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    Western MOCs and collecting of 80s and 90s town, castle, pirates sets. One of founders and member of Serbian LUG


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  1. bnesty

    [Layout] Western World at BrickMania Antwerpen 2017

    As a huge western fan, it's amazing layout for me. So many details, nice rocks, interesting building. Fort is great.
  2. bnesty

    [Moc] Western Town

    Tnx for all your comments and suggestions :)
  3. bnesty

    [Moc] Western Town

    Hello Western fans, I want to present you my Western town shown at LUG Skockani last show, held in november, 2017. If you follow my posts on eurobricks, you have seen my previous version of town, a couple months ago. Compared to the previous layout, there are plenty of new MOCs (church, graveyard, school, cantina etc). Also, I made one more building (two made earlier) from legendary Western modular town. It not a simply copy, but very similar in shape with "original" one. Find it :) ? My next steps- I have to work on terrain, make it more brick-built, put tiles on rails and do some more buildings like blacksmith and etc. Enjoy :)
  4. bnesty

    An Old West Town

    Wow ! Amazing work ! I'll be honest, I'll stole some ideas for my western layout. I hope to see new expand of this work
  5. Hi! I want to share with you my last Western MOC - School . This is my first western creation where I used cheese bricks for fa├žade. My personal opinion, these cheese bricks look much better than altern for this, using plates and tiles for hut imitation. School bell: Here is interior with all necessary like board, benches, furnace and, of course, canes
  6. bnesty

    Western: A New Saloon

    as huge western fan, i am glad to see western MOCs. Building technique is not so complicated, but overall opinion is great, i love this color scheme, brickbuilt saloon sign, hinge walls and etc. great work at all
  7. bnesty

    My Taj Mehal

    Nice work, I love this everything made from "regular" bricks,
  8. bnesty

    Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    wow, amazing work, congratulations
  9. bnesty

    Wild West layout

    Yes, your sugestions are on mine mind for long time, but it will be done in far future , cause these MOC works need huge bulk of bricks. And money shortage is always problem ? Thanks all for your posts
  10. bnesty

    Wild West layout

    Hello my friends, I would like to intraduce you my Westen layout presented in last exibition of my LUG held couple week ago. Here you can see all my Western MOCs made in past few years together : In this pic you can see these two famous building, never released ideas project "Western modulars". I decided to make partial revival. Saloon is 80% of original, and this white building is apx 70% of orginal.
  11. Wow! I have no word to describe this beauty
  12. For all fans of Western, another work from my kitchen. Traditionally, another Western MOC - Undertaker. It is known how hard to live and more easy to die in the West. So, something like this, more than necessary. A little about the origin and inspiration. The first time I'd seen the "Assembly square", looked at all his great details, one really caught the eye. So far, garage door is used a few times as a glass/roof in a modular, etc., but the idea that it is used for glass window - blew my mind. This is an excellent solution for front of some western buildings. And here it is how it looks: undertaker1 by Borko Bnesty I decided to use black slopes that I had no clue to use before. I think these slopes fit good Details of upper part of building: Details of shopwindow: Interior details: Thats all folks, I hope you enjoy this review
  13. bnesty

    [MOC] Worn down building

    Excellent MOC, like real object
  14. bnesty

    MOC - Wild West paddle steamboat

    Unfortunatelly not, interior is empty. There is only battery box and motor in first level