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  1. A Plastic Infinity

    [WIP] Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Dragonzord

    Oops... Can't believe I mistook those for 1x4s. Glad to see it's finished and you plan to make this monster real!
  2. A Plastic Infinity

    [WIP] Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Dragonzord

    Woah. That is phenomenal...the angles and details on this thing are insane. I do have a suggestion, not sure it will work but you could try it... The neck, right below the head, with those green 1x4 tiles that angle and have a gap between them... do you think it could be covered up by replacing the upper or lower 1x4 tile closest to the gap with a pair of these? I don't know, as the gap may be too small for those to fit in without LDD's strict illegal technique obliterator kicking in, but it's worth a shot. Anyway, WOW and hope you finish this beast!
  3. A Plastic Infinity

    How to become more popular on Flickr?

    Flickr popularity... To start, I recommend finding a popular builder who builds in the same theme as yourself (that is, constraction/Bionicle) and going on their profile. It should tell you what groups they are in, which you can then join yourself. You mentioned you don't like groups that have to "approve' you... Admin approval is an important part of many groups, as it prevents spammers/trolls from infiltrating a group. I myself run a large group on Flickr and regularly have to decline pending members because they don't actually seem to have built or posted ANYTHING, are REALLY terrible, (although we're not snooty, you have to be m*g%bl@$king bad to get refused), or their 'streams are cluttered with stuff (mostly memes) the safety filter should have blocked. So don't be afraid to apply. Another thing: don't wait to follow people; if they consistently post good stuff, follow them. Flickr will usually notify them and they may reciprocate. As you already know, your MOCs will then appear in their Contacts' feed, giving you more spread. Sometimes I don't even have to add my stuff to groups, thanks to diligent followers who check their feeds often. Expanding on that last bit, interact with people! Comment, fave, add MOCs to galleries if you feel like it. It will draw attention to you, and not in a negative way as trolling would do. A last bit of advice: I'm looking at your photostream and a lot of the photos are of TLG sets. I know that detailed pictures of play features, new pieces, etc. help the community decide whether they want to buy sets (especially over here in the US where the new Chima hasn't been released yet), but it can also deter viewers who don't want to see them or actually mistake some of your builds for sets and dismiss them. I suggest not uploading excessive set pictures, or none at all. However, that's up to you. Hope that helps!
  4. A Plastic Infinity

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Thanks for the excellent review! More reason to buy this.
  5. A Plastic Infinity

    [MOC] The Endor Rockett podracer

    This is simply magnificent! All the functional bits have some sort of reference to Endor and the use of trans finger joints for the energy binder is inspired. Well done.
  6. A Plastic Infinity

    [MINI] Dragon

    That wing function is so natural looking; great job!
  7. A Plastic Infinity

    MOC: Delirium

    Marvelous! So many ingenious examples of NPU throughout, but I REALLY like the eyebrows and eyes...inspired.
  8. A Plastic Infinity

    [MOC] ISV Atalaya

    Brilliant and colorful, well done! I'm especially liking the slight change in the trans-panels toward the back. The neon green merges the yellow and trans-clear nicely.
  9. A Plastic Infinity

    Star Flower

    Cliché Rodian bounty hunter Ronnagond Jarra doesn't always like her starfighters flowery and pastel-colored, but when she does, they have big guns. This is the first of three ships I made for the 14x14x6 Starfighter Contest. The contest's basic premise, for those too lazy to follow the link, is to build a minifig-scale starfighter that is capable of fitting within a box with a volume of precisely 14x14x6 studs (not bricks high, studs high). I chose to engineer folding spacecraft rather than super small ones (chibi scale) that would just fit right in. Observe: Fully capable of fitting into my fancy box, without the stand, of course. I actually had to redesign this one after I thought I had finished because the big gun was originally placed horizontally (that is, with the two-stud-long side flush with the ship's belly) with a technic pin so it could just swivel 180 degrees out from the bottom when in compact mode, effectively doubling the ship's length. However, I overlooked that this nonnegotiable detail boosted the height just over 6 studs (darned tall cockpits) and I was unwilling to reconfigure the cockpit, as you may have noticed that it flows nicely into the medium azure angled slope piece behind it. I eventually came up with the droid arm-and-T-piece solution, which allows it to sit in the box at a steep enough angle to keep the cockpit just at the height limit. The new gun solution doubles the ship's length as before but also increases its height by approximately 30% all while making it...wait for it...20% cooler. Obligatory detail shots: Left side. Head-on view of the front. You know the gun is big enough when it evades your camera's focus! The right side. The backside, showing the propulsion output array. There's a hyperdrive in there somewhere... I don't build much Star Wars stuff and in all honesty the only reason this is here, rather than in the Sci-fi forum, is because the pilot is a Rodian, but hey... It kind of looks like a letter, right? Oh, wait...it doesn't... not really... ...and I just realized that if Ronnagond is a bounty hunter, how in the name of ponies is she going to stuff any bounties she captures into this tiny thing...? Oh well, I tried. More on Flickr and I hope you enjoyed!
  10. A Plastic Infinity

    Persistent MOCiverse for Sci-Fi?

