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  1. kasmca

    LEGO 30543 Seasonal Train 2018

    Is this available for sale yet besides ebay and bricklink?
  2. Has this been spotted for sale anywhere besides ebay and bricklink?
  3. Maybe 40292 and/or 40293 will be givaways for Brick Friday (Thanksgiving) with minimum purchase. I also noticed set 5005253 https://brickset.com/sets/5005253-1/Christmas-Ornament-2018-Reindeer-head Looks like one of the tree ornament series we has a few years back that came in the silk bags. There was 5004420: Toy Soldier in 2016, 5003083: Christmas Ornament in 2015 and 5002813: Christmas Train Ornament in 2014. I don't recall seeing one last year. Here is an in depth review in German: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-seasonal-5005253-christmas-ornament-2018-im-review/68821
  4. kasmca

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've only seen 40293: Christmas Carousel and 3 baubles (ornaments), which don't interest me. I'm hoping 40293 will be a freebie when I pick up the Christmas Fire Station. Also hoping for a couple smaller winter sets. Previous years we have seen 6-7 smaller sets: 2017 30478: Jolly Santa 40253: Christmas Build-Up 40254: Nutcracker 40262: Christmas Train Ride 40263: Christmas Town Square 853670: Christmas Ornament Snowman 5004934: Christmas Ornament 2016 40205: Little Elf Helpers 40206: LEGO Santa 40222: Christmas Build-Up 40223: Snowglobe 853574: Christmas Ornament Reindeer 5004420: Toy Soldier 5005156: Gingerbread Man 2015 40124: Winter Fun 40125: Santa's Visit 40138: Christmas Train 40139: Gingerbread House 851358: Holiday Bauble White Bricks 5003083: Christmas Ornament 2014 40092: Reindeer 40093: Snowman 40106: Toy Workshop 40107: Winter Skating Scene 850939: Santa Set 850949: Christmas Snow Hut Ornament 850950: Christmas Cat Ornament 5002813: Christmas Train Ornament 5004259: Holiday Ornament Collection
  5. Anyone else have problems with the clutch strength of Crookshanks (Hermione's Cat). Mine is horrible and slowly pops off when connecting to studs. Not a problem at all from Mrs Scratchen-Post's cat from The Lego Movie minifigs.
  6. kasmca

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Someone made a moc with 3 sets to include a loop! Also designer Interview with Jamie Berard:
  7. kasmca

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    After every large build, I go to Bricklink and check out the parts inventory. At the bottom there is a section with a list of extra items. I compare each one to make sure it matches and I didn't accidentally miss one: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?S=10261-1#T=I
  8. kasmca

    Homemade Road Plates

    Wonderful designs. They remind me of the playmat set recently released by Lego: https://brickset.com/sets/853656-1/Play-mat If you have problems with them sliding, perhaps you could use a similar mechanism of locking the tiles together via punching cut outs and using bricks to lock them in place.
  9. kasmca

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    On my PS3, I have downloaded all the addon packs and updated to the latest version 1.22 and my install is only 18GB total.
  10. kasmca

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    PS3 and PS4 both got updates to fix critical bugs. It fixed the Mystery Dimension bug for me on the PS3, so I can now enter it! hurray. Also I played a whole brand new level pack without a single crash or need to restart. First time ever. So if you have had glitches and bugs before, try the game again after the latest patch. I believe it's 1.22 on PS3 and 1.23 / 1.24 on PS4 depending on location (NA vs Europe)
  11. kasmca

    LEGO Seasonal 2017

    Someone is selling the nutcracker on eBay. Search for the set number 40254. It has some more detailed pictures.
  12. kasmca

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    Brickvault has a video review:
  13. I built a similar system with Rubbermaid parts from Home Depot. You can probably find similar parts at Homebase or Screwfix in the UK. Just search for shelf brackets and shelf boards: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.475-inch-satin-nickel-twin-track-upright.1000406108.html https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.9-inch-black-twin-track-bracket.1000154042.html https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.mdf-bullnosed-white-shelving-58-inch-x-11-14-inch-x-72-inch.1000147173.html
  14. The 2 pieces are : Brick, Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Hub with 1 Axle The Technic piece just slides into the activator button of the sound brick. The Round Brick is inserted into one of the Axle (poles) of the carousel. I found it easier to insert it from the bottom. You need to remove one of the blue tile pieces, then disconnect the axle from the carousel from the bottom without disturbing the top too much. Slide the connector off the axle and then slide the 2x2 round brick onto the axle. Then reassemble.
  15. Hi there, I have always wanted to purchase the original Grand Carousel, but missed out on it the first time and was not willing to spend thousands of dollars to got a hold of it aftermarket. I was so happy when they announced the new 2017 Carousel. I think it surpasses the original in almost every way. The one thing I felt that was lacking was the sound brick. After assembling the new 2017 Carousel and motorizing it, I went about seeing how I can add the sound brick. Bricklink is selling this one piece for between $200 CDN and $650 CDN! There was no way I could afford it. Luckily I found an ebay seller from Korea selling these for $25 US plus shipping. These look to be official Lego bricks but probably reprogrammed. I ordered one and it arrived 3 weeks later (South Korea to Canada). I added just 2 additional parts to automate the sound so that it would automatically turn on when the motor is activated. The sound plays for just under 2 revolution. After the first revolution, the trigger is hit, but the sound brick does not stop. After the second revolution the sound bite ends and there is about a second delay before the trigger is hit again, starting the music up once more. This results in continuous music with about a 1 sec gap every 2 revolutions as long as the motor is running. Overall I'm very happy with this enhancement. I thought I would share in case others are interested in doing the same. Here is a link to the ebay item: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/LEGO-10196-Grand-Carousel-Replacement-Custom-Same-Sound-Brick-/202109147514 Here is a video of the sound brick added to the carousel: Here are the additional pieces I added to automate it: finally, here are the pieces assembled. You can see the yellow cylindar activates the sound brick every revolution. I chose this solution after many variations because it's a round piece hitting a round piece, which should minimize the wear. Additionally, it's only 2 additional pieces. If you have any suggestions on improving the activation, please leave a comment. I hope you find this useful. Thanks!