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Found 6 results

  1. AllThatJazz

    The Dark Ages

    Growing up as a young kid Lego has always been my number one interest, I was just too crazy for those little bricks. My interest surpassed those of my classmates who seem to "grow out" of lego by 11 or 12 years old. I was 14 and still going strong. I began to explore other mediums such as brick filming and simply could not see myself giving it up. It was part of me. Now 19 going on 20, I seemed to have unintentionally walked away from my lego hobby, occupied with other interests and relationships. After all, isn't setting aside our toys just part of growing up? Or does it have to be? Despite this something refuses to allow me to sell or get rid of my lego collection. Something still pesters me from time to time, just itching to make another brick film or build a new MOC. I will find myself unintentionally watching brickfilms and MOC videos on youtube out of sheer curiosity, or something more. I understand I am in the midst of one of the most dangerous times for dark ages and I wanted to ask how you combat your dark ages, what your experiences have been like, or anything dark ages related. I hate to say I am embarrassed to continue this hobby, but as a college student the feedback I could expect to get from my peers is inevitably negative. Any and all experiences are welcome!
  2. Hello everyone, this is not (yet) a selling topic, that's why it is posted here and not in the specific hub. Currently I'm tearing between... aww duck it. It's complicated. I need your advice fellow lego builders. I have somewhat like a technic collection but I don't know how to set a price for it since it has some used parts, some applied stickers, some new untouched stickers, instructions, all boxed (mostly in acceptable condition) and lots of new parts that I ordered from the bricklink but never used. The core of this set is 8436, 8258 (stickers applied), 8043, 8070, 8110(stickers applied), 9398. All this sets are complete with all extra parts. And a ton of bricklink parts (motors, pneumatics, power functions, lights, panels, wheels, liftarms, pins,etc) I'm trying to compile bricklink stuff since it purged most of the orders. How much could all this stuff worth if I sell it as one lot?
  3. ritzcrackerman

    Bring back Alien Conquest!

    I got a little wistful just now looking at some of the prototype drawings and interviews / Flickr comments from Mark Stafford. I miss this theme so much. There was so much potential. With Agents being reborn for the summer 2014 wave - is there any possibility that Alien Conquest could make a comeback?
  4. Anne Mette

    Everyday Life

    Sometimes the everyday life seems to be sad and grey like in this town. But not for the AFOL who lives there. Making LEGO Creations is his bright spot in his everyday life. More pictures: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=532399
  5. Today, I've picked up some CMF bags and among them I found the Sad Clown, though I imagine him more like a mime. Anyway, an idea popped into my head and I created this 8x8 Theatre Vignette. C&C welcome!
  6. A few days ago I posted a topic looking for Pirate figure faces. Seeing that there was none, I thought I'd have a go at making some myself, but then I got the idea to make different emotions in the face to suit different scenes! These could be handy in MOCs if anyone wants to use them. So far I've just done Captain Redbeard to practice, but I'll go on to do more of the classic pirates as time goes by. Let me know what you think of these so far :) Just normal Redbeard: Angry Redbeard: Very Happy Redbeard ( Maybe he's just found the motherload of gold.) : Sad Redbeard: And finally (For now), here's Scared Redbeard: The mouth is a bit odd on that last one, I might update these once I get my hands on my Redbeard Minifig again. Next I'll do Governor Broadside, hopefully! Please leave a comment letting me know what you think or anything that I could add/change on these? Axle