    All right, I won't worry. By saying that Sci-fi and castle work differently I mean that there are a few factors that greatly estrange the two themes. I'm no Castle builder,but I can distinguish most of the larger factors and what impact they have. First of all, there's time. The Medieval period or Dark ages, upon which Castle is generally founded, only lasted a couple hundred years. Sci-fi, on the other hand, is any region of the future that we can imagine to be more technologically advanced than us, alternate universes where the world is changed due to a differentiated history or fundamentally changed universal characteristics, regions of the present where Sci-fi elements such as aliens intrude upon normality, and even regions of the past where events similar to those aforementioned occur. This factor alone makes Sci-fi almost infinitely broader than Castle since any aspect of Castle could be "converted" into Sci-fi with the inclusion of time travelers, time traveling aliens, non-magical phenomenon (and here the boundary between the themes is blurred), etc. But since Sci-fi can feasibly occur any time, it is already much broader than any other theme. Trying to pin down a specific time period is greatly restrictive. In Castle themes it isn't restrictive because, well, time travel wasn't invented yet. Also, there's space. Castle tends to happen mostly within the confines of Europe, and equally often in fantasy lands that bear a striking resemblance to countries in Europe. Of course, it will expand into Asia or Africa at times, but it's pretty much stuck on the one multicontinent. Sci-fi, on the other hand, literally occupies all space. It has an infinite amount of locations manifested within alternate universes and dimensions. Lush alien planets, stark space stations, weird dimensional rifts, all are contained within the theme. Cyberpunk cities, steampunk cities, apocalyptic wastelands, massive galactic empires...I could go on and on and ON. The point is that Sci-fi encompasses an infinite number of different settings while Castle is kind of stuck in one relatively short timeline and relatively small space. And of course, Castle is based on an iconic civilization and lifestyle focused mainly on humans, while Sci-fi could focus, for example, on the behavior and social structure of an utterly inhuman alien species with stark differences in morality, ethics... and no humanity as we know it. Because of these things, Castle is, unfortunately, a rather inflexible theme. Visiting the Medieval period on another planet would be considered Sci-fi (or, as I like to call it, Science Fantasy, Sci-fa), even though it's the same basic premise as Castle. Sci-fi and Castle, therefore, work differently because Castle is a rather small niche in MOCing (although it is certainly expandable within its own parameters, as I have seen. ) and Sci-fi is a ridiculously large and generalized category that nearly encompasses half of all that is built. We're sort of comparing a file folder and a library here, so in order to create a good sort of "Historica" replica for Sci-fi you would have to take one of the innumerable file folders out of the library that is Sci-fi and set up the contestable story with that. A feat worthy of laud. Hope that helps! I recommend creating an original theme and story rather than replicating something like Space Police or M-Tron and creating a storyline for it. This is, of course, risky if the general plot and parameters for technology, characters, and whatnot are not set properly; otherwise it will be most refreshing.
  11. A Plastic Infinity

    Persistent MOCiverse for Sci-Fi?

    I just vaguely say that all Sci-fi exists in the unimaginable hugeness of the universe, its related parallel universes, and alternate timelines, both future and past. Personally, I think any further specifications will spoil the fun. But honestly, I am opposed to creating factions, even based on existing themes, as they generalize Sci-fi and make it difficult to create new and original ideas. And I certainly agree with what this chap said. Sci-fi works much differently than castle themes.
  12. A Plastic Infinity

    [MOC] SPACEBALLS! The Playset! (miniland scale)

    Very impressive, too bad I won't be able to see it IRL! The stickers are a nice touch, too.
  13. A Plastic Infinity

    [LDD MOCs] Legend of the Dragon Cores

    Holy cow, enough for me to drool over for simply ages! A terrible, terrible shame they cannot be real.
  14. A Plastic Infinity

    Bow down before your newest overlord: Bob De Quatre

    Space-banning is the worst kind. It involves getting thrown in a black hole or something, right? Anyway, glad to see you've been promoted, you definitely deserve it.