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    Alien Christmas

    St. Nick figured he had taken a wrong turn, but he was in such a hurry! As he materialized at the bottom of the chimney, he discovered just how wrong things had become... Set
  2. Bobkov

    New Lego horse

    I was concerned initially about this new horse, but I think that the limited attention to backwards compatibility, as well as the increased detail that brings it up to the level of the newer animals, is great. I've come around to think that this is a good well needed change. Like others, I'll be a bit sad that the head gear doesn't fit on the new ones, but when needed I can use it on the old ones still; so far I think the two horses will probably look alright together. Now, more interestingly however is this little speculative point from the article: "We will be developing a replacement barding for future product launches, ensuring that the horse can be dressed for battle and still be fully pose-able." "[headgear/head-plates] will also soon be replaced with new elements in future products." Since we no none of the initial LotR sets have this outside of the basic saddles, I think we can safely conclude that more Historical (probably knights/castle) themes will be on the way in the future. We can re-enforce this theory with the idea that if they were going to include any barding or headgear with horses in the LotR sets, it would have been with the Rohan sets. There are few other places in the books where horses are used to any extent, and no other placed in the movies besides those already represented, and Shadowfax (Gandalf's horse, which would allow *no* barding or saddle). I will be holding onto this speculative hope as I buy all the LotR sets...
  3. Bobkov

    LEGO Store Grab Bags

    If there available, I almost always pick up a couple of the grab bags when I hit up the Cleveland store. Between the mix of parts I wouldn't normally buy (in sets or bricklink), and the value of the purchase I definitely think it is worth it (as long as you're not looking for minifigs). That said, you have to be careful. I usually examine each one to make sure there's nothing in it I really don't want to pay for. Frequently, they've been filled with Ninjago playing cards (or whatever they are), Hero Factory parts and the like. In fact, the last two I picked up had no less than a combined amount of about 40 chest badges ( in them, and a whole lot of torsos. That's what you get with a gamble though, sometimes it doesn't quite turn out. That said, I was considering that they'd look great as escape pods on a mico-scale battleship... I also received hundreds of hats, hairpieces, shovels and brooms; I think they dumped out excess build-a-fig inventory into the bags.. maybe I can build some weird trees. Still.. worth it.
  4. Bobkov

    1989 LEGOLAND Pirate System 6274 Caribbean Clipper

    So pretty... My advise is to put it in a glass case as a war trophy and then start getting into Legos...
  5. Bobkov

    Kingdoms 2012?

    I was at Walmart (U.S.) today and was able to pick up the rest of the kingdom sets that I didn't have, which included all the most recent ones, for 50% off. While double checking the price at Lego to make sure it wasn't 50% off of a 20% inflation or something, I noticed that none of the kingdom sets are listed under the main category anymore; only a keychain and the Joust: So it appears that (more or less officially) at least here in the states the line is done.
  6. Bobkov

    MOC Breech Loading Gun

    That looks really good! Based on the reference link you provided, you could solve both your issue with the hole on top, and make it even more similar to your reference by simply using a series of 1x1 cylinder plates, as you started with for the breach at the bottom. The only challenge at that point would be holding it down to the rest of the pieces; probably some string as with the image.
  7. Bobkov

    Red-Coat Shipyard

    Thanks! I just checked your link out. I hadn't seen it before but it is quite a detailed design. Very similar to my approach but a heck of a lot more accurate! I'm sure I'll end up looking back at that for ideas if I get stuck anywhere.
  8. Bobkov

    Red-Coat Shipyard

    But just look how vigorously they work! Such enthusiasm! Perhaps you should just wait for your admiral's report... I recall seeing your ship and noted that it seemed like it would be trouble in a design like this. I haven't actually focused on that part yet, just trying to get the shape correct, and gathering the pieces I'd need to do it. I did build a prototype slice that while still did not have connecting points, was structurally very sound once the decks were in. In fact, this version seems even more sturdier even *without* the decks. I uploaded some images of the WIP. Basically just the shell. I'll only post a few so as not to bomb people. Check out the rest of the set. Although the stability and shape are very pleasing, there are definitely some issues I'll have to resolve. Frigate section 1: WIP One I've detailed in the images is the problem with the color-scheme on the keel. At this point I've decided that it is as good as it will get.. The problem is that I'm tiling the bottom of the boat to emulate the white-stuff paint used to prevent worms, but I have no good way of extending it onto the keel. I could make the keel itself with white pieces, but that would end up making the cross-section look odd (the whole thickness of the keel would then be white). Since I want the cross-section to be able to stand on its own, that's not too appealing to me. If I leave it brown, then I have to put up with the brown gap between the tiling on the low-side shots. Mixing the two (brown on the ends, white in the middle) would probably look worse on the side shots. I'm also not sure if I want to use the white cheese wedges to dither the curve of the hull. Originally I figured it would be a good idea, but it seems to make the shape *more* blocky to my eyes then less blocky. Opinions? If I take it out, on some spots the tan will show through.
  9. Bobkov

    Fort George

    Yes! This is super! A fort of this era+style was going to be my next project, although I was going to give that one to the blue-coats :P Might I suggest attempting to give a vertical slope to the walls, as well as sharpen the points on the bastions. As of this design, they are parallel to each other, in such a way as to make it more difficult for them to properly cover one another from sappers or other nepherius types. Very nice!
  10. Bobkov

    Red-Coat Shipyard

    If you look at the three frame sections carefully, you'll find that each one is pretty different in construction than the last. The one closest to the camera was "least desirable", and the one furthest "most desirable". This was done mostly because I kept running out of pieces :(. However, to answer your first question, the frame portion furthest from the camera has some of the techniques that I will use for the ship. In fact, I plan on building the ship in cross-section pieces that will be able to interlock together for the full ship. This will help with... budget constraints, and let me set up different scenes on each cross-section (much like you would find in the "Amazing Cross-sections" coffee table books). I actually have the outside frame of the first cross section, without any innards completed (but with its full paint scheme), and I'll try to post pictures soon. The primary goal of using this technique was to try and give the ship the best looking, and most accurate cross section possible while reducing jagged visual effects that can result from avoiding pre-casted hull pieces. At this time, I don't know how long the ship will ultimately be, but this specific cross section is 12 studs long, and approximately as wide as the frame closest to the admirals in the picture. It will have 8 total cannons of two weights. Likely there will be 6 to 8 cross-sections of approximately the same size. As a "legofied" version of an early 18th century Frigate, I've opted to have the following decks: the hold, the gun deck, the upper deck, and a low forecastle. That probably also answers the last question to an extent. I have no specific ship I'm modeling it after, instead I am loosely following early 18th century British Frigate designs of probably a fifth-rate classification for the time. I'll definitely try and get a picture up for you soon, so you have a better idea of the ultimate size and shape of the ship, even if it is section by section!
  11. Bobkov

    Red-Coat Shipyard

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and properly with a little creation I've completed, as I feel I've been a lurker for too long. I'm currently in the middle of putting together the first portion of an Imperial Frigate for the Red-Coat cause, and decided in a true meta-sense, that I needed somewhere for it to be built.. so here is the result!: Red-Coat Admiral of the Fleet: "As you can see gentlemen, not only have finances been secured, but construction is well under way. With our accelerated pace, we expect the first of this new line of Frigates to launched within a year's time." Admiral of Blue-Coat: "So we do see... And for what use do you expect to be using your.. Frigates" Red-Coat First Sea-Lord: "Primarilly my Frigates will be expected to once and for all bring control over the vagabonds that plague both our merchant fleets. They will give our great country definitive control over the seas, be it threatened by pirates or ANY other belligerent state." Admiral of Blue-Coat: "If I were not a sensible man, I would interpret that as a threat!" Red-Coat First Sea-Lord: "Good then that you are sensible. With such a large ship at our command, we have no need to threaten anyone of any color.. such as green OR blue." Let me of course appologize for poor picture quality; I'm not much of a photographer, and any real set up would probably quickly be vetoed by my wife (Legos are a good compromise...) Here's the rest of the set: Red-Coat Shipyard