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  1. Guzzisti

    Valley City Fire Dept.

    Looks like a nice city. And safe from fire! Thanks for sharing
  2. Guzzisti

    [MOC] Haunted Mansion

    Great build. Love the various themes for each room.
  3. Guzzisti

    [MOC] There's a new family owned pizzeria in town.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Here's a picture of it with the Pet Shop Modular. With modulars by fathomer1977, on Flickr I think it looks out of place between the multi story modulars, but it'd be easier to expand it to a 32x32 with room for a stairway and extra floors.
  4. This all started with the pun on the name. I went through a few versions based on different sizes and color schemes before finalizing on this one. I initially built it on a 32X32 plate with a patio on the side, but it felt bare in side. I like it better full of items such as the drink cooler and arcade game. I'm overall pleased with the photo editing but it's definitely another area to work on.Feedback is always welcomed. Doh! left side by fathomer1977, on Flickr Untitled by fathomer1977, on Flickr Homer's distracted by stupid Flanders as Bart sets the kitchen on fire. by fathomer1977, on Flickr Homer's distracted by stupid Flanders as Bart sets the kitchen on fire. by fathomer1977, on Flickr Flanders by fathomer1977, on Flickr Maggie gaming by fathomer1977, on Flickr Marge ringing out Flanders by fathomer1977, on Flickrx
  5. Great looking model. If the real one looks half as nice as your digital cab, it will be a head turner. I've started this model a few times but abandon it usually to that rear suspension and trying to capture the body lines in Lego. Mine have also been based on the scale of the VW Bus tires.
  6. Guzzisti

    Fairground Generator Truck [MOC]

    After buying the Ferris Wheel to go with the Fairground Mixer, I thought it'd be interesting to make a generator truck to power the rides. 2017-03-04_03-43-32 by fathomer1977, on Flickr 2017-03-04_03-41-46 by fathomer1977, on Flickr 2017-03-04_03-39-28 by fathomer1977, on Flickr Removing the 4X6 curved wedges on the top reveal the top of the battery compartment and top of the switch wires. The 2x2 grid is the power button. 2017-03-04_03-37-22 by fathomer1977, on Flickr A closer look at the internals: DSC_0018 by fathomer1977, on Flickr As you can see, it's a tight fit inside. DSC_0022 by fathomer1977, on Flickr The battery box is actually a major part of the frame and hinders easy access to change batteries. DSC_0026 by fathomer1977, on Flickr The wires are tucked under the body, hence the plate on the bottom DSC_0028 by fathomer1977, on Flickr My two problems: The contact points on the side pull off when disconnecting the wires to the rides. The bars which are for the operator to connect to the switch fall easily out. I haven't decided on a solution yet. Overall I'm really happy is that it looks like a basic City truck. I had tried using the larger battery box but couldn't make it look clean enough. The proportions work for the truck.
  7. Guzzisti

    [HELP] Storing Parts

    I'm a big fan of the Ziploc plastic storage containers. Cheaper then Akro Mills, they have lids so dust isn't an issue. and the square ones tend to be modular so when a piece outgrows a smaller container, it's easy to transfer to a larger bin.