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  1. stebai

    [MOC] Micro Scale Old Trafford

    Excellent job - Loved the tutorial build too.. Shame about the team!!
  2. stebai

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not as difficult to "de-sugar" is i feared it might be. In fact I see quite a good building here that will sit nicely alongside the WV Cottage. The Gingerbread figs tho will have to stay in the box..
  3. stebai

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    All this really tells us is - well - nothing - It's still just speculation and contains no info that has not been aired before in this forum. Fingers crossed for something else - but i'm sure. with a bit of thought it can turned into a candy store or some-such.
  4. Just wanted to let u know that the model instructions do appear to be available on ebay, Dan. The seller does have some other instructions that appear to be copies of Lego instructions, maybe has used your video to engineer some slightly different instructions? If they are yours my apologies and great work - the model captures the building beautifully.
  5. stebai

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Light brick on roof... see the small box and arrow in top right of pic. Set looks OK, building looks very shallow, but will buy :)
  6. stebai

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A blatant copy/cash-in would annoy most of the long time WV community. I honestly thought that Lego had listened to the backlash after the Toy Shop. Maybe not.. I too would skip it this year unless different colours are used. I mean seriously how difficult would it be to substitute the blue for a sand green or something akin. Lazy & disrespectful if its visually the same.
  7. stebai

    [MOC] Lego Ghost Train ride

    Well... After I completed my Dodgems (also on Eurobricks) I hinted that next up I would have a bash at a Ghost Train... It seemed at the time like a relatively easy idea - there were plenty of ideal minifigs readily available and I had learned quite a lot about making rides move through Lego designs and my own experiments. Anyway a year passed and I was struggling with how to achieve my goals, a moving interior with ghoulish displays and a series of trains traveling around the exhibits. I had almost consigned myself to using a gravity and chain system (tho the tests were far from reliable) when Lego, God Bless 'em, produced the Joker Mansion set. A couple of purchases from Bricklink later and I had the solution. So here it is... There are four Trains for the brave mini figs to ride.... forever... The four mini displays are: Witches at Work, Graveyard Ghouls, It's Alive! & Drac's Back (and he's brought the missus) I used a cut-away back & side design so you could actually see the interior moving, but I wanted a solid roof so as to keep it a bit dark and dingy. The entry has a swinging cobweb and the exit has the train pulled through chains. I tried to remember as much as I could about the fairground rides of my youth (a long time ago now.. 52 and still proudly "playing" with LEGO!) I did buy some after market green LED's but you don't need them, there are also two sets of Lego lights in the main build acting as spotlights in each corner. After a few teething problems with the drag lines on the trains, it actually all worked out far, far better than I ever hoped. The trains run reliably and realistically. I rather like that they slow down, and judder about, it's in keeping with the real Ghost trains and was an unexpected side effect of the mechanism used. OK here's the video so you can see the GT in action! Thanks for viewing. So next is..... a well earned break.... who am I kidding..
  8. stebai

    Expanding Winter Village Happening this year?

    It does seem a little late if it is going to happen this year.... :(
  9. stebai

    [MOC] Lamborghini Countach

    Definitely a Countach Kevin - front on looks really good given the scale. Well Done !
  10. stebai

    [MOC] Fairground: Space Octopus

    Any news on the instructions buddy? I still keep coming back to admire your work. It's just so damn authentic - i remember this ride so well (tho from memory you had a yoke that when you pulled the rocket went up and pushed in to go down) Super cool :)
  11. stebai

    [MOC] MG TC Racing Green

    Lovely design - Captures the essence of the MG incredibly well - Congrats!
  12. Since Lego have kinda gone quiet on the Fairground rides, I've been busy! I'd long since decided that I wanted some dodgems in my funfair to accompany my Carousel, Ferris Wheel & Mixer, so about a year ago a started doing some research. My favourite "existing" set was one on Ideas. So rather cheekily I contacted the designer, skcheung, and asked him for any advice, or tips. I liked what he had done but wanted to "bling" it up and redesign the mechanism to accommodate my own ideas. Anyway he helped immensely, I even asked him if, when finished, we as a team should re-submit my plans to IDEAS and share proceeds if we were fortunate enough to get over the line. Sadly the response put a rather large hole in any plans for Ideas, they are super unlikely to manufacture any design containing magnets as young kids have been known to swallow them... Anyway after about 6 months designing, 3 months collecting/buying parts and another 3 months tweaking once built, i finished. It shares the same footprint as the Carousel (something i am determined to be non-negotiable for all my funfair rides.) and uses the standard Power Functions battery pack, motor and polarity switch. My photo skills are a bit rubbish so there's a video at the end too. Once again a big thanks to SK Cheung - Without his advice I would not have made a set that I am as happy with, as I am playing with this :) Thanks for looking.... Now on to that GHOST TRAIN!!!
  13. stebai

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Winners!

    Thanks Eliza - Congrats to you and the other winners. :) I guess I'll be back again next year.. fifth time lucky for me too?
  14. stebai

    [MOC] Fairground: Space Octopus

    Still keep going back to this beauty, hoping for an update on instructions etc. Might be able to reverse engineer it, but it's so perfect, I don't want to miss a thing :)