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  1. ritzcrackerman

    <moc> Dredge Boat (game)

    Sorry to bump this - it looks like the OP is banned :( Did anyone get ahold of the .LXF? I have a son who loves the game!
  2. ritzcrackerman

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Sorry to bump this: what is the part ID of the inner track piece you are using from TrixBrix? Their site doesn't provide a lot of detail what parts complement the other... and you're using LEGO 3229b - slotted rail outside curves?
  3. ritzcrackerman

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Jamie's response is perfectly reasonable and what I would expect. Modulars shouldn't be designed to stay to the status quo. I, for one, welcome the storytelling and the challenges the designers are putting on the build to create a unique building experience. Of course, we all have favorites. The Assembly Square was clearly a wrap-up of the first era, and modulars have and will move on to a new era. But they are definitely getting a bit lost with the immense number of D2C sets that LEGO has and is producing. Budgeting for a modular has become challenging for me when there are so many other options within LEGO's own product portfolio looking for my dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if LEGO-released modulars as we know them take a break in the next couple of years, or even discontinue entirely. The change from classic smiley -> modern figs signaled a major change in what they are looking for within the modular designs. Honestly, it appeals slightly less to me now.
  4. ritzcrackerman

    [LDD] Jurassic World Vehicles MOCs

    @Elrond file is downloadable but unable to load. I'll try through Studio and see if any better results.
  5. ritzcrackerman

    [LDD] Jurassic World Vehicles MOCs

    *bumped* Do you still have the Pinzgauer available to share? Do you still have the .lxf file available? I am refining a massive JW layout, and would love to use some of your ideas! @Elrond
  6. ritzcrackerman

    [MOC] The Portland Building

    That’s actually the rendering of what it will look like in 2020 after the renovation is complete. They are changing out the glazed black glass windows for clear windows, installing exterior metal cladding to prevent water intrusion, and some other major updates to the interior. I’m sure she will revisit it again after the renovation is completed.
  7. ritzcrackerman

    [MOC] The Portland Building

    I present to you, The Portland Building. This was built by the wife of "ritzcrackerman." She does not do much by way of photo-sharing, so we share the same Flickr / Instagram accounts. The Portland Public Service Building (“Portland Building”), is a boxy, 15-story building in the center of downtown Portland, Oregon (USA). It is a notable and early work of Post-Modern Classicism. This style was ground-breaking at the time, rejecting “universal” Modernist principals - steel and glass, big windows, exterior stripped of ornamentation and historical reference - in favor of bold and symbolic colors and architect Michael Graves’ use of over-scaled and highly-stylized classical decorative features on the building’s facades, garlands on the north and south facades, and the giant pilasters and keystone elements on the east and west facades. The Portland Building is also home to the famed "Portlandia" statue, the 2nd largest hammered copper statue in the world (behind the Statue of Liberty). This LEGO version is scaled respective to LEGO minifigures at approximately ¾ scale (true minifig scale would make the building closer to 50” in height, and the city blocks closer to 2.5 by 2.5 roadplates). It sites on 2 x 2 baseplates. The colors used are very close to real-life, but some compromises had to be made for practicality and affordability. The base of the structure realistically best matches LEGO “teal” (“dark turquoise,” color ID 39). However, as this color only recently began making a re-appearance in 2018 LEGO sets, after a 10-year hiatus, and has been limited in its element availability. So, sand green was used instead. Enjoy! The Portland Building by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr The Portland Building by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr
  8. ritzcrackerman

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    Are you in the Pacific Northwest? Dutch Bros definitely has a cult following up here!
  9. ritzcrackerman

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    This is one of most recent MOCs, "Clutch Bros," a play on "Dutch Bros," a drive-thru coffee shop chain in the Western United States. It was fun to plan a MOC that didn't fit to the grid, but is still compatible with my LUG's layout standards (for the entry and exit). Comments, suggestions, all are welcome - next steps for me: Build-out the full interior Add lighting Refine some of the columns (as you can see, they didn't get placed properly before taking photos) Clutch Bros by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr Clutch Bros by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr Clutch Bros by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr Clutch Bros by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr Clutch Bros by ritzcrackerman, on Flickr
  10. ritzcrackerman

    [MOC] Monster Toyota FJ Cruiser

    The blacked-out rear windows look better.
  11. ritzcrackerman

    [MOC] Monster Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Excellent! The shaping on the FJ is notoriously hard to get at this scale. This is very well done. I'd love to see how you've connected the suicide doors.
  12. Alright! This is a build contest I can get behind. :)
  13. ritzcrackerman

    Scooby-Doo retirement?

    I wouldn't surprise me if it gets resurrected as part of the WAG "reboot" planned for 2020 - sounds like that's still in development: http://screenrant.com/scooby-doo-movie-release-date-2020/
  14. ritzcrackerman

    Scooby Doo - Knight Time Terror - Haunted Mansion

    @Xon67 that's a shame, I was looking forward to seeing it get completed. With your permission, I may try and reverse-engineer it myself using your screenshots as a reference.