-im-review/68821
  13. kasmca

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've only seen 40293: Christmas Carousel and 3 baubles (ornaments), which don't interest me. I'm hoping 40293 will be a freebie when I pick up the Christmas Fire Station. Also hoping for a couple smaller winter sets. Previous years we have seen 6-7 smaller sets: 2017 30478: Jolly Santa 40253: Christmas Build-Up 40254: Nutcracker 40262: Christmas Train Ride 40263: Christmas Town Square 853670: Christmas Ornament Snowman 5004934: Christmas Ornament 2016 40205: Little Elf Helpers 40206: LEGO Santa 40222: Christmas Build-Up 40223: Snowglobe 853574: Christmas Ornament Reindeer 5004420: Toy Soldier 5005156: Gingerbread Man 2015 40124: Winter Fun 40125: Santa's Visit 40138: Christmas Train 40139: Gingerbread House 851358: Holiday Bauble White Bricks 5003083: Christmas Ornament 2014 40092: Reindeer 40093: Snowman 40106: Toy Workshop 40107: Winter Skating Scene 850939: Santa Set 850949: Christmas Snow Hut Ornament 850950: Christmas Cat Ornament 5002813: Christmas Train Ornament 5004259: Holiday Ornament Collection
  14. Anyone else have problems with the clutch strength of Crookshanks (Hermione's Cat). Mine is horrible and slowly pops off when connecting to studs. Not a problem at all from Mrs Scratchen-Post's cat from The Lego Movie minifigs.
  15. kasmca

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Someone made a moc with 3 sets to include a loop! Also designer Interview with Jamie Berard